A Bewitched Housewife by Leroy+Morrow

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Douglas Silverton was sitting at his desk in his office of Polk and Adams when his secretary rang to tell him that a Mr. Henry Smithers was there to see him.

“Show him in, Betty.”

“This way,” Betty directed Henry towards Douglas’s office.

Shaking hands with the client, Douglas invited him to take a chair as he sat in his chair behind the desk. Douglas asked Henry how could he be of service.

Henry Smithers was a handsome distinguish man at his six feet height with wavy brown hair.

“Well, Mr. Silverton, I am in the soup business and I need a good campaign to get my soup sales up.”

“Mr. Smithers, we at Polk and Adams are the best in the adverstiment business as you know, and I can come up with a campaign that will get your soup sales up, but first I would like for you to meet my wife.”

“Your wife, Mr. Silverton. I don’t understand, what’s your wife have to do whether I let you handle my account or not?”

“Well, Mr. Smithers, it’s simple. I believe that a client of mine should meet Samantha so the client could judge for himself or herself as the case may be whether I am worth to handle a client’s account.”

“I see,” Henry said.

“How about you having dinner with Samantha and myself tonight at our house. Say about 7:00 be fine?”

“Sounds fine Mr. Silverton.”

That evening at the Silverton’s house, Douglas introduce Henry Smithers to his gorgeous blond hair wife. She stood five feet and six inches. Henry acknowledge the introduction with the pleasant expression “Nice to meet you to Mrs. Silverton.”

“Douglas, can I see you in the kitchen?” Samantha asked.

“When?” Douglas asked.

“Now,” Samantha replied.

Excusing themselves they left the living room.

“Sweetheart, you don’t expect me to suck his dick and he fucks me, so you can get his account, do you?”

“I do, Sam.”

“Well, okay if you say so, I will.”

The Silvertons came back to the living room.

“Can I get you a drink, Henry?” Douglas asked their quest. “How about you Honey? Can I fix you one?”

“Yes. I take a Scotch on the Rocks,” Henry said.

Samantha said that she would take a Scotch on the Rocks also.

Fixing three Scotch on the Rocks, Douglas handed Henry one glass, one to Samantha and kept the third one for himself.

“Henry, there’s one more item of business that I have to tell you about before I begin working on your account,” Douglas said as the three sip on their drinks.

“Well, let me hear it Mr. Silverton.”

“Okay, it’s about Samantha, Henry.”

“What about her, Mr. Silverton?” Henry asked not understanding.

“Well, uh,” Douglas said thinking how he was going to say it what he was thinking. Before he could finish his thought, Samantha interrupted him.

“Henry, why don’t we all go upstairs then we will tell you what you have to do before my husband begins work on your account.”

Douglas and Samantha led the way upstairs to their bedroom. The bedroom was spacious with two windows in the back wall that overlook the backyard. In the wall opposite was a walnut mantelpiece beautiful crafted. The walls was done with wallpaper. The room contain a full size bed, two armchairs, a sofa, dresser drawers, a night table, and two nightstands one on each side of the bed with lamps setting on them.

“Henry,” Samantha began, “Please take a seat here on the bed beside me.”

Setting himself beside Samantha, she finished the thought that Douglas had downstairs.

“You see, Henry, what my husband was going to tell you downstairs was simple and that is you have to have sex with me while Douglas watches us having it.”

“Let me get this straight, Mrs. Silverton. Before your husband begins working on my account to come up with a campaign to bring my soup sales up, that I have to have sex with you. Am I understanding you correctly?”

“That’s correct, Henry,” Samantha said, flashing her pussy to him. “And please call me Samantha.”

Moving closer to Henry, Samantha began to kiss her husband’s client passionately, with hers and his tongues interlocking in each other’s mouths in the fashion of French kissing. As they were kissing, Samantha began to run her hands up and down Henry’s back feeling of his back muscles. He was doing the same to her.

Continuing kissing, Henry began slowly to undo her blouse. Pushing her blouse open he slowly pull it down over her shoulders and off. As he was unbuttoned her blouse, she was doing the same to him. His torso was muscular. Breaking the kiss, she let him undo her bra and pull it off, espousing her tits. Her nipples came up. His gaze shifted to them. Her tits were not too big nor too small, but just the right size.

“Those are the most beautiful tits I have seen,” he said as he began to feel of them. Feeling of his hands on her breasts she gave a soft moaning sound as he began to feel of her tits all over. He also fondled them. Continuing to pleasure her breasts, he decided it was time to get a good look at her vulva.

Moving his hands down, he undid her pants and pull them down along with her panties and off. Seeing her pussy he commented “That’s a nice looking pussy you have, Samantha.” At the same time, she had decided that the time was right to finish getting Henry undress so when she unzipped his pants and pull them off and his shorts, his penis was the biggest one she had seen so far.

