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After a bad breakup, I spent a few months regaining some emotional independence. I never spoke to any girls during this time, I just hung out with the guys getting bro support. I finally did meet a cute girl while hanging out downtown. We talked for a bit and decided to go grab a drink at this cool sports bar with pool tables, foozball, all that kind of stuff. She had never been there and it has since become our little spot to hang out.

We're both 30, but she looks way younger than that. She has a demeanor of a younger girl too, but she's mature in her own ways and really adorable in others. She is a perfect height, like not too short, but just the right height where we have really good hugs. She has beautiful, shimmering dark brown hair like out of a L'Oreal commercial, really cute bangs, dark beautiful brown eyes, and olive skin with the most adorable freckles on the bridge of her nose that follow down under her eyes. When she giggles her nose scrunches up and she has the cutest smile. Everything about her lights up the room. Just a really positive, fun loving, and wonderful girl that I feel like I have been waiting for my entire life.

She and I clicked so unbelievably well. Coincidentally, we were *both* just out of 4 year relationships (not immediately out of them, we weren't a rebound for each other as both of us had been single for at least 4 or 5 months).

And wow, has she ever brought joy into my life. Every time I'm with her we just laugh, and play, and kiss, and cuddle, rinse and repeat (we were not sexual, just dating at a slow pace). We told each other all of our life's stories, all the food, music, and activities we loved, the things we want to do with our lives, everything. It was just a real, genuine connection that I can honestly say I've never felt with someone.

Now something that was missing from my last relationship was... really dirty sex. Even though we (my ex and I) did have sex, she just didn't get down the way I wanted to. I'll admit I kinda watch a lot of porn, so I'm adjusted to just being nasty. I have to say that my favorite thing of all, as much as I loved passionate sex, was getting a really good blowjob. My ex was not one for wanting that at all.

**While talking about my job to the new girl** (I work in IT), she admitted that she "broke" her computer and thinks it was from "going on too many porn sites." Wide eyed, I couldn't believe she just openly said it with the cute little tone in her voice, but I laughed with her and said "so you like porn eh?" She replied with a shy "yes" and covered her mouth. I am not making this up... I realize it sounds like something out of cheesy fantasy but she really had no reservations about it. The surprising part is that it was really out of left field considering all of our innocent, but deep conversations. It was the first flag that we wanted to move past the cuddle-stage.

Now, we had been on a kissing only basis the first few weeks of dating just to keep it slow because we were enjoying each other so much. But then came the night when we were at my apartment, a little drunk and pretty high, in my fully illuminated living room watching TV and joking around. We were having a good time and about an hour or so later it transitioned into the first passionate kiss since she had arrived. Again, without reservation she stops kissing me and says: "Okay... so I've been a little shy to say this, and I hope it isn't too forward... but I really want to suck your dick." And laughed nervously but ever so adorably.

This is something my ex would have never, ever said to me. She hated giving oral and it was a huge bummer. But this girl, right after she said that I asked "is that so?" with a big smile on my face. She giggled yet again, gave a short speedy nod, then leaned in for another sensual kiss. My eyes were closed and a moment into our kiss I felt the button on my pants pop open. I look down at her hands and she's slowly pulling the zipper revealing my crotch covered only by my boxer briefs. I had to lift my butt so she could pull the waist band down enough for my dick to flop out. It was now exposed to the cool temperature of the room and I felt her hand lift my dick to an upward position. Her head lowered, and I could hear her wet lips open before tightly shrouding my dick in what felt like a warm, wet velvet glove sliding down the shaft. The following suction made my whole body go limp in pleasure.

The mouth on this girl was absolute heaven. She twisted her hands around it following her mouth up and down. Fully engaged in my paradise she stopped for a moment to stare at it and said "wow, you're pretty big" (another giggle) "it's like a fat mushroom!" and wiggled my dick back and forth lol. (I only have a mildly prominent head, but I guess it made her think of a mushroom and we had a laugh over it).

