The Odd Sexual Encounters Of Anthony Bay - Age 17: Losing It by Anonymouswriter313

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At the age of seventeen I was in the middle of my latter years of high school. Over the course of the year loads of guys and girls had been losing their virginities, it wasn’t fair. I didn’t have a girlfriend, my last one dumped me on the spot when I merely mentioned sex, and some girls you only had to ask and she’d have sex with you! I didn’t resort to them for several reasons. 1: Only desperate and more popular kids got them. 2: They were so slutty it didn’t really count having some whore take your virginity. 3: One nerdy kid tried his luck with one and she had him suspended for sexual harassment. So, although these girls were hot, there were only about two of them who did it willingly. I thought I was safe amongst my circle of friends, until one day Scott came in with a huge grin on his face saying he’d done Sadey Cullingan.

“What?!” I cried in disbelief. They’d only been going out a couple of weeks I assumed she’d do what my ex-girlfriend had done.

Scott, Jeff, Dan, and I are kind of standing in the wide chasm between cool and unpopular. We get invited to all the parties within our division, some of the ones amongst the geeks and nerds (some thought we were to cool to invite which is kind of sad because I don’t consider myself particularly popular) and occasionally the big parties in the upper division. These are where the sports players, cheerleaders, and generally anybody who was able to impress the people who were at the top previously. I was perfectly happy, I had good friends and never made any major social blunders, I like to think that anyway. None of the Bully’s ever bothered me as I had an old mate—Alan Tunnel—who is the biggest, if not the best, football player on the team. I knew that he would at least stand up for me if I ever got beaten up.

Back to the virginity situation. The general custom when someone in high school lost their virginity was to bring back the girls panties as proof that they’d at least got them off her. A Baseball player, Tommy Gray, who spent most of his time on the bench had even got a signed bit of paper from one of the sluts which I think was little sad, for most it was the custom to bring at least one item of clothing back as proof, or if it seemed incredibly unlikely, a photo, the contents of the photo depended on how far up the social hierarchy you were. If a nerd were to claim he’d had sex he does probably have to show off one, if not more, pictures of him inside the girl. If I were to claim I’d lost my virginity I’d only have to have a picture of me getting her clothes off, or, for those in denial, me getting boob or oral, but for my closest friends I could get away with panties. Someone like Alan Tunnel however only had to say he’d had sex and you’d have to believe him, no smart popular person would risk their position by lying, although most had a habit of bringing back lingerie as a ‘prize’.

I turned my attention back to Scott “how the hell did you get Sadey Cullingan to fuck you?”

“You remember that semen they found in the sink last week?”

“Yes” Jeff, Dan, and I replied in unison, hanging off his every word.

“Well she didn’t want me jacking off” Scott was leaning against a dusty brick wall with a smirk on his face “so she decided we ought to have sex so I wouldn’t lose interest”.

“Bloody hell!” Jeff sat down on a nearby bench shaking his head in disbelief.

“Hang on” Dan had been silent throughout most of Scott’s narrative so his voice gave us all a slight jolt as he never spoke much anyway. In spite of that Dan was the most popular out of all of us, and the most paranoid “do you have any proof?”

“Sure” Scott said smugly and he subtly reached into his pocket and removed dark black panties with frills along the edges. Jeff got up and lunged for it in an instant, Scott stuffed it back into his pocket “Piss off!” he hissed at him angrily.

The bell for lesson went and we set off our separate ways. Throughout the whole of English I chose not to listen to Mr Arnette talking about Shakespeare and look around the girls and chose girls I’d like to do.

“Mr Bay, Mr Bay!” I looked up at Mr Arnette

“Yes sir” I said weakly

“What was the name of Shakespeare’s last major play?” He had a sadistic smirk playing about his lips, confident that I didn’t know the answer.

I panicked, I could fell sweat running down my back, was it the heat or was I going red? Suddenly that erection I’d worked up felt like it was bulging over the table “Uh...the...tem-pest?” I prayed to any greater force there was that I was right.

