My first time sucking cock_(2) by johnboy50

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True Story | Anal, Blowjob

My first time

I have fantasised about sucking a cock for the longest time. Something about the thought of getting on my knees in front of another man and pleasuring him until he shoots his cum into my mouth just drives me wild with lust. I have never done anything about it as I was too scared.

Once, I was in a toilet at a service station, and there was a glory hole. The guy in the next cubicle was sat stroking a very impressive cock, which was very hard! He saw me watching and stood, bringing his engorged shaft towards my astonished face. Sadly his cock was so big, only the first 2 inches was able to come through the hole. I sat and stared for a moment or 2 and then took my first steps into cocksucking. I gently licked the head of this large member. I was taken aback for a moment by how velvety soft his skin seemed, but how hot and hard at the same time. Encouraged by the slight swelling as I explored,

I took his cock head into my mouth. My heart was pounding and I was so turned on!!! Unfortunately his cock was just too big and he quickly withdrew. He signalled for me to put my cock through the hole but I was just too scared and fled the cubicle. That night in my hotel I masturbated with the vision of his gorgeous cock in my mouth and I ended up lying with my legs over my head so I could cum into my own mouth, fantasising that the salty load was his.

That was my only chance for many years, then recently I finally achieved my dream and this is what happened and it’s all true.

I had been aware that a toilet near where I live had a glory hole between the 2 cubicles. I had been there a couple of times and become excited at seeing the gay graffiti bragging about sucking cock and asking for dates. Once I had gone in and seen under the door that 2 guys were obviously engaging in some sexual act through the hole but I was unable to get closer to see more.

This day I had gone there and was actually in need of the facility. I locked the cubicle door and after peeing stood stroking my cock and giving myself a thrill. I heard someone come into the other cubicle and the sound of clothing being adjusted but nothing else. It was very quiet in the toilets and I heard him breathing as he stood just a foot away from me! I slowly edged down to look through the hole. He was standing side on so that I could see him stroking his cock standing slightly back from me. He must have seen me looking because he stepped forward still in profile so I was now looking at his cock side on but much closer. His cock was only semi erect but he was pulling the foreskin back to expose his glans. This continued for a minute or so then he beckoned with his finger. I stood and showed my own semi erect cock and he immediately reached through and roughly grasped me and stroked it.

His touch was electrifying I was standing with just a cubicle between me and this stranger rubbing my cock, I felt like he was in control. He released my cock and then stepped up so that his own now more rigid member came through the hole. I t was about 6 inches and uncut, with the head exposed as he pulled back his foreskin. I stroked it and knelt down to bring my face closer. His glans had a smear of precum just oozing out of the slit so I licked it with the tip of my tongue, feeling the softness of his cockhead and tasting the sweet precum in my mouth and on my lips. His cock twitched slightly at my touch but the hole was not at a great angle and his cock was not through far enough to really work on. He withdrew his cock and said “come in here” in a rough voice.

As if in a trance I opened my cubicle door, my own semi hard cock still exposed and stepped out into the open toile area. I shyly knocked on his door and he opened it. As I went to step through, he stopped me

“kiss my cock” he said in a low voice. By now not caring about my surroundings I knelt and kissed his rapidly hardening cock head.

“yes” he said

“Lick the head just like that”

I was now kneeling in the doorway to the cubicle licking on this guys cock, exposed to anyone who walked in as a cocksucker!!

He grunted in satisfaction as I licked his glans then stepped back and allowed me to enter and close the door, before rapidly pushing me to my knees and holding his cock to my mouth to continue my ministrations.

I was in cocksucking heaven. Here I was finally doing the thing I had fantasised about for so long with this dominant guy clearly enjoying my attention. As I slowly licked along his hard shaft he was wanking the bottom part of his cock so that he became fully erect, then he pushed the head past my lips so that about 3 inches entered my willing mouth. I swirled my tongue under the head and slurped noisily on his head. I could hear myself making little whimpering sounds of pleasure as I worked on his manhood.

“yes suck my cock you slut” he whispered in his harsh voice

“you love it don’t you?”

“You’re going to take all my cum, cumslut!”

I was grunting acknowledgement to this tirade, feeling so dirty and sexy and incredibly turned on.

