Link... Part 2_(1) by PrettyGirl1098

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Fantasy | Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young

sorry for the wait, i havn't had time :((( hope you like!!

Faye awoke to the sound of metal of metal, clunks and clashes coming from somewhere in the darkness. Faye sat up and rubbed her eyes. Someone approached the metal bars of her cell. She could clearly see the out-line, and at once she knew who it was.

"Link!!" She shreiked.

"Shhhhh!!" Link said.

"Oh.. sorry" She said as Link opened the door. Faye threw her arms around him and kissed him, but he didn't kiss her back, her unwound her arms quickly.

"Umm... we don't have much time we have to go.. NOW!" he said quickly as he grabbed her arm and pulled her up the stair case, making her trip and stumble. Faye was very hurt, why had he pulled away? Didn't he like her? Has he ever liked her? Faye thought, but then pushed the thoughts aside because this was FAR more important. As they reached the top of the stairs, Link looked around and then decided that the coast was clear. As they scampered through the castle they finally came to a window, with a rope hangin over the side of the edge.

"Ladies first" Link said without any humour. As Faye grabbed they rope, Link grabbed he rhips to help steady her as she made her decent down the rope.

"Don't Look down" Link said as he watched carerfully for guards. When she reached the bottom, LInk made his decent down the rope as well.

When he reached the end of the rope, he grabbed her arm.

"C'mon, we to be quick!!" He yelled as he ran to the horse stables, grabbed a horse and a carriage set the horse up, pushed Faye into the back and he jumped into the drivers seat and flicked the reins to make the horses gallop.

"Was pushing me in the back really needed?" Faye complained as she stood up and walked over to the window.


"I see" Faye said. The awkward silence surrounded them like a mist. When it was night, and they had finally stopped to camp, they were only about 1/3 of the way there.


"Yes?" He said looking up from the fire he was tending to.

"How did you find me?" She quizzed.


"Oh come on that isn't an answer" Faye pushed. LInk stood up.

" Well it's good enough" He said exasperated.

"Well sorry...." Faye said sadly. Link turned around, realising who he had just talked back to! He kneeled next to her.

"I'm sorry.. im just tired, thats all" Faye turned to him.

"Link, do you love me?" Faye said, as tears ran down her cheeks. Link looked surprized.

"How could i love someone, who does not return my love?" Link looked in her eyes. Faye leant foward and kisses him with passion, her legs felt like jelly. Link tried to stand up, but Faye stood up too. Link breaks their kiss by turning his face to the right.

"W-we can't" He said as he took a step back.

"Why not!?" Faye yelled as she grabbed his arm. He whipped around and pushed her into a close tree.

"Because if your father finds out, he'll hang me!" he yelled.

"I won't let that happen" Faye argued. Link half smiled and shook his head.

"So, you don't love me?" Faye whispered, as she dropped to her knees. Link gave in.

"Yes... ye sof course i do, but your a princess, destined to be queen someday!, i just .. can't" He said, running his fingers through his hair. Faye looked up..

"Please?...." She managed. Link bent down grabbed her shoulders and helped her up.

" You swear to keep it a secret"

"I was going to do that anyway" Faye said happily as she wrapped her arms around Links neck. Link kissed her back, it felt great! He moved his hands up her thighs and pulled her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the carriage. When they did, he let her donw on the floor softly and began kissing her collar bone. She closed her eyes, savouring the moment.

"Tell me to stop if..." he let his voice trail off. He quickly undid the series of string down her front and threw them away and he took off her dress untill she was only in her underwear and bra. She tried to cover herself, as she could already feel her cheeks burning.

"Hey, don't" Link complained as he pried her arms away from her body.

"Your beautiful" He murmured.

"Stop..... stop looking at me your making me embarrassed!!" She shreiked. Link chuckled as he kissed slowly down her stomach. Faye gasped as he kissed the top of her underwear line. When he reached back up to kiss her he let her arms go, which almost automatically went straight to undoing his clothes.

"A-are you s..." He was interupted by Faye putting her finger to his mouth.

"Don't question this, not now" She whispered, as she almost ripped his shirt off. Whenshe did, she went straight to kissing his neck. He put his hands on her bottom, and squeezed. Faye gave a soft whimper, and Link laughed. Link moved one hand to her thighs and began to trace up her thighs, form her knees. Faye closed her eyes tight as he moved her underwear aside and teased her. Faye moans became very loud.

"Link..." She groaned. Link felt himself getting hard, and was embarrassed when Faye leaned up and winked at him. After a few seconds Faye felt her orgasm coming, she squirmed and wiggled underneath him, which made her look even more sexy. Finally she began yelling and groaning and the orgasm rippled through her body like a tsunami wave. Link smiled at her.

"Your turn" Faye said laughing as she jumped on top of him, and they both went crashing to the floor laughing and they explored eachothers bodies.

"This will the best night in my entire life" Link admitted. Faye smiled.... she wasn't going to let Link sleep tonight...

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!! If you would like Part 3 plz comment below !!

Rating: 55%, Read 8539 times, Posted Dec 06, 2011

Fantasy | Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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