The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 3: Bimbo Wife Fucks the Photographer by mypenname3000

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The Bimbo Formula

Chapter 3: Bimbo Wife Fucks the Photographer

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2015


Even in her baggy dress, my bimbo wife Alice looked amazing. Her ass shook as she walked to our car, her curly, red hair falling about her shoulders. Yesterday, she had been a plump and somewhat doughty woman. I loved her despite that. And then she had injected herself with the bimbo compound I had discovered.

Now she was a perfect woman, large tits, hourglass waist, beautiful face, flawless skin.

She was also as dumb as a brick.

She used to be a chemist like me. Well, I guess that part of her was still in there. She could understand chemistry—she even whipped up a male-enhancement injection that gave me a big cock and a lot of stamina—but she was gullible and giggly like an airhead.

It was so cute.

Even if her gullibility led her to blow the delivery man this morning. I had to spank her for being naughty even if I enjoyed watching her blow the Black man. A weird sense of pride had filled me. My wife was so hot a complete stranger desired her. But she was mine.

Janet, my wife's best friend, walked beside Alice in a borrowed dress. Like Alice, she had been a heavy girl until my wife injected her with the bimbo solution. Now she was a gorgeous MILF with even bigger titties than my wife. And she was just as dumb. I had easily convinced her to suck my cock for her treatment and to let me fuck her ass while my wife licked her pussy. It had been hot. Ryan, Janet's husband, was a complete tool.

I loved cuckolding the asshole.

Both women climbed into the backseat of my Honda Accord, giggling with excitement. “Let's go buy sexy clothes!” Alice giggled, adjusting her glasses. She looked like a sexy librarian now. So hot. “Sexy women need sexy clothes!”

“Yes!” Janet giggled, just as vapid. “Sexy clothes! Ryan is going to love the new me.”

I climbed into the driver's seat, my cock hard in my jeans. Both women exuded sex even in their ill-fitting clothes. I couldn't wait to see them in tight, revealing outfits. That's why we were going shopping. It probably wasn't a good idea to spend a lot of money, both Janet and I were unemployed now, but I knew this bimbo treatment would make us billionaires.

“Ladies, you need to buckle up,” I reminded them as they squirmed in the backseat. Alice's blouse was so loose, she was having fun making her naked tits appear, flashing fat, pink nipples at me.

“Right! Safety first!” Alice grabbed the seat belt, pulling it across her. The shoulder strap pressed between her breasts, pulling her dress tight and exposing her left tit entirely. “Oops!” she giggled, stroking her nipple. “What a naughty seat belt.”

“Mine's not naughty,” Janet pouted, adjusting her dress so her left breast popped out. “There we go. Now we're twins!”

I almost hit a car backing out of our driveway. It was a distracting sight. Both women giggled the entire drive to the Commons, the mall up in Federal Way. It once had been called the SeaTac Mall despite SeaTac being farther north on I-5. As much as it pained me, I made sure both women were decently covered up when they climbed out.

I held out my arms. “Okay, ladies, let's shop!”

Alice took my right and Janet the left.

“Shopping!” Alice exclaimed.

I loved strolling with two sexy women on my arms. Lucky for me, Alice still knew the mall, and she knew where to go to buy sexy clothes. The store was called Chyc. I shook my head at the shop's name—I really hated the trend of taking a real word and replacing a letter to make it sound “cool.”

The store was filled with slinky clothes: tight skirts, low-cut blouses, low-riding jeans, skimpy thongs. I grinned as I let the women loose. They were like a pack of hyenas, laughing as they descended onto the plain to feast on designer clothing.

A plump woman with lank, blonde hair and a pimply face walked up. “Hi. Welcome to Chyc. I'm Becca, and I'm here to take care of any of your shopping needs?”

“Do yo think this would look hot on me?” my wife asked, pulling a tight, red dress off the rack and holding it up to her body.

“Oh, definitely,” Becca the salesgirl nodded. “With that figure, you'd be hard pressed to find anything in here that didn't make you look hot.”

