Gloria's Transformation - the Rape by Captain1021

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Fantasy | BDSM, Black, Domination, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Interracial, Lactation, Pissing, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Voyeurism, Water Sports

Terrill is sitting in a sleazy bar talking to the leader of a local gang. Jorge is one tough looking dude with tats on his face and arms and big, muscular biceps.

“It’s good to see you again, man! We had some good times in high school! The reason I called you after all this time is to propose something I know we both will enjoy. I want to watch my woman being raped. What can I say – I’m a sadistic fuck. I’d like to bring her to your gang because you’re someone I can trust to not go too far with her, and I heard you’ve got some of the ugliest, toughest hombres around, right?”

“Si, feo y fuerte! It will be bueno to hang together again, amigo!”

“Hell yeah! And wait until you see my woman! She is an unbelievable hottie – muy espledido! I don’t want her injured, just scared and hurt. And I’ll trust you to keep your boys with diseases away from her and not let them go too far. Okay?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of your girl.”

“Tell your boys if they are not violent with her, I’ll bring her back. How many hombres in your gang?”


“Wow! It’s going to be a very long night for Gloria!”

They clink their drinks, laugh, and then talk about old times. Jorge gives him the address of the clubhouse, and Terrill gives him the date of the rape. Terrill had previously called Gloria’s secretary and reserved her time for an entire night and all the next day.

When Gloria sees the block of time on her schedule, she calls Terrill.

“Darling, what are we doing tonight, and why are there no engagements for me tomorrow?”

“I’m taking you to Jorge and his gang. I think you’ll need the next day off to recover. I’ll be home at 6 to pick you up.”

As soon as Terrill mentioned a gang, Gloria knew this is going to be the rape she promised he could set up. She made the promise at the beginning of their relationship, as a deal to make her Terrill’s only sex partner. She wants so much to keep Terrill happy and can’t stand the thought of losing him or even sharing him with another woman and missing any of their long coitus sessions because of her. She knows she is far more beautiful and sexier than other women due to her genetic transformation, but her ex-boyfriend was a scientist, and he told her all about the Coolidge effect in men.

She becomes anxious thinking about how hideous gangbangers can be and how much they could hurt her. She doubts she will enjoy the sex and pain even though she is a nymphomaniac and masochist. She has fantasized about being raped but never with ugly gangbangers. She thinks she is going to loathe this.

She gives herself an enema, which she always does when she is about to have anal sex. She thinks, “I don’t care if the guys get a shitty fuck, so why am I doing this?” But then she realizes that they won’t be cleaning off themselves, and men always choose a different way to fuck her the second time. She needs a milking, but doesn’t do it, to make her boobs even bigger for Terrill and spray more milk during her “rape” show, which is what this is really going to be. She applies extra thick and dark eyeliner, as promised, to show her tears for Terrill. She selects clothing of a very light weight material that can easily be torn. She puts on panties, which she usually never wears, a long skirt, a full cup bra, a tube top, a halter-top, and a poncho. She wants Terrill to enjoy seeing her being stripped like an onion. She sees in the mirror that her tiny waist is completely hidden by the poncho. Her huge breasts and booty just make her look fat. She thinks, “Those bangers are in for a big surprise when they unwrap this package!” She grabs a purse and a pair of high heels that she doesn’t like too. A girl can’t do without a purse, even if she knows the gangbangers won’t give her a chance to use it.

She gets a large towel to protect the seat when she gets back in Terrill’s car and a small towel. She also brings a bottle of water to clean herself and quench her thirst. Her anxiety grows as she waits for Terrill, wondering how disgusting the gang members will be and how many will be raping her.

Terrill drives her to a warehouse. He grabs her wrist and pulls her behind him as they step inside. They see a bunch of men playing pool, lifting weights, and watching TV in a very large room, who all stop what they are doing when they see the couple and start gawking at her. Even though her figure is concealed, her gorgeous face and beautiful blonde hair stand out in a sea of ugly.

