Fuccking Warren by Londebaaz

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True Story | Anal

Fucking Warren


Warren was my best friend. We knew each other since the day his family moved in the house next door to ours and he joined the same school, I was in. I very vividly remember the KG class room and the desk we shared. We were both athletic type and played a lot of sports in high school. To be honest, Warren was about 3 inches taller than I and measured close to 6’ 2’’ with manly handsome and healthy body and looks.

We were both excessively sex crazed and horny and it was only a chance that in the sophomore year of high school, he offered me to fuck one of his girls, if I let him use my bedroom. He knew that my parents were away on their vacation trip and there was nobody home other than myself. He had this girl ready and willing to give herself to him and to anybody else if the need be. Warren had no money on him to pay for a room in some fuck motel for a short stay and she showed no hesitation to give her pussy to me as well, if I agreed to the deal. I did not even had to ask Warren to be careful and not seen by his family or anybody else living in the street because he told me, it was for the noon time almost when it was very safe. Our school had some issue with the gas supply and it was closed for the day. Anyhow to make the story short, Warren came with this pretty blond girl and it shocked me to the core when they both said to have no objection if I did not leave the room and stayed to watch them fuck, before it was my turn and I did not assert to join in to make it a threesome as Warren said, he only enjoyed and preferred one on one sex.

I will not be able to fully explain the difference of joy between the watching of a fucking sexy video and watching the live sex, so I shall not even try. Suffice to say, I admired the young totally shaved pussy with a larger clitoris and very subtle perfect labial folds of the Jewish girl Mildred Green but it shall be unfair if I did not confess, intently watching the much larger ball sac of Warren, hammering her anal opening with each thrust of his at least 6’’ long and decently thick uncut cock with a set rhythm and pace. We had a wonderful time. They fucked more but I had my turn and I took Mildred twice feeding her my 8’’ long and brutally thick, cut sex meat. Although she asked to feed her my semen but I did not cum in her mouth and both times, I unloaded in her pussy. This was the only time that I and warren saw each other naked and fucking our catch as we took turns on her. Time went by and I feel very bad to say that I and warren started to drift apart a little because he had picked a habit of using illegal drugs. It was soon after the high school exams that warren got busted by the police. He had some weed and pills on him when police arrested him. The full quantity of the illegal drugs recovered from Warren was slightly over the amount considered for the personal use and he was tried as a dealer instead but lucky for him that the judge gave him the benefit of doubt and he was sent to jail for only six months but he was ordered to do 1 year of community service cleaning the drug infested areas.

While he was in jail, both of his parents passed away and his elder sister who was married and lived far from us, did a big favor to Warren of not disposing off the house but only locked it handing the key to my parents, requesting it to be given to Warren when he returned. As Warren was released, either she called him or he called her and he came to the neighborhood. I met him and handed him the key. Warren was very lucky to get a decent job in the security force of the large food store and he started living his life while paying his debt to the community and the society. I always felt very bad for him. I was still living at home while attending a nearby college. We began reviving our friendship and this is when Warren told me the following, which I bring here to tell you. He said that he was scared to death when the judge sentenced him because he had heard many stories of non-consensual sex in the jail house but he did not believe all of it. Sometimes he would just laugh it off thinking that how it could happen under the watch of the jail security staff but then he got into trouble and received his first dose. A thug in the prison pushed him away from the food line and they had a brawl.

Warren was dragged down the dark hallway of the jail house by the guards. He was already stressed for being in jail and now this. His knees were scraping the floor while the other inmates were laughing, cursing and yelling nasties at him. Warren was young and handsome and had lots of sex but never before today and this moment, he could think of getting fucked in his ass by a man. He was well aware of gays and the sex they did but it was little bit of too strange for his taste. Naturally, thrown in the jail cell, he was not thinking of this. He did not even notice the huge and gruff male on the cot with his eyes focused on Warren. Warren sat down on the cot and turned to see the big man. He was alarmed but being a good boxer, warren was not much concerned, at least not yet until he noticed the man’s arms and imagined his height to be at least 7’ or even more. Warren was strong but against that thug, no not at all, who gazed at Warren for a while.