Mr Arnette straightened and his nostrils flared “continue writing Mr Bay” It always gives me a great sense of satisfaction when that happens.

I was trudging back home through the heat, wishing I’d chosen to wear shorts. I noticed a moving van; three burly men in overalls were hauling boxes in and out of the house attached to ours. The gardens were separated by a hedge. I hurried inside and up the stairs to the spare bedroom at the front of the house. All I could see boxes moving back and forth across my vision. Then the new owner of the house next door strode out of the drive. My jaw dropped, she was incredible. She had soft, gentle face, framed with wavy blonde hair. The sun sparkled a little off glossy pink lips, she had warm emerald green eyes, and every time she blinked long, well combed lashes fluttered a little in the breeze. Her neck was slender but it widened into some of the biggest breasts I had ever seen on someone who wasn’t a celebrity. They were poorly disguised beneath a sky blue t-shirt with a logo on it I couldn’t make out, every boner—inducing curve was visible to me, her arms were bare and tanned. Below she wore a loose denim mini skirt, which swayed from side to side as she walked. Long, slender sun tanned legs intensified my erection. Her legs ended in bronze coloured open toed high heels. Swaying a little I felt like jacking off then and there. I managed to restrain myself, and decided I ought to go and say hello.

At the door I stopped ‘its way too early!’ a voice in my head snapped at me ‘she’ll be onto you if you go over there now!’

I did want to meet her but going over to her within five minutes of her arriving would only lead to her likening me to a stalker. I trotted upstairs and into my bedroom to make a start on my homework, and rid my mind of the woman next door. After ten minutes of studying as intensely as I could my thoughts couldn’t help but wander over to a world of fantasy, where I was lifting up that top and those breasts would lie before me, all mine to fondle, and kiss, and lick.

The door slamming and my mum yelling “Anthony, I’m home!” brought me crashing back to reality.

I knew I couldn’t go over to her and tell her I wanted to have sex with her, I’ve never been so attracted to someone physically like this before. My ex-girlfriend was alright, but a couple of months younger than me, always covered up her figure, and with quite small breasts. Now there was this woman, easily about twenty, twenty one? Twenty one is about right I think. Then she wears whatever she wants and has ridiculous cans, it’s almost too good to be true!

Two days later I was ordered over the phone by both of my parents individually to go next door, knock, and ask her if she needed anything. Simple enough. I’ve just got to not cum in my pants while I’m over there. I hurried out of the house and out onto the pavement. I kicked a stone and sent it skittering into the road. I turned and walked as quickly as I dared down a winding crazy paving path, the hedge loomed over me, tall and passive. I walked onto a painted white porch and rang the bell, stood back a few steps and waited.

From within I heard “Coming!”

The woman opened the door and I felt a rush of blood go to my penis. She was wearing skin tight exercise gear “uh, hi” I said desperate not to stutter or screw up “I’m from next door just over there and I was wondering if you need anything just come over and ask and...yeah”

“Oh I recognise you! I saw you walking home from school when I moved in!” I was just thankful that she hadn’t seen me staring at her from the window “I’m Natasha by the way” He voice was flowery and she had a perfume on that smelt like lavender.

She held out a hand and I shook it “I’m Anthony” I replied “I’ll see you round” I turned as if walking away then spun quickly when her back was turned and saw the perfect round bump of her ass wave a little as she pushed the door shut.