“Oh, you're so sweet!” Alice smiled and gave the plump woman a hug. “I'm just so excited to be this hot!”

“Oh, did you recently loose weight?” Becca's smile seemed more force. “That's wonderful.”

“I know!” Alice beamed. She opened up her purse and pulled out her wallet. “This is what I looked like yesterday.”

Becca goggled at the picture of me and my wife. “No way! That's impossible! You must have lost 150 pounds in a day.”

“It's science!” Alice giggled again. “Me and my husband are super smart sciency people.”

“Scientists?” Becca asked, lifting her eyebrows.

“Yes, that's the word. We're, um, the ones that mix chemicals together.” She glanced at me. “Oh, honey, my brain is all fuzzy. What's that word?

“We're chemist,” I said, walking up. “ We invented a serum that transforms a woman into a perfect beauty.”

“Right,” Becca said, rolling her eyes. “And for three easy payments of $19.99 it can be mine.”

“Honey, get your phone out and show her,” Alice smiled. “It's amazing. It changed me and Janet's life!”

Janet nodded from a nearby rack. “Ooh, I think I'll look so hot in this!”

“That's why we're here! We need to have sexy clothes for our sexy bodies!”

I pulled out my phone and found the video I recorded yesterday of Alice's transformation. I held it up for Becca to see. Her blue eyes widened as she watched. Alice wandered off, browsing for more clothes. She headed off to the dressing room with Janet as the video reached the part where her body began changing.

“Holy shit!” Becca gasped. “Is it special effects?”

I shook my head. “Nope. My wife and I have been working on this for years.”

“But your wife seems like such an airhead now,” Becca pointed out.

“She's still my pumpkin. She's just...freer now. And she still knows her chemistry, she just has a hard time saying big words and remembering what things are called.” I took my phone and looked Becca in the eyes. “Besides, what would you give up to be that beautiful?”

Becca chewed her lips.

“Honey, look! I'm so sexy!” Alice called out. She wore the red dress, her breasts almost spilling out of it. I groaned, my cock throbbing hard. I left Becca to ponder as I walked over to my wife. She giggled, turning and shaking her perfect ass at me cupped by the right red fabric.

I slapped her ass, giving her a squeeze. “Perfect. Buy it. Buy whatever you want, pumpkin.”

Alice gave me a happy kiss. “Thank you! You're the bestest husband ever!”

“And you're the best wife.” I squeezed her ass. “Go try the next outfit on.”

Janet emerged moments later. She had a bright green dress. It had cutouts that showed off her sides and the bottom slopes of her breasts. She shimmied her hips. “Do you think Ryan will love it?”

“He will,” I said, caressing her side up to the bottom of her heavy tit.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “We're not in your clinic.”

“Just making sure your skin still feels right.” I reached her breast, squeezing it. “Everything feels fine.”

“Good,” she sighed in relief. “I want to be perfect for Ryan.”

I kissed her on the lips. “Yep, everything's perfect. Go try on your next outfit.”

My cock was aching as both women paraded sexy outfit after sexy outfit before me, strutting like models. I rubbed at my cock, taking the time to give each woman a grope. My wife loved it, but with Janet I had to use the simple lie of “I'm making sure everything is still fine” kept her happy.

Becca was nearby the entire time, pretending to straighten the racks. But she just kept glancing at me, her eyes considering. She fidgeted, fighting her fear. She wanted to be beautiful, but she was believed the serum was a scam. Her face grew flushed, and she flinched and looked away every time I glanced at her. I smiled. She was getting closer to accepting.

I began to think about what to do with her. She was young, just over eighteen, and once she had been bimbofied, she would be a gorgeous, blonde bombshell. She might just be the perfect secretary for the business.

Alice and Janet had found the clothes they wanted and were bringing them up to the cash register when Becca walked forward, trembling as she stopped before me. “What would it cost me to take the treatment?”

