Zombie Holocaust 4 by stratjunkie

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Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Rape, Snuff, Violence

I know the last story ended with the idea of the planning taking place in this chapter, but this seemed like a good idea that I wanted to put in here. I like the idea that I put in this story, but it certainly isn't for those of you who want a quick story to jerk off to, this is a story that I am writing to try and improve what skills I have in the English language, and to give pleasure to those who enjoy a story as much as the sex.



After the late night with my lover, I awoke to her screaming. Two of the men I came in with had decided they wanted her for herself. They had grabbed her and lifted her up, and this was the point they were at when I bounced up, fast and angry.

“Let her the fuck go assholes!” I roared as I leveled my pistol at the closest mans head. My voice dropped and the timbre cut through the air, “She is mine, and you will respect that, or the walls will be re-painted blood red.”

I think that between the look in my eyes and the sound and conviction in my voice, it was enough to prove to them that I was dead set serious, and I would have no problem with wiping their black souls off the face of this God-forsaken planet.

“Whoa, relax brother” said Gunther. He was a real piece of work, having been known, before we got over to the mall, for jerking off from the roof of our compound onto the zombie crowd below. He said the chicks got him harder then hell when they shambled around with their rotting tits hanging out. The other was James, the asshole from earlier when the man had been fed alive to the zombies. He was the one I was pointed at.

“Let her go,” I ordered “Come over her with me baby.” Nicole walked over to me and stood behind me, seemingly hiding behind my broad shoulders. “Spread the word, this woman is mine, nobody else even gets to smell her without me giving them a bullet for their trouble, understand?” They nodded their agreement and left.

I turned and looked my love in the eyes. “Are you alright sweetie?” She nodded her head and kissed me on the lips. Her eyes opened and stared into mine. “Did you really mean what you said about me being yours?” I looked at her and then away, and back again. “Only if you want to be. I'll protect you no matter what you decide, but I don't want you to be with me only because you think its safer then trying to fend for yourself. I'll always be here for you.”

She started crying, and jumped into my arms, squeezing me tighter to her then when she had orgasmed the night before while making love.

“I want to be yours until the day I die. I love you, more then I thought I could ever love anyone.” I grinned at her and took her hand while walking down the hallway. “Where are we going?” She seemed a little excited. I just looked over my shoulder and smiled, and kept walking forward. When we got to the store in the mall I was looking for she appeared puzzled and looked intently at me. I walked into the store and asked which one she liked the most. After a few minutes of looking through the jewelry she pointed at one. I opened the glass, checked the size, and got on one knee.

“Nicole, I know we've only known each other a few days, but in this world that's all I need to know that I love you and want to be with you forever. Will you be my queen in this zombie kingdom?” She laughed out loud with tears in her eyes and said “Yes, of course I will. I love you!” I slipped the ring onto her finger and we kissed deeply.

We slid to the floor and started to pull clothing off of each other. She licked her way down to my chest, licking my nipple and rolling it gently between her teeth. An electric shock raced down my spine, zapping me in my groin, hard. I was instantly hard. “So, I'm guessing this is for me?” She giggled and slid down my body, undoing my pants and taking my member into her hot, wet, and very willing mouth. I was in heaven, truly I was. She slid her mouth up and down my shaft, her throat massaging the head of my cock. I couldn't help it, even though I had cum twice the night before I started to cum, quickly filling her mouth with my creamy seed. She swallowed and looked up at me with bright eyes, her hand massaging my sack gently, and then placed the head back in her mouth to suck the leftover cum out of my slowly softening penis.

I pulled her up and kissed her hard on the lips, tasting myself on them. It wasn't disgusting, but it wasn't great, it was just a new flavor, nothing more. I rolled her soft breast in the palm of my hand, feeling her hardening nipple press against the palm of my hand. A gentle moan escaped her lips as I firmly grasped her tight rear-end, rubbing gently in soft circles, enjoying the feeling of her soft cheek. I rolled her over onto her back and licked my way down to her breasts. Her nipples were a thing of beauty, just like the rest of her. The gentle curve of her breast was defined by the sharp point at the apex of her chest, pressing into my tongue.

While focusing my oral attention on her breasts, my hands went for a little adventure, gliding across my new fiancées body. My hand gripped her tight little rump, while my thumb landed in the crevice. Anyone who's spent any time down in the area Im writing about knows the area Im talking about. That magic spot where the butt cheeks merge into the thighs, and the groin meets with the entire group, forming one of the most exquisite and soft skin on a womans body.

