Making my Mom my Slave Part 5 by DavidHog

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Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Blackmail, Cruelty, Drug, Slavery

This is a continuation of the "Playing Dare with Sis" and "Training my Sister Kayleigh" Stories. While I suppose this story can be a stand alone, character development as well as certain terminology will definitely be better understood if the previous series are read first. Eventually both stories will loop together as well.

This spin off will revolve around David, who now shifts his focus on coercing his sweet but sexy Mom, Kendra, to become his sex slave in a similar manner to what he did to his Sister Kayleigh. Each sequel after Part 1 will also provide a narration of what is going on in Kendra's mind as the process unfolds.

DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18.

DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, sex slavery, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.

DISCLAIMER #3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain "comic book" style. Again keep in mind that this is a work of fantasy and not everything will be fully realistic.

Enjoy! Please leave comments on what you want to see next as much of the following chapter is a work in progress. Cheers


1 month into Slave Training- Kendra’s narration:

The buzzing of my collar woke me up from my restful sleep. I looked up groggily, the clock read 4:30am. I was naked, curled up around David’s feet. My son, my master, let me sleep on the bed last night because I had been a good slave for him yesterday and didn’t make any mistakes. I loved when he let me sleep on the bed.

I purred as I gently lifted the covers and laid my eyes on my master’s limp cock. This was the cock that I had grown to worship. I crawled up the bed and put my lips around his cock, gently kissing it. My master let me suck his cock every morning before I started my day, I was so lucky. I bobbed up and down, taking in the delicious taste of my Son’s cock. I felt it gradually stiffen. I felt David’s hand stroke through my hair. I soon was bobbing up and down vigorously as my son’s cock was fully erect.

I felt even hornier as I heard him softly moan while still asleep. He soon moaned loudly as his cock spasmed. I deep-throated his cock as I felt an eruption of cum in my mouth. I licked each drop of his delicious cum, keeping his now limp cock in my mouth for minutes. Longingly, I tucked my son back into bed as I started my day.

I walked to the bathroom and looked myself up and down in the mirror. I smiled at what I saw in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how my body was looking as a result of the special hormones that my son was giving me. I took my tender breasts in my hands. While I didn’t know my bra size anymore since David didn’t allow me to wear a bra, my breasts we’re seemingly growing by the day! I was a D cup even before starting all of this, but I’d imagine that I’ve already grown at least a cup size.

I turned around, as a result of David’s rigourous exercise regime that he laid out for me, as well as the hormones, my ass was looking better than it was when I was in my teens! It was perkier than ever, without losing an ounce of its natural jiggle.

I stepped on to the scale. Despite the growth in my ass and tits, I had lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks. No doubt as a result on the metabolism booster, exercise, diet and constant fucking.. Needless to say, my body looked incredible. My love handles had melted away. I loved the way I looked. Looking like this made me more of a desirable slave for my master and his fans.

I applied make up and tied my hair back. Next I walked to our home gym and started my daily 90 minutes of working out that David made me do. I had gotten used to the multiple high definition cameras in each room I walked into. At first I was terrified at the thought of thousands of strange men watching me at all times, now, I reveled in it. It made me so horny knowing that there were men all over the world that were watching everything that I was doing. Honestly, I tried to put on a show for them at all times.

After an intense work out session. I went on with my morning routine. It was my job to ensure that the house was spotless for my master and his friends, and to make sure that David always had a hot meal ready for him whenever he wanted. As I started sweeping the house, I started to reminisce on the events over the past month.

I was so silly initially. I was foolishly holding on to my former sense of self when my son first approached me with his gracious offer to become his sex slave. I thought of myself as a professional woman, proud and accomplished. I thought I was living out a hell on earth during the first couple days of my new life.

This all changed on my second night of being my Son’s slave. That night, with the help of the pill, he showed me 100 times more pleasure than any other moment of my life. It was a night filled with pure ecstasy. Not only did I orgasm countless times, it opened up my mind to the truth. The next day David and I reflected on the night before, and he helped my mind reach where it needed to be. He helped me realize the true purpose of a woman’s life.