Gloria trails behind Terrill and looks at the guys staring lustfully at her. She thinks all the guys look hideous and dirty, with lots of tattoos all over their bodies, including their necks, heads, and faces. All have either hideous scars, pockmarks, pimples, moles, areas of uneven skin color, or just plain ugly facial features. Most wear dirty muscle shirts and many have gross hair covering their backs, shoulders, and arms. All are solidly built, with big arms and biceps, and many have big beer bellies. A few are huge, around 300 lbs and well over 6 ft. The men lifting weights are all sweaty, and their shirts are soaked. They all have dirty, disheveled hair, or shave their heads, and have discolored or missing teeth. She can smell most of them from several feet away, and she can’t imagine how badly they smell up close. She counts about twenty men and is thankful there is not more. Feelings of apprehension and fear overwhelm her.

“Terrill, these guys are hideous. Please, I don’t want to do this!” she says with a trembling voice. The men are more repulsive than she imagined, and she has changed her mind about agreeing to do this.

Terrill continues pulling her behind him, stops in front of Jorge, and throws her at him. Jorge is wide-eyed in disbelief at how beautiful she is and embraces her.

Before Terrill can finish saying, “She is all yours, Jorge!” Jorge is kissing her hard on the lips as she is trying to push him away. Jorge grabs a handful of her clothing and suddenly releases her. She lurches back away from him as he tears a long piece of her poncho away, and a partial view of her huge boobs and ass is revealed to some of the men. Cries of “pechos y nalgas enormes!” fill the air as the men strain to see her boobs and ass and happily see that she is not fat. Her sudden release propels her into the arms of another man, who grabs her, turns her around, and kisses her with the worst breath she ever smelled in her life. He also reeks of beer and his body odor is enough to make her puke, but she will become accustomed to terrible odors as the night progresses. He also releases her suddenly while holding onto her poncho, and her entire poncho tears away. Now all the men can easily see the enormous size of her breasts and booty, and they become aroused and excited, yelling epithets describing her body in Spanish.

“Please stop!” She can barely be heard above the shouts of the gangbangers. Another guy grabs her and kisses her, and she grimaces and strikes his chest with her fists, but they land on rock hard muscles. She starts crying and the first of many tears produce a dark streak down her cheek. Before the night is over, her cheek will be covered with dark streaks. She stops playing their game and doesn’t push against the men, so they push her into the arms of other guys while stripping off another and another piece of her clothing. They cut off her bra with a knife and are astonished to see that her breasts sag very little. They are terribly aroused by the size of her breasts and booty, and they love her huge and erect nipples. The men all make crude remarks about her and point at the milk that is dripping from her nipples.

She continues crying and starts begging them to leave her alone. She stands there for a while, bent over slightly with her legs together, covering her nipples with a hand and arm, and her pussy with her other hand. Her milk runs down her arm to her elbow and drips to the floor. The humiliation of being stripped makes her experience a small orgasm due to her masochism, even though she fights against it. She doesn’t moan and no one knows. Her pussy produces some cream, luckily for her, since she is about to be penetrated hard.

The guys are quiet now, just ogling her and not believing their eyes and luck. Her sexiness and beauty blow their minds and stirs them into lust like they have never felt before. Jorge steps up to her, grabs a handful of her hair and pulls it back, causing her to uncover her nipples and arch her back, exposing to all the spectacular voluptuousness, enormous size, and sharp curves of her breasts. Her milk now drips directly from her nipples.

“Ow!” she yells, as he continues to pull on her hair. Her masochism does not help her at all deal with the pain because she is so disgusted by Jorge and his men.

“We are going to hurt you bad, if you don’t do everything we say, when we say. Comprendes?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll do anything you say! Please don’t hurt me anymore!”

Jorge throws her onto a mattress on the floor, puts her arms above her head and starts enjoying her enormous funbags. While he is still sucking out her milk and roughly handling her breasts, he penetrates her. She groans loudly and grimaces when his cock is all the way inside her, and she looks for Terrill to see if he is enjoying this. She cannot see him for all the gangbangers surrounding her.

“Hey, she is wet! She likes getting raped! Ha Ha”

“My lubrication is involuntarily!”

