My affair part one "glitter" by sugardaddy43

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Hello, My name is David, I am 43 and this story is completely true. I have wanted to post a story such as this for a while and I finally have a chance. This is just one of many stories I can post about my affair with a young coworker if you all like them. This is actually the second time we were intimate together but I wanted to post this first.

I don't recommend affairs, they make your life messy and stressful. I do know however that this was some of the most erotic times I have EVER had and wanted to share.

The first time I met Becca, she was a 21 year old technician student and I was a 37 year old Bank administrator/VP. I am mostly happily married so this for me was a descent into a taboo area that I had never done before.

She is about 5'8 125# blond hair green eyes, athletic look and had modeled as a beer girl for some posters I later found out. I thought she was very beautiful. About B cup boobs, nice curvy behind, long legs and very pretty smile, and overall bubbly personality. She always had a crush on me and was always making advances at me she stated. Silly me I guess I never noticed, or I noticed and was too careful not to get slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

She eventually moved away and we kept in touch via email for several years. Just chatting and such. I guess she was just feeling me out. She was always quite intimate with me. Telling me about her father, her brother and her troubles. She would send me pictures of her and text me occasionally when she was out with her girlfriends. I did take her out to lunch one time and gave her a hug in the parking lot as we left, she told me later that if I had made a pass at her she would have let me taken her home and fuck her right then!

Our descent into our secret affair started innocently enough with her sending me pictures of her scars from her recent surgery, tiny little scars above her pretty little behind. She then started asking me about a conference that I was attending and stating that she wanted to go too, as it was a general conference that she could benefit from. I told her that I would take her out to a fancy restaurant and treat her to dinner, kind of flirting with her at the time. Much texting ensued and pretty soon she states, "if went we could have some fun!" I admitted to her that I was married (she didn't seem to know) After a long silence she states "I can keep a secret if you can!" This got my heart racing and over the next few hours I told her how I had always been attracted to her and how I thought she was sexy, beautiful and such. We emailed back and forth and she started being quite sexually aggressive over emails. This should have been a tip off! She wanted me to tell her exactly what I wanted to do to her. I told her about how I wanted to finger her with two fingers, rub her little clitty and watch her cum, lick her pussy and just see her naked. She told me that she would love to have me eat her pussy and look into my green eyes while I was doing it. She told me how very tight her pussy was and that two fingers probably wouldn't fit! She told me how that if I got her really hot that she would make me fuck her up her ass. Amazingly to me this all sounded like some letter from penthouse, but it was all true and went on from there.

One night while I was working and we had already had our first trist in a hotel, she texts me. "hey watcha doing" "Im coming into town to see a girlfriend, want me to stop buy and have dinner?"

I was at work and that sounded fun just to see her for an hour or so. The wife wouldn't miss me.

At 5 oclock she shows up and I show her around our new facility and take her to the building canteen and we chat. She tells me some story about her life and we are just casual. I mention to her that I need to get back to my office and she follows me back to my private hall and into my office, we shut the door at that point in time. She has on tight jeans and a tight blouse that you can make our her pretty titties. We sit down together and she starts telling me how fun it would be to suck me off right here in the office! "No no no I object, I could get fired, somebody might see, I really cant Becca, sorry." She started fondling my growing cock through my pants and kept asking me. "come on David, nobody is going to see, please?" I kept replying "sorry Becca, I just cant, its not worth it" Even as I was saying no, I was touching her little clit through her jeans, slowly rubbing it and seeing her bite her lip like she does when she is excited. "oh you're no fun!" She finally stated and gave up. I told her "well its time for me to go now Becca" "want to drive me to my car?" "Sure" she cheerfully states. We then become casual again and slowly walk to where she was parked. I get in her little jeep and she shuts the doors and immediately her hands are back on my crotch, holding and fondling my cock, which now is getting quite hard yet again. She does this very casual like and just is chatting away as she is driving me to my car in the outer lot. It takes just about a couple minutes and she is parked near my car.

By this time it is nearly dark, and there are few cars around. She sits there and keeps fondling my hard-on. It feels so good that I just sit there, listen to her talk about how much she wants to put my dick in her mouth. I again protest and say that people will see. I finally give her a little opening "Well Becca, lets drive somewhere more private" "oh come on" she states, "its private enough here silly." By this time my dick is at full attention and she has her hands down my pants, slowly rubbing the pre-cum around the head of my engorged cock. "All you have to do David is grab my head and force it down onto your dick" "All you have to say is suck my cock Becca and force it down my throat" She kept stating this over and over, all the while my protesting diminished and she soon had my erect 7 inch cock naked outside of my pants rubbing it, and stroking it. She didn't wait for any more commands and opened her mouth and took all of me down deep to her throat. "oh fuck Becca, yes, yes, it feels so fucking good!" I said, oblivious to what was around me and just completely focused on my pleasure. I grabbed the back of her head like she told me to and forced my cock into the back of her throat. I had happened to glance at the clock when she started sucking and it was 7:02. There she was, this pretty blonde girl 18 years younger than me, sucking my cock as hard as she could in her little jeep in the parking lot of my business. I couldn't believe it! She was so good at it, taking me deep in her mouth I could feel my cock head bang against the back of her throat and her tongue swirl around my dick head. I couldn't believe that soon I was going to not be able to hold back. I had resisted but she had persisted and now was going to get what she wanted. I arched my back and cried out "Oh Becca, Im cumming Im cumming!!!!!" I felt my body spasm and wave after wave of orgasm flowed through my groin and cock. I could feel my hot sperm shooting out of my dick and into her mouth. All the while she was intently stroking the cum out of my cock. I could also hear her little swallowing noises as my cum flooded the back of her throat! I had never had a girl swallow before and well it was a real treat to be just taken like that. The feeling was wonderful, she swallowed it all and left me empty, limp and clean. She paused a few seconds with her hot mouth on my now shrinking dick and then lifted her head up and smiled at me, took her index finger and cleaned up her lips and stated, "see wasn't that fun!" All I could say was yes, yes "THANK YOU". I looked at the clock again...7:05!!!!!! I had never cummed that fast!!!! I was sooooooo excited and it was so erotic that she made me bust in about 3 minutes!!!!

Just then her phone rang, she gave me a quick smootch and I got out of her jeep. "Have a great night!" she shouted back at me as she left me dazed getting into my car. When I got home, still in a daze. My wife greeted me with a hug and a kiss. I went into the bathroom and changed. I took off my underwear and glanced down at my dick thinking again what a time of my life that was. Looking down I just happened to catch some tiny little reflections at the base of my cock, tiny little pieces of multicolored glitter from her lip gloss! Ha ha, that would have been hard to explain!

More later on another adventure.

Rating: 83%, Read 21913 times, Posted Apr 06, 2010

True Story | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Male, Oral Sex, Reluctance


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