She then lowered her head and went back to sucking. It immediately drew a pleasure filled "ooohhh" from me and my body became paralyzed once again. She continued at this perfect, not-too-fast but not-too-slow pace and would occasionally go really deep until I felt the back of her throat with the head of my dick. She would do that gag-cough kinda thing that expelled a lot of air and spit, but I love it. She happily rubbed all the extra spit from it all over my head and shaft for more slippery stroking/sucking. With each motion of her head I couldn't help but moan from the pleasure. She stopped maybe once or twice to take a short break while catching her breath but continued the slippery stroking before diving right back into really intimate sucking.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and gave the signal that I was about to cum. She never stopped, and I inevitably began erupting in her mouth from extreme orgasm. She kept on going until every last drop pulsed into her mouth from my throbbing dick. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face so my neighbors wouldn't hear me loudly and uncontrollably moaning with each pump of my ejaculation (it was late and I have thin walls at my apartment). It was actually borderline overwhelming where I wanted to stop her (my head gets *super* sensitive when I cum) but refrained and endured the immense climax. As my dick slowly stopped pulsing cum, I tried to catch my breath but she kept giving a slow, sensual but harder suck to get the rest of it out. My orgasm tapered off but the continuing sucking still sent nearly unbearable pleasure throughout my whole body. My dick no longer giving her cum, she pulled her mouth away to give and gave it a good look as she wrapped her hand around and tightly squeezed the base. She then slid all the way up to the head to get that that last thick bead of cum to the surface. She put the cum topped head past her lips just enough to give a hard noisy suck leaving it only with the gloss of her spit. She smiled at me in satisfaction of her accomplishment then leaned my dick back towards her mouth to give it a quick and cheerful parted-lip kiss in a manner to say "all done!"

Finally, after dropping my now limp cock she stood up to go grab a towel and clean herself in the bathroom. I just laid there with my sore, empty dick flopped over my thigh. Completely spent and still engaged in the ecstasy.

I had to practically regain consciousness from this, get my vision back, then asked if she wanted me to return the favor (like a gentleman). Still down the hall she simply said "Nope. That got me off really good just doing that and satisfying you". All I could think of was "holy shit. this girl can't possibly be real."

I still wanted to please her, but she just wanted to cuddle after that (she asked if I had mouth wash and did a little cleanse before joining me on my bed to end the night watching and laughing at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

So, we had already established this fun relationship and clicked really well, but this just ignited my hormones like I've never felt before. I was in a serious libido flatline just before meeting her and I even thought I had erectile dysfunction. Turns out all I needed was this jump start from a girl with whom I have incredible chemistry.

So not only is this girl cute, sexy, and funny, but she seriously does not stop sucking my dick. Last night she wouldn't stop sucking me till no joke 2 o clock in the morning. She started while we were halfway through watching a hockey game, then continued on after with the occasional break for me to recharge. She just kept it going even while we watched funny sitcoms and a documentary I honestly didn't pay much attention to. With each orgasm I would be even more out of breath than the last and let out increasingly exhausted sighs of pleasure followed by variations of "jesus christ, sweetheart. You're incredible" to get one of those adorable giggles out of her. I got off so many times that my dick is sore and raw today (aside from me being tired as hell at work after being up all night). On my lunch break today she jokingly texted "wanna make out?" and I just replied "lol sure. Wanna meet at my apartment?" which luckily is around the corner from my work.

So she came over, and sure enough, making out meant deepthroating me before I had to go back to work. I almost feel guilty that she gives me a blowjob even if we hang out for just a moment. I don't immediately ask for it even though I really wanted her to time and time again. But when I ask she gets really excited. I told her "feel free to surprise me with it if you ever want to do it." And she simply said "I really like when you ask me or tell me what to do". All I have ever had to do during kissing was pause with our faces still close, then whisper "can you suck on me a little?" and she would get this huge smile on her face and practically rip my pants open.

She's an absolute angel. I have never dated a girl that I get along with so well, and felt this good sexually ever.

Another time, she was laying over me. Like if you were laying next to someone parallel, and they sat up and leaned over to give a blowjob. In this position while she was sucking me, I was able to reach down the back of her pants and caress her bare ass under her underwear. I kept going until I could reach her pussy with my fingers and holy shit was she ever wet. She was not joking when she said sucking dick gets her off. So this time I fingered her while she did it, and the vibrations in her mouth from moaning made it even better.

The rest of the story is pretty sappy :)

She came over last night and I made myself a promise it would be strictly non-sexual. I wanted her to know that I appreciate and respect her in every way. I always send her sweet messages, give her back rubs, make her laugh. I've been taking her places around town she's never visited, and just doing anything I can to make her happy. Her smile and laughter is so contagious and uplifting, and as a guy who suffers from depression this is a god send.

But anyway, she came over and I just wanted to hang out and watch a movie, nothing else. She actually brought stuff to make shrimp pasta that was to die for. She kept bringing me beers whenever I was empty, made sure I was full, then did all the dishes. I hugged her from behind and said thank you with a kiss on the cheek while she was cleaning up. I plan to give back as much as I can to show her how much I appreciate her.

Anyway, I know it's puppy love and being sexual with a new partner right now. But I'm older and more mature to make better decisions on who I want to be with and whether the relationship is healthy or not. I've been in a few long term relationships and none of them started out this wonderful. We watch all the same shows, listen to a lot of the same music, I swear I'm just waiting to wake up and snap back to my mundane reality. But it's feeling pretty real. Great chemistry and an incredible sexual relationship, I've waited my entire adult life for this.

Rating: 93%, Read 13795 times, Posted Mar 26, 2015

True Story |


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