Two Nights alone with My Daughter-in-law by Mystic47

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Hardcore, Male, Massage

It was after one in the morning and I had just shut off the TV, getting ready for bed when the front door slammed open and Sherry almost fell through it. She started swearing while trying to extract the key from the lock but only succeeded in bending it, I saw her predicament and went to help. Sherry looked up at me with alcohol flooded eyes “Did I break my key?” Having asked that she pushed away from the door then tilted toward the sofa and managed to get to it before she fell flat on her face. My daughter-in-law was smashed. I pulled the twisted key from the lock then tossed her the key ring. It bounced off her left boob then to the floor where she stared at it without care.

Sherry looked up at me and stated the obvious “I'm drunk!” then fell to her side on the sofa and started to giggle while trying to open her coat buttons.

I cautioned her “You better be quiet, you'll wake your mother-in-law and she won't be happy to see you like this.”

Sherry looked up at me through a cascade of displaced hair “Why the fuck not? I'm home where I should be, what time is it? My goddamn watch is all fuzzy.”

“After one. What have you been doing, I thought you were out with Gina, did she get you drunk?”

“Stupid Fuck! A motherfucking stupid fuck! Gina and I were at a party at Mel's house and he kept giving me drinks. I told him I didn't want any but he kept filling my glass with tequila and limes so I drank them because the glass was full and it's not polite to leave a full glass sitting around and I drank them all then Dale was all stupid ass happy and smiling and tried to get me into a bedroom but I told him no I was married and I started a fight then Gina drove me home and here I am so mom shouldn't be mad.” She tried to focus on me “Should I tell her I'm home?”

Her coat joined her keys on the floor then her shoes were next. Sherry put toe to heel and pushed them off her feet then bent over to massage her toes “Fucking shoes are tight! My little toes were bent in and squished against the next one and now they hurt but it feels good to spread them out.” I watched as my son’s wife flexed the toes on her feet, they wriggled under the restriction of her nylon stockings. She looked up at then smiled lopsidedly “Do me a favor Dad?”


“Rub my feet, make them feel better and I’ll kick Nate out and let you marry me.” Nate was my son, Sherry’s husband. He was on a job in Iceland studying marine mammals living under sea ice. He’d been gone three months and wasn’t expected back for another four. Except for one paid trip home Sherry and he were separated for seven months. My daughter-in-law was living with us to save money and not be alone while he was gone. She started to stand from the sofa but tipped to her left and rolled to the floor where she started to giggle again. She was making so much noise I knew my wife would wake up and find her twenty-three-year-old daughter-in-law blitzed out of her gourd. I reached for Sherry's outstretched hand and pulled her up to a half crouch stand then lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder like a pirate abducting a damsel. My daughter-in-law twittered drunkenly then grabbed my ass with both hands as I carried her to her room. She had a vice like grip on my butt cheeks and when I tried to roll her off my shoulder to the bed she didn’t let go so I tumbled over and landed on top of her. Her breath smelled like an open bottle of hundred proof, her muscles were watery.

I pushed off her and stood “You need to sleep Sherry, I sure as hell wouldn't want to have your head when you wake up.”

“Don't go! You promised to rub my feet! You have to rub my feet.”

“I didn't promise you anything. Now stop being drunk bitch and be a sleeping bitch.”

She looked up at me concern and distress filled her hazy eyes “I'm a bitch and you won't rub my feet? They hurt from the shoes.”

What the fuck, I relented and sat on the bed next to her “Okay, lie back and stick your foot up, and yes, you are a bitch and you are bitching up my night.”

Undaunted by my scorn Sherry chirped a happy laugh then lifted her left leg high, stretched it over my head then down and across my lap “If being a bitch gets me my toes massaged that's what I'll be.” Just that fast I was sitting between the girl’s thighs; her skirt rose far enough I was getting a grand view of her cloth covered crotch. She seemed completely oblivious that she had just invited my eyes to explore under her skirt. I scooted my ass a little farther down so her ankle was at my lap and picked up her foot.

I started squeezing and flexing her toes and foot while enjoying the up-skirt view. Sherry quickly succumbed to the foot massage and relaxed to enjoy my manipulations. She closed her eyes and began to croon softly “ooo – ahhh – ssssss, god that’s hot!” While my fingers were busy I was staring at the soft curve of her thighs and cloth shielded pussy and my cock started to grow.

I fingered her left foot for a few minutes, working gradually from her toes to her ankle then the calves, kneading her skin and muscles while she basked in an alcohol enhanced state of bliss. She roused enough to tell me “Okay, the other foot” then lifted her leg from my hands and rolled to her stomach so the other was available for my attention. She was face down, arms cradled a pillow for her head with her right leg bent at the knee, her calf and foot perpendicular to the bed. Again her skirt was riding high enough I had a clear view, this time of her ass. My prick, which had become a full-blown hard-on, flexed and spit a bubble of lube into my shorts as I eyed her firm round cheeks. On an impulse I stood away from Sherry and reached for the top of her pantyhose and started to pull them down. She rolled her head to me and caught my eyes so I explained “I can't feel your foot right.” She accepted the weak excuse and raised her hips and let me pull the nylons off her legs. I threw the hosiery to the floor and resumed my place next to her. She flopped her foot down on my thigh but before I started on it I folded up her skirt so her ass was exposed, she didn’t object.