“Wow that is the biggest cock I have seen,” Samantha said commenting on his penis.

His was over four inches in the limp state. Seeing his dick, she glace over to Douglas with that kind of a look that ask you sure want me to do this. Douglas gave her that look that she knew damned well that he did wanted her to go all the way. She wonder how in the world could Henry’s cock be able to fit inside of her vagina when it was fully hard and erect. His testicles were handing down and when she saw them they looked like that she couldn’t fit them in her mouth if he wanted her to suck them.

“Oh, well if I have to do, I guess I could use my witchcraft to make his cock fit inside of me if worse comes to worse,” she told herself.

Taking the inattentive Samantha began to lick, suck, and stroke his cock until his dick was hard and erect, while she juggled his testicles. Henry moaned softly as he felt Samantha’s mouth on his penis. As she was working his cock over with her mouth and hands, she could feel his dick getting hard and harder with each stroke, and lick.

“How does my cock taste?”

“Umm,” Samantha moan as she continue to work on his penis and testicles.

She work her mouth juice over his cock with her hands, till his dick glistering, going down to his public hair. As she was sucking his penis, she didn’t forget to suck his testicles. She even lick his dickhead working her tongue over the entire head. Soon she was feeling his dickhead in her throat when she went down the full length of his penis. Fully hard and erect his penis was longer than average for a penis.

Seeing his penis fully hard and erect, she told herself “Well I have always wanted to feel a huge throbbing cock inside of me. I am about to find out how one feels.”

Changing positions, Samantha lay down on her back and spread her legs open inviting Henry to begin sucking and licking her pussy. Henry didn’t need no invitation to begin sucking and licking Samantha’s pussy. Kneeling down he parted her liber lips, began to lick her pussy, working his mouth juice in to her vagina with his finger. Samantha groan as she felt his mouth on her vulva and his finger inside of her vagina, and pleasure sweeping over her body. As he continue working her pussy he could hear “Oh that feels good” from Samantha’s moaning as he pleasure her. He gave her a surprise when he suck her pussy in his mouth. This move of his gave Samantha a sensation that she had not known before till now.

“Um yes,” she said liking the sensational feeling she felt in her when she felt her pussy in his mouth.

While he was licking her pussy darting his tongue in and out, Henry brushed his finger against her asshole.

“Finger me there also Henry while you lick and suck on my pussy,” Samantha said feeling his finger brushing against her butthole.

He obeyed pushing gently his finger in her asshole as he continue to suck and lick her pussy. Several minutes later she lifted her ass up for deeper licking of her pussy from his tongue. Darting and jabbing his tongue in and out of her pussy and fingering her pussy brought her close to having an orgasm. He sense that she was close to having an orgasm he stopped his sucking and licking of her genitals, knowing her pussy was lubricate making penetration easier for his huge throbbing cock to go in.

Positioning himself over her, he asked Samantha if she was ready to feel his dick in her. Samantha acknowledge she was ready to have him to penetrate her to have him to fuck her. Taking his dick he guided it to her vagina and thrust it inside.

“Mm oh yes,” Samantha groan as she felt his huge cock going inside of her, as he drove his dick inside, splitting her labra lips apart to accommodate his dick.

To her surprise she didn’t need to use any witchcraft to make his dick fit inside, her vagina reacted to his cock by stretching to accommodate his seven inch long cock. At the beginning she thought that his dick would feel uncomfortable, but to her amazement his dick felt comfortable in her vagina as her vagina was getting used to having a huge cock inside of it.

“How does my cock feel, Samantha?” Henry asked as he began to moved his dick back and forward. “I imagined you are not use to having a huge dick and feeling one inside of your pussy.

“Oh, yes, your cock feels good,” Samantha said as she felt her vagina grip his dick. “I haven’t had a large dick in me. Yours is the biggest cock I have taken inside of my pussy so far. Your cock feels comfortable inside of my pussy. I have a small confession to make.”

“What is the confession Samantha?” Henry ask.

“I have always wanted to know how a huge dick like yours would feel in me,” Samantha said confessing.

“Oh, that’s all, well now you know how a huge cock feels in you Samantha. Just relax and enjoy my dick inside of you, Sweetheart,” Henry said.

Samantha knew he was about to move his throbbing cock back and forward in her fucking her.

“Fuck me with that huge cock of yours,” Samantha said.

Smiling she closed her eyes to enjoy his cock as he moved his dick back and forward, fucking her.

“Oh, I love having your huge cock in my pussy,” she said to Henry. “That cock of yours stretch my vagina wide apart.”

With each thrust of his dick, she felt pleasure sweeping over her body. The orgasm that she was close to having when he was licking, sucking, and fingering her, pussy she couldn’t hold it back no longer, shot her pussy juices all over his cock after a few fuck in her.