I paused to consider. “We're still in the early phases. We haven't figured out the logistics.”

Alice let out a giggle at the cash register where the effeminate man working the cash register laughed back.

“I don't have much,” Becca whispered.

“How would you like a new job?” I asked her. “We'll need a secretary, and as an employee you could have the injection for free.”

“A secretary?” She licked her lips. “ can't be worse than this job.”

“I think you'll love it,” I promised her as my wife walked over carrying her bags.

“Look what I bought!” Alice brandished the bags like a hunter displaying her trophy.

“Excellent, pumpkin. And Becca here has decided to take the treatment.”

My wife squealed in delight and hugged the plump girl. It was an awkward hug since her arms were full of bags. “I have the treatment in here!” Alice set her bags down and fished in her purse, pulling out a clean syringe and a small bottle filled with the green substance.

“We'll need someplace private to administer it,” I said.

“Oh, we can use the break room in the back. It's time for my lunch anyways,” Becca said, eyeing the vial.

“Good.” I took the syringe. Across the mall's promenade from Chyc was Delilah's Treasures, a lingerie shop. “Pumpkin, why don't you head over to the lingerie store and buy some naughty stuff. Surprise me.”

Alice's face fell a bit. “But...I wanted to assist.”

“Janet can,” I told her. I would have the rest of my life to play with Alice, but Janet was married so I wanted to enjoy her as much as possible. “I can't wait to see how beautiful you will be in the naughty lingerie you buy. It'll make me so happy.”

Alice frown became a beaming smile. “Okay. I love you.” She gave me a kiss.

I smacked her ass as she walked away. “Love you, too, pumpkin.”

“She's...affectionate,” Becca said.

“It's a side-effect,” I shrugged. “Come on, let's get going.” I waved to Janet to follow.



My disappointment vanished as I walked into Delilah's Treasures. There was so much sexy, naughty things to wear. All the skimpy, sexy clothing I always wished I was thin enough to wear were spread out before me. I had no idea where to begin.

I giggled as I flitted about the store. It was almost overwhelming. I wanted them all.

But I didn't have that much money, right?

I struggled to remember. That smart part of me seemed to think I didn't. I should trust that smart part of me, even if she used big words. I drifted towards a sea-green babydoll, the fabric sheer. I touched it, loving the feel.

Out of the corner of my eye, a man stepped up. He was tan and handsome, a hungry smile framed by short-trimmed, dark goatee. He held up his hands, making a rectangle with his thumbs and pointer fingers, framing me between them.

“What are you doing?” I giggled. “It's silly.”

“You are gorgeous,” the man said. “I'm Gerard.” He pulled a card from his pocket and handed it over. It read: Gerard Kelly, Photographer with a motto, “Transforming beauty into perfection.”

“I'm Alice,” I smiled, then held the babydoll up to me. “Do you think this would look hot on me?”

“Definitely,” he grinned. “I would know. I spend all day photographing beautiful women for magazines.”

“How amazing!”

“And you are perfect. How would you like to be a model?”

I let out a happy squeal. “I would love that!”

“Really?” he asked, almost seeming surprised, but then his suave smile returned. “We could head to my studio and take the photo's right now.”

“Right now?” I was supposed to be doing something for Frank right now. “Oh, but I need to buy this sexy lingerie first.”

“Of course. You need something to wear while modeling,” he said. “If I buy this for you, it'll be your payment. And then we'll head down to my studio. It's not far away. You'll be so sexy.”

“But my husband...”

“He'll want to see the sexy photos.”

“Really?” I asked in awe. “Do you know my husband?”

“Yes, I do. And he wants me to photograph you.”

“Okay! Let's buy this and go.”

His eyebrows furrowed and he muttered something that may have been, “How stupid is she?” But I wasn't sure that's what he said.

I found a few more items, and we headed to the cash register to pay. Unfortunately, he forgot his credit card at home. He was real sorry. I didn't mind. I paid for them. He promised to pay me back at his studio.

