A series of co-incidences Part 3 by newpublisher2010

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Romance

Swinging my feet over the edge of the bed I sit watching my sister Jenny. She is at the writing desk with my laptop in front of her. With her wavy blond hair framing her face, the trace of a smile on her lips she looks perfect. To me she looks even younger than her 20 years. The T-shirt she has stolen from my sparse supply of clean clothes hides her petite body from my view. I look around our motel room, our clothes are lying here and there, where we have stepped out of them. Events of the past 24 hours flood back into my mind. My drop-dead gorgeous sister and I have made love twice. Far from having regrets she has decided that we should spend the next two weeks posing as newly weds.

I lean down and pick her tiny bridesmaid panties from the floor and instinctively hold them to my face inhaling her intoxicating scent. Jenny looks up from the keyboard, her laugh, the sound of tinkling bells, breaks the silence. I realize what I’m doing and drop her panties on the bed. I blush.

“I though you would be over that by now Brother”

I’m lost for words but manage to stammer “www…what do you mean”

She holds my gaze with her sparkling blue eyes and angelic smile.

“When I was 12 or 13 I found out how much you like my panties”


Jenny seems to be enjoying my discomfort. She goes on to explain that, one day after school, she had showered and was about to change into something more comfortable. Discovering her underwear draw was empty, she decided she would slip back to the bathroom and retrieve the ones she had just taken off. They were gone. I was the only other person in the house. Busted.

By now I’m red faced and speechless. Jenny sits calmly and tells me how she checked the next morning and found her “missing” panties back in the washing hamper. She giggles again and adds;

“A little damper and stickier than they were when I took them off Bro”.

I guess she is feeling sorry for me. She changes the subject almost as quickly as it started and says;

“Get your cute ass over here and see what I have been doing while you’ve been snoring”.

Recovering from the shock of discovering, that, for years, my kid sister knew I had masturbated with her panties and never said a word, I join her at the desk.

Over her shoulder I read the screen. Paul and Jenny’s holiday schedule. I see there are entries for 2 weeks starting from our arrival date here at the motel right through to flights home to Sydney.

I slip my hands around her and kiss her softly on the neck. She tastes slightly salty from the perspiration of our earlier lovemaking and smells wonderful. My hands move to her firm little breasts, my fingertips trace her nipples. They stiffen under the thin cloth of the T-shirt.

Turning my attention back to her work, I say;

“That looks great Sis, but what makes you think you can book all that at such short notice”.

She reaches behind her, giggles again, and squeezes my bare ass.

“Not only have I booked it babe, I paid for it with your AMEX card”.

Stunned I look back into her twinkling blue eyes and realize that once again she has managed to get everything her way. Leaning in I kiss her deeply our tongues dancing and my heart races. She breaks the kiss and says;

“Stop that you naughty boy! Pick up all our things and get ready to hit the road”.

“Well Sis, I’d better get dressed first, give my T-shirt back!”

She smiles and lifts it over her head leaving herself naked once more. I step back taking in her beauty.

“God Jen, I swear you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”.

Cheekily she pirouettes giving me the full view. I gently slap her soft bottom and pull her into my arms. The feel of her body against mine has me getting aroused again. She nibbles my earlobe and whispers

“Later baby, we have to get moving”.

Jenny slips into short cutoff jeans and a top that barely covers her breast adding her pink tennis shoes and white ankle socks she looks like she did in high school. I begin to wonder if I am going to have this erection for the entire two weeks.

The day is almost half gone before we get out of our room, managing to get packed and ready to go, less than 5 minutes before checkout time. We have a few hours drive ahead of us so take the drive through burger option for lunch. We are heading north once again. I can’t help but notice the change that has taken place in my sister Jenny. She seems calmer and more in control than I have ever seen her. This is in stark contrast to the thoughts and doubts I still have rushing through my mind. I turn to look at Jenny, breaking the silence once again.