“Dam I can feel your orgasm,” Henry said feeling her pussy juices covering his dick.

“Fuck me harder, Damnit,” she said.

Hearing her, he fuck her harder letting her feel every inch of his cock.

“Oh, oh, yes, fuck me deeper also Henry,” she said as it was a scream of pleasure. Obeying he drove his cock even deeper.

“Yes. oh, yes,” Samantha said as he fuck her deep. “Fuck, oh fuck me, Henry. I want to feel your huge throbbing cock going the full length of my vagina with your dang balls up against my pussy slapping against it.”

By now her pussy was well coated from her orgasm making it easier for his dick to move easier in her with each fuck. As he obeyed her wishes, she felt every inch of his very large dick the full length of her vagina. She felt his balls up against her pussy as if he was trying to put them in her. To Samantha it did felt that he was trying to put his nuts in her, but she knew that her would give her what was inside of his nuts when the time came for him to shoot his load of cum out. Several minutes went by while, Henry fucked Samantha deep and hard inside of her vagina. Stopping being exhausted from fucking her deep, he took a deep breath of air before he continue to fuck her. A few more fuck he withdrew his cock from her pussy.

“Now get on your hands and knees, Samantha,” Henry said.

Samantha knew he wanted to fuck her doggie style. Samantha got on her hands and knees and spread her legs apart. Kneeling on his knees Henry position her where he wanted her, so he could insert his dick in her.

“Now Samantha open your Ass so I can your pussy.”

Obeying the command, she twitch her nose to keep her chest elevated while she spread her ass apart for him to see better where her pussy was. Taking his dick he guided it to her pussy opening to push it in her.

“You must be a magician the way you kept your chest elevated while you open your rear end,” Henry said commenting on what he seen Samantha did.

“I am,” Samantha replied. She knew that was partly true, but not all the way for she couldn’t revealed her true nature of being a witch. That part of her she had to keep a secret about her. Only Douglas knew that she was a witch.

“Is that where you want my cock, Sweetheart?” Henry asked.

“Oh right there,” Samantha said feeling his cock going in her pussy from her rear end.

Feeling his dick inside of her once again, she twitched her nose to undo the spell so her hands had to help support her, while Henry fuck her in the rear end. He placed his hands around her waist so he could keep her rear end close to his lower abdomen. Lowing her head she groan softly of pleasure as she felt his dick moving back and forward in her.

“Oh your cock feels so good back there,” Samantha said groaning feeling his huge cock in her rear end, As he fuck her in her rear end he indirectly was rubbing her clitoris.

“Uh, oh, yes,” Samantha said moaning in pleasure feeling her clitoris being rub and stimulating by Henry.

Suddenly Samantha felt his cock going in deeper in her from her rear end as her vagina was getting lubricate and slippery even more from the movement of his huge throbbing cock. His cock was causing friction between her vagina walls and his dick in stimulating her vagina.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, back there,” Samantha said screaming as she felt his dick went deeper in her. “Oh my, fuck me deeper and harder with that big throbbing cock of yours, Damnit,” Samantha said begging him to fuck her deeper and harder.

Mr. Smithers obeyed to fuck her harder and deeper in her pussy. He fuck her deep and hard in her with each thrust of his cock.

“Oh, oh, I like how you fuck me with that huge hard throbbing cock of yours,” Samantha said with pleasure as he thrust deeper and deeper in her wet and slippery pussy with his large hard cock. “Oh how I love your large hard throbbing cock in me back there, oh yes. Let me feel every inch of your huge throbbing cock in me as you fuck me God Damnit.”

Henry fuck her deeper and deeper till Samantha felt all seven inches of his big throbbing cock in her, and his balls hitting her pussy folds making slapping sounds with each thrust of his dick.

He fuck her deep and hard in her rear end for several minutes, then fuck her slow and easy. Samantha felt him fucking her slow and easy and she knew he was getting ready to do something different. She soon find out what he wanted to do next.

“Mr. Silverton,” Henry began as he continued to fuck Samantha in her pussy from the back. “Do you think that your wife will let me fuck her in her Ass?”

“She will let you do it, Henry,” Douglas said. “Won’t you Honey?”

Hearing what Henry had asked her husband and what Douglas said, she knew that she had no choice but to let Henry push his erect cock in her Ass and fuck her in the anus.

Withdrawing his cock from her pussy, Henry moved to the side of the bed. Standing on the floor, Samantha crawled over to him. Positioning her where he wanted her, she spread her legs apart for the Ass fucking she knew was coming.

“Open it up Samantha,” he commanded. “So I can see where your asshole is.”

Twitching her nose to keep her chest elevated again, taking her Ass in her hands she spread her Ass checks apart so Henry could see where her Asshole was at.

