My drunken son by bstrbrwn1

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Sometimes I feel a little guilty about what transpired.

After all, there are certain boundries that shouldn't be crossed.

However, when I think back to that time I can't help but still get turned on and revel in the pleasure it created.

Here is a little history about myself and a little of what led up to the events.

I'm a normal 41 year old woman. I think I am still pretty attractive at 5'6, 138 lbs. I have dark brown hair in a medium bob and dark blue eyes.

My figure isn't what it was when I was in college, but I stay in shape and have been blessed with nice firm 38C breasts.

I got married at 20 and we had a son 5 years later. When I think about it now, it's pretty amazing I got pregnant.

I've always been orally inclined and sucking has always turned me on.

My husband didn't miss many opportunities for me to pleasure him to a gushing end down my throat.

When my son was 6 my husband decided he had had enough of the married life and left us.

The divorce was very unexpected and I guess I clung to my son a little more than before. I think he also clung to me since his dad wasn't around anymore either.

Being a single mother wasn't easy, especially when it came to dating.

Between working and raising my son, I didn't have much time for myself and I realized when I was out on the rare date that I often worried about what my son was up to.

This usually didn't help to create close relationships with many men.

I think the last sexual experience I had with a man was when I was 35.

The date wasn't anything special, but the guy was HOT and I didn't let him get away.

But in the end, it only lasted 5 minutes and still left me wanting more. “Back to the tried and true finger and toy methods” I told myself.

After that, things got busier at work and I put the dating scene on hold.

Fast forward about 6 years, and yes it's been 6 years since my last encounter with a real man.

My son is growing up in to a handsome young man.

At 16 he was almost 6' tall with a slim, athletic build. He has my blue eyes and light brown hair, and some pretty good sized shoes. LOL

As bad as it sounds, I know my son sneaks drinks from the liquor cabinet when I am not home.

He's done it since he was 10 or so. He's never really gotten drunk that I've noticed until lately.

It's not like I am a true moral compass. I started going out every other weekend with one of my girlfriends and we'd have a few drinks.

I would usually come home a little tipsy and always horny.

So, after checking on my son and giving him a kiss on the forehead goodnight, I'd be off to my room to relieve some lonely tensions.

Then, one Saturday night I came home tipsy and excitable as normal only to find out my son had been drinking a lot that night.

I knew his friends were coming over while I was out to watch some game on TV.

Since the boys lived nearby, I didn't really think much about it. But when I got home, I noticed a couple of empty liquor bottles on the floor.

I was a little upset about them drinking that much and meant to talk with him about it in the morning.

I went upstairs as normal and peeked in to his room.

He must have really drunk a lot because it looks as though he barely made it out of his clothes and to the bed.

He lay face down on his bed with one leg hanging off in his boxers.

Seeing how it looked like he might fall on the floor, I floated over in my own intoxicated state to do the motherly thing and put him in bed as best I could.

In this case, just try to roll him over on to his bed.

I rolled him over and on to his back without even a snort.

Then an unexpected thing that happened when he rolled over; his penis flopped out of the fly in his boxers.

I was little surprised at first until I realized what had happened.

Though in my intoxicated brain I thought, "That has to be uncomfortable", so I decided to put it back in for him.

Remember that I was already a little aroused and tipsy.

As I reached down and put my fingers on his penis to put it back in, it twitched at my touch.

I quickly looked back at my son, to see if he was awake. He was still passed out cold.

I thought to myself what a lovely young man he's becoming and was drunkenly staring when I felt something move in my hand.

As I looked back to my hand I realized I was still holding his penis. Not only that, but my thumb was slowly stroking it.

This sent electricity through my body as well as confusion. It was almost trance like as I looked down and saw it my hand.

I felt it twitch again and noticed it had grown. I could feel the soft flesh filling with blood and becoming stiff.

My mind was blurred.

I knew I should just throw a blanket on him and leave but the feeling of his member in my hand, swelling and growing held me mesmerized.

It felt so good, so familiar, so wanting!

I let go of his erect member, now nearly 8" long. I left his room in a fog feeling a little guilty and even more turned on.

I went down stairs and poured myself a drink and swallowed it quickly. Then I went up to my room.

When I got to my room, I saw the blanket on my bed and thought I should still cover him up. So I went back to his room to cover him up.

As I entered his room, he was just as I left him. His cock was still stiff and swollen. My mind raced back to how good it felt to feel the hard flesh.

It felt hard inside with a tender softness that covers it.

My eyes were transfixed on it. I looked back at my son and noticed no signs of movement. Maybe it was that last drink but I knew I wanted to feel it again.

I knelt down next to his bed and slowly I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. My mind raced and my body tingled.

I could feel the juices flowing inside of me, the heat growing between my legs. Slowly I started to stroke it Up and down.

Oh, how I missed the feeling of hard flesh in my hands, in my mouth, in me.

I noticed a gimmer of light reflecting off of some pre-cum that had formed.

I began to feel a horrible guilt as I found myself wondering what it would feel like on my tongue.