What a nice man.

He put his hand on my waist as we walked out.

“Umm, what are you doing?” I asked as his hand drifted down and squeezed my ass.

“I, um, checking your ass size. I need to know all that to calibrate my camera right so the pictures come out perfect.”

“Do you need to touch my breasts, too?” I asked. “I want this to be perfect and they're so big.”

“You are one of a kind, Alice,” he laughed and quickly squeezed my tit in the middle of the mall. My nipple tingled. “Yep. I know just how to calibrate now.”

“Great! Let's go! I can't wait to show Frank these pictures.”

We walked out of the mall to his car. He started the engine and we were off to take sexy pictures.



Becca stripped naked as her body grew hot. The fat melted away from her body, merging into her boobs. They ballooned into great pillows of flesh, her nipples light-pink, actually lighter than her skin, and puffy. The blonde hair fell off her tight pussy lips and the pimples vanished, her face transforming into a sexy, barely-legal temptress.

“Oh, my god, I'm so hot!” she giggled. “And my tits! Their ginormous!”

“You're perfect!” Janet beamed. “But now you need your treatment.”

“My treatment?”

Janet nodded her head. “You have to get it from Frank. It shoots from his cock.”

“Wow,” Becca whispered.

“You'll need to suck one cock a day to stay beautiful,” Janet continued, “and Frank's once a week.”

“She'll be sucking my cock more often,” I grinned. “Becca will be living with me and my wife.”

“I will?”

“Uh-huh. You work for us. We need you to be there to cook and clean because you are our secretary. But don't worry, part of your pay will include your daily treatment of my cum.”

“Oh, good,” she sighed. “I'm so happy.”

“And you'll need your vitamins,” Janet added. “You have to lick pussies for those.”

“There's so much about science I didn't know,” Becca giggled.

My cock strained in my pants as this barely-legal beauty jiggled her tits. I sat down on a chair. “Becca, fish my cock out and wrap those big titties around it. You need to work them up and down for your treatment. When I cum, make sure you drink down all my jizz.”

“Ooh, that's different,” Janet said.

“There are different ways to get the medicine out,” I smiled as Becca knelt, the bimbo eager for her “medicine.”

Janet nodded her head, squeezing her tits in her new, skimpy dress.

My zipper rasped down, and Becca drew out my cock, piling her pillowy tits around it. I groaned as her silky flesh engulfed me. I pulled off my shirts, her puffy nipples rubbing on my stomach as she slid her tits up and down my shaft.

“You have such a big cock,” Becca moaned. “I've never seen on that big.”

“You've seen a lot of cocks?” I asked as she slid her tits up and down.

“No. Not really. I've jerked off a few guys.”

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

I groaned, “That's perfect.”

Janet peeled off her dress and then lay on the floor, sliding her head beneath Becca. The blonde squealed, looking down in shock. “She licked my pussy, Dr. Frank.”

“That's okay,” I smiled. “Janet's just getting her vitamins.” The bimbo must have remembered Alice doing the same thing earlier today. “Just enjoy.”

Becca nodded, moaning again. “It feels so nice.”

“Of course it does,” I grinned. “You and Alice will be licking each other's pussies a lot. For the vitamins.”

Becca's blue eyes widened. “Wow. I can't wait. It feels soooo good.”

Janet noisily ate out Becca as the young woman slid those huge tits up and down my cock. I groaned, leaning back as I enjoyed the silk. The tip of my cock throbbed. My balls tightened as she worked faster.

A sweet musk tickled my nose. Becca moaned, biting her lip. Her blue eyes grew unfocused. She stopped sliding her tits up and down my shaft. And then she gasped and bucked, her virgin pussy cumming on Janet's hungry lips.

“That's it,” I told her, stroking my hand through her blonde hair. “Let yourself be wild and free. Savor her tongue. You were born to experience this bliss.”

“Oh, yes, Dr. Frank! Her tongue! Oh, wow!”

