Snow White and "The Seven" Chapter Two: The Queens "Wrath" by i+am+a+goonie

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As I said in the beginning, this is no children's story, hell, this is a hard story for me to tell, I think I'd take the death-like sleep over never cumming again... anyway, back to the tale!

Snow ran crying through the corridors of the castle, the wall sconces lighting the way. She had never felt so low, so helpless. For the first time, Snow had no self esteem. How could she fake orgasms, she had tried before and been caught immediately. It was so unfair!!

Snow took a left, then a right, her eyes blinded by tears of rage and absolute grief, her beautiful face streaked with tears and mascara.

Before Snow knew it, she was utterly lost, even having been raised in this castle her whole life, all 17 years of it, she had never been to the room she found herself in now. Someone used the room, that much was clear, there wasn't a speck of dust in the room. The odd thing was, other than an ornately decorated mirror against the very back wall, there seemed to be nothing at all in the room.

Something about the mirror beckoned Snow to come closer, and as she did, she was shocked that it wasn't her own reflection that she saw, but rather the image of a handsome dark skinned man. He had a short cropping of hair over his head and a dark, curly beard that came to a sharp point beneath his chin.

"Ahh, yes, Snow White, I surmise that you have come here seeking a way to end the curse your bitch of a step mother put on you?"

Snow was shocked when the mirror spoke, nearly jumping out of her thin court gown, causing it to rise up and show off her soaked undergarments.

"I...I, who are y-you? W-what are you?" She asked, confused and a bit afraid.


As soon as Snow was safely put of hearing range the king and queen began to laugh heartily. They had been planning a punishment for Snow for quite some time, after all, it was a poor princess who focused more on her own pleasure than that of a lover.

If Snow was the image of "innocent sexiness" the queen was the exact opposite, every fiber of her being oozed seductiveness. Standing at 5'8" the queen had long, tanned legs leading up to an ample heart shaped ass, she kept her pussy trimmed down, a small triangle shaped landing patch on her mound, barely more than a soft fuzz. Her stomach was flat and well toned and her 34D cup breasts sat perky and firm. Smiling with her full lips and perfect white teeth showing the queen pulled her husband and brother closer, guiding a hand from each of them onto her ass. As soon as they touched her the three of them were naked.

"Its good to be the 'evil witch' queen" she said playfully before leaning to her husband and kissing him with heated passion, her tongue dancing a wild tango with his own.

While the queen was tall, the king stood taller still, he had shaggy brown hair, with very little grey showing and a brilliant beard that was often swooned over by the kitchen maids and the lessers of the court. He had a strong jaw line and as he kissed his Queen he gave her a quick, sharp slap on her perfect ass.

After a moment the queen turned her attention to her brother and laughed softly "You should've seen your face, you looked terrified!"

"That's not funny Cordelia!" Her brother spat, only feigning anger.

"That's evil Queen to you!" Cordelia said playfully before kissing him also, as she kissed him and sucked at the tip of his tongue her long slender fingers reached around both of their cocks and she was pleased to find them both hard and throbbing, she used her pointer finger to wipe a bead of precum from the slit of her husband cock and pulled from her bothers lips, seductively sucking her finger clean before them.

Tasting her husbands precum made the Queens nipples stiffen, her areola was small, about the size of a half dollar piece and her nipples were puffy and thick, like little pink marshmallows. The two men moved forward, each taking one of her nipples into their mouths sucking and biting softly, pulling as much of her tits as possible into their mouths and tugging at them. They began to push her back towards the conference table and soon pushed her down onto it, her legs hanging over it at the perfect angle off the corner of the table, spread open, displaying her pussy for them which glistened with anticipation in the rooms dim light.

Both men kissed down her body, each stopping at her hips, soft moans escaped her lips as they bit and teased at the skin there, her body writhed in pleasure and she began to tweak and tug at her nipples. She needed more, her engorged clit begged for attention, her body was burning with desire for her lovers.


"I am the Magic Mirror!" The man in the mirror said, as if the answer should be obvious to Snow. "And you are Snow White, you have come to seek my aid with your new affliction haven't you?"

Snow looked bewildered and confused, how could a mirror help her with her "affliction"; to her, never being able to orgasm again was nearly as bad a a death sentence, she loved cumming!

"Please, please I will do anything!!" Snow pleaded, dropping to her knees. The mirror reflected to himself (pun intended) that Snow was the perfect picture of submission just as she was and he felt a stirring inside of him, her begging made her want to help her, but even more it made him wish he wasn't trapped in a mirror because for the first time in a long time he felt his sexual urges stirring.

"Very well, I will help, under one condition."

"Yes, anything!" Snow agreed.

"I will tell you where to go to find the cure for your calamity if you promise me that you will help me to regain my body so that I might show you the true meaning of pleasure!"

Snow stared back at the handsome dark skinned man and felt her nipples stiffen, what would he look like, as a whole man again, her thoughts ran wild and she could feel her pussy quivering with lustful anticipation. "As you wish.. just please, please free me from this affliction!"

"Very well, to the south, in the great forest bordering the plains you will find a mansion, inside of that mansion dwell "The Seven" and their leader. In order to break this curse you must visit these folk, do their bidding and win the attention of their leader, he alone will be able to help you. I must warn you though, if you embark on this journey with a closed mind, you will surely fail."