Suddenly there was a shout by the jail security staff and all the lights were cut out but some very dim and bleak light in every cell to see the things around. The big guy got off the bed and as Warren only leaned to lie down on the cot, he was held by the shoulder and pulled to his feet by the thug. The man had a big grin on his face as he pulled Warren closer and closer to make him feel the big man’s monstrous cock under his jail house uniform. It was not fully erect yet but fully wanting warren, he could guess. Warren tried to step back but he could not because of being held very tight and he also could not yell out.

Warren suddenly felt the big man kissing him. His tongue was searching deep in Warren’s mouth, licking it all around inside. As the kisses continued, the zipper on his uniform came down. Feeling the huge heft of the sex muscle, Warren tried to break lose once again but he could not. The man was hard by now. As the man chucked his deep orange uniform to the floor, he lifted Warren off his feet and removed his old torn jeans off his legs and then with the hate and rage mix, he tore off the boxers left on Warren’s body and put him down, totally naked with his relatively much smaller cock hanging shamefully limp. The man was still kissing Warren like he was kissing a girl and also trying to get fully naked and exposed. His cock was surprisingly long, definitely more than 12’’ against Warren’s 6’’. According to Warren, he had never seen something that big ever before even in porno videos. When the man smiled and pushed Warren to turn around, it suddenly dawned on Warren, the man was going to fuck him in his ass with that large slab of meat. Knowing that if he resisted, it could hurt much more, Warren bent over with his limping cock pointing downwards.

Soon the mammoth cockhead of the man reached Warren’s hole, trying to breach and enter his ass. There was purpose behind the cock moving in Warren’s ass for deep pumping and causing pain but it also felt sharply good. Soon Warren’s cock was erect and also stone hard hovering underneath like the fan of the reversed helicopter. The man reached down and grabbed Warren’s sex dong in his larger fist, spit on it and began jerking it off slowly while pumping in his ass. The man’s length and huge width was scrapping his rectal walls with each in and out pumping. Warren was crying and sighing with utmost pain and pleasure mixing in his bowels. Warren said that he had never realized that the gay guys could have so much fun inside them. Soon Warren’s climax began to gather in his balls and his cock began to swell as the sex juices began building up inside him with his cock throbbing huge.

Not much further apart, the man’s cock was also vibrating and his pumping became much stronger and rapid, more violent and pleasurable. He pushed in and pulled out of Warren’s hot ass until Warren could not contain the joy and with a delicious howl of orgasm, he erupted in the man’s hand shooting his heavy load all around in multiple squirts ultimately growing limp in in his hand. The magic of Warren’s orgasm worked on the big man and he began unloading his sperm into Warren’s ass after a huge inward thrust. The force, the thick warm flow was unbelievably pleasing and unending in Warren’s tight virgin ass. Finally the man pulled out of Warren, limp but still looking horribly huge.

He swiftly kneeled down and began to kiss and lick Warren’s cockhead, sucking and milking out every drop left in the pipes and making Warren hard again to take him in the mouth. “You cannot just be spared without paying the price for the ecstasy”, he said and started to slip his wet mouth over the shaft with the best of the best skills. His tongue twirled at the pre cum lubed head to slip down deeper until his nose was jammed in Warren’s pubic bone taking full length in his throat. Hardly 10 minutes and another orgasm was engulfing Warren. His body racked, burst after burst of warm, tasty, thick cum in the big man’s throat. The man kept his mouth swishing around Warren to keep him hard for a while longer in the warmth surroundings until they both were fully spent but the night was very young still. Both Warren and the big man had fun with each other’s cock. For Warren, the man’s cock was tall and steep as the Mount Everest and for the man, Warren’s cock was one of the natural wonders of nature, Cumming and Cumming and still Cumming more with tremendous staying power.

In the six months they had to be together in this jail cell, Warren was fully addicted to expect and have ass fucked joy immediately after the lights were turned out in the jail cell. I am very happy to announce that the story began with ‘Warren was my best friend’ has now changed to be, ‘Warren is still my best friend’ and I have taken over the duty of the big man that made Warren a faggot ass boy taking his ass as often as possible during the day or the night depending on the circumstances.

Please send comments. AWC February 5, 2021.

Rating: 80%, Read 2726 times, Posted Feb 09, 2021

True Story | Anal


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