“Damn she’s hot!” I muttered to myself

For the next week or so I spent most of my time admiring Natasha. I was privileged to have her window in plain sight from mine; the only thing separating our sleeping bodies was the dirt track that ran onto the playing fields behind all of the houses. Once, on an unusually scorching day in June, I saw her lying on a sun lounger in nothing but a very small bikini in her back garden. Her breasts were so large they seemed to be casting their own shadows on the ground. With her in plain view I could not resist such an opportunity. I dropped my shorts and underwear. I closed my right hand tightly around my larger—than—average erect cock and focused on Natasha’s perfectly rounded breasts, the nipples just visible through the tight pink material. I moved down, her flat stomach shifted gently as she breathed, her long slender arms were motionless in the scorching heat. The bikini panties were tight, they dug a little into her hips and I was pretty sure, that if she turned over, I’d see most of her ass (all of it if her bikini was that tight). Her long slim legs were spread apart slightly, one of them was bent, the tiniest of creases forming on the inside of her knee. I began to move my hand down the shaft, then back up to the head, pulling back the foreskin a little every time I did this. I moved my hand faster, my cock jiggling a little as I did. I continued jacking. Then the throbbing started, I could feel the cum roaring towards the head. I moved my hand as fast as I could. The pleasure was mounting all the time. I continued and my wrist was starting to ache a little but I didn’t care because I was jerking off over the most desirable woman I’ve ever met. Then the throbbing reached its climax and the cum poured out of my penis in a slow steady stream. I swore and grabbed some tissues. I mopped up the semen of the end of my cock, and more importantly the floor, before anyone noticed. I flung open as many windows as I could to get rid of the smell. Feeling much more relaxed I turned away from the window and tried to do my homework.

About a week later Natasha came by our house, I’d seen Natasha leave her house and walk down the road but I never thought she was coming to our house, so as soon as I heard the bell ring I ran down the stairs as fast as I could. But my mum made it to the door before I was even on the ground floor.

“Hi” Natasha said cheerily “could I please borrow Anthony? There’s just a bit of a D.I.Y job I need and I can’t do it by myself”.

“Okay, sure” My mum still looked a little unsure.

“I wouldn’t normally ask” Natasha continued hastily “But all my other contacts are away, or live to far, or enjoying the weather too much to pick up the phone”.

I was standing right behind my mum when she said “Anthony, Natasha has a job for you”

“Okay” and without another word I almost skipped out of the house and nearly overtook her as we walked down to her place. Natasha was wearing a denim skirt and a starched white blouse, her perfect legs ended in black high heels.

She opened the door and let me in. I walked into an air conditioned, open plan, and modern area. A couple of couches and a twelve inch plasma screen TV. My jaw dropped a little, stunned at how she could afford all of this. Then again she was probably a model, a super model. I saw a certificate, a diploma, on the wall, glancing at the date I realised she was twenty two, way off my original assumptions.

“Over here Anthony” Natasha crossed the floor and into a swish kitchen. Shiny polished surfaces covered the entire room. She indicated to one corner “it’s just I’ve had these new cupboards put in but the guys did a pretty bad job and now I’m stuck with wonky cupboards. If I hold the ones that are out of line up could you drill the nails in?”

“Yeah sure” I forced out, my mouth was dry

It didn’t take very long; there were three cupboards that just needed straightening, two shelves inside one of them, and a door.

After about half an hour of this Natasha quickly said “Anthony? I’m just going to the bathroom; I’ll be back in a minute”.

“Sure, I’ll get started putting your plates back”.

“Oh, thank you, I’ll give you a hand once I get back”.

“As soon as I heard the door to the bathroom door close I stopped stacking the plates. I stroked my cock. It almost hurt having it contained within its prison; my denim shorts. I took the front of my shirt between my finger and thumb and pulled it away from my chest repeatedly, hoping to cool down. I stopped when I heard the unmistakeable sound of high heels. I looked up and Natasha walked in, I didn’t think any of it at first. Before I could say anything Natasha grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards her. Without any warning Natasha shoved her tongue into my mouth. Shocked and confused but never the less turned on, I chose not to struggle and let her stroke my leg and then my erection through my shorts.

She pulled away “Anthony, you don’t know how much I want you right now”.