“Don't stop rubbing my cock! Keep sliding those big titties up and down. You need your medicine!”

“Right!” she gasped, squeezing her tits together and sliding them up and down faster and faster. She gasped and moaned, shuddering on Janet's face. The married MILF kept licking Becky's pussy, prolonging the young woman's joy.

My balls tightened. It was so sexy. My bimbo serum was the greatest discovery in the world. I shuddered. “Faster!” I moaned. “I'm so close!”

“Yes, Dr. Frank.” She rubbed those tits faster and faster, the friction growing.

I shifted on the chair, my eyes squeezing shut. My hips bucked, fucking my cock between her soft tits. The pressure grew, building at the tip of my cock. I was so close, me entire body tensed.

And then I exploded.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

My cum burst out from between her tits, falling in white, ropy lines down her tits. Becca gasped in surprise, then leaned her face over, opening her mouth to catch the next blast of cum. She swallowed, savoring her medicine.

“Wow, so much medicine, Dr. Frank,” Becca purred when I stopped erupting.

I leaned back in the chair, gasping for breath as Becca lifted her cum-stained tits to her lips and licked the medicine up. Her tongue flashed pink as she followed the line of cum to her puffy nipple, sucking it between her teeth.

She moaned and shuddered, cumming a second time on Janet's lips as she suckled at her own tit. “Damn,” I muttered, my cock throbbing hard again. Thanks to my wife's injection, I had such stamina. I was ready to go again. “I need to pop your cherry. A bimbo can't be a virgin. The process will reverse.”

Becca popped her nipple out of her mouth. “Oh, no. Then you have to fuck me, Dr. Frank! I don't want to be fat and ugly again.”



Gerard's house wasn't far from the mall. I was giddy with excitement, carrying my bags of clothing. I wore my sexy, red dress, strutting as I walked. Gerard had an admiring smile, his hand squeezing my ass again as we walked up.

“Just double checking my measurements.”

I giggled at that. “My daddy used to say measure once, cut twice.” I frowned. That didn't seem right.

“Thank God your beautiful,” Gerard laughed. “Because you are a complete airhead.”


We stepped into his house. It wasn't too big, and very open in a modern way. It was a bachelor's house. There were no feminine touches to brighten the place up, just cold, if expensive-looking, furniture.

“This way,” he said, motioning with his hand.

“To your studio?”

“I prefer to use a more realistic setting,” he smiled as I followed him down a short hallway, my stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floors.

He led me to a bedroom, a bed covered in blue silk sheets dominated the center of the room. It was austere, with only a dresser, a flat screen TV hanging on the wall, and large windows that looked out on a nearby park surrounding a lake.

“Where's your camera and equipment?” I asked.

He pulled out his phone. “Right here. Technology is amazing. I take pictures with this and...” he opened up his closet, “...I record with this.”

He pulled out a camera mounted on a tripod, placing it at the corner of the bed, aiming down at it. I smiled, falling on the bed, keeping my legs tight so I didn't flash my pussy. I sat my purse on the nightstand before I writhed, letting my red hair fan out, my breasts straining to break free of my skimpy dress.

“How's this?” I asked.

“Perfect,” he groaned, the red light appearing on the camera. Then he whipped out his phone. The flash strobed and the phone beeped as he took my first picture.

“I'm a model!” I beamed.

“Yes, you are,” he said, licking his lips. “Now lets part those legs.”

I did.

“A little more.”

“But then you'll see I'm not wearing panties,” I said.

“That's okay. Every model takes nude pictures.”

I nodded my head, eager to show off my sexy body. “Frank will love these pics.”

Gerard grinned. “Your husband never should have let you out of his sight.”

I frowned at that. “What does that mean?”

“Don't worry your pretty, empty head,” he smiled, snapping another pic. “Why don't you pull down your top a bit. Show a bit more of those gorgeous tits.”

I did and the tops of my areolas peaking out.

“Perfect.” Snap. “A little more.” Snap. “You're doing great.”