“hmmm s’up Bro? …….Oh and maybe you should practice calling me something other than Sis”

I laugh, realizing that she is probably right but I have called her Sis for as long as I can remember.

“Okay Princess, tell me one thing! When you packed enough clothes for a holiday, had you already planed on us staying away longer than a couple of days?”

She giggles and says nothing. I continue.

“The lack of accommodation that had us sharing a room, did you make that up to?”

More laughter, but still no comment. I press on in my best mock courtroom voice

“And does the defendant deny that she deliberately arranged to have the motel room changed from single beds to a king and that she did ply the innocent victim with alcohol in order to weaken his resistance to her charm and beauty”

This time she breaks into a full laugh, reaches out and rests her hand on my thigh.

“The defendant wishes to change her plea to guilty “.

I cover her hand with mine squeezing gently.

“You really had me believing that this had all been a series of coincidences babe, it was only when I was putting your bags into the car again that I started to suspect that you planned the whole thing”

“That’s not exactly fair; I didn’t plan for our friends to get married, or for them to ask us to be part of the bridal party. It really all started when you told me you were going to be attending alone and well……”.

The sentence drifts off into more laughter and I know the truth.


The rest of the drive is uneventful. As we approach the outskirts of Brisbane Jen directs me to pull into a huge shopping mall.

“Seeing as I tricked you into thinking you were only going to be away from home for 2 days, I guess we had better get you some more clothes”.

I normally hate shopping of any kind, clothes shopping especially, but Jenny is having such a great time selecting things for me to try on for her that I am actually enjoying myself. I soon have more than enough to get me through two weeks.

We wander hand in hand through the mall making our way back to the car. Window shopping as we go. As we pass a jewelry store, I squeeze Jenny’s hand and turn inside. She gives me a puzzled look which I ignore. Catching the attention of the shop assistant and ask her to show us engagement and wedding rings. By the time we leave Jen is wearing a modest but very pretty diamond on her left ring finger and I have two plain gold rings in my pocket.

Back in the car I take the wedding rings from their case and slipped one of them onto her finger, she takes the other and slips it onto mine.

“Well Mrs. Johnson, now you look like your ready for your honeymoon, even if we do have to take them off before we get home”.

With tears in her eyes Jenny whispers.

“you may kiss the bride”.

I do.

We check into our hotel room for our one night stay in the capital. Our flights to our final holiday destination are the following afternoon. Jenny is eager to get on line to check her email, so I set up my laptop for her. As she types away she suddenly calls

“Yippee…… its here”

I turn to see what she is so excited about. She hides the screen and loads something onto USB memory. Seeing my inquisitive look she just smiles that impish smile and says;


Grabbing her handbag and room key she is gone out the door. She returns 45 minutes later with a package the size of an A4 notebook. More intrigued than ever I ask what she has:


We are booked into the hotel restaurant for dinner and time is getting away fast. Jenny slips out of her shorts and top. Standing in her panties she says

“Time to clean up and get dressed for dinner hon. Come wash my back for me”.

I follow her into the bathroom getting rid of my own clothes as I go. She adjusts the shower and flicks her panties at me with her toe. Catching her little red panties I deliberately hold them to my nose and make an exaggerated moaning sound.

“mmmm nearly as good as I remember”

Giggling again, she slaps my ass and steps into the stream of warm water. I join her. Taking a terry toweling cloth and bottle of shower jell I slowly wash her. The soap and water runs down her body making her soft skin slippery, I discard the cloth and use my hands to finish washing her. Once again, my cock responds to the feel of her skin under my fingers. She reaches down and strokes me gently saying;

“If we are going to get to dinner on time, or at all, you had better behave yourself, big boy”.

I ask if she is talking to me or my cock and we laugh again.

Stepping out of the shower and I dry her with a soft white towel before leaving her in front of the mirror with her brushes and makeup.