I couldn’t think of anything else to reply with so I let her lead me by the hand across the floor she pressed me against the wall next to a couch and kissed me again. Tugging at the buttons of my shirt until it came off. As she pulled away I opened my eyes and began fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. I managed one but she was already descending towards my shorts. She undid the button and slowly undid the flies, looking up at me as she did. She pulled down my shorts and then my boxers. My cock fell in front of her, it was larger than most kids and Natasha looked a little surprised but she quickly recovered he seductive air. She gently kissed the end of my cock. Then put it in her mouth. She slid my cock right into her mouth, and moved her head back and forth all the way until I thought she’d choke on it. Natasha was stroking the bit of shaft nearest to me with her finger and thumb. I let her suck on my cock some more, I was getting sucked off! Her tongue swirled around my cock and I felt a rush of pleasure, I was going to cum right in her mouth! Natasha continued sucking and moaning softly, I stroked her long blonde hair over so all of it was hanging over the right side of her face. I played with her hair some more, running my fingers through it, and stroking it. I could feel throbbing grow inside my cock. Sort of like when I was masturbating, but this was bigger, my cock was in the warm soft environment of her mouth and it felt ten times better there than it did in my hand. Natasha continued like this for a while jerking, sucking, and moaning, and I continued, moaning, stroking, throbbing. Until finally I knew I was going to cum, a stream of semen squirted from my cock and into her mouth. Natasha was moaning as she swallowed it, my cock felt wonderful surrounded by warm sticky cum. When Natalie was done swallowing, she took it out of her mouth and kissed it. She kissed my cock all over now that it was incredibly sensitive, Natasha did a long ice cream lick all the way up my shaft and finished by enveloping the head in her lips and letting them slide off it. She gave the centre of my ball sack a brief kiss. Then the space above it, and she continued all the way along the underside of my penis, kissing the head, and then along the top again. She made her way up my stomach, up my chest, right on my left nipple, and up my neck and cheek. All the while I was completing my previous task of undoing the buttons of her shirt. By the time she’d reached my mouth I had it completely open and she let it slip off her shoulders revealing a flamingo pink bra, and what look like the straps of her panties, high up on her hips. I caressed her left breast, and circled where I reckoned her nipple would be. Natasha reached up and slipped the straps off her shoulders, they fell down her arms and the fantastic breasts became a little more visible. She leaned in and kissed me again, holding my bottom lip between her own, and then slipping her tongue into my mouth once more. I reached behind her and, after much fumbling, undid the clasp of her bra.

Realising this she stopped kissing me “You naughty boy!” she scolded with a little smile of contempt on her face.

