Taking A Risk by JennaJ

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Taking A Risk

Stephanie took a deep breath as she walked down stairs to her stepfather’s study, stopping outside the door she made sure her robe was hanging just right. It was obvious she had nothing on underneath.

As she tapped on the door she felt her pussy start to dampen at the thought of the man on the other side. Her mother had married him five years ago, she doubted it had been because they loved each other, at thirteen she didn’t much care, her new step daddy was rich and she got whatever she wanted. At eighteen, she still didn’t care and now she wanted more.

At a deep ‘enter’ following her knock, she shook her long brown hair and pushed the door open, making sure it was closed firmly behind her.

“Stephanie, I thought you had gone to bed already?” Adam Bishop asked trying not to stare at his sexy stepdaughter clad in nothing but her robe. At eighteen she was tall with all the right curves in all the right places. Over the past two years he’d watched her closely as she’d grown up. He licked his dry lips as she floated towards him.

“I did,” she said softly, “but I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d come down and see what you were doing.” She smiled sweetly at him, her nipples tightened as Adam’s gaze fell on the flesh of her breasts as they peaked over the top of her robe.

“Mmmm, oh I’m just going over some paperwork for the office,” he said flicking his hand towards his desk. “Is your mother not awake?”

Stephanie gave a dry laugh as she moved closer to him, standing to the side of his chair, she leaned back against the desk, “you know as soon as she takes her pills, she’s out cold for twelve hours.” She moved her legs slightly so her robe fell showing the long line of one of her legs.

Adam clenched his hands to keep from touching her soft bare skin. “You know how she likes a full nights sleep.” He knew she was teasing him, but he also knew he wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“Yeah, well I got lonely and then I thought you might be lonely and that’s not good for either of us,” she could see the doubt in his eyes as if he wanted her, but didn’t want to want her.

Sliding in front of his legs, she sat on the desk. Adam felt his cock harden instantly at the sight of her creamy thighs. “Okay, what do you want to do?” he asked dragging his eyes from her legs to her face.

Stephanie grinned, sliding her hands up her thighs, she pushed her robe out the way, moving up she found the tie to her robe and slowly pulled it. Her robe separated almost immediately, sliding from her shoulders leaving her completely naked. “Well, when I’m lonely I like to comfort myself,” she ran her hands up her stomach to her breasts and taking them in her hands, began to caress and pinch her already hard nipples, before running one hand back down her body and between her spread legs.

Running her fingers over her bald and smooth pussy, she slipped her fingers down to her clit and began stroking herself. She could already feel how wet she was.

Adam stared as his stepdaughter started playing with her own pussy in front of him, and as much as he wanted to rip his trousers off and sink his cock into her delicious pussy, he wasn’t about to let her have it so easy.

“You play with your pussy often step?” he asked moving closer and putting his hands on her knees.

“A lot,” she answered truthfully, “or I get Anna to lick me out.” she moved her fingers along her slit to her pussy hole and circled it catching juice on her fingers.

Adam’s cock jumped at the thought of their part-time maid with her head stuck between Steph’s legs, tounge fucking her pretty pussy.

“I had her earlier, but it wasn’t enough, I need a cock in me,” she put a little whine in her voice as she slid to fingers into her hot cunt.

Adam grinned as he ran his hands up her legs, “so you thought you’d come down and fuck me behind your mother’s back,” he teased.

“Please fuck me Adam, she’ll never find out and I’ll do anything you want, but just fuck me,” Steph begged. She hated begging but she needed to cum so badly.

Adam’s grin grew wider, he loved hearing those words. Pushing his chair back he stood and moved between her legs pulling her hand from her pussy and bringing her fingers to his mouth. Slipping them between his lips he started sucking them clean.

Steph watched Adam suck her fingers and felt her pussy clench with want, “please Adam.”

“Anything Steph?” he asked pulling her fingers free. She nodded, her tounge darting to lick her lower lip. Adam released her and brought his hands to her breats, taking her nipples in his fingers and twisting.

Steph groaned as small bites of pain travelled throught her body, she nodded again absently.

“I will fuck you Steph, not only now, but whenever I want your sweet cunt, you will do everything I ask.” He bent and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking the hot bud before taking it between his teeth and gently biting down.

“God yes,” Steph gasped, “anything I swear, anything you want”

To Be continued........

Rating: 80%, Read 22684 times, Posted Aug 12, 2009

Fiction | Blackmail, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Old Male, Toys


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