Taking his erect dick he guided it to her Asshole. Feeling his dickhead entering her Ass, she twitched her nose to ease the pain of her Asshole being stretch open with his big hard cock, till his dick penetrated her anus. Having his cock inside Samantha twitched her nose so her hand would have to help support her. She couldn’t believe that his cock had kept its erection as long as she and Henry were having sex.

“Oh yes,” Samantha said, as she felt his huge dick entering her anus. His dick was the biggest one she had in her anus so far. She commented “Your dang cock feels huge in my damned Ass” as he began to move his dick in her anus.

“Yeah, Baby, it’s huge in there. Is this the biggest dick you have had in your Ass Samantha? How do you like having a huge throbbing cock in your Ass, Samantha?”

“Yes, Henry yours is the biggest dick I have had in my Ass. Oh, I like having your huge cock in my Ass. God Damned how I like it back there.”

He moved his dick in her Ass with slow long thrusts letting her feel every inch of his throbbing cock in her anus as her Asshole gripped his dick to make it feel comfortable for Samantha.

“How do you like being fuck in the Ass, Sweetheart?”

“I like it,” Samantha said feeling each stoke of his dick in her anus. “Yes, oh, yes, Henry I like being fuck in the Ass. My God I like it.”

Suddenly she moan and groan when she felt him going deeper in her anus.

“Oh my God, you are going deep in my Ass,” Samantha scream in pleasure, feeling the huge cock of Henry going deep in her anus.

“Yeah, I am going deep in your Ass, Sweetheart,” Henry said.

“Fuck me harder, oh God, fuck me deep and hard in my Ass with that huge throbbing cock of yours,” Samantha said, begged him to fuck her hard and deep in her Ass.

Henry fuck her deep and hard in her Ass as Samantha wanted him to do.

“Yes, that’s it, Henry, deep and hard in my Ass,” Samantha screamed in pleasure that she was feeling coming from her anus.

Henry fuck her deep and hard for several minutes. She felt one sensational pleasure after another sweeping through her as she felt and enjoyed every thrust of his cock in her Ass.

“Turn over, Samantha,” Henry said removing his dick from her Ass.

“Now what?” Samantha ask as she turn over on her back.

“Come over here Samantha. Place your legs in a bent position when you are sitting.”

“Okay what now?” Samantha asked.

Positioning her with her Ass on the edge of the bed, he knelt down to inserted his cock back in her Ass and continue to fuck her in the Ass.

“You want to ride my dick now Samantha?”

Nodding her head in indication of yes, Henry removed his dick from her Ass. Climbing back on the bed, he lay down and Samantha straddled him and taking his erect dick she inserted it in her Ass. She began to move up and down on his cock riding it. Henry moan as Samantha was moving up and down on his dick, making her Asshole grip his dick.

“You are a pro at this Samantha<” Henry said commenting on how well Samantha was performing in having sex.

“Well I do get practice at having sex,” Samantha replied. “Ready to have your cock in my pussy again?”

“Yes I am, Samantha.”

Moving off his dick, she and Henry changed positions. Samantha lay on her back and Henry laid on top of Samantha he reached for his cock to inserted back in her vagina thrusting it back and forward. He began to fuck her pussy again moving his big cock back and forward when he notice that he was about to cum in her. Seconds later, his dick began pumping movements in shooting his hot load of cum out in her.

Rolling off of Samantha he laid back on the bed. Samantha took his cock and began to suck his dick to get it hard again. She lick, suck, and stroked Henry’s dick, till his cock was erect again.

Getting his cock hard again, she and Henry changed positions. Samantha laid on her back and Henry being on her thrust his dick in her well fuck vagina thrusting his dick back and forward. Once again Samantha groaned as she felt his huge throbbing cock thrusting inside her pussy.

“Oh yes,” Samantha moan in pleasure. “Fuck me harder and deeper.”

Hearing her moan of pleasure, Henry obeyed thrusting his throbbing cock in her vagina harder and deeper.

“Oh, how do you like that, Samantha, I’m going in a place of your pussy that I wasn’t in the first time when I was in your pussy.”

Replying to his statement, Samantha said “I know. I can feel your cock in places of my pussy that you haven’t been before so go ahead explore those areas as you like.”

“You bet I will, Samantha,” Henry said.

“You know, Henry, I do believe that you have a cock that won’t quit, that it can go all night if my husband don’t mind if you and I have sex all night long till morning. I bet you that your dick can go all night. Darling do you mind if Henry and I have sex all night long?”

“I…I don’t mind if you two wants to fuck the hell out of each other all night long,” Douglas said surprise at hearing what he just did.

“Well then it settled,” Samantha said.

With that, Douglas left the room, leaving Samantha and Henry to themselves to enjoy each other as they began a night long of passionate sex. It was passionate sex that they had in the second part.

The End of Part One.

Rating: 86%, Read 10532 times, Posted Feb 23, 2011

Fiction |


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