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Fantasy | Boy, Female, First Time, Gay, Teen Male

Fiction: The characters are my Aunt Lisa who is about 35 and her twin daughters Mary and Jenny ,Anna and her mother Betty, about 35, John.This is my first story and any comments welcome.

Chapter 1 – Cousins

My name is John. When I was a teenager, I was dispatched to my Aunt Lisa to stay as my mother had to go to hospital for an operation. She had twin daughters Mary and Jenny, one a redhead and one brunette. They were just average looks, nothing sexy. I had very little sexual experience, Apart from jerking off which I did often. We were all at school and it was winter in England, very cold.

My Aunt was a lovely person, quite different to my mother, who was very strict. Her husband was a taxi driver, and worked mainly at night as there were many more customers then. I got on well with my cousins. My Aunt was a bit cheeky and often tried to tease me about girls.

'Have you got a girlfriend yet,’ she often asked. 'No' I replied. 'Oh you are missing out on so much fun, John. You should have a girlfriend by now.’

I blushed and excused myself. It was nearly dinner time and we were called to the table. Aunt Lisa was a good cook and we all tucked into dinner. Afterwards, the cousins helped wash up and I got into my homework. My Aunt sat in a comfortable chair and spread her legs. My cousins returned from washing up and Aunt Lisa told them to go and have a shower.

In those days, boys wore pajamas and girls wore flannel nighties in the winter. My cousins came from their showers looking all rosy and refreshed and I was dispatched to the bathroom. I also returned in my PJs and we chatted for a while before bedtime. I never had any sexual feelings towards my cousins, but that was about to change.

9 o’clock was bedtime and we were dispatched upstairs. The girls were sharing a room and my room was opposite. I Slipped into the nice soft bed and was just about to crash when I heard my door softly open and close. It was pitch dark, so I just assumed that it was Aunt Lisa checking up on me. However, I was totally wrong as the next thing that happened was feeling a body push into the bed.

‘Shsssh’, said Mary. ‘Just be very quiet.’

‘Have you ever been in bed with a girl before?’ She asked.

‘No’ I replied, terrified.

‘That’s OK’ she said. ‘I just thought we should get to know each other better.’ ‘After all, we just chat and cuddling up is much more interesting.’

By now, I had a full erection and was hopelessly trying to keep it away from her.

She rubbed it with her hand and said ‘Don’t be shy. I’ve seen a few stiffies before. Lets take our clothes off and really cuddle.’

I couldn’t believe this and was still terrified. I felt her pulling her nightie off and next thing she was taking my PJs off. I just lay there wondering what would happen.

She wrapped her small hand around my cock and gently squeezed it. At the same time, she found my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt wonderful, although it was still quite small with a hard nipple. Her hand started to rub my cock and I came immediately with many squirts of juice. She rubbed her hand in the puddle and tasted me.

‘You taste very nice’ she said. ‘Now you have to make me come.’ She took my hand off her breast and pushed it between her legs. I’d never seen a naked girl before so it was quite a surprise to feel her soft pubic hair and the lips of her pussy, which were very wet.

She found my finger and placed it on her clitoris. It felt like a little hard nub.

‘Just rub there softly and slowly’ she said. As I did what was asked, she moaned softly and as she got closer, the moaning got louder and she pushed my finger harder against her swollen clit.

‘Immm cumming’ she said and bucked her legs furiously as the orgasm took hold.

‘Oh that was so good’ she said. ‘I can’t wait until the next time. You are really good.’

With that she slipped her Nightie back on and was silently gone. I was soaked so I slipped into the bathroom, found some tissues and cleaned myself up. I returned to bed and immediately fell asleep.In the morning, I slept in and was awakened by a knock on the door.

‘John. It’s time to get up.’ called Aunt Lisa. ‘OK’ I replied and staggered out of bed. I had my usual raging hard-on but I slipped my dressing gown on and headed for the bathroom. I had a pee and gave my face and cock a quick wash. Just then the door opened and Jenny came in (there was no lock on the door). Ignoring me she sat on the toilet and had a long pee.