From there on out, I progressed to fully embracing my sexuality, and my needs as a woman. David fulfilled my sexual needs at a level that I didn’t even know was possible. And I loved him for it, unconditionally. Over the past two weeks I let go of my formal life piece by piece. I no longer cared about my job, my friends, or my husband. Even the thought of my husband made me cringe. He wasn’t strong like David.

Of course, with each of the progressively depraved sexual acts, there were periods of doubt. But with each event, I would reach a new level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The sexual acts that I had enacted over that past month would be more than enough for 100 women’s lifetimes..

The day after my enlightening night with David, he progressed my sexual training. He invited his best friend Vlad and his Father Dudley over. I was forced to serve them naked as they laughed and drank the night away. I was terrified. I knew Vlad and his father for more than a decade. I had always caught Vlad staring at me when he was over as a kid. I never used to mind, it was his Father though who really creeped me out.

I knew he always had a thing for me. On multiple times he would hit on me at parties when he was drunk, and would be very touchy with me. One night during our Christmas party he cornered me in my bedroom and said he was ‘giving me a hug’. Of course, what he actually did was bring me into his body so that my tits were pressed into his chest. He reached around and groped my ass cheeks. He grinded his erect cock onto my pelvis. I was terrified as his overwhelming size was constricting me. I couldn’t find the courage to cry out and cause a scene at my own party so I simply let him continue. His ogrishly large hands slipped under my dress and groped my ass. He slipped my thong aside and entered my anus. I was in tears. Within minutes of grinding I felt his body spasm as he came in his pants. He released me and smiled. He removed his finger from my anus, sniffed it and licked it. He looked deranged as he walked smugly out of the room, laughing. He knew I wasn’t going to tell anyone and that he was going to get away with it.

That was the last time I had been closer than ten feet to the man, until now. David undoubtedly knew about this. After serving a few rounds of drinks and getting groped and spanked numerous times, he made me sit with them. He told me to sit on Mr. Dudley’s lap, so I did. I was angry, and scared as I sat naked on the lap of the monster who anally raped me in my own home many years ago. He sneered as he felt up my naked body.

David made me recount the events of that night to the three men. To my dismay, they laughed as I told the story. I was almost in tears at what David made me do next. He made me apologize to Mr. Dudley. He made me apologize that I didn’t offer my body to him that night, and that I would make up for it tonight.

Next he told me to present my ass to him and bend over. Mr. Dudley proceeded to finger my asshole viciously, like that night. Next he ate my asshole out until he was ready for the next step. David and Vlad sat back and enjoyed the show while Mr. Dudley proceeded to fuck me in each of my holes. After seemingly hours of painful fucking, Mr. Dudley was exhausted.

David took me to the side. He smiled, gave me a pat on the head and said he was proud of me. Surprisingly, this validation made the horrific events that I had just endured all worth it to me. My master was proud. I smiled. I knew from this reaction that my mind was changing, it was improving. As a prize, he gave me a ‘Slut Candy’ pill. Although I only remember heavenly glimpses of that night, I know that I proceeded to have an all-night gang-bang with Mr. Dudley, his son, and my son.

The next day, David taught me that the purpose of putting me through that experience was to train me to let go of what I perceived to be painful memories in my past life, as well as to abolish my ego and foolish pride. He explained that only then, would I be able to be fully happy my new life as a sex slave whose only purpose is to pleasure him and his friends. I was starting to now understand how wise my Son was.

David continued my sexual training over the coming days. He explained that to completely destroy my ego so that I could become the perfect sex slave, that I needed to be sexually humiliated in public.

He dressed me in the same short frilly silk pink robe that he took pictures of me in to get me into this predicament. You know, the one that just barely ended below my ass cheeks, and exposed a generous amount of my cleavage even when fully tied at the front.

