We Wife Swap by fbailey

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We Wife Swap

I took my car into the local garage to get my snow ties put on. I had been in there a couple of times before but I had never met Liz. When I was alone in the office with her I said, “You are cute. How come I’ve never seen you before?”

Liz said, “So you think I’m cute, do you want to see more of me. We wife swap.”

I was shocked but recovered quickly and said, “I don’t think that your husband would trade you for my wife.”

Liz asked, “Why not?”

I told her that my wife used to look as good as she did but that the years had not been real kind to her and that she gained much more weight than she should have.

Liz asked, “Describe her to me.”

I replied, “She has a cute face, big boobs, big belly, and a big butt.”

Liz said, “She sounds perfect for my husband.”

I said, “But he has you!”

Liz replied, “But you men always think the grass is greener on the other side of the tracks. Do you want to get me in bed or not.”

What could I possibly say? I said, “I would love to get you in bed.”

Liz asked, “Would you mind if my husband fucked your wife?”

I replied, “I guess not. Fair is fair, right.”

Liz asked, “Can you talk her into coming to our house this Friday? You might plan on spending the night or even the whole weekend in bed with me. Us girls can get together when we wear you guys out. What would you two think about double penetration? Both of you guys in me and then in her.”

I had nothing to say but managed to spit out, “I know about my wife, she has never been with another woman and she really isn’t into anal sex.”

Liz said, “Honey most of the women that we swap with said the same thing in the beginning but that didn’t stop them.”

So I said yes to wife swapping on Friday at her house, paid my bill, and went home to break the news to my wife.

It was not easy to just blurt it out so I played twenty questions with her. You know, “Have you ever thought about making out with another woman?” “Would you ever do a threesome with another man or another woman?” “What do you thing about wife swapping?”

Then my wife asked, “Have you been talking with my sister?”

I replied, “No! Why?”

She said, “Because my sister has been trying to get us to swap with her and her husband for over a year now. I would never do something like that with my own sister, maybe a stranger, but certainly not with my own sister.”

I asked, “So you would do it with a stranger?”

She replied, “I think I would if the guy was cute.”

I said, “Well Liz the girl at the auto repair place invited us to wife swap this Friday with her and her husband. I said yes.”

My wife asked, “Is Liz cute?”

I replied, “I think so.”

She asked, “What about her husband?”

I replied, “I don’t know, I never saw him.”

She took in a deep breath and said, “Okay! I’ll try it but if he is a dog and I want out of there, we go. Is that clear?”

I said, “Absolutely.”

I could not believe my luck. I was going to get in bed with Liz. I had not cheated on my wife in a few years and I was certainly ready to do so again…with her permission no less.

The next two days dragged by, but each night after we had fabulous sex, we talked about the wife-swapping weekend. She was actually getting excited about being with a woman. She was warming up to the idea of having a cock up her pussy and one her ass but not necessarily at the same time.

On Friday when I came home from work my wife was extremely jittery. She was practically shaking with excitement. She had cleaned out all of her orifices, shaved her pussy, and taken a long hot bath. Her hair, nails, and makeup were done nicely. However, she was really concerned as to what she was supposed to wear.

I called Liz and let her talk to my wife. It seems that my wife didn’t have to worry about what she wore to their house because she wouldn’t be wearing it that long anyway. A simple short dress and we were on our way. She didn’t even wear a bra or put on panties because Liz told her that they would leave marks on her skin.

In twenty minutes we were parked in their driveway and walking up their front steps. Liz opened the door and greeted us. She was just wearing a transparent pink baby doll nightie. She embraced my wife, kissed her on the lips, and took her into the house. I just followed along.

In the living room was the husband, I recognized him as the mechanic that put the tires on my car. He was just wearing a loose pair of sweat pants. He took my wife in his arms, kissed her very passionately, and then he unzipped her dress and asked her to step out of it.

I was amazed that my wife was willing to stand there in front of a strange man completely nude. He started putting his hands all over her nude body. He felt of her big saggy breasts, ran his hands over her big round belly, and stopped cupping her fat pussy in his hand. Meanwhile his other hand was massaging her big butt.

Liz took me off to the master bedroom where she asked me to remove her transparent pink baby doll for her. It was way too easy, but it did get her arms up over her head and lifted her tiny breasts nicely. She had a small waist, a slightly rounded belly, and a perfect ass. Her pussy was shaved as smooth as my wife’s pussy was. I reached down and slipped a finger into her wet pussy.

Liz said, “I need to suck your cock till you cum so that we can enjoy some foreplay before you fuck me. I think we will both enjoy it more that way.

For the next five hours Liz and I did everything that two people could do sexually. I had completely forgotten about my wife until Liz said, “Its midnight we need to check in with our spouses.”

My wife looked very happy. Liz asked, “So honey what did you two do?”