Jorge thrusts extra deeply into her when she says that and she gasps, wide eyed. She does hate this ugly monster and the sex with him, in spite of her nymphomania. He is too rough, ugly, and smelly. She groans loudly with each of his thrusts, to entertain her boyfriend, as she had promised. She realizes that Jorge is the best of his gang, and that she must endure being used by much more repulsive guys, and she feels sick. She finally catches sight of Terrill and tries to show in her face her revulsion at what is being done to her. She groans and groans as Jorge continues to fuck her for what seems like an eternity. Jorge lifts her legs off the bed, and she raises them up high in the air and holds them there for the entire fuck. She wants to act totally submissive to increase Terrill’s viewing pleasure and hopefully get them to hurt her less. She also thinks Terrill should like watching the motion of her pretty legs in the air as Jorge fucks her. She is glad that he appears to be enjoying watching her and is laughing and joking about her with the crowd. She notices with satisfaction a huge bulge in his pants.

Jorge is extremely strong, and while he is all the way inside her, lifts up her ass and gets up on his knees. He continues fucking her by moving her back and forth on his cock, so the motion is entirely hers. This has the desired effect of swaying her enormous breasts even more, which arouses everyone. She keeps her legs in the air, but bends them at the knee, and now they also move more with his thrusts. She desperately wants to hold her breasts to limit their motion and ease her pain, but she knows Jorge and Terrill wouldn’t like that. They are so heavy when they are full of milk. All the boob men in the crowd, which is most of them, get huge erections watching the motion of her breasts, spraying milk. Some of them pull out their cocks and start stroking them. Gloria doesn’t want to stare at their cocks but can’t help herself. Everyone marvels at and talks about how her breasts stay together on top of her chest without support. They think she has to have implants and are very surprised by their softness when they get a chance to squeeze them. Jorge finally withdraws and blows his wad over her stomach and tits. She covers her eyes with a hand, preferring not to look at the creatures that are crowding around her and leering down at her.

“I want no fighting over who’s next. I’ll decide the line up to fuck her”, as he points to his enforcer and number two guy, a big monster of 300 lbs, with hair all over his body. Gloria peeks through her fingers at the ugly giant standing over her and starts crying again.

The enforcer picks her up like she weighs nothing and carries her over to the sofa. He throws her down on her belly, and she lands hard on the back of the sofa and whimpers from the pain. Everyone enjoys the great view of her huge booty hanging over the back of the sofa. He spreads her legs and starts pushing his huge cock into her ass. He is bigger around than even Terrill, and she is dry. She did not produce her usual flood of cream while being fucked by Jorge, and none of it leaked down to her ass. As his huge cock slowly forces her asshole to expand more and more, she screams because she has no lubrication and is not prepared for such a huge cock. Her masochism is not making the pain arousing for her, since she is so grossed out by her rapist and the other men around her. The pain is terrible, and gets worse as he begins to fuck her ass. He leans forward with each thrust, putting his weight on her and crushing her ass between his big belly and groin and the sofa. She groans even louder with him because of the pain.

“Please stop, you’re hurting me so much! Please!”

She pulls her ass cheeks apart to ease her pain somewhat. Her ass spreads out even more under his weight, and the large difference in size between her booty and her waist mesmerizes everyone watching her. She groans and whimpers the whole ten minutes he fucks her. When he withdraws, she is tremendously relieved. She sighs loudly and emits a soft moan that quickly turns to a loud groan, when the next guy, designated by Jorge, grabs her roughly and penetrates her ass. The pain is more bearable now, because this guy is not as big, but he is hurting her, because she is still dry. The enforcer blew on the small of her back, as all the guys do. They want to make it as painful as possible for her. After about five guys have fucked her ass with no lubrication, the skin around her asshole becomes so raw that the pain from each of their thrusts turns to agony. She cries like a baby and begs them over and over again to give her some lubrication. She thinks her begging must be useless, but she continues it anyway to entertain Terrill. She hopes Terrill can see her clawing at the sofa and squirming in agony. She starts bleeding and her blood provides some lubrication, but she continues in agony as five more guys fuck her ass and make her skin more raw. The men can see a trickle of blood running down her leg and her blood on their cocks.

Jorge says, “Piss break time!” She sighs in relief, and says, “Great, I need to pee!”

“Not you!” He laughs at her. “Get on your knees and open your mouth!”