Him, Vlad, Johnny and Dudley drove me 1.5 hours to a few towns over where I wouldn’t be recognized. They drove me to a seedy part of the town and made me walk around, following me around with high quality cameras like a camera crew. They wanted to mimic the Brazzers series “Asses in Public”. The one where the Porn-star walks around in public letting random strangers feel her up.

We approached an out of shape older white man who looked like he was walking to an office job. He looked a bit scared when David and Vlad called out to him, but his eyes soon found me and intrigue took over. David explained that we were with ‘Asses in Public’ and wanted to cheer his day up a bit. He looked very hesitant, and seemed freaked out by the camera. Mr. Dudley nudged me to get closer to him. I approached him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He smiled awkwardly and grabbed my waist. While I was certainly out of my comfort zone, the poor guy seemed endearing to me. He was cute. I looked him in the eye and then looked down at my cleavage, somewhat inviting him. He looked down. I pressed my breasts together. David did most of the talking, urging him to ‘give them a squeeze’. After a few seconds of considering, his eyes widened, he gave a sigh and he went on to grope my breasts through the robe.

I couldn’t help but get a twinge of satisfaction as I saw a rustic metallic ring on his left index finger. I wonder when the last time was that he felt boobs like mine, if ever. Vlad slid my robe down my shoulders, exposing my naked breasts to the man. He moaned as he seemed mesmerized by them. I smiled and brought me breasts to his face. He buried his face to motorboat my tits. I almost laughed. I felt happy giving a man like this the opportunity to grope a hot woman. After several minutes the man looked at the camera which seemingly snapped him back to reality. He let me go suddenly, picked up his brief case and mumbled that he had to go. I watched the man scurry off. We all had a laugh.

I continued to walk around and approach men. With each man I felt more and more comfortable exposing my naked body to them and letting them fondle me. It was turning me on to be honest.

Within about half an hour we were approached by a group of three Mexican vagrants. I tried my best to smile. They looked at me and my camera crew suspiciously. I walked them into an alley and smiled. Next, I dropped my robe and stood in front of them completely naked. Their suspicion soon turned to sheer horniness as they gawked at my naked body. My cheeks were burning as they started moaning and yelling out sexual comments in their Spanish dialect.

Soon after they approached me, almost in unison. I soon felt 6 strange and cold hands start to grope me all over my body. I didn’t know which one was groping my ass, my tits, or my pussy. I soon felt the familiar burning in my loins, I was being so turned on by this touching. I felt a warm wet tongue start to lap my ass hole, and another on my right tit. I felt two fingers enter my dripping pussy. I started moaning heavily.

My eyes opened wide as I saw one of them get his hard cock out. I winced in disappointment as David and Vlad stopped the men, thanked them for the footage and had me move on. I looked at him in disappointment and pouted, he smirked. I hastily tied up my slutty robe and got in the car. Next the boys drove me to a construction site and got out of the car.

It didn’t take long for me to attract a large crowd of intrigued men. It was a mix of White, Mexican and Black men. Some were well muscled; some were out of shape. I didn’t really care, I was reveling in the attention I was receiving from these strangers. My loins were burning, I was so horny.

The boys didn’t need to say anything; I had become the showman. The crowd of twenty or so men cheered as I asked if they wanted a show. David smirked as I stood up on one of the platforms. I put on a bit of a strip show for the men as I slowly dropped the robe to the ground. The roared loudly as I stood in front of them completely naked.

I was practically dripping wet as I saw a few of them get on to the platform with me. Five or six at least approached me. I held my tits up for them invitingly. The first one smiled lustfully as he grabbed by rounds tits. I felt several pairs of hands grab me. My ass, pussy, tits, thighs and waist were all being groped by foreign hands. The crowd seemed to roar as my body writhed in ecstasy.

It wasn’t long until my pussy was again invaded by foreign fingers. My tits were being slobbered on. I felt another finger invade my anus. I moaned out loud. I prayed that my master would let this continue. I briefly looked at him, he was smiling in approval. I glazed over the crowd. Almost all of them had their phones out and were filming or taking pictures. While the former me would have been terrified about the potential of my family or coworkers seeing this, the new me didn’t care. I had embraced what I had become, and embraced that what was only important to me now was satisfying my primal needs.