Suddenly we both heard someone else enter the unoccupied cubicle next to us. He froze for a moment, turning his body and withdrawing his cock from my eager mouth so that he was between me and the hole. Then after only a couple of seconds he grinned down at me knowingly and turned so that his cock was back in my mouth and I was exposed to the hole, which now had a single eye staring at my lewd sex act!!! The guy pulled his cock back from my lips and proceeded to tease my mouth with the tip, wiping his cock round my face and then pushing it slowly back in, showing the watcher just how much I was willing to keep sucking him.

I was now so turned on I simply didn’t care. I held my mouth wide, licking his cock as it played in and out and then sucking him as deep as I could as he started to thrust in a fucking rhythm in and out of my swollen lips.

“Yes you fucking slut, suck me harder, I bet you love it up the arse you dirty little cunt”

I was whimpering like a little girl as he roughly abused my mouth, letting out groans of pleasure as he built to his orgasm suddenly out of the corner of my eye I noticed the watcher had been replaced by a very hard cock. The guy stopped me sucking him by withdrawing from my mouth.

“suck it bitch” he said

“suck on his cock and show him how much you want his cum as well”

I needed no encouragement I turned on my knees and licked this second erect cock as he stood back and stroked himself.

“stand up” He said

I stopped and looked at him he gestured me to stand and as I did he bent me from the waist so my mouth was back on my second cock. He then pulled my trousers and pants fully down so my erect cock and ass was exposed. Stepping behind me I felt his fingers probing my asshole. I was in total shock, I had not ever thought of being fucked by a man but was now so taken in the moment and so turned on I was willing to do anything he said. He must have knelt because the next thing I knew he had pulled my ass cheeks apart and was licking my exposed bud!! Oh my god, I nearly came there and then. The feeling of his mouth probing my most private place as I eagerly sucked on another mans cock was almost too much He spit into my asshole and licked and tongued me very hard and fast, then as I knew he would, he stood and I felt the hot bulbous head of his rock hard cock push against my asshole. I was still busily slurping and sucking on the cock in front of me as I felt him slowly push into me from behind. I gasped as I felt his cockhead pop into my asshole and he slowly worked it back and forth to get more lubrication and go deeper with each push. It was then that I realised that I was pushing back with each thrust, the pleasure of feeling this hot cock in my asshole was incredible and he was pushing it deeper with each thrust.

“Hey” He said

“bring that cock in here “

There was a pause and the cock withdrew from the hole, bent forward with this guy fucking me I unlocked the cubicle and my second ever cock appeared in the hands of a denim clad 40 ish man.

He quickly crammed into the cubicle, looking at me and the guy fucking my ass and then raised his cock back to my lips for me to continue getting him off.

The guy behind me was now really into a rhythm fucking me quite hard so I was pushed onto the cock of the guy in my mouth then I felt him tense and grunt as he orgasmed and I felt his cum shoot into me, holding me impaled on his cock as he spasmed shot after shot of cum into my ravaged asshole. As he did my own cock erupted and I shot off onto my trousers and the floor, waves of pleasure shuddering through me

He held it there until he was spent then pulled his cock out without a second thought.

The feeling of emptiness on my asshole was strange, I sank to my knees slowly still sucking enthusiastically on the hard cock in my mouth. I could feel his cum leaking from my ass onto the cubicle floor turning me on even more.

The guy in front of me was really leaking lots of precum onto my face and lips then with no warning he erupted into my mouth and onto my face and for the first time ever I tasted another mans cum in my mouth as his cockhead pushed past my lips, still issuing spurts of cum onto my eager tongue. I lapped and swallowed without hesitation until he too was spent.

Without a word he pushed his cock into his jeans and let himself out of the cubicle. The first guy now stepped closer, his semi erect cock still glistening with his juices.

“clean my cock slut” was all he said, I was so turned on I didn’t hesitate, taking this dirty cock that had just been up my arsehole into my mouth like the nastiest dirtiest whore in any fuck video and cleaning it enthusiastically with my lips and mouth

“Mmmmm, you really are a little cumslut aren’t you he growled.

My ministrations had started to make his cock grow again but he stopped me

“ I have to go” he said but I will see you here again soon!

And with a sort of half grin and knowing look he stepped out of the cubicle

I stood , cum dribbling out of my asshole, on my face and all over my front I absently wiped my cheeks and licked the cum into my mouth savouring the taste of my first cocksucking event.

Cleaning myself as best as I could, I made my way home, determined to meet with him again for another session but this time I would taste his cocks cum

Rating: 95%, Read 83124 times, Posted Mar 30, 2017

True Story | Anal, Blowjob


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