“No, please, don’t hmmm!” Her words are interrupted as he sticks his cock in her mouth and starts peeing. She considers this as bad as being fucked by this bastard, having his foul piss in her mouth. She does not swallow, and it starts pouring down her chin. “Drink it!” She immediately gulps down a huge mouthful, makes a face, gags, and regurgitates some of his piss. The men have a good laugh. She enjoys Terrill’s and his homies’ piss, but she is nauseated by Jorge’s. She has become extremely emotional due to her trauma. He pisses for a long time, since he has been drinking beer, and slaps his cock against her cheeks when he is finished. She continues being a human urinal for the men, who step up to her, one after another, shove their cocks in her mouth and piss, as she grimaces and gags. Many guys stand in front of her and piss a stream into her mouth. She hates that because they invariably dribble onto her, and she has to pat their piss off with a towel, trying to avoid wiping off the semen she has collected and angering her tormentors. She can tell who the beer drinkers are by the volume and taste of their urine.

As she swallows more and more of the guys’ piss, her belly gradually swells bigger and bigger. When she sees Terrill staring at her belly, she leans back with her hands behind her on the floor, to give him a better view of it. She loves it when he also can’t take his eyes off her tits, which are displayed magnificently in her new position. Her milk forms little streams running down the sides of her tits, and then drips onto the floor, instead of dripping from her nipples. Some of the guys are so horny, they can’t wait for their turn with her, so they fuck her mouth instead of pissing in it when Jorge is not looking. Gloria closes her lips around any cocks that start fucking her mouth and sucks on them, to be as submissive as she can for Terrill’s enjoyment. The others do not like what is being done behind Jorge’s back, but are unwilling to rat on a fellow gangbanger. So Gloria swallows some semen along with piss.

After 20 guys have finished pissing in her, she looks like she is 6 months pregnant, and her belly aches horribly. The crowd has now grown to 30 men since she arrived.

She stands up, a little unsteady, and looks at Terrill. She turns slightly sideways to give him a better view and leans back to display her bloated belly, which is all the way from her tits to her groin. She puts her hands on both sides of her grossly swollen belly and shouts at the crowd, “You bastards! Look what you have done to me!” Everyone laughs except Terrill, who is too excited to laugh. The strain of her shouting causes her nausea to get worse. Suddenly there is a panicked look on her face, and her eyes go wide open. She closes her mouth and puts her hands up to it, and vomits some of their piss out her mouth and nose. She re-swallows their piss and gags from the stench, as piss drips from her nose. She grimaces and frowns, says a loud “phew”, and the men laugh. She thinks, “At least no one will kiss me now.” She wants so much to vomit it all up, but is afraid of doing anything that might make them hurt her more.

She catches Terrill’s eye, turns away from him, spreads her legs far apart so she can bend over with her huge belly, and spreads her ass cheeks to show him her red and bleeding asshole.

“Look what these bastards have done to me! I am in so much pain! Please don’t let them fuck my ass any more!”

She said that to add to Terrill’s excitement, but soon realizes it was a mistake. She is normally quite smart, but right now very emotional. As she stands upright, she can see the depraved looks on the men’s faces, and knows she just made them want to fuck her in her ass even more.

The next guy designated by Jorge picks her up and throws her back against the back of the sofa. Her collision with the sofa causes her to vomit up more of their piss, and she puts her hands over her mouth to show she is submissively trying to hold their piss. He goes around behind the sofa, grabs her arms, and pulls her up so that her breasts are on top of the sofa for all to ogle. Her swollen belly is well displayed too in this position. Other guys take her arms, and he grabs her head, forces his cock into her mouth, and then rams it suddenly down her throat, causing her to gag, to everyone’s amusement. He holds his cock down her throat until she is through gagging, not wanting to get any piss on him.

He starts fucking her throat, and another guy kneels on the sofa between her legs. He probes for her asshole with his cock, and she thinks, “I fucking knew it!” When he finds her asshole and plunges into it, she squeals, and continues to scream each time his cock violates her asshole. Her scream is either a high pitched screech when the other cock is out of her throat, a low “aaahhhhggg” if the cock is sliding down or out of her throat, or a “gak” when her throat is completely stuffed. She hopes Terrill is enjoying hearing her throat fucking.