I returned to the men around me. I saw that many of them had their cocks out. I heard a roar in the crowd as they saw me quickly get down on my knees and engulf the stranger’s cock in front of me. One by one the men got their cocks out and shoved them around my face and mouth. They knew a cock-hungry whore than I saw one. Turn by turn, I hungrily sucked off each one, while jacking off others with my hands. I was fueled by the hungry moaning around me, as well as the desperate groping of my tits, ass and pulling of my hair.

My cock sucking skills got the men off one by one. By the time all were finished I had their jizz smattered all over my face, and dripping from my mouth down to my tits. The crowd groaned as David announced that we needed to leave before the police came! I walked around the crowd so that each of the men could take turns groping my body and take their own pictures if they wanted to. I wanted to make sure each man was satisfied. I knew that I would suck them all off if my master let me.

I regretfully put on my robe and got back in the car for the boys to take me back home. David again was proud of me. He rewarded me with a dose of Slut Candy that night and I enjoyed an unforgettable one on one night with my master.

The next morning, while lovingly stroking my hair, David explained that he was proud of how quickly I had fully embraced my new life. He said he was impressed by how easily I let go of my past life. He said to make me a perfect sex slave though, next we would need to work on gaining sexual experience in acts of depravity. He said my weak husband was far too bland in how he used me.

I whole heartedly agreed.

Kendra’s Narration:

One of David’s avid fans was an owner of a local strip club. David connected with him and arranged a deal. He would arrange for his best dancer to train me on how to strip and pole dance. I had formal dance training when I was young, so I picked up on the skill easily. And not to be arrogant, but within a few sessions, and practicing on my own at home, I was confident that I was a better and sexier dancer than my ‘teacher’.

In exchange for the training, David agreed that I would dance for free in the man’s club. Not that I needed any pay, I would gladly strip for free. I loved the attention of being a seductive nymph in the center of a room of desperate and horny men. It wasn’t long until the owner told David that I was the main attraction in the club.

In exchange for some sexual favors for the owner, he even broke the golden rule of strip clubs and let David film me while I danced. This made for great footage for the website. It also wasn’t long until David and the owner arranged for private parties in the strip club for my fans who were willing to pay for it.

These were my favorite audiences. They had followed my story from a simple housewife to a fully liberated slut.Their lust for me was unmeasurable. I felt that they almost were star struck when they saw me. I would dance for them in the back room at minimum, further sexual favors would depend on how much extra they paid. I wanted to fuck each and every one of them, and would inevitably be able to convince most of them to fork up the cash to ‘go all the way’ with their fantasy girl. David told me that this service turned into an excellent money maker for him!

My sexual depravity culminated just a few days ago. David arranged for a private party for 20 of his highest paying contributors. David had rented a penthouse suite in one of the local hotels to ensure that the accommodation was fit for a party.

I was of course the centerpiece. I was brought to the center of the room and was placed in steel handcuffs, blindfolded, and had a cold steel chain leash attached to the spiked black leather dog collar wrapped tightly around my neck. I could hear laughter and discussion around the guests, but couldn’t see anyone. David slapped my cheek and told me to open my mouth.

The crowd cheered as the he placed a pill in my mouth. I instantly recognized this as Slut Candy. I smiled. I was already excited for today, but this was going to make it 100 times more enjoyable. I eagerly swallowed it. I wanted to suck my master off right there as a small token of appreciation.

I soon started to feel the familiar effects of the drug. I started to breath heavy as I became heavily flushed. My loins started to burn, my nipples, lips, anus and pussy were aching to be touched. Like he could read my mind, David invited each of the men, come touch me in any way they wanted.

One by one, each of my most enthusiastic fanatics approached me and had their way with me. I was in ecstasy at each man’s touch. Some just groped my tits and ass. Some fingered my holes viciously. Some passionately kissed me. I loved every second of it. The fact that I was blindfolded made it even more arousing as I was fully reliant on my sense of touch.