A little over 30 minutes later and Jenny is standing in front of me, ready to go. She has on a white dress that has a V shaped front, open from a couple of inches above her navel. It is backless almost to her waist. A tiny strap at her shoulder blades seems to be the only thing holding it together. Around her waist is a gold chain and the dress flows over her hips to below her knees. She is wearing gold sandal shoes with 3 or 4 inch heels and thin straps that tie up around her ankles and calves. I can hardly take my eyes off her. She looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Jen holds out her left hand looking at her rings and says;

“This is all the jewelry I need tonight. Let’s go eat”.

She takes the mysterious package from the desk and we head to the elevators.

As we enter the restaurant I notice how many eyes are drawn to her. Once again I’m amazed that this stunning girl has chosen to be with me and a warm proud feeling overtakes me. I guess I must be getting used to the idea of us being together this way.

Over the first course she hands me the package.

“You have been so good to me this weekend I wanted to get you something so you will remember it”

“Princess, I have been happier in the last couple of days than I can ever remember, what makes you think I could ever forget”

As I remove the gift wrapping I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. It is a framed photo from yesterdays wedding shoot. In the photo my hands are on her waist our lips just touching. What is more of a surprise than the fact that she has arranged to have the photographer email it to her so soon, is that he has used Photoshop or something to change Jenny’s pale green bridesmaid’s dress to white. What I’m looking at is now a silver framed photo of a bride and groom. Us. Our names and the date are printed in the bottom corner. I find myself lost for words, again. I realize this is another piece of the plan or is this turning into a full on conspiracy.

The waitress returns and looks at the photo.

“Oh wow, what a beautiful bride! I love your gown”

Jen smiles sweetly and just says;


The food and wine are wonderful and after dinner we dance slowly to sounds of a jazz quartet I can’t help but wonder if they have chosen such soft music in Jenny’s honor.

It is 3am and the place is almost deserted before we make our way back to the room.

Inside and alone at last, I sweep Jenny into my arms kissing her passionately my tongue tracing her lips before pressing between them seeking her tongue. I undo the gold chain belt and the tiny strap at the top of her dress. It slides off her shoulders and down her hips to the floor leaving her in a white thong and the gold sandals.

I kneel in front of her to untie the sandal straps and slip them off. Looking up I see her perfect camel toe, outlined and barely covered by those tiny, sheer, white panties. Reaching up I slip her single piece underwear down her legs, she steps out of them. My face is level with her jeweled bellybutton and I twirl my tongue there. She giggles;

“Not fair, that tickles”

Running her fingers through my hair she pulls me closer. I can smell the muskiness of her and long to taste her again. I run my tongue down from her navel to the tiny blonde triangle that points down to where I want to be. Kissing softly I move closer my goal.

Slipping my tongue between the folds of the outer lips which hide the treasures within, my tongue glides over the hood of her citreous and twirls the little nub gently. Her body quivers.

“Mmmmmm babe, let me lay down. The way my legs feel right now I will fall on top of you if you lick me like that again”

I laugh up at her;

“And that would be a problem because ????”

She lies across our bed. I move between her thighs lifting her knees up and apart. She is exposed to me and I return to licking and sucking her sweet pussy. From below her vaginal opening up past her clit in long slow strokes probing and twisting my tongue, sucking gently on her inner labia I feel her hips start to rock up to my egger mouth.

Jenny whispers “Oh baby that feels so good, lick my clit hon, it feels like I’m going to explode”

Using my fingertips to push her hood up and let her swollen clit free I suck it between my lips twirling the tip of my tongue around it and she begins to softly whimper. Moving my right hand down I slip two fingers into her warm wet vagina and slowly curl then upwards towards my tongue, curled , straight, curled straight, I massage her G spot. Her movements become more pronounced, her breathing faster and her moans a little louder.

I feel her legs tremble as her orgasm builds. Keeping my mouth over her clit I suck and lick. My fingers continue to stimulate her. I feel her pussy muscles start to clench around my fingers. In a voice deeper and huskier than normal she whispers

“Fuck Paul, yessss. Do it to me baby. Pleaseee. oh my god .I want to cum for you so bad.”