‘Oh, I really needed that’ she said and removed her dressing gown before washing her face. Then, to my amazement she pulled her nightie up and washed her pussy. This was the first time I had seen a girl’s pussy and of course I stared.

‘Do you want a good look’ she asked before pulling her flaps open. ‘Get on your knees if you want to look inside.’

I was amazed and also really turned on.

‘This is how I masturbate’ she said and started rubbing her clit. Her whole pussy was very wet’.

I was on my knees and her pussy was inches from my face. I could smell the lovely pussy juice and could not resist licking her lips.

‘OOOhhhh’ she said. ‘Keep doing that. Lick me just here. That’s my clit.’

I followed her instructions and in a few minutes she shuddered violently as the orgasm hit her. She slipped her gown on and we headed downstairs. Mary and Aunt Lisa were eating breakfast.

‘What have you two devils been up to’ asked Aunt Lisa. Looking very guilty we both replied ‘Nothing’.

‘A likely story’ said Aunt Lisa. ‘Now get on with your breakfast or you will be late for school.

Chapter 2 – Aunt Lisa

That afternoon I got home about 4 PM and found Aunt Lisa alone in the lounge reading a book.

‘Make me a cup of tea, darling’ she said and I obeyed. We enjoyed a cuppa and biscuits.

‘Where are the girls’ I asked.

‘Oh, they have netball practice today and won’t be home until five’ she replied. ‘That gives us some time for a little chat’

I blushed violently as I knew that I was going to be reprimanded for my naughty activities. However, I was wrong.

‘Come and sit with me on the lounge’ she said. ‘It’s time you learnt about sex. Your a big boy now and you need to know how to make a girl happy. Let’s take our clothes off’.

I did as told and tried to hide my erection. Aunt Lisa had a nice slim body. She wasn’t very tall, but had large breasts with very pointy nipples. She also had a nice bush between her legs. It was not the custom for women to shave at that time.

‘OK, now come and kneel between my legs.’ which I did.

‘Now look at my breasts and feel them.’ she said. ‘Breasts are for feeding babies and making men happy.’ She went on to describe the anatomy explaining how to get milk from them.

I had a breast in each hand as she was talking. ‘Now put a nipple in your mouth and suck.’ she said. ‘Don’t be afraid to suck well. They are very robust.’ I did as requested and felt my cock stiffen even more. As I sucked, I felt some sweet liquid flow into my mouth. It started of slowly, then got stronger. It tasted like honey. After a few minutes she said ‘Now suck the other one.’ which I willingly did for a few more minutes, drinking more honey.

‘OK, stop now. I want to explain a girl’s pussy.’ I stayed on my knees just in front of her pussy which she pulled open with her fingers. She pointed to the hood over her clitoris and said ‘This is the clitoris. It’s a tiny knob under this hood. It’s where a girl gets most of her pleasure from. Girls rub here when masturbating and also they like boys to lick here, up and down and swirl around. Eventually, the girl will orgasm, or cum as we say. Now look below the clitoris, You see a small hole. This is where you put your cock, if the girl is willing. That is called ‘fucking.’

‘Now I want you to lick my clit and taste my sweet pussy juice.’ I did as I was told and really enjoyed the sweet taste. ‘That’s it’ she said. ‘Keep licking like that. ‘OOOhhhh, OOOhhhh’ she moaned. ‘I’m cumming’ and with that, she bucked her hips several times before collapsing on the lounge. ‘That was fantastic, my boy. You will make a lot of girls happy with your tongue. Now I will return the compliment. Stand up.’ She leaned forward and took my erect cock into her soft lips sucking gently. I blew straight away as I was so excited to watch my Aunt enjoying herself. She must have swallowed all my load as when she spoke next, it had gone from her mouth.