The king and the queens brother each bit and kissed at the queens inner thighs, she felt for sure she would go crazy with the anticipation alone, her pussy literally soaking the map beneath her, her body writhing and contorting in sheer ecstacy. As soon as she felt the two familiar tongues on her outer lips she screamed out in passion, cumming hard and alerting the young guard outside who rushed in, eager to help the Queen.

The Queen made eye contact with the young, newly appointed knight and with a wave of her hand he was stark naked "Come to your Queen" she beckoned him, impressed by his cock, hanging heavy between his smooth legs. He approached slowly, seeing the Queen in such a compromising position had his flaccid cock hardening by the time he reached her, standing before her as she adjusted to hang her head backwards off of the table. "My throat is yours brave knight" She said in a sweet and sultry voice.

Soft, whimpering moans escaped the Queen's mouth as she kept it open, her tongue out, waiting for the handsome young knight. Her husband and brother worked together at her dripping wet cunt, both so focused on her pleasure they barely paid attention when their tongues accidentally connected a few times. The king mashed his mouth against her pussy, opening her folds and easily finding her clit, flicking his tongue on it, swirling and zig zagging, sucking softly on it as the advisor lifted her up, his tongue probing for her asshole, teasing at the puckered skin, dipping in slightly before sliding back to her pussy and penetrating her fuck hole.

The young knight stared down at the Queen's waiting mouth, his cock was impressive, long, thick and smooth shaven around it, his balls heavy, large globes beneath his impressive length. He pressed himself between the queens waiting lips, driving down slowly, his cock inching into her mouth, already he could feel spit dripping down, running down onto his balls and dripping on the Queen's beautiful face. He leaned in, sucking and biting gently at her nipples, one, then the other as he began thrusting faster, his cock hitting the back of her throat, pulling back before driving deeper, pushing past her throat until his balls sat firm against her nose, cutting off her airway.

Just as she neared passing out from lack of oxygen another intense orgasm racked her body, wave after powerful wave sent her nearly convulsing in the pleasure, her husband focused at her clit, her brother tongue fucking her hole, the young knight buried down her throat.

The knight pulled back, allowing the Queen to breath, spit and precum dripped down her face as she gasped for air and coughed hard, riding out the last waves of her orgasm as she felt both her husband and brother move away, then the two of their cocks were rubbing along her pussy, heads pressed together, rubbing between her folds, and slowly together they began to push into her pussy, she felt so full she might rip as the two impressive cocks slowly inched into her, the king and the advisor moaning simultaneously. Another orgasm racked her body and she feared she might pass out from the mix of pain and pleasure.

The knight resumed his thrusting as the two cocks entered her cunt, almost fighting to see who could go deeper faster, the Queen had never felt so full and satisfied, now it was their turn. As the knight throat fucked her she sucked hard, wanting to milk him for every drop of his youthful cum, her hand reaching up to massage and gently tug at his nutsack.

The King and his advisor ravaged the Queen's pussy, the king was thrusting hard and fast, the advisor just sitting deep inside of her, the friction of the two cocks and the way her pussy gripped them both was mesmerizing. Before long the king was on the edge of cumming, the whole experience was so exotic, so erotic, he pulled out, quickly grabbing a goblet with a bit of wine left in it and angling his cock into the cup, spurt after spurt of cum shot into the glass, his knees became weak, his moans echoed through the meeting hall as he rode out one of his most intense orgasms ever.

The Queen's brother began fucking her wildly as soon as the king moved away, his balls loudly slapping against her ass, the table and map were soaked with the Queen's cum and her wetness, he reached up pinching and tugging her nipples, feeling his balls growing heavy, filling with cum.

The young knight pulled from the queens throat, unable to wait any longer, grabbing the goblet from.the king he gave a loud, satisfied moan as he began cumming into the cup, his cock swelling, his balls bouncing with each shot of cum, he breathed hard and fast, spit still dripping from his now emptied balls, his cock throbbing from the intensity of it all.

The Queen's brother had hoped to fill her cunt with cum but he knew that he must do as the king had, to fill such a large goblet with their cum would show respect and reverance for the Queen. He took the goblet from the young Knight and began to cum into it, marveling at the color of the cum mixing with the dark, sweet wine. As he finished he handed it to the Queen who was being helped to a sitting position by the King and the Knight.

The Queen grabbed the goblet eagerly and tilted her head back, mouth open and began to pour the cum into her mouth, dumping until it filled her mouth and began dripping from the sides, down her chest, onto her beautiful tits, along her flat stomach and down her slit between her open legs. She swallowed heavily, drinking up the cum, sweetened by the wine and wiped her mouth daintily with a cloth napkin she procured from thin air. "Thank you boys, my wrath has gone down quite a bit." With that she hopped from the table and walked away to her chambers to shower, dripping cum onto the floor as she went, and leaving the three men spent, satisfied, and naked.


"I will return for you!" Snow promised the man in the mirror before kissing it and rushing to find her own chambers. She had a journey to embark on, and little did she know just how wild her life was about to become.

Rating: 74%, Read 5779 times, Posted Nov 08, 2019

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male


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