Could I really be doing this?

What if he woke up? How could I explain things? He's my son! How great it feels pulsing in my fingers...

All things seemed to fade away as the alcohol led my head closer and closer to the swelled head.

At first I just allowed my tongue to touch it. Electric! The salty taste was better than any champaign to my tastebuds.

Then my tongue slide along the shaft. The velvet softness brought back memories.

When my tongue returned to the head and licked along the little opening I was greeted with more drops of pre-cum.

It was then I knew I had found the nectar of the Gods!

I felt like I was on auto pilot, or just someone watching as I couldn't stop myself anymore. I engulfed his member and started sucking. It slid so easily in and out of my mouth.

I was a little nervous since it had been a long time, but I found it soon slid nicely all the way down to my throat.

I was treated to more of his pre-cum and it only spurred me on. Somewhere in the mix, my free hand found its way to my dampness and increased its play.

As I delighted in my act I could hear my son's breathing increase. Still no signs of waking but I knew something was about to happen.

At last I felt his cock stiffen more and his head swell. I brace myself as I felt my own wave coming over me.

He released a torrent of cum in to my mouth. It's taste was so familiar and pleasurable as it shot into my mouth and throat. I swallowed as best I could as I shuttered in my own orgasm. Sucking and rubbing and trying not to scream in pleasure.

When my own wave subsided I let him out of my mouth and tucked him back inside his boxers and put a blanket over him. I gave him a kiss goodnight and went to my own room.

There I masturbated again at the thought of what had just happened.

This could have been the end of the story, but it wasn't.

I found out that my son got drunk with his friends about ever 3 weeks, after they saved up enough money to buy booze so the parents wouldn't realize their bottle were missing.

And so began the affair. I would even think about buying the alcohol so he would get drunk, pass out and I could enjoy my own liquids. But I didn't want him to think I knew he was doing it.

This went on for about 6 months, until things really changed.

I came home from the bar, tipsy and aroused. I was so looking forward to my secret erotic pleasure. Sure enough, I saw the bottles in the trash can and went upstairs to enjoy my prize.

I peeked in to his room to see him sleeping in his bed. I went to my room, stripped and put on my short silk nightie.

I had been doing this for that past several episodes because the silk felt so good against my nipples and nothing under gave me better access to myself.

I walked in to his room as I normally did, pulled back the covers and proceeded to pull his member from his boxers.

I slowly stroked it, watching it harden in the soft light from his window. It always amazes me how it reacts. It starts soft and slowly grows and stretches. It fills itself to a nice hard pleasure tool.

I could hear my sons breathing deepening and I didn't think much about it. Perhaps it would be a quick release tonight?

As I lowered my head and took him inside of me, I lost myself in the feeling of it all.

My head bobbed slowly up and down, along with my hand stroking him. As I reached down to enjoy myself, it happened.


I froze. My mind was scrambled. How do I explain? What do I do?

"Mom, what are you doing?"

I slowly realized that I still had him in my mouth. Ashamed I let him slide out of my mouth and went to leave.

"I'm sorry son", was all I could utter as I started to get up.

"Don't go. Err, I mean, ummm, how long?"

I looked at my son for the first time.

"About 6 months, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have." I really didn't know what to say to him. How to explain it all.

I'm not really sure how things transpired between us that night. I heard him still breathing heavy as I started to get up and then realized that I was still stroking his shaft.

I let go of his member and went to bury my face in my pillow in shame when his hand caught mine and moved it back to his cock.

I looked at him confused and he gave me a hazy nod.

I started to stroke him again and I watched as he closed his eyes.

His hand pulled on my arm, urging me closer.

Still confused I lowered my lips to his shaft. As its head entered my mouth again my instincts took over and I proceeded to suck and pleasure.

I listened again to his breathing getting heavier and felt his hands rest on my head. I could feel his hips rising to meet my motions and my body tingled in excitement.

My body was on fire as I looked up at him. I saw his eyes open for a minute and we locked. I had never been so turned on in my life.

Now my son knew what I had been doing to him and I didn't care. I only wanted to feel him erupt in my mouth again.

As I could hear him getting closer and feel him starting to tense I heard him moan "Oh Mom" in almost a whimper and I came.

Waves of pleasure shot through my body at the sound of him moaning mom.

Wrapped in my own orgasm, I was taken by surprise when his cock exploded in my mouth.

As the salty taste flooded my mouth I was wrapped with another orgasm that shuttered through me.

I continued to suck until every last drop was squeezed out and his member started to soften.

I still remember how drained he looked as I kissed him goodnight.

The next day we talked about it and enjoyed oral activities until he went away to college.

He learned to finger me and lick me to and orgasm as well, but we never did have sex.

I look back now that he has a girlfriend and know that she is getting that part of him.

Though we haven't had an opportunity to revisit those days, I did get a nice letter from him.

The most memorable part is when it told me that having a girlfriend is great and sex is fun. But you gave the best blowjobs I've ever had.

Rating: 93%, Read 269031 times, Posted Jul 06, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Teen Male


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