The guys holding her arms start to very roughly manhandle her breasts, squeezing, and stroking them, and sucking and biting on her nipples, causing her much pain. She is very near to four guys now and their combined body odor adds to her nausea from the piss still in her nose. She experiences so many simultaneous painful sensations, she drifts from feeling one pain to another, and is thankful for the distractions from the shearing pain in her ass. The guy in her ass puts his hands on the sofa, so each of his thrusts pushes her into the guy fucking her throat. They get coordinated and move her back and forth, into the man’s groin fucking her throat, and then into the groin of the man in her ass. Her nose is buried into the men’s pubic hair, and their stench is overwhelming. She collects many of their pubic hairs in her mouth, teeth, and throat. After the guy in her mouth blows his wad on her face, she only has a few seconds to fish the hairs out of her mouth and teeth and beg the next guy to be gentle with her, before the next cock is brutally rammed down her throat. She hates the hairs in her throat. She can’t wait until the next cock goes down her throat to get rid of them for her.

When their cocks are deep in her throat, she, of course, cannot breathe, even through her nose. They delight in holding their cocks deep in her throat and watching her struggle to breathe. Luckily, they are so horny, they can’t stand not fucking her for very long, and soon she can breathe between their thrusts. The more sadistic guys choke her neck with their hands as they fuck her, making her blue in the face by the time they blow. Or they pinch her nostrils as they fuck her. She passes out a few times, and the guy choking her stops immediately to allows her to breathe. The guy in her ass doesn’t stop, of course, just because she is unconscious. He does switch to her pussy, however, since it feels better and he can no longer make her scream.

She continues to groan when her mouth is full of cock, and she hopes Terrill is enjoying the funny sounds she makes. They all enjoy watching her take huge gasps of air and coughing when the guys in her mouth are switching. She is still gasping for air when the next guy enters her throat, making her gag. None of the guys she begs to fuck her in her pussy instead of her ass do so, so she gives up on that. But again she is lucky, and some of the guys actually prefer her pussy, so she gets some relief from the pain in her ass. About 16 guys fuck her in pairs in this position.

Terrill brings her a drink from time to time and after each piss break, and she stares into his eyes with her most pathetic look as she sips the drink in between the cock ramming inside her and her groans. When she hands the drink back to him, she takes some fresh semen from her breasts and wipes it on the glass to tease him.

Many of guys don’t want to share her and fuck her alone on the mattress. After a guy has fucked her for about ten minutes, the complaints about taking too long get louder and louder. Some guys fuck her in the ass, then make her give them a blowjob, so she learns what her own blood and ass taste like and doesn’t like it. She begs the most when the guys choose to fuck her ass. It seems to her almost every guy wants to do something different to her. Some guys lean over her and tell her to suck on their balls. She can’t believe how filthy and smelly and hairy their balls are. Some guys order her on her knees and ram their cocks down her throat as they hold her head or sometimes pull on her hair, which she really hates. She also hates it when her nose is buried in their stinky and dirty pubic hair. She leans forward so that her breasts are not banging against their legs. She usually grabs their balls and pulls down on them to get them to blow faster and stop her torment. Most of them pull out and give her a facial. Enough guys lie down and tell her to mount them and fuck them, that she gets incredibly tired as the night progresses.

One of their favorite positions is to sit on the sofa and tell her to fuck them. She very obediently straddles them, and lowers herself onto their cocks, as they put their arms back on the sofa. She puts her hands on their shoulders and rides up and down on their cocks until they blow. Without being told, she squeezes her breasts together with her arms, leans into the men, and rubs her tits on their faces, as she goes up and down on their cocks, to show Terrill how submissive his girlfriend can be. They love it whenever one of her big nipples pokes their eyes.

This is her first experience with being raped, and she hates it because it is nothing like her fantasies. She actually enjoys being submissive to her lovers, but she hates these monsters, and being raped is ridiculous. She has absolutely no control over where or in what position she gets fucked, no matter how uncomfortable or painful it is for her, for how long, which of her holes they use, whether they do the action or she is told to do it, how many men penetrate or play with her at once, how much force they use to penetrate her, where they blow their wads, or even who gets to fuck her.