After my introduction with each man, the festivities began. I was taken by who I assumed were the Dudleys, and forced onto a cold metal machine. It seemed like I was sitting on a metal saddle. There was some adjusting of some equipment and then it hit me. A metal probe was introduced into my asshole. I moaned out loud. My legs were put in stirrups and my legs were widened so that my pussy was directly pressed against the metal saddle.

I heard a switch ‘flipped’ and I was sent into a different world. The saddle started vibrating vigorously directly stimulating my clitoris. The probe in my ass started to vibrate as well. I was moaning so loudly I couldn’t control myself. The crowd applauded and cheered. David walked up to me, in front of his fans, and smacked my face hard. He pulled my hair up so that I my face was pointing up towards his. He smacked me again a few times and asked me if I liked what was happening.

I grew to love when he was rough with me. I pleaded yes and thanked him profusely.

He told the patrons that it was time for them to get their dick wet. Again one by one they came up to me and I sucked them off. Each load deposited in my mouth gave me chills. My body was in a constant state of orgasm, but I peaked when I had a load shot down my throat.

After countless orgasms, I heard another machine be wheeled out. I was forcefully lifted from the Sybian machine and them roughly bent over the new machine. My feet were chained far apart from each other so that my legs were wide open. My torso was pressed on what seemed like a wood table. My ass was sticking up in the air, as my pelvic was the only part of my body that wasn’t completely restrained.

My tits were forced through holes in the table and were dangling beneath me. I heard a creak as another wood piece wrapped around my waist from above and locked to the table that I was on. I I felt cracks in my spine as the medieval bondage device was locked tightly.

My hands were briefly released from my hand cuffs and my arms were laid out in front of me, stretched forward. They were then put in wooden arm rests, which were then painfully tightened. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.

The men standing behind me cheered at the sight in front of them.

I moaned loudly as I felt a large rubber butt plug inserted into my anus. I felt the furry tail attached to the butt plug in between my legs. My master had always treated me like a dog, about time I had the tail to match.

I felt some commotion beneath the table, and soon felt metal clamps attached to my nipples. I moaned in pleasure and intense pain as the clamps were tightened on my aching nipples. David announced that it was time to ‘spank this bitch like the whore she is’.

I soon felt sharp spanks to my ass cheeks. I felt my bubble butt jiggle with each strike. The men cheered and I moaned as the spanks began to get firmer.

After about 20 smacks, I heard David step away and another pair of footsteps walk towards me. I soon felt a wood paddle start to dudgeon my poor butt cheeks. I moaned in pain. The paddle was big so it smacked both of my ass cheeks simultaneously and served to smash my butt plug into my anus. The men cheered with each smack and counted out loud.

I heard comments about how my ass was turning beet red. Next came a heavy set of foot steps that I could only assume was Mr. Dudley. I soon felt a sharp smacking pain that I could only assume was being delivered by a leather belt. As painful as it was, I couldn’t help but smile devilishly. I always had a spanking fantasy, and here I was tied up in bondage, with a dogtail butt plug up my ass getting whipped with a leather belt on my ass in front of 25 men. How could I be so lucky!

I moaned in pain and moaned for Mr. Dudley to go harder and he complied. I shrieked at his last few blows.

Finally, I heard ooo’s and ahh’s as the last man, who I assumed was Johnny, walked up to me. I was excited. I was soon hit with a searing lash of pain on my right cheek. I shrieked in pain.

Was this depraved fucker actually whipping me with a leather whip? He cracked his whip for the crowd before assaulting my left cheek. The crowd was enthralled. I was shrieking in pain, but I still loved it. My ass was squirming in fear and anticipation of the next strike.

I’m sure by the end of his turn, that I was likely bleeding. He got a laugh from the crowd as he told them not to worry because he had the perfect cream to apply to help a sex slave’s butt heal from a whipping!

