Caught fucking himself with a dildo_(4) by Likesutosee

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Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Reluctance, Submission, Toys

Joe was horny. Very horny. He had the day off and he intended to spend it watching porn and whacking off as much as he was able and then some. He was currently living in a finished room above a garage. He had a married couple named Viv and Cade who were helping him finish the garage below. It was normal for the couple to enter the garage without warning because the three of them were working on turning the garage into a cottage for him. There was the rare occasion that one or both of them might have some reason to enter his living space but it wasn't normal and today his helpers were both working at another location. The stairway to his living area was inside the building so he could hear when someone came in even if they did enter unexpectedly.

He hooked up his laptop with the HDMI cable to his flat screen making it convenient for him to browse for porn while relaxing in bed and yet be able to clearly see the videos. He opened his large bottle of lube, made sure there was water available for it the lube dried out. He found his vibrating dildo dropped in on the bed and placed a stack of hand towels on the night stand. He didn't always use the dildo but he didn't want to have to go searching for it if he felt inclined. It did help after multiple ejaculations to play with his own ass, and massage his prostate. It usually gave him an extra orgasm.

His dick was hard by the time he had everything set up and he was laying naked on top of his made bed. He lightly fondled himself while he search for something to watch. He did a search for Jack Off Instructions. He enjoyed being a bit submissive. He wasn't into pain, but a little humiliation and a countdown seemed to do the trick at least for his first cum.

He found a video with a blonde with what looked like some very cute small breasts. He turned it on and she began to laugh at him for being so addicted to jerking off. It was true. She told him to lube it up good and he followed her directions. She made him jerk it slowly, the clip was nearly 15 minutes - a bit long for a JOI movie but he was in no hurry, the buildup would make for a powerful orgasm. She took off her top and fondled her breasts. He was enjoying watching her a lot. After a few minutes, she asked him if he was willing to admit that he was a fag. By this point he was well into the session and answered her yes, even though he wasn't really attracted to men. She told him to yell "I'm a fag" loudly. He obeyed. Then she told him to take his hand off his dick get his dildo and lube it up good. He was glad he had it ready, he lubed it up as instructed and didn't even have to stop the video.

She instructed him to begin vigorously fucking himself with the dildo. He turned on the vibe on his dildo and was really getting into it. She instructed him to close his eyes and imagine that it was real dick, that it was her real stiff hot bareback hard-on pumping her seed into his man pussy. It wasn't really the kind of thing he was into but he was very excited so he went with it and did was she suggested. His dick was throbbing, the dildo sliding in and out felt great, and the prostate massage from the vibration was getting him close to an orgasm. He had never managed to make himself ejaculate solely from ass play, he always had to finish with a few strokes to his dick.

Occasionally, he could bring himself to the point of no return with his hands on his dick, but then experience the orgasm by pumping the hell out of his ass with the dildo. He knew that there was a least another 6 or 7 minutes before the video was over. The blond told him again not to touch his dick. He obeyed the blonde and focused on pleasing himself with the dildo and avoid rubbing his cock. His dick did not soften despite the lack of attention he was paying it as the dildo was feeling quite good. His erection flopped around as he struggled to pump his ass.

Suddenly a new female voice said, "Ah ha! I was right, he is a fag. You heard it too Cade didn't you"? He opened his eyes and Viv and Cade were standing at the top of the steps. He instinctively reached to cover his groin, but realized that it was pointless. They must have come in just as he was yelling that he was a fag so he didn't hear them. But they heard him. His dick was slick from lube, as hard as it could be, and they had most likely watched it flop around as he fucked himself with a vibrating dildo.

"I'm not gay. I've never been attracted to a guy".

"Yea right, whatever you say little sissy fag", Viv said as she was undoing Cade's belt. He looked at Cade and it obvious in his jeans that his friend was also hard. The video was telling him to jerk his dick again. Viv told Joe to get busy and do what he was told. He let go of the dildo pushing it into the bed so that it didn't pop out. He was concerned that it might not be completely clean so he left it inside.

Joe was very embarrassed and was confused as exactly what to do and how to act. He didn't want them to think that he was really enjoying it. But he was. A lot. But it was being submissive that had turned him on, not the gay thing. He was enjoy obeying both Viv and the video. He wasn't using much of his brain for anything else at the moment.

Cade's hardon came into view as Viv pulled down his pants. It was about as long as his dildo but a lot wider. He had picked the dildo specifically because of its narrowness. But Cade's erection was as real as it got. Cade took off his shoes and socks as Joe watched Cade's dick bounce around. Viv put a condom on Cade. Cade walked toward the bed and stripped off his shirt.

Completely naked and hard Cade climbed up onto the foot of the bed. Viv moved to the side of the bed and ran her cool hand up Joe's leg until she brushed his balls and grabbed the dildo and slid it out. Then she grabbed the lube and coated Cade's cock. "Go for it Cade, fuck this girly slut". They lifted Joes legs giving Cade easier access.

Joe wanted to object but the video was instructing him to beg for dick. So instead of objecting he heard himself beg "Yes, please fuck me with your big hard cock"! His friends chuckled and he felt Cade's dick head enter his gaped asshole. It slid a little in until it felt a bit uncomfortable. But then pretty quickly pushed past his opening. Cade pushed himself all the way in. Joe felt Cade's balls on his ass.