As the night goes on, she learns that she does not want them to put her into whatever position or place they want, because they are very rough. So she asks each new guy “How do you want me and where?” and she very quickly responds to his commands, because she gets hurt if she is slow. Some guys tell her to move to several locations and positions before they mount her. She suspects they just want to see her astonishingly shapely body in different poses, or the swaying of her breasts during her movements. She cannot avoid seeing how repugnant they are, as she looks at their faces and hand gestures as she tries to understand what they want.

Some of men prefer to take her on the pool table, which elevates her up off the floor, providing a better view for everyone to see her serial violations. Terrill loves watching her being forced to allow one ugly bastard after another enjoy the fantastic pleasures of her body by sucking on her tits and sliding their hard cocks in and out of her soft and incredibly luscious vagina, for as long as they want. The juxtaposition of her stunning beauty, grace, helplessness, and softness against their grotesqueness, crudeness, power, and hardness is so arousing and spellbinding for him. He also loves watching her beautiful legs rock back and forth in the air, and the motion of her belly and breasts, as the men ram hard, over and over again, into her vagina.

The men love her in the missionary position on the hard slate of the pool table because they can penetrate her deeper and harder, and her booty is spread out more. They slam into her pussy so hard and painfully, her groans become ear-splittingly loud, and her begging for them to ease up on her becomes hysterical. Missionary also allows them and other men to suck and squeeze her breasts as they fuck her. The lucky devils are having the most pleasurable experience of their entire lives with the most breathtakingly beautiful and voluptuous woman they have ever seen. If Jorge and Terrill were not protecting her, they would most assuredly take her as their sex slave and prostitute.

After about three hours, Jorge calls for another break. Her belly is still huge and she knows she can’t hold much more piss, but she submissively gets on her knees and opens her mouth, and the guys line up again in front of her. Soon, she suddenly gets up with her hands over her mouth and runs for the bathroom, with piss gushing out through her hands. They can hear her vomiting. She walks timidly back to the front of the line of guys.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I tried to throw up as little as possible.” Her stomach is still bloated, but smaller now. She kneels down again and sits very gently on her feet, since her ass is so sore. She opens her mouth and starts drinking more of their foul piss. The crowd has grown to 40 men now, and about 15 more guys need to piss, so her belly is huge again. She stands up, teeters, leans back, and waddles around, holding her belly with both hands. The waddle is a slight exaggeration for Terrill, but everyone is amused by it.

The next guy forces her to lie on her back on the mattress, and the guys’ eyes dart between her huge belly and her huge breasts. He has a gigantic beer belly and of course decides to get on top of her. As he lowers his belly on top of hers, she groans and groans from the pain, telling him how much it hurts and pleading with him to get off her. His weight forces piss to ooze out of her closed lips and nose. It stops after a while and she swallows and is able to breathe again, but when he starts fucking her, some piss is forced from her mouth with each thrust. Eventually the piss stops coming out of her mouth and nose, but the pain in her belly with each of his downward thrusts does not.

The next guy turns her over, mounts her ass, and puts his 275 lbs of weight on her ass and her back, smashing her belly and breasts into the mattress. She is in agony both from the ass fucking and the pressure on her belly, which causes her to regurgitate more piss. She screams and screams, and the guys enjoy hearing and watching her agony. She sobs and grimaces and claws her fingernails into the mattress. Her dark eyeliner makes her teardrops on the mattress clearly visible. She moans loudly with relief when he finally gets off her, then quickly covers her mouth and runs to the bathroom, leaking piss, and throwing up again. When she returns, her belly is not as big, and the guy who just fucked her is not very popular with the other guys for making her belly smaller.

The men continue fucking her one at a time on the mattress, pool table, or sofa on into the night. Many guys choose to fuck her ass so they can make her scream, preferring that to the groans she makes when her other orifices are used. The guys use varying tortures to make her scream. One of their favorites is to force her legs apart as they fuck her. They grab her thighs as she is lying on her back, bring her legs up, then spread them apart, penetrate her pussy, and press down on her thighs until she screams. Then they let up on her and press down on her thighs to make her scream each time they plunge their cocks into her. After many guys enjoy doing that to her, she starts begging them as soon as they touch her thighs. The angle between her legs as they are fucking her gets a little wider with each guy until her legs are almost flat against the mattress. She screams so much her voice becomes hoarse.