I tugged more. My nipples popped out, hard and erect. I arched my back, giving the camera a sultry grin. My pussy itched. This was so exciting. Gerard cock bulged his skinny jeans as he watched me. That made me more excited.

“Your nipples need to be harder,” he said, moving in and pinching one.

I gasped as he rolled it, squeezing my thighs together.

“Hmm, needs more.”

“Do what it takes,” I gasped, shuddering in delight. I had such sensitive nipples now.

He bent down and sucked my nipple between his lips. I writhed, the pleasure shooting down to my pussy. Gerard lifted his head, nodding in satisfaction, then he snapped a photo of my now fully-hard nipples.

“Let's get on all fours like a dog,” he said. “Let those tits hang.”

I flipped over, tossing my hair as I gave the camera a sultry look.


Gerard reached in, lifting up the hem of my skirt to expose my ass and pussy. “Perfect. You're shaved and beautiful.”


“Thanks,” I giggled.


“But you're not wet enough.” Before I could say anything, he buried his face into my pussy. I groaned as he licked me, his tongue sliding through all my delightful folds. I gasped, arching my back as the bliss churned through me. His goatee scratched at my sensitive labia as his tongue worked through my pussy.

“I never knew modeling was so...oh, yes...naughty!”

Gerard chuckled into my pussy. His fingers spread my lips apart. His tongue wiggled in deep, stirring up all my passion. I shuddered and gasped, my fingers digging into the sheets. My tits swung as I rocked into his hungry mouth.

The pleasure grew swiftly in my pussy. I let out a throaty moan, tossing my fiery hair. His mouth was wonderful. I pushed back into him, smearing my pussy along his goatee, enjoying the rough tickles.

“Oh, Gerard! I'm getting so wet! Oh, yes! You're driving me wild!”

“Good!” he growled before nipping my clit.

I gasped, pleasure shooting through me. I let out a keening moan as the bliss rippled through me. Every nerve in my body burst with pleasure. “Modeling is so wonderful!” I screamed. “I love it! Oh, yes! Oh, wow! Keep licking me! I'm cumming so hard!”

Gerard suckled at my clit, driving me wild with joy. I gasped and moaned. My fingers dug into the bedspread. I screamed so loud. I wished Frank was here to see how much fun I was having. But then I remembered the video. He'd get to see it all.

“Your pussy looks wet enough now,” he grinned, standing up and snapping a pic of my naked pussy.

“Good!” I beamed.

He snapped a few more pics, then he began undressing. His body was tan and muscular, his cock hard and throbbing. I frowned, biting my lip. “What are you doing?”

“Lie on your back,” he said, stroking his cock.

I did, my red dress bunched around my stomach, my large tits jiggling.

“These next pics require you to look so passionate. I found the best way to achieve that is with some penile stimulation.”

“Penile,” I giggled. “Funny word.” The smart part of me knew it meant cock.

He knelt between my thighs, his cock nearing my pussy.

Frank would have to spank me. I grinned, eager to be disciplined for being a bad wife again.

“Okay,” I nodded, my pussy clenching in anticipation.



Becca knelt before me, her face buried between Janet's thighs. The black-haired MILF moaned, squeezing her tits as she writhed her pussy on Becca's face. “Drink your vitamins,” Janet moaned, humping her snatch into Becca's mouth.

I rubbed my cock on Becca's virgin, barely-legal pussy. “Pop her cherry, Dr. Frank,” Janet moaned. “Don't let her become fat again.”

“Please hurry,” Becca moaned. “I want to stay sexy!”

“I love bimbos,” I grinned.

I pushed my cock against her hymen. The membrane resisted. I pushed harder. It began to give, stretching before the head of my cock. Becca gasped as I buried into her depths. She was so tight and hot. I groaned, my body shuddering as I drew back my cock. I savored every inch of her formerly-virgin pussy's depth.

“There you are,” I gasped, driving back into her hot embrace. “Now you'll stay sexy and dumb!”