‘Do you know what a condom is’ she asked. ‘No’ I replied. She got up and found her purse, extracting a small package wrapped in plastic. ‘Now before you fuck a girl, you must wear one of these on your cock’ she said. ‘It stops you from making the girl pregnant. I’ll leave some in your bedroom as I know you will soon be fucking my daughters and I don’t want them pregnant.’ She took the condom out of the package and explained how to fit it on my cock. ‘Don’t worry’ she said. ‘I have explained all this to my daughters so they know how to fit one on you.’ She rolled the condom on to my hardening cock and gave me another suck. ‘Here, try your cock in my pussy’ she said, spreading her legs and pushing my hard cock into her soft wet pussy. I pushed it right in and then started a slow in-and-out movement. ‘Hold my tits’ she commanded and started thrusting fiercely. We both came together with some loud screams. ‘That was great, John. Now I want you to fuck me every afternoon when you come home from school. You can fuck the girls later.’

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was dreading the thought of spending four weeks with my Aunt, but now I really looked forward to it.

Chapter 3 – Cousins explore

The girls came home soon after and the evening was uneventful. We showered as usual and went to bed. I noticed some condoms on my bedside table. I had only been in bed 10 minutes when the door opened and in came Mary. She took of her dressing gown and nightie, hopped into bed and grabbed my stiffening cock.

‘Mum said that we can fuck now as long as you wear a condom.’

She turned on the bedside lamp, picked up a condom, opened the packet, threw back the covers and expertly fitted the condom to my cock. Then she mounted me sliding my cock into her soft wet pussy. It was much tighter than Aunt Lisa’s, but it bottomed out nicely.

‘Play with my tits’ she commanded and I did as ordered, pinching her tiny nipples now and then. She rode me for about 5 minutes. I could last longer after fucking Aunt Lisa. Then she started to cum and started moaning. Her movements became faster and faster and eventually we both came. She collapsed on my chest and I kissed her soft hair and stroked her body which was wet with perspiration.

Pushing up she kissed me on the lips and said ‘good night, lover’ before putting her clothes back on and disappearing to her room.

The next morning I got up, washed, dressed and went down to Breakfast. Aunt Lisa, Mary and Jenny were munching along. It was Saturday so no school. Jenny said:

‘We have a party to go to this afternoon. It’s ‘Lianne’s birthday. Do you want to come?’

I agreed. So after lunch, the three of us headed over to Lianne’s. She lived two streets away. She greeted us at the door.

‘Oh, I’m so glad to see another boy’, She said. ‘I think they are all scared of us girls’.

We went inside and met the others, who were all from our school. After half an hour, Lianne announced that we were to play ‘Pass the Parcel’. This is a typical teenagers game where you sit in a circle, someone plays some music and you pass around a brown paper parcel tied up with string. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel has to remove an item of clothing. If they refuse, they are out of the game. All the clothing is placed in a pile in the middle.

Well, the game progressed. I was sitting next to a gorgeous blonde girl called ‘Anna’. She was Polish, and had great tits. I was dying to see them. Most of us were down to our undies now. Some of the girls had obviously borrowed their undies from their mothers or older sisters, as they were quite sexy. Anna was in a bra and brief panties and I had a lovely erection, which I was trying to hide. However, she spotted it and said:

‘ Wow, am I turning you on, John?’

I blushed.

‘ Don’t be shy’, she said. ‘I have two brothers and we have seen each other naked all our lives. There’s nothing to be ashamed of having a nice hard cock.’ she said and gave my cock a tweak. I almost came in my pants.

Well, it was a girl who got caught next and boldly removed her bra, revealing a tiny set of breasts capped with nice brown nipples. She earned a round of applause. I got caught next and stood up to remove my boxers exposing a half erect cock. The group roared with approval, clapped furiously and I sat down. However, Anna moved a bit closer, took my cock in her hand and gently stroked it. Eventually we were all naked and I got to see Anna’s lovely tits. They were quite large with large aereolas and large, erect nipples. She leant towards me and I took one nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. She moaned with pleasure. I toyed with the nipple for several minutes before changing to the other one. In the meantime, she was still gently stroking my cock. After a while, I left her nipple and started kissing her tummy. She stretched out for me and opened her legs, revealing a net, wet pussy. I slowly worked down her tummy to her bush, opened her pussy lips and teased her clit with my tongue. That got her really excited and she came. We relaxed for a few minutes and then she mounted me and inserted my rigid cock into her dripping, wet pussy. It just slid in the whole way, until our bushes were together.