The weight lifters prefer their own special torture of her. They grab handfuls of her ass and lift her up against their sweaty chests. They penetrate her and their “spotter” supports her weight by holding her sides. Then they place their hands on top of her hips and by pulling down on her and straightening their legs, they slam their cocks into her using all their strength. Her collision with their groin makes a slapping noise as loud as her groans. After they blow inside her, they enjoy clasping their hands behind her back, and pulling her onto their cocks deep inside her with their powerful arms until she screams. After five weight lifters have fucked her like this, her pubic bone becomes so sore that she screams every time they slam into her. They all blow inside her and soon they are splattering the last man’s semen all over the floor, and loud splashing sounds add to the show. Her boobs hit their arms with each slam and spray them with milk. Some guys prefer her in a horizontal position so they can ogle her breasts more. They hold on to her ass, and their spotter supports her with hands on her shoulders.

When Jorge calls for another piss break, and the crowd looks forward to seeing her again running frantically to the bathroom to throw up when she swallows too much, with piss coming out her nose and through her hands. This time he tells her to lie on the floor. She submits and opens her mouth, knowing she will hate this. Many guys miss her mouth, especially the drunk ones, and get piss all over her face and hair and in her eyes. And it is more difficult for her to swallow while lying prone. Afterwards, she reeks of piss and they tell her to rinse only the piss off.

She becomes too tired to do the fucking action for the guys who want that. When they hurt her by pulling on her hair or squeezing her tits to get to do what she is told, she begs them to fuck her. They making her repeat it many times and love hearing it so much that they don’t hurt her any more.

As the men switch, Gloria lies submissively on the mattress, waiting anxiously and fearing that her next torture will hurt even more. One guy grabs her ankles and places her legs on his chest, then penetrates her. He slowly leans down onto her, and puts more and more of his weight on her, smashing her legs into her big belly and enormous breasts and stretching her leg muscles until she shrieks with pain. Then he backs off and presses her knees together to squeeze her labia lips together around his cock and make her tighter for him. As tears roll down her cheeks, he orders her to hold her breasts together so they won’t be pushed aside and will get squeezed more by her legs. She always tries to submit to whatever they tell her to do. Now he is finally ready to ram his cock into her and push down on her legs, timing the end of his penetration into her with each of her screams. When the next guy grabs her ankles, she knows what is coming, and immediately starts begging him not to put her legs up.

The sun comes up, and Terrill announces the fun is over. Jorge says,

“Let’s give her a warm send off!”

He tells her to lie on the floor, and about ten guys stand over her, masturbating, and blowing their wads all over her eyes, face, hair, boobs, and stomach. She closes her eyes but does not shield herself with her hands, since she knows they would not like that. She holds her mouth open for them, and some manage to hit it. After each guy blows on her, he steps away and is replaced, until most of the 40 men have masturbated on her.

She overhears Terrill telling Jorge that he will bring an enema bag next time, so they can blow her up even more. She thinks, “Oh, shit! Next time?”

When they are all finished, Terrill bends down and picks her up. Their semen drips from her onto the floor. She is ecstatic that her ordeal is finally over and loves the feeling of protection his powerful arms gives her. She wipes the semen from her eyes, looks over his shoulder, and gives her rapists the finger as he carries her outside. He sets her down on her feet near the car. She leans back over the hood of the car to display her bloated belly to Terrill. She holds her belly and semen sticks to her hand.

“As you can see, I’m still full of their piss. May I please vomit some of it up? My stomach aches so much” Her voice sounds strange, very deep and hoarse from 12 hours of screaming and throat fucking.