Her thrusting is faster and more demanding. I keep focused on her pleasure, matching her pace, feeling her surrender to her body. Suddenly she stiffens and pushes her hips up off the bed to my face. I suck and twirl her clit as she spasms, her pussy pulsing on my fingers. Juices flowing into my palm.

Eventually she regains control and relaxes back onto the bed. Her breathing is hard and fast as I slide up the bed holding her trembling body tightly to my chest. I can feel her heart beating wildly against me. I hold her and run my hands up and down her back. She whispers:

“I love you”

It seems the most natural thing in the world to say;

“I love you to princess”

After of few minutes she kisses me deeply then rolls me onto my back. She lifts one leg over my hip, pressing her body against mine, pinning my hard cock between our abdomens.

I rock my hips up to her and we kiss deeply again. Without breaking the kiss she slides her hand between us griping my cock as she lifts her hips. The tip of my cock slides between her wet inner lips. She aligns it with her opening. Gently Jen pushes back onto me. Once again my cock slides slowly into her. The feeling is indescribable, better than anything I have felt with any other woman. Like pieces of a jigsaw we fit together and become one as she starts to ride me.

I gaze up at her, angelic face, her eyes are closed, then down to her shapely little breasts, the nipples standing proud and hard, down her petite body to where her waist flairs out to perfect hips, my eyes finally come to rest between her legs. As she rises off my cock her pussy lips stretch outwards gripping me. Her juices have me very wet and my shaft glistens as she slides up and down. I reach up and take her breasts in my hands, pulling and rolling her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs. She trembles and moans softly again.

Jenny sets the pace. We make love slowly at first. As she slides down I rock up into her so that I am completely buried in her with each stroke. She starts to move more quickly, gripping my cock with her pussy and making small rotating movements against me each time her pelvic mound bottoms against mine. Feelings are rippling outwards from my groin to my entire body, quickly building towards a climax. I realize I am squeezing Jenny’s nipples hard between my fingertips. Her fingernails are digging into my chest. I gasp;

“baby you feel so fucking good on me. I can’t hold on much longer. I’m going to cum”

My words seem affect her and she grips my cock harder. Once again her vaginal muscles beginning to spasm around me. I move my hands from her breasts to her hips. Holding her I slam myself up into her hard and fast. I thrust up and hold myself still as I start to cum deep inside her. Panting, barely able to speak;

“Oh fuck Sis I’m cuming”

Jenny throws back her head and makes a primitive gurgling sound like nothing I have heard from her before. Her vagina begins to squeeze my cock rhythmically from the base to the tip sucking my seed from me. I thrust and groan, cuming, over and over in her. Filling her. Jenny’s panting matches mine;

“Yesss, oh god baby, yessssssss. I feel you filling me. Uugggmmmmm I’m cumming again”.

We writhe against each other for minutes. Jen collapses forward onto my chest, our bodies still trembling with post orgasmic pleasure. Hearts and lungs struggling with the rush. I hold her tightly.

She kisses my neck and nibbles my ear. Her breath is hot against my damp skin, she is also moist from our exertion. As my cock begins to soften inside her she moves back to resting her head on my chest. I feel trickling down my body and I realize that Jen is silently crying against me. I run my fingers through her hair and whisper;

“What are all these tears about baby-girl “?

She twirls her tongue around my nipple sending electricity down my spine and replies;

“I can’t help it babe. I’m so happy. I have never been this satisfied or so much in love. I don’t care what other people might think, this feels right. It feels like we are meant to be together. Do you feel it to?”

“Yes, baby, I feel it to. I have never felt quite like this either. I love you”.

As I am holding her gently in my arms, relaxed and contented, I realize her breathing has changed, slower, softer, and more rhythmic. I smile and whisper:

“Sweet dreams Princess. Tomorrow we fly to the sand and sun of the tropics, our honeymoon can really begin”.

Rating: 95%, Read 73162 times, Posted Jul 26, 2010

True Story | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Romance


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