The party came to an end, and I walked home with Anna.

‘Would you like to come to lunch tomorrow’ she asked.

‘Yes. I’d love that’ I replied. I dropped her home and then headed back to Aunt Lisa’s. The cousins were already home. We had dinner and settled down on the lounge to watch TV. Aunt Lisa wanted to hear all about the party, but we all lied about what really went on.

‘As you youngsters seem to have gotten pretty friendly, why don’t you all shower together’ said Aunt Lisa.

‘Seems like a good idea’ said Jenny, and we headed upstairs to our various rooms to undress. We met up in the bathroom and were soon in the shower. We exchanged notes of the afternoon’s adventures and it seemed like I was the only one who really scored.

‘Don’t worry’, I said. ‘I’ll look after you two girls tonight.’

After showering and drying off, we all headed to the girls room and spent a great hour fucking and sucking.

Chapter 4 – Advanced Lesson

Next morning was Sunday, and the girls headed off to see a friend. Aunt Lisa snuggled up to me and started playing with my cock. It sprang to attention and she removed her blouse and bra, giving me a nice, juicy breast to suck. I soon had the milk flowing as she removed my pants and boxers. After a few minutes, she told me to fuck her really hard and we did it doggy style on the sofa. We both came quickly and lay down together to recover.

‘Now my boy’ she said, ‘we must continue your education.’ She gave me a tube of cream and told me to spread it liberally on her arse, which I did.

‘OK’ she said, ‘now slowly slide that cock of yours into my bum.’ I did as commanded, and was amazed at how tight it was. The head popped in, and I felt her push back until it was all inside her. I just kept steady as she fucked me with her arse. She was moaning and getting very excited and again we both came with me shooting a load of cum into her arse.

‘Wow’ she said. That was great. Now when you get a girlfriend, make sure you fuck her arse as well as her pussy’ she commanded.

Chapter 5 – Anna

I cleaned up and headed to Anna’s place. It was about 10 minutes walk. I knocked on the door and was greeted by her mother.

‘Hello,’ she said. ‘You must be John. Anna told me you would be coming. Please come in.’

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. A real MILF. She was about 30 something with long blonde hair in a pony tail. She was very busty and was wearing a nice low-cut dress which showed a good cleavage. It was fairly short and her legs were just great. No wonder Anna was stunning with a mother like that. We went into the living room where I met Anna’s two brothers, Tom and Jerry. Anna appeared and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I gave her a hug and we sat down to lunch. Anna’s mother invited me to call her ‘Betty’.

‘Anna’s Dad is away at present. He has to travel for work and won’t be back until Tuesday. I hear that you and Anna had a great time at the Party yesterday.’

I sneaked a glance at Anna, who blushed.

‘Yes, Betty, we got on very well.’ I replied.

‘Well, after lunch we will leave you two to amuse yourselves as I am taking the boys to the movies.’ she said.

‘Thanks, Betty. I’m sure we will find a good video to watch.’

We enjoyed a nice roast dinner and helped clear up. Then Betty and the boys left us and we settled down on the lounge.

‘What type of movies do you like.’ asked Anna, with a big grin on her face.

‘Oh anything, as long as it’s not a romcom.’ I replied.

‘Well come with me. You can choose’ she said and we went to a cupboard which she opened. There were about 50 movies to choose from and they were nicely stored by genre. On the right were porn movies. I found one about a threesome.

‘Let’s try this.’ I said. ‘It looks interesting.’

‘Have you ever had a threesome.’ asked Anna.

‘No, but I would like to try it sometime.’ I replied.

I put the movie on and we settled down to watch two beautiful girls ravage a poor guy. They did all the usual stuff, but the one scene I really enjoyed was when one straddled his cock and the other sat on his face. This made me really hard, and Anna, who was watching my bulge undid my belt and slipped my pants off. Then she took my cock in her mouth and gently sucked me. I was so aroused from the movie that I felt myself coming.