I may have been relieving the stress in her feet but my stress levels were skyrocketing as I watched and heard Sherry enjoying the foot work. She began to moan and roll her back pressing her groin against the mattress. It looked like she was getting aroused so I slapped her firmly on the right butt cheek “Hey, are you getting turned on?”

She jolted from the smack, uttered “Ohh!” then turned her head and looked up at me for maybe five seconds then said “What if I am, you’re Nate’s dad, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Daughter-in-law or not, the dare was in the statement, the challenge in her eyes. Both my hands were tenderizing the muscles of her lower leg just then so I moved one over her knee then trailed two fingers up the inside of her thigh until I pressed against the form of her pussy “Are you sure about that?” I asked. My cock was starting to hurt from the strain of unrestrained lust. Sherry's eyes fluttered shut and she bumped her hips and I knew she wouldn't resist.

I pressed even more on her pussy then moved my fingers through the leg band and touched the soft billowy flesh of her sex. Sherry rocked her ass and gasped softly when I felt for the entrance to her. Two fingertips explored until I found my goal then I pushed into her body and started fingering her; she opened her mouth to breathe more air as her blood warmed. The temperature between her legs increased and the gap between them widened as she moved her legs apart. I started undoing my pants with my free hand while plunging the other between her legs. I juggled my pants to below my knees then got onto the bed over her back, the end of my erection kissed her butt. Sherry pulled her knees up which raised her hips off the bed, closer to the hard-on she was ready for. I was on my knees between her legs so I pulled her panties to one side then with little effort and a lot of pleasure I pressed into her until my balls stopped me. Sherry hissed out a lungful of air then began to undulate her back, taking everything I put to her. She twisted her head to put blurry eyes on me and cautioned needlessly “Don't tell Nate.”

The longer I screwed Sherry the more she relaxed. Gradually she lowered her body until she was again lying completely on the bed. In maybe five or six minutes she must have passed out because her eyes were closed and she wasn’t moving, it was like I was using a warm tender sex doll. I paused long enough to wonder if I should pull out then decided to hell with it and jammed my cock into her as far as I could and emptied my balls, she didn’t tell me to be careful and she felt too good to pull away from. I saturated Sherry's womb, pulled my sated boner from her then left her to sleep off the tequila.

I'd been up for a couple of hours when Sherry came into the kitchen looking totally wrecked and hungover. My wife took one look at her and said “What the hell did you do last night, you look like you should sleep the rest of the day.”

Sherry stumbled past her mother-in-law and reached for a glass of orange juice. “I was at a party and I might have had something to drink.” That was the total conversation about the night before she had with my wife. I was wondering if she was going to say anything to me about getting laid before she passed out but I didn’t want it to be a topic of discussion just then so I left for other parts of the house.

Twenty minutes later I stepped into the front room and heard Sherry on the phone, she was talking to her best friend “I don't know Gina, I woke up this morning still mostly dressed and a big mess in my underwear. Me and Dale must have done something but I don't remember.” She paused, “Yeah? Well it had to be before you brought me home then. God, what the hell am I going to do, I can’t believe I cheated on Nate!”

I started to smile, Sherry knew she had been screwed but thought some other guy did it? Awesome, I got away with fucking her hot little ass and she didn't know. My cock puffed up like King Shit when I realized my daughter-in-law didn't remember who pumped her full of sex sauce.

Five weeks later Sherry and I were sitting at home, it was a cold winter night, my wife was at baby shower for a co-worker so it was just me and her to keep each other company, we had the entire evening to be bored. I went to her room where she was sitting on her bed with her laptop talking to my son on Skype. She paused the conversation and I said “ When you’re done come on out, lets crack a bottle and have a couple of shots of tequila.” I was forming a plan, get her drunk and give her another foot massage.

She looked up at me for several long moments then muted the mike, she spoke quietly “You don’t have to ply me with drinks if you want to screw me again.”

My heart stopped, my breath caught in my throat “What do you mean by that?”

Sherry told Nate to ‘wait a minute, I have to go pee’ then muted the computer again then got off the bed and stepped close enough to put her hands on my chest, she locked her eyes on mine “It took me a few days but I finally figured out why I had a mess in my panties that morning. I was positive I didn’t screw Dale so you were the only other guy who was close to me that night. Once I got that sorted out I started remembering what happened, you fucked me after rubbing my feet.”

I was caught, it was in her eyes, she knew for certain I’d screwed her while she was drunk. I shuddered “Sherry –-- I –-”

She reached up and put two fingers on my lips “Shhh, it’s way too late to apologize or make excuses. At first I was totally upset and scared and I almost told Nate what you did but after a couple of days it stopped bothering me. Then I kind of expected you to try something again but you didn’t so I stopped worrying about that too. After that I started thinking about it and watching you and started wondering why you haven’t hit on me again. Why haven’t you?”