Cade started fucking him slowly at first and then a bit faster. It felt amazing, and Joe groaned loudly. The video instructed him to tell her how much he liked her dick up his ass. "It feels so so good. Oh shit! Fuck"!

Cade really got a good rhythm going. Joe had his legs up on Cades back. Viv began to take her clothes off. She was very small, he had fantasized about picking up her naked body and slowly letting it down onto his cock. Her breasts were no disappointment but her nipples were a surprise, they were very large. They were bigger than a silver dollar and they took up a big portion of her tiny breasts. She wiggled out of her jeans revealing hips that were very sexy. She wiggled her hips back and forth teasing him with a view of her pussy. She turned around bending completely over to take off her tennis shoes. The view was enough to make him cum. And then he realized he really was going to cum. He expected a climax of sorts but he didn't expect to ejaculate based on his previous experience. He groaned out an "Oh fuck"! Viv turned around and groaned herself as she stuck her hand between her legs.

"This is so fucking hot"! Viv exclaimed breathlessly. Joe completely agreed, especially as Joe realized that he could smell Viv's excitement.

Joe's climax was still approaching. He thought about helping himself with his hand, but his arms were outside of Cade's arms. He tried to maneuver a hand to his cock but Cade wasn't letting him. Joe really wanted to finish himself off and it was frustrating not be able to reach his hard on. But, suddenly, Joe's climax hit and it hit with a vengeance. To his great surprise it was a full orgasm. His dick was not completely hard so the huge load of cum began to dribble out. The orgasm continued for a really long time. It was the strongest and longest orgasm of Joe's life.

Cade's cock was as deep as he could go inside of Joe. Cade couldn't move while Joe orgasmed but he didn't seem to mind. When Joe's orgasm subsided Cade's energy increased and he began to pump vigorously in and out of Joe. It was obvious that Cade was getting close too.

Viv screamed, flushed and quivered in her own orgasm. Cade just kept pumping. It still felt great to Joe. Cade was starting to sweat and to Joe's great surprise he decided that Cade smelled good. After a minute or two Cade thrust deep into Joe and spasmed through what looked like a very nice cum. Viv came again.

Cade collapsed onto Joe for a minute still hard inside of Joe. Then Viv told Cade to empty his condom in Joe's mouth. Joe wasn't all that interested but Cade abruptly pulled out of Joe giving Joe an overload of feelings. Joe didn't want to open his mouth, but Viv roughly grabbed his balls and yelled at him to open his mouth. He finally agreed and Cade let the condom drip into Joe's mouth. Cade's cum was saltier than his own usually was but as a result it tasted better.

Then she told Joe to clean off Cade's dick. He didn't move as Cade moved up and push his wet cock to Joe's lips. Joe automatically opened his mouth. Cade thrust his cock in Joe's mouth. Cade shuddered and Joe felt a large glob of come leak from Cades cock. Joe could smell himself on Cade's cock too.

Viv's mouth on Joe's member was unexpected. He was a bit tender still but she didn't seem to care. After a few minutes Cade's cock become soft and tender. He collapsed on his back next to Joe. Viv moved into a 69 position with Joe. He automatically began to nibble her lips. Then he sought out her clit and did his best to lick her.

She tasted wonderful and after a minute she came powerfully soaking his face. He kept going as she whimpered for him not to stop. She began to pant. Finally, his cock stopped being sensitive and started to feel really good. She came again with a loud groan.

She got off him and told Cade to continue sucking Joe's cock. Joe wiped off his face. Joe wasn't in much of a position to argue and so Cade took over where Viv left off. Cade was taking him all the way in and would press his face into Joe's balls when Joe's cock was all the way inside. It felt amazing. Cade never missed a beat as he continued to suck Joe for another 4 or 5 minutes. Finally Joe muttered "oh fuck, I'm going to cum"! and he began to ejaculate in Cade's mouth. When Joe's orgasm was over Cade had not stopped pumping Joes dick in out of his mouth. Joe begged him to stop. Viv told Cade to french kiss Joe. Grateful that Cade had stopped, Joe accepted Cades kiss with an open mouth. He ended up with a mouth full of his own cum he had no choice but to swallow.

Then Viv told Cade to fuck her and she pulled her husband off the bed so she could get on her hands and knees on the bed. She told Cade to "fuck his bitch". Which he gladly did. Joe enjoyed watching Cade's fat dick entering Viv's very wet pussy. He particularly enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle as Cade shoved his cock violently into his wifes very wet pussy. They were making very wet sounds and Viv was grunting, which turned Joe even more.

Joe tried to masturbate but given the two massive orgasms he'd just had, his penis was not cooperating. But, it still felt good and he was enjoying the show. When it was obvious that Cade was going to cum, Viv told Joe to get onto the floor and she quickly joined him and held her face up to his and told him to hold out his tongue. Cade jerked himself off onto both their faces and outstretched tongues.

Again he tasted Cade's cum. Viv kissed him and as a result swallowed most of Cade's second ejaculation. After a few minutes, Viv told Cade to get dressed.

Viv said "we will be back you sissy fag and you better do whatever I tell you to again! But you were a good boy today." Then she grabbed Joes balls and sucked his soft dick until it was hard again. Then she said "There you go, enjoy your jerking off to porn"! Then they left.

Joe grabbed his dick and enjoyed the memories all the way to his next orgasm. Then he fell asleep in exhaustion, but with a smile on his face.

Rating: 91%, Read 78400 times, Posted Aug 12, 2015

Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Reluctance, Submission, Toys


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