“No, babe, I like your belly just the way it is. Wow, that sure was a great show!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, because it was hell for me. My masochism is not there when I’m turned off. I hope you’re not really going to take me back to those bastards! They were such filthy, sadistic, and ugly animals, and they hurt me so badly!” Terrill chuckles, and she can see the bulge in his pants is rapidly growing. She realizes he does want to watch her get gang raped again by those same rogues. She thinks to herself, “Fuck! But I need to do what it takes to keep Terrill mine, and I do enjoy pleasing him.” She also perceives that the more she hates something, the more he enjoys it being forced upon her, so she makes a mental note to titilate him by bitching about the gangbangers and what they did to her, without blaming him, of course. She wonders how many more times he will arrange a gang rape of her for his pleasure.

He hands her a bottle of water as she stands there naked. Terrill looks at the semen all over her face, torso, and hair and dripping onto the sidewalk, the streaks of dried blood and semen down her legs, and the black and blue marks on her boobs, ass, and thighs. He also likes the dark streaks of eyeliner that her tears have formed on her cheeks and her huge belly that he knows is full of her rapists’ piss. She notices his erection is now huge when she rinses out her mouth. She smiles as she tilts her head back and pours water over her eyes and down her nose. He hands her a small towel.

“You don’t want me to wipe off the semen and blood, do you?” He says no, and she obediently just pats her eyes and nose dry, carefully avoiding the semen that is caked and drying on her face and the eyeliner streaks on her cheeks.

A crowd of young men on the street have gathered around the couple, gawking at her and making cat-calls. She becomes aroused by her total exposure to them and listening to their lecherous remarks about her curvaceous and naked body, the semen clearly visible all over it, and the milk dripping from her nipples. She smiles at them, squeezes streams of milk out, and bounces for them her tits and belly with her hands. She instantly regrets doing that due to their soreness but enjoys a torrent of lewd comments, offers, and whistles. Her extreme exhibitionism and total lack of inhibitions make her an outrageous and compulsive flirt.

“Ow, my legs are so sore.” She takes little baby, wobbly steps to get close to the car door. She turns around and bends over slowly as far as her belly will allow, to expose her massive and bloody booty to them. She gingerly climbs into the car when Terrill opens the door and helps her. She very gently lowers her ass onto the towel covered seat. She lowers the car window all the way so the crowd can have a better view of her big, semen covered boobs and belly. The crowd gathers around on her side, and Terrill delays starting the car. She speaks loudly to satisfy her exhibitionist fetish by letting the crowd hear what she is about to say. She reaches over and feels Terrill’s bulge.

“You obviously want me. I am so tired and sooo sore after being fucked by so many guys. I lost count after 30. My belly is so bloated with their piss and it’s so tender! My tits and my poor nipples, my belly, my mouth and throat, my pussy and pubic bone, and my ass and legs are all terribly sore, and my poor asshole is excruciating! You’re going to love this fuck, because it’s going to be so painful for me. And I’ll be even sorer tomorrow when you will fuck me again. I promise to whine about every part of my body you are hurting and describe in vivid detail how they made it sore. Please don’t hit any bumps on the way home. And please tell me you’re not going to make my asshole bleed more!”

Terrill smiles and leers at her booty on the seat next to him. She thinks, “Thank goodness I will enjoy the pain with him.” Just how much the pain he causes her adds to her sexual pleasure is her little secret. She waves goodbye to the highly aroused crowd, some of whom have pulled out their cocks and are masturbating. She stares at their cocks as they drive away.

During the entire drive back home, she bitches about what the gang bangers did to her. Being a woman, she can recall the tiniest detail of everything she didn’t like about last night. When he spreads her out on their bed and makes love to her, she arouses him intensely by groaning/moaning, telling him how much he is hurting her because of her soreness and her swollen and sensitive belly and describing explicitly how her body was made sore. The semen on her gets all over him and the bed. She is still nauseated by the piss still in her belly, but manages not to vomit up any more. She enjoys the pain with him, but doesn’t reveal how much, and screams for his pleasure when he, of course, has to fuck her ass. He is so excited that he fucks her for an unusual two hours and blows three times.

The next day she is even sorer, and she takes another day off from whoring and servicing his friends. The pain during sex with Terrill is worse, and she again tells him how much everything he does hurts. She captivates him with more explicit tales of her rape, and thoroughly enjoys another uncommonly hot round of sex. She is now absolutely convinced the gang rape was worth all her agony and doesn’t object at all when he arranges her next rape.

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