I wanted to say something back but I couldn’t bring myself do it, nothing I could think of seemed appropriate or even sexual. So, knowing I wouldn’t say anything anytime soon, she lay down on the sofa and spread her legs. I got on top of her, now with another erection, but instead of taking off her panties and fucking her then I leaned over and ran a hand over her breasts. They were perfectly spherical, her nipples were hard, and I fondled the left one gently between my finger and thumb. I bent over and kissed it lightly, she breathed out heavily in pleasure. I circled it with my tongue, I was getting boob! I closed my eyes and let my tongue to the work. I moved further out, licking her breast, long ice cream licks all the way along the half moon bump, I moved out to nearer the edge, then kissed the middle of her chest, then the edge of her right breast. I slowly made my way up to her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I reached it and kissed the soft tender nipple at the summit. Ever so slowly I ran a hand up her thigh, and up her skirt. I touched the edge of her panties, then moved my hand further along to the main part which was concealing her pussy, it was damp, it couldn’t be lubricant because that was sticky so...I was making a girl wet! I was turning her on with what I was doing! What I thought was a smile appeared on my lips, although it was a hard expression to muster due to the incredible item in my mouth at the time. I moved my hand back along to the edge of her thigh and took hold of her panties. I slipped them down her legs. I removed my face from her chest, her nipples still a little damp with saliva, and pulled the panties off her feet. Natasha was still reeling from the pleasures of my tongue. I took a few of these empty seconds to review her body once more. Her limbs, eagle spread across the couch, slim tanned, her hair, a maze of minute blonde hairs spread all over, soft to the touch, her breasts, rising and falling in time with every breath, saliva coated and amazing. I grinned in contempt, I was about to hit that, she’d made me cum once, I’d got a good suck on those tits, it was only a matter of fucking her right in her, what looked like quite a tight, pussy now. She must have noticed that I was waiting for her to recover; she pulled her skirt further up her body, she undid the button and the flies, not bothered about taking it off. This was it, this was the moment, and I was going to lose my virginity to this busty, wet, blonde, sexual fantasy of a woman. I took my cock, and jacked just a little to heighten my arousal and to make my boner just that little bit longer. Natasha spread her legs, her right hung off the couch, her left went into the air, and I knelt down in front of her, the amazing spectacle lying before me, and held her right thigh against my stomach. I took my cock and slid it into her pussy, she gasped a little as it went in, I began to move it in and out, I’d experimented with this once, I knew I could last around half an hour, but then I hadn’t had any material, I was lying down in bed, I just happened to have a box of tissues handy, even going slowly like this I didn’t hope to last half as long as that. I slid my cock into her pussy; I could hear her moans and mutterings of pleasure from the other end of the couch. I realised my arm around her leg was gripping it very tightly; I relaxed it as much as I could without breaking the moment. I’d worked up a steady rhythm, my balls swaying gently and lightly brushing the bottom of her thighs. I swallowed, realising my mouth was dry, I could feel a faint throbbing in my penis, it was the cum working its way up my cock and towards her pussy. I couldn’t wait to reach my climax, yet I also wanted to last as long as possible to impress her, then again I didn’t want her to get bored, was sex really this complex? Back in fourth grade when I had fantasised about it when I couldn’t get to sleep it was always a simple matter of penis goes in vagina, baby come out of vagina. I had no concept of semen or foreplay and barely even erections. Is this what sex was going to be like forever? Constantly making difficult decisions that could affect your partner? It didn’t really matter at the time, I was getting laid right now! I, Anthony Bay, was having sex! Had I lost my virginity? Or did that only happen once I came? The guys at school were never going to believe this! I needed to get a picture. Crap! My phone was in the pocket of my shorts behind me! There was no way I could get to it! I quickly realised my rhythm was starting to wobble; I abandoned thoughts of school and continued to push my cock into her pussy at the same pace it had been at before I was interrupted by the thoughts. The edges rubbed and they pressed down tightly against my shaft, did that mean she had a tight snatch? It seemed hard to believe, she was so hot I thought she’d be getting sex all the time. It seemed that with a great body, came great responsibility. I smiled to myself, nice quote, maybe I should write it down So she hadn’t had loads of sex, big deal. It was more of an advantage for me; I wasn’t inside a slut right now. My rhythm continued, in perfect time with her soft moaning and occasional short cries of pleasure when my rhythm broke and I plunged in too deep.