‘I’m cumming’ I cried but she did not stop and I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every bit mumbling ‘Yum, yum. I like the taste of your cum.’

She pulled her top and skirt off and then took my clothes off. I got hard again seeing her naked, her nipples standing out. She straddled me quickly and I sank into her beautiful, warm, wet pussy. I put my hands on her breasts and looked into her eyes.

‘Where did you learn such a fantastic cock-sucking technique?’ I asked.

‘From my parents.’ she replied. ‘My periods started when I was twelve and my parents told me all about sex. They started by explaining the Vagina and Clitoris. Then My Dad took his cock out and showed me where it was sensitive. Mum showed me how to suck it and then let me try. They told me about sperm and intercourse. Then Mum stripped and Dad fucked her with me watching. I was fascinated. Mum also explained breasts, and how nipples loved to be kissed and sucked. She let me try. When Dad came, he pulled his cock out and showed me his cum.

‘Taste it.’ he said and I obeyed. It tasted quite sweet.

‘Now Anna, take your clothes off and I will insert my cock into your pussy and break your Hymen. This is a small piece of skin inside your Vagina which stops you enjoying sex. It will hurt a little, then your pussy will adjust to the feeling of my cock.’

As I stripped, Mum put a condom on Dad’s cock. She also explained what condoms were for and how to put one on. Dad was fully erect and had a medium sized cock, about 6 inches with a nice round head. I lay down on the lounge and Mum spread some lubricant on my pussy lips. Then Dad slowly inserted his cock into my pussy. It went in a little way and then started to hurt. I bit my lip, Mum held my hand and he gave a quick push. My Hymen ripped and his cock was fully in. It felt very strange, but quite nice. He stayed quite still for a few minutes, then slowly moved it back and then forward. As he did this, I felt very excited and started moaning. This seemed to excite him and he pumped faster and deeper. He was really stretching my pussy when suddenly I had a climax and shuddered. This caused him to cum and he gave out a cry. We lay together on the lounge with his arms around me.

‘Now Anna, said Mum after a while. You can have sex with boys, but you must use a condom or you will get pregnant. I’ll leave some condoms in your bedroom and also your school bag. Enjoy sex, it really is a lot of fun.’

We all got up and cleaned ourselves up before getting dressed. So that’s how I learnt about sex.

‘I must go.’ I said and kissing her warmly, I headed back to Aunt Lisa’s.

Chapter 6 – Sleeping Arrangements

Aunt Lisa wanted to know all about my time with Anna. I told her that we got on very well and would see each other again at school. The cousins were overjoyed that I had found a girlfriend close by as now they would see more of me. We had dinner, watched some TV and around 9, the girls headed upstairs to shower. Mary gave me a wink and I bade Aunty Lisa goodnight and followed the girls. The shower took two, so I let the girls shower first, then I went in. However, I had only been in a few minutes when Jenny slid the door open and joined me.

‘I’ve missed you.’ she said as her hand wrapped around my cock. I turned around to kiss her as my cock hardened.

‘I love the feel of your beautiful, hard cock.’ she said. ‘But I want to save it for later.’ and she left me. I finished showering, dried off and headed for their bedroom. Jenny was lying naked on her back, with her legs open showing her pretty pussy.

‘Quick, fuck me hard.’ she said and with no further ado I slipped my cock into her ready pussy. It sank in right up to my balls and she squealed with pleasure. We fucked hard while Mary sat on the bed and watched, stroking my balls. I came quickly and Jenny came as she felt my hot cum shoot into her womb. I put my arm around Mary and we kissed.

‘Now it’s my turn.’ said Mary.

‘Give me a few minutes.’ I said and Mary took my limp cock in her warm mouth and slowly brought it back to life. She climbed on top of me and slid my hardening cock into her pussy. Then she slowly and teasingly moved her hips up and down until I shot a load of cum into her womb. I had forgotten the condom and so had she. She collapsed at my side and we both crashed, exhausted. I ended up sleeping in her bed and fucking her again in the night.