I was too stunned to speak, to think. The pretty young woman was stroking my lips with her fingertips, looking boldly at me and my cock was expanding. I finally got the courage to say something “What I did was wrong but that night you were far too tempting, when I was rubbing your feet you were flashing your panties, moaning like you were turned on so I just sort of reacted to you.”

Her lips curved up as a smile “Sort of?” My daughter-in-law snickered briefly then continued “If I have to be drunk before you make a pass at me we can do that, but right now I don’t think that will be necessary.”

I jumped off the cliff “You want to have a little fun, up close and personal fun?”

She smiled as her big blues held mine prisoner “And just what do you mean by that?”

She wanted candor, I gave her candor “Come to bed with me Sherry, let’s fuck.”

Sherry tilted up on her toes, put her mouth next to my ear and breathed with humor “Not right now, I have to say goodbye to Nate then you have to ply me with drinks.” She turned back to the laptop, assured my son she loved him then signed off.

I held out my hand which my daughter-in-law took then I led her to the front room. We had at least three hours so I didn’t need to be in a hurry to fuck her. Anticipation and foreplay can be as enjoyable as actually getting my dick wet so I offered her a choice of bourbon or tequila. She opted for the whiskey.

I sat on the end of the sofa then pulled her to sit with me. She came to the cushion next to me but instead of sitting she twisted around so she was sitting with her legs bent up, her body angled over my legs, facing me. She lifted her glass then put it to her lips and sipped the fluid while her eyes were locked on mine, Sherry wasn’t being timid or reluctant as she invited intimacy with her eyes. Just that little flirt caused another massive thrill to vibrate my prick. I put my hand on her hip then curved it over her ass to pull her a bit closer. She jostled forward until the tips of her tits were brushing my chest. We tipped our shot glasses at the same time and downed the drinks in one swallow.

She set her glass on the end table then took mine and put it aside too. My right hand moved off her ass, down her thigh to rest on her bare leg just over the knee. When she leaned to me for a first kiss my hand ventured under her skirt then back up her thigh to her ass again. Sherry put a hand on my neck and pulled closer so her tits were flattened against me and I rubbed her butt while our mouths began the mating ritual.

Sherry and I made out for a few moments then she sat up and reached for the bottle of Knob Creek, she tipped the open bottle to her lips for a sip then put the neck against mine. While she held it I took a swallow, our eyes were locked, our passion building. The hand on her ass ventured under her blouse to her bra clasp. I fingered the hooks open then moved the straps apart freeing her breasts. Sherry put the bottle down then her hand on my cheek, smiled then as I cupped her right breast she kissed me again.

I urged her off my lap to the sofa next to me. I went to the floor so I was between her knees then put my mouth on her leg. She lifted her butt so I could pull her panties off then settled back with her hips on the edge of the cushion. I put my head under her skirt. As I was licking my daughter-in-law, she was rolling her hips, her stomach jumping with small contractions. I heard her begin to moan as her breathing quickened, Sherry was getting hotter for sensations and desire long absent. She was almost ready to let me in, to get me between her legs and fill her with my throbbing erection.

Sherry urged me to lift my head from her then she stood and pulled my pants to the floor. She regarded my proud standing cock for a moment as if debating then turned her back to me and lay face down on the sofa, knees on the floor. I dropped to my knees and without hesitation put the swollen blue head of my boner under the skirt to my daughter-in-law’s pussy. I rubbed the end of it up and down her slit mixing our flowing juices. When the end of my cock was slick with body fluids I pierced Sherry slowly until my balls mashed against her. Sherry uttered a soft groan, dropped her head to the cushion she was lying on then smiled with pleasure.

Sherry began to moan then between ragged gasps for air she managed “Ohhhh Dad! Don't stop! Ohh sweet heaven this feels good!” I paused and slid my cock from her hot tenderness to pulled my shirt off, Sherry slid wordlessly to her butt then raised her arms so I could pull her blouse up and off. She stood to pull her skirt down and my hormones surged even higher as I looked at my son’s sexy nude wife. Sherry came down for another long sensual kiss as she gripped my hard-on then went to her back on the floor. I unfolded my legs then rolled up and over her while she spread her thighs pulling me close by the handle between my legs.

Waves of immense pleasure washed through me while we screwed then the young woman urged me to roll to my back. She threw her legs across my lap, centered on the long hard pole then lowered her body. I reached up and covered Sherry’s bouncing breasts as she flexed hips, fucking me. Her nipples stood like miniature erections from her tits while I pinched them. The orgasm building in her loins boiled over; waves of ecstasy overflowed from the cauldron of lust in my daughter-in-law's womb, she floated on clouds of rapture, barely aware when I fired heavy surges of cum into her.

We were lying on our backs, side by side, cooling off. Sherry flopped her head to me “Want another drink?”

“Yeah, I could use one.”

She rolled to her side then sought my prick with her fingers “What else could you use again?”

Rating: 95%, Read 146559 times, Posted Jun 29, 2018

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Hardcore, Male, Massage


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