“Yay!” Becca gasped, pushing her hips back. “Oh, wow! It feels great! You're stretching me apart and my pussy feels wonderful!”

“Don't stop drinking your vitamins!” Janet gasped. “I'm so close to really flooding your mouth with them!”

“Oh, right!” Becca giggled before burying her mouth in Janet's snatch.

I pounded Becca's virgin pussy. I loved how she gasped every time I bottomed out in her. I kept my eyes fixed on Janet's big boobs, the bimbo MILF squeezing them together as she writhed in bliss. Janet's blue eyes fluttered.

My balls slapped into Becca's body as I pounded the young woman's pussy. I grunted, my balls tensing. I couldn't wait to dump a huge load into her pussy. I shuddered, driving my hips faster. She felt incredible, so tight and velvety.

“I'm going to fuck you everyday,” I groaned. “It's one of your duties as my secretary.”

“Yes!” she moaned.

“And I'm buying Alice a strap-on, and she's fucking you everyday, too!” I pictured my beautiful wife pounding Becca, both their big tits heaving. My balls tightened.

“That's sooo hot!” groaned Becca. “I'm like your bang-secretary!”

“Yes!” I grunted, my cock itching to explode. I wanted to last longer in her virgin pussy.

“Wow!” Janet gasped. “I'd be your bang secretary, Dr. Frank, but I'm married!” She giggled. “It wouldn't be appropriate!”

“Nope!” I laughed. “But don't worry, when I'm examining you with my cock, it's okay to enjoy yourself!”

“Yes!” Janet moaned. “I loved it when you examined my ass! Oh, yes! I'm cumming!”

Her breasts heaved as she creamed Becca's mouth. I groaned, slamming into Becca's cunt. My balls boiled and my cum exploded into her depths. The pulses of pleasure shot through me. I froze for a moment, lost to the ecstasy.

And then I came crashing down.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Becca. “He's cumming in me! Oh, wow! Oh, yes!”

Her pussy rippled as she came hard, screaming her delight.

I had both the ladies lick my cock clean of Becca's pinkish juices. We dressed, and Becca found a few outfits she had always wanted to wear. Janet bought them, she was such a nice bimbo, while I headed to Delilah's Secrets to find my wife.

She wasn't there.



Gerard thrust his cock into my pussy. I gasped, bucking into his thrust. His cock was big, but not as big as Frank's. I shuddered anyways, the pleasure flooding through me. Gerard grabbed his phone, pointing it down as he pumped his cock in and out of me.


“Perfect,” he groaned. “Your face is becoming more and more passionate.”

“Good!” I gasped.


“Squeeze your tits together.”

I did. Snap.

My hips writhed, bucking into his thrusts. It was so hot to be fucked by someone other than Frank. I was being such a naughty wife right now. And the cameras recording my naughty behavior made my pussy burn.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned. “I'm feeling so passionate.”

“It shows!” Gerard said, slamming harder and deeper into my pussy, his groin brushing my clit.


“Yes! Keep taking pictures!”


Gerard aimed his phone at our groins, snapping a photo of his cock entering my pussy. I moaned, my back arching. The pleasure swelled in my core. I bucked and gasped as it grew larger and larger, threatening to drown me in bliss.

My phone rang, blaring Weird Al's White and Nerdy.

“That's my husband,” I gasped, reaching for my purse.

“What?” Gerard groaned, still hammering into my pussy.

I shuddered, fighting off my orgasm. I ripped my purse open and shoved my hand inside to find my phone.

“Don't answer it,” Gerard groaned. “We're in the middle of a session.”

“It's my husband,” I gasped. “I need to speak to him.”

I found my phone, swiped the screen, and pulled it to my ear. “Hey, honey,” I moaned.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“I modeling with Gerard,” I gasped. Gerard's cock felt amazing inside me. I big my lip, trying not to cum.

“Gerard?” Frank asked. “Are you in the mall, pumpkin?”