David announced that it was now time for the men to fuck my pussy. One at a time they had their way with my dripping wet pussy. Some of them would spank my deeply bruised ass while fucking me, others would push my butt plug in and out of my ass causing me to moan louder. I loved the feeling that I was simply property to be used be these men. It made me like a sexual object.

With each load deposited in my pussy I would convulse into a powerful orgasm. I thought to myself that it was a good think my master injected me with birth control. I knew David also screened these private payers as well to make sure they weren’t depositing any diseases into me along with their loads. So I felt like I had nothing to worry about.

When all twenty men had used my pussy, I was broken free from my bondage. I rolled onto the cold floor. I was panting and utterly exhausted. After hours of fucking, the Slut Candy was wearing off.

David stood me up, unchained me and took my blindfold off. The men cheered and applauded David and I. David sang my praises, and thanked all of the men for coming.

For the rest of the night, I served drinks and food to the men. I signed things for them. I realized that some of these men had been buying my panties, bras and other personal items. Some of these men really did worship me!

I posed for pictures with them, and of course let them grope my body at will. Most of them were spent, but some of them could use another round so I would take them into one of the bedrooms and let them have their way with me.

Near the end of the night, David called me over to sit on his lap. I did so with pleasure.

“Mom, I know you think that this party was for these guys.” I looked around the room meet a bunch of smiling faces. “But really, this was for you.”

I looked at him quizzically. He continued.

“Mom, you have become everything that you’re meant to be, what every woman is meant to be. You’ve become a fully liberated sex slave.” He smiled

Cheers rang through the room.

“Thank you master.” I smiled

One of the men brought foreword a briefcase and removed some documents and placed them on the table in front of us.

I looked at the paper.

“This is a sex slave contract.” He explained “Drawn up and signed by a few of our lawyers in this room. Don’t sweat the details babe, but essentially it says that you denounce your human rights, and give me all of your inheritance and property. Furthermore, you give me authority to make all decisions on your behalf. Basically, this contract says that I own you like a piece of property.” David gleamed

One of the lawyers in the room piped in “We’ve had 5 lawyers on the site draw this up and another 10 take a look at it. While it is unorthodox, it should hold up.”

“And me, as well as Dr. Jones over there are willing to say you’re in your right mind from a psychiatric perspective” A bald man who presumably was a psychiatrist chirped with a smile.

David smiled, and handed me a pen and smiled reassuringly.

I looked down at the contract. I didn’t even need to think twice. I signed it enthusiastically. The room cheered enthusiastically. The paper made the rounds around the room as one by one the various men signed it. I realized that all of these men were some form of lawyer, judge, doctor, or accountant of some type that would make sure that this contract was legit.

I was proud to call myself my master’s property. I passionately kissed David. The crowd cheered as I got on top of him as he sat on the couch and straddled his groin. I unzipped his pants and rode my master to commemorate our official contract.

I thought back to a few days ago to when I signed that contract. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. And the only reason I say ‘one of’ was that so many happy events had occurred in the last month that it’s hard to rank them.

I returned myself to preparing my master’s meal while I reflected on my new life.

All of these events made me realize that David knew me better than I knew myself. I now follow him unconditionally with no second thoughts. I slowly even let go about caring about myself, or should I say, my former self and what I thought was important. I let go of the need to even be treated with the rights that most humans care about so much. All I care about now is satisfying my guttural needs as a woman, and pleasuring my master. Letting go of everything else and focusing on this has made me happier than I’ve ever been before.

I sometimes reflect on my past life, and the life that many women lead. I laugh at how foolish I was, and they are. There is no amount of money, materials, or professional achievement that will fill the needs of a woman the way that submitting yourself to slavery for a strong man and being completely sexually dominated will. David didn’t lock me up in shackles and chains like I initially thought he was, he completely liberated me, and I love him unconditionally for it.

I realized it was about time that David was going to wake up. I made my way to the bedroom, stroked his cock and started riding him to wake him up right.

Rating: 91%, Read 52074 times, Posted Sep 24, 2019

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Blackmail, Cruelty, Drug, Slavery


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