I’d lasted longer than I thought, twenty minutes of continuous sex, sliding my fully erect, throbbing cock, in and out of that fine pussy. The throbbing was intense now, I knew that going slower gave a better orgasm (for me at least), but now with a warm tight pussy hugging my cock I couldn’t even muster the brain power to think why I had wasted all of that time fucking my hand. Those thoughts didn’t come to me until later, I was too busy ploughing this woman which I’d watched from afar and even masturbated over, and now my cock was inside that pussy I’d replaced with my hand. I’d been so distracted by this sexual goddess I’d forgotten I didn’t have a condom, or any morning after abortion pills, oh well, hopefully she was on the pill. So I continued with my rhythm and my cock continued with its throbbing, it was almost painful now, like when this had began in the kitchen when my cock felt trapped inside my shorts. This was the only prison I had no plans of escaping from, but it seemed now I was on parole. I was reaching my climax, the throbbing intensified to the max, and I creamed my load right into her. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to take it out to cum or leave it in. After my girlfriend dumped me I hadn’t really bothered to learn further about sex, I figured I wouldn’t lose my virginity until college, maybe at a frat party or with a girlfriend or a one night stand. Regardless, Natasha said nothing, so I kept my cock inside her. This was the most cum I had ever ejaculated in my entire life without a doubt. It was filling up her pussy, surrounding my cock, and then began to spill out onto the couch and her skirt, staining the cream and denim materials with the warm sticky goo. I was hot, masturbation sometimes made me a little flustered but this was like sitting—on—a—barbeque—in—a—Florida—July hot. I was roasting even with nothing on. I wanted to try and cool myself down as I retracted my cock, caked in my own cum, from her snatch. Natasha also looked hot; I released her leg and stood up, she was breathing heavily. The only way to fan myself would be to use my hands but personally I didn’t want the last thing my first lay to see of me was me standing naked in her living room, dripping semen on her floor, and flapping my hands around as if trying to swap flies. I knew there was a high chance she wouldn’t interpret it that way, but still. Despite the inconvenience I kept my hands still, I stood awkwardly at the end of the couch. Would there be a silence before Natasha just looks at me and goes ‘okay, you can go now’? She didn’t seem like the kind of person who would be such a bitch about it, we were probably going to end up putting on our clothes in an awkward silence and I’d leave as if nothing had ever happened. Maybe it was a relationship trap, she has sex with guys to get them into a committed relationship, and I was seventeen! I couldn’t do things like that! Was this all an elaborate scheme to pull me into maturity? No, it couldn’t be, but I had my doubts as Natasha sat up and opened her mouth to speak. I froze, my mouth went dryer than the Sahara desert, fearing the worst I braced myself for what she was about to say.

A ten thousand volt charge couldn’t have shocked me more than what she said right then “very nice Anthony, now how about some hardcore you stud?”

My jaw dropped.

I couldn’t believe it, I’d had oral, given her tits a cleaning, lost my virginity, and now I was going to dish out some hardcore? It was awesome but almost too much to take in. I was swaying on the spot, just like when I’d first laid eyes on her, as I watched her slip of her skirt and drop it on the floor. Seeing her pussy properly now in all its glory made me shiver with sexual pleasure, then again I was a little worried, I didn’t last very long when I masturbated hardcore, somewhere between thirty and forty five minutes. No matter how long I lasted, I’d already shot out to pretty major loads into Natasha, what if I was empty? I’d definitely have a little bit left, I rationalised. I looked down, my cock was drooping unhappily. I needed another erection and what if it didn’t rise? Natasha had probably taken a chance on me on the sex side of things. I had impressed her with the cock, the tit licking, and, hopefully, the sex. I suppose I’d been pretty lucky, some people get so shocked they can get into these positions that they can’t get it to rise, I had got two erections, I needed a third. Natasha was sitting upright on the couch watching me, as if reading my thoughts and laughing internally at my predicament.

“Don’t worry Anthony” she said, that seductive air had returned to her in a flash “this boner’s on me”

It must have shown on my face (and presumably the unnecessary attention I was paying to my cock) what I was thinking. Natasha stood up and walked until she was right in front of me. She leaned in and pressed her lips to mine, and then she ran a hand down my torso and curled her fingers around my soft cock. She ran her tongue through my lips, gently massaging my cock with her hand. I could feel it rising. In the brief moment in which her tongue left mine I swallowed and felt rushes flow into my penis. Natasha licked her lips and plunged her tongue straight into my mouth; I put mine in hers and out tongues swirled around one another, rubbing together, in a moment that I wouldn’t mind lasting an eternity. I was sure Natasha could feel the satisfactory hardening and extending of my cock, it was hardening in her hands, the head started to protrude through her fingers and prod her lightly in her wrist.

She released it and removed her tongue from my mouth “come on now stud” she smiled and I could tell that was probably going to be a new pet name for me.