“We're at his house!” I let out a throaty moan, the bed rocking.

“Is he fucking you?” Frank demanded.

“We're modeling,” I gasped. “He needs me to look passionate. Oh, yes! Oh, I'm going to cum, Frank. I'm going to look so passionate!”

I moved the phone away, staring up into the camera. “That's it, Alice!” Gerard moaned, snapping a pic. “That's the passion I want to see.”

I gasped and moaned as my orgasm shuddered through me. My pussy rippled along Gerard's cock. Our flesh slapped together as the phone flashed, immortalizing my passion forever. I beamed in delight. I was so sexy and perfect.

“Yes!” Gerard groaned, driving his cock deep into me. His cum spurted into me, hot and thick, filling up my naughty pussy.

“Oh, no!” I gasped. “You went too far. You've made me really naughty.”

“It happens,” Gerard panted. “It's an occupational hazard.”

I giggled, smiling as he pulled out of my snatch. He snapped a photo of my well-fucked pussy. It was a mess, his cum was leaking out. I lounged and stretched, my body flushed from my orgasms. He snapped more pictures.

“On your hands and knees,” Frank said.

I rolled over.

“Turn to the left. Point that ass at the camera. Let every one see my cum dripping out of your pussy.”

“Sure,” I smiled, wiggling my rear at the camera.

“Just great,” he grinned.

I realized I was still holding my phone.

“Are you still there, Frank?” I asked. No answer. I guess he hung up. Time to keep modeling.

“You are perfect,” Gerard grinned, snapping a photo.

A loud knock came from his door. Gerard groaned. “All be right back.”



I pounded on the door. According to the GPS on my wife's phone, she was in this house. Janet and Becca stood behind me. We were only a few blocks from the mall. The moment my wife started cumming, I raced over.

My cock was hard. My bimbo wife had let herself get tricked. It was cute.

The door opened. A tan man with a bathrobe glowered at me. “Yes.”

“Where's my wife!” I growled, pushing past him. My other bimbos followed.

“Hi, honey,” Alice smiled. She was almost naked, her red dress bunched around her waist. She ran to me, her thighs sticky with this other man's cum.

“Hey, Pumpkin,” I smiled as she hugged and kissed me.

“I'm a model now!” she exclaimed.

“Lucky,” Janet sighed.

“So, uhh, listen,” the man said. “She came willingly with me.”

I glanced at him. “So you took pictures of my wife?”

“And filmed me,” Alice added. “Gerard's the best. Did you know he only needs a smart phone and not all that fancy equipment like other photo guys.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You've been bad, Alice,” I told her, squeezing her ass.

“I know,” she smiled. “I guess you have to spank me.”

I nodded my head, then glanced at Gerard. “I want copies of all the photos and videos, including Janet's.”

“Who the fuck is Janet?”

“That's me!” Janet exclaimed.

“You want to be a model?” I asked her.

“Absolutely,” she nodded.

“Follow Gerard.”

Gerard gave me a weird look before grinning. “Okay. I'll give you copies. But I'm posting the rest on the internet.”

“Let's talk about that later,” I said. “We might be making other movies.” Bimbo amateur porn could be a fun side business. I needed capital to start expanding. We didn't have much treatment left and the chemicals were expensive.

Gerard took Janet's hand, leading her off. I sat down and pulled my wife across my lap. Becca stood awkwardly, not sure what to do. “Is that Becca?” Alice asked. “You're gorgeous now.”

“She's our new secretary,” I told her. “Everyday, we have to fuck her as part of her pay.”

“Wow,” Alice smiled. “That's amazing.” She wiggled her ass. “But I need my discipline. I was a bad wife.”

I laughed. “I have a feeling you'll always be a bad wife.”

She giggled as I spanked her. In the background, Janet let out a throaty moan as she “modeled.” I couldn't wait to see her footage. Her husband was such a tool. I would love knowing his wife was making porn behind his back.

To be continued...

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