I gently pressed in and slipped inside of my loves tight love hole with my thumb, hearing a loud moan from my oral and hand ministrations. She started to shake gently and I eased off, letting the feelings die off a little bit. When she relaxed a bit I went back to work, building her up again. This went on 5 or 6 times before she was soaking wet and begging me to let her cum. I pulled my thumb out of her and headed down for a bit of oral attention to my girl. I cradled her ass in my hands and pulled her into my waiting mouth, licking and sucking on her wet, juicy, delicious pussy. After only a few long seconds she was gushing into my mouth, soaking my beard with her cum.

I was yanked up to her face, and she dove in, licking and kissing me all over my face. She jammed herself onto me, sinking onto the hilt in one huge, solid thrust. I gasped at the sudden heat that was wrapped around my cock, feeling the wetness creep down my hanging ball sack. This was almost too much. I could feel myself already getting close, and she wasn't slowing down. I grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over. I put her knees around my neck and started long, steady, hard strokes into her tight hole.

“Uhh, deeper, please baby, slide it in deeper!” She begged as I slide in deeper and deeper. I rolled her over, gripping her ass cheeks and plowing as hard as I could into her cunt. She dropped her face into the ground and pressed her tits hard into the tile floor. In this position her ass was presented high and open, so I slid my thumb into her sweet little asshole. She gasped and came hard, orgasming and once again soaking my balls in her delicious juices.

“Please baby, please put it in my ass”

Who am I to deny such a kind and loving request I thought with a jack sure grin. I slipped out of her perfectly formed pussy and pressed my cock head into her ass. She groaned in appreciation of the banging she was about to receive. I gently wedged the head into her, waited a second, and then slammed it all home in one go. She screamed in exquisite agony and came for 30 seconds straight. After that every thrust I made sent her over another edge, into another shaking orgasm.

I finally felt the feeling right behind my balls. “Im gonna cum babe, where do you want it?”. She ground her ass into me harder and faster, looking over her shoulder. “Right where you are, I want to feel it right where you are. Fill my ass up with your love stud, fill it up all the way.” I couldn't take it anymore and tipped over the edge, shooting a huge, huge, huge load into her willing and waiting asshole. “Oh Fuck!” I moaned, ramming it up as far as I could, holding onto her hips and pulling her into me as hard as possible. Jizz shot out from around my penis, having already filled up her sexy little anus.

“Oh yea baby, fill it all the way up. Come on, give me more of your cum, I want it all!”

With that she spun around and sucked on my cock hard, sucking the last of my cum out of my penis.

After enjoying the glow that comes from a good fuck for a few minutes, I leaned over her and whispered in her ear with a smile, “So I did good?” She laughed and told me I did great. “I meant with the proposal.” She looked deeply into my eyes, “I know what you meant, and yes, you did.”

She kissed me deeply and we got dressed to plan our escape.


We went up onto the roof to think, thinking we would be alone. We thought wrong. There were two of the men that were in my group, Gary and James, the same man from earlier. One of the men from her group was between them; tied up and being fucked hard by the two men I came over with. His ass was bleeding and he looked unconscious and very pale. Blood was running down his legs. She was disgusted, and turned away. I kept staring. They had both just started to cum, and the man started gagging around Garys cock. With the cum pouring down his throat Gary laughed and groaned, choking the poor bastard with his cum. When they were finished Gary reached around the mans body and cut off his balls, sending him screaming over the edge of the building into the horde of zombies. He picked up the sack and tossed it over the edge. I pulled out my gun, too late I'm ashamed to say.

“Step to the edge of the building you motherfuckers!” I ordered

They looked startled and were about to put up a fight until they say the pistol in my hands. They both stepped sideways to the edge, looking down nervously into the crowd and then at me. I didn't even waste words. Two fast shots later they were both falling backwards screaming in fear. Thats right, I left them alive. The two shots I had loosed slammed into their knees, shattering the knee caps. Thus, they were alive to scream into the moaning sea of the Undead. After consoling my love, we began to plan an escape for ourselves and the people we knew were trapped in the mall with the maniacs.

Rating: 74%, Read 17694 times, Posted May 04, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Rape, Snuff, Violence


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