She placed herself back on the couch. Going down on all fours, her fine ass in my direct vision and I knew that just below it was the tight pussy I’d seen and done just moments ago. Doggy style; awesome. I knelt down behind her, placing my legs inside her spread ones. I place a hand on her ass, holding it still. I slipped my cock up and for a moment I panicked, I could find anything, then I found the pussy. Tight and wet as ever, I slipped my cock in and out for a bit of practice. Then took it out, knowing how it all worked. I slipped my cock back into her pussy and slid in and out. I began to pick up the pace and find a rhythm again. In this one I had to keep getting faster and faster, moving my cock in and out, in and out, in and out. It took more concentration than you might think, withdrawing my cock far enough, in order to plunge it back in effectively, without it coming out and essentially spoiling everything. With this in mind I found the perfect speed and let my body do the work, my hands were slipped around to the front of her thighs, pulling her towards me with every thrust. I let the rhythm become part of me and focused on what was around me. Natasha was giving our cries of part-pleasure part-pain.

“Take this dick!” I practically snarled at her. Instantly I was shocked at the words.

Natasha tossed all of her hair over to the right just like when she was giving me head “Yes stud, YES!”

The last part came out at a considerably higher volume as my cock penetrated her even further, all the previous paranoia of relationship traps, and commitment were lost in the fine body I was staring at as I fucked it hard core. Natasha’s tits were shaking back and forth, my balls were slapping her thighs rhythmically, and my cock was, once again, throbbing. I was going to cum inside her for the third time in an hour. Everything about this was amazing. The throbbing gained in speed and became far more defined. I was going to cum, it was definite, I was going to cum inside Natasha again. She gave another sex-induced yelp. I could feel the cum roaring towards the head of my cock, there was no doubt about it, the orgasm was incredible. The warm sticky cum flowed into her pussy, I don’t think Niagara Falls could’ve done a better job! I pulled out my cock, I shook some small dollops of cum that were left onto the couch, it had so much semen on it already it didn’t make a very noticeable difference.

Natasha rolled over onto her back, gasping for air “you have...had three my...expense now” she said, her speech interrupted a little by her slight lack of air “now it’s my turn”.

Natasha had an orgasm. When this girl cums she cums a hell of a lot! Our bodies were very close, and in a single spurt my stomach groin and thighs were coated in her cum, my pubic hairs were dyed white, my belly button became a swimming pool for ants, and my thighs were stickier than the situations James Bond got into.

“Oh yeah” I realised that I to was out of breath.

I was sure to pick up Natasha’s panties off the floor quickly and slip them into my pocket, also to take a couple of pictures of my cum—covered lower body, and her pure nudity whilst lying on the cum soaked couch. Looking back that was taking advantage of her a little bit, so I deleted it and took one without her head in the picture. Still with a slight sense of guilt I cleaned myself off with a towel Natasha gave me after she’d recovered a little. I flung on my clothes and hurried back home without so much as a goodbye. I reckoned she knew I was grateful; she had fucked me after all. I hurried inside and shut the door as quietly as I could behind me. I hurried upstairs, stripped down and took a scalding hot shower to wash of Natasha’s ejaculates.

I arrived back at school on Monday with a spring in my step. I found Scott, Jeff, and Dan around the back of the older building as usual.

“Hey Anthony!” called Scott “Guess what I did at the weekend!”

As I arrived I heard Dan reply with “you don’t have to tell every fucking person you meet!”

I didn’t care what Scott had done but I asked him anyway “what did you do over the weekend Scott?” I asked casually.

“Did Sadey again” He replied a huge grin on his face.

“Really?” I said with obvious fake enthusiasm “it’s just I got sucked off, then got boob, then fucked the same girl, then her fucked her again hardcore”.

Their jaws dropped, Scott broke a prolonged silence “seriously?” he said incredulously.

“Yeah! Look at this” I pulled Natasha’s flamingo pink panties out of my bag, and showed them the pictures on my phone whilst describing the story behind them. All of them were impressed, and couldn’t take their eyes off the pictures and panties. The bell for class signalled an end to the show and once again we headed our separate ways.


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