Aunt Lisa came into the room in the morning to wake us up for school. As usual, I had my morning glory, which she quickly found and gratefully sucked whilst Mary and Jenny watched, I gave her a nice load and then we all got up and headed for the bathroom. There was plenty of groping and fondling in the bathroom. We headed downstairs and had breakfast. Then off to school.

Anna was in a different class to me so we met up at lunchtime and walked to a quiet corner of the playground where the ‘couples’ went for their lunchtime fun. She dropped her knickers and I rescued my half erect cock from my pants. As she took it into her mouth, I slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. We both came together and she swallowed my load saying ‘This tastes much better than sandwiches!’ After school, I walked her home and we adjourned to her bedroom for some serious fucking. She was a typical teenage girl who couldn’t get enough. We fucked twice and I said I better go home for dinner. Just before I left, she said,’You know that video we watched on Sunday? About the Threesome? How would you like to come round this Sunday. Mum was interested in joining us.’

‘Wow. She knows about us?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes. We discuss everything and I told her you were very good at sex. I don’t think she gets much from Dad.’

‘OK’ I said, I’ll see you tomorrow, darling.’ and gave her bare nipples a tweak. I walked back home and was just in time for a lovely dinner. As usual, we chatted over dinner and after watching some TV, went to bed. I was pretty exhausted with all the sex, so I was glad to have a good night’s sleep. The rest of the week consisted of me being the stud for three teenage girls and a horny MILF.

Chapter 7 – Anna and her Mother

On Sunday I walked over to Anna’s house and was greeted by Anna at the door. She was wearing a very sexy see-through top and no bra. I gave her a big hug and squeezed her nipples. She jumped for joy and tweaked my half-hard cock in return. We went inside and I kissed her mother Betty, who was also dressed in a very sexy, clingy dress which revealed her beautiful breasts. We had lunch, cleared up and Betty suggested we use her bedroom. ‘There’s a bigger bed there.’ she said.

Anna led me upstairs to the main bedroom and without any hesitation, we stripped off. Betty joined us and asked me to strip her. I was fully erect by now and had a great time undressing Betty. I took off her dress and then her bra, marveling at her beautiful breasts. Whilst doing this, she was stroking my rigid cock. Anna was behind me rubbing her nipples on my back. I saw Betty’s lovely bush, already dripping with juice. I knelt down and parted the lips with my fingers. My tongue probed the soft folds of her pussy and she moaned gently. I exposed her clit and my tongue made little circles before I sucked the swelling knob with my lips. She climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs wide apart. I continued to lick and suck her until she gave out a big cry:

‘I’mmmm cumming. OMG OMG Keep going.’ which I did as she squirted pussy juice all over my face. I tasted it and it was sweet. I mounted her and Anna directed my cock into her wide open pussy.

‘OOOOHHHHHH.’ she cried. ‘I haven’t had this for so long’ Fuck me really hard, John. I need a good hard cock rubbing my womb.’

I thrust into her and withdrew, whilst Anna was gently squeezing my balls. I had my hands on her breasts and was enjoying her erect nipples. I gradually increased my thrusts until I could see he about to come again, and I let go my load into her womb.

‘aaaaarrrrgggh’ she cried. ‘That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.’

We collapsed on the bed and Anna started licking my sore cock. Amazingly it responded and when it was half erect, she mounted me in a reverse cowboy position. Not to be outdone, Betty positioned herself over my face so that I could lick her soft, sweet pussy lips. The two of them enjoyed me until we all came in a screaming heap and collapsed on the bed to sleep.

I returned to Aunt Lisa’s and she told me that my mother was back from hospital and I could go home. However, she ordered me to come and stay for a weekend once a month. So, each weekend I stayed at Anna’s and enjoyed two beautiful women and on the fourth weekend, I returned to Aunt Lisa’s for more fun. This was definitely the best time of my life.

Rating: 68%, Read 18740 times, Posted Dec 02, 2019

Fantasy | Boy, Female, First Time, Gay, Teen Male


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