My wife just started talking about sucking his cock, getting fucked in the missionary position, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl. Then she admitted to letting him fuck her ass. She could not believe that he had cum inside her five times and that she had even enjoyed the anal sex. She had sucked his cock, licked his asshole, and had both of his balls in her mouth at the same time. My wife was amazing once she loosened up.

She said, “I can hardly wait to get both of your cocks inside me at the same time.”

Liz said, “Let’s save that for tomorrow. Right now I want my husband’s cum back.”

She dragged my wife down to the carpeted floor and soon they were in a sixty-nine that was incredible. Her husband handed me a beer and we sat back and watched the girls. It was far better than I had ever seen in a dirty movie.

An hour later my wife and I were sent to our room to get some rest. Actually it was the room that she had been using all evening but with clean sheets. We cuddled and talked a little then fell asleep.

In the morning my wife kissed me and said, “When you guys double team me I want you in my ass. He has already had it once and I owe you that much. Thank you for getting me involved with them. Maybe we can try some of their other friends next weekend.”


As I eased my rock hard cock into her ass, my wife said, “I love two cocks at the same time. I feel so full. I cannot believe that I have never tried this before. I only wish that I had a third cock for my mouth.”

Liz asked, “Will my pussy do?”

I was right behind my wife’s head when Liz slipped herself right in next to her husband’s head and let my wife lick her clit. I had the best anal sex of my life that morning. Liz was the first one to cum then it was me followed by my wife and then Liz’s husband.

After a combination breakfast and lunch my wife told Liz that she was hooked on wife swapping and asked her if she would help us meet other couples.

Liz then told my wife that she had better be careful about who she lets fuck her. She then conveyed some stories about when she got started in wife swapping.

Liz said, “In the beginning I let my husband make all of the decisions as to who we swapped with. He picked very attractive women, you know the kind, they could pass for beauty queens, models, or even actresses. He had the time of his life fucking those beauties. I on the other hand I got stuck with their husbands, or rather they got to stick it to me. Since opposites attract, most beautiful women have very unattractive men. They all resembled Hell’s Angels rejects. One in particular must have weighed four hundred pounds, had a full beard that had cum in it from every girl that he had ever met, and I don’t think that he had ever had a bath in his life. He took me into our guestroom, shoved a ball gag into my mouth, and then tied my hands over my head to the headboard. Then I was all his for the next five hours until midnight. My feet were tied up next to my hands, that left my two holes open to anything that he wanted to do to me. He forced his fat cock into my ass, he didn’t use any lubrication what so ever, and it hurt like hell. My screams were useless and my tears just soaked into the bed. That son of a bitch dry fucked my asshole until it bleed, until it no longer hurt, and until our time was up. He rammed his cock up my ass for over four hours. Later I found out from his wife that he could get hard but that he couldn’t cum, that made him last forever, and I was the one to suffer. Soon after that I was the one picking out our couples and I have yet to invite a Miss America into our home to fuck my husband. My husband and I also get checked for AIDS frequently.”

My wife was silent for several minutes. She had turned white but her color started coming back.

Liz said, “I would like you two to join us again next weekend. Then in about a month I’ll invite two another couples to join us in a group setting. You will be able to get that third cock in your mouth if you want it.”

My wife kissed Liz and thanked her for her honesty. Then she took Liz’s husband into a bedroom.

Liz and I talked for a few hours. She had not been exaggerating about the men that had fucked her, caused her pain, and were just plain mean to her. Over the past several years she had learned to judge people better. Liz has seen me from a distance on a few occasions. When she first saw me she wanted to get me in bed but she waited over a year until she had seen me a few times before suggesting anything. In fact Liz had even seen my wife on at least one occasion either picking me up or dropping me off. So she knew what to expect for her husband. She told me that he liked my wife’s big tits best but that he really liked pounding into her big ass as he fucked her from behind.

That evening Liz shared my bed and we slept peacefully. My wife did not give her husband that same opportunity. In fact she kept after him all night long. Sunday morning he asked his wife and I to keep her busy so that he could get a nap in.

We started our threesome out with a well-deserved dip in their hot tub while the women drank two bottles of wine. My wife talked about making out with her girlfriends when she was in grade school and in high school. However, when she lost her virginity at sixteen, she never went back to girls again. Making out with Liz had given her what she had been missing all those years.

Our threesome ended with the girls in a sixty-nine with my wife on the bottom and my cock in Liz’s pussy and my balls rubbing against my wife’s forehead. Talk about getting a front row seat.

When Liz’s husband finally woke up from his nap we had a nice meal and then said goodbye. My wife kissed him but she gave Liz an even better kiss.

The End

We Wife Swap


Rating: 89%, Read 80435 times, Posted Feb 20, 2011

Fiction | Anal, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Threesome


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