The Fattorusso Curse by OliverPride

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Science-Fiction | Body modification, Female, Pregnant, School, Teen, Teen Male

Mrs. Fattorusso is the name of everyone’s favorite high school teacher. She is the nicest person I’ve ever met. Students love her because she explains everything in a way that lets everyone understand. She is also very easy to talk to and she’s so young that most students feel a connection with her as if she’s a friend, not simply a good teacher. Her warm, supportive and bubbly personality is why she’s the pride of my school, Bellwood High.

This year, my senior year, I’ve had the honor to be in Mrs. Fattorusso’s class. She quickly became my favorite teacher. It took a couple months, but by May, I had become her favorite student. Unfortunately, I started to develop a massive crush on her which made it harder to pay attention in class. That’s when I began staying with Mrs. Fattorusso after school for extra help to ensure my grades wouldn’t slip. I thought it would be awful if liking a teacher was the reason why my grades dropped.

Most days after school it was just me and Mrs. Fattorusso. She was a great teacher so no one else had to stay after for help. Sometimes she made a joke of this and looked around the room for other students raising their hands before saying, “Oh Jack, you have a question?”

That gag got old real fast but my crush prevented it from seeming annoyingly overused. The after school help did improve my grades, however, the one on one time with Mrs. Fattorusso only strengthened my feelings for her. It grew to be impossible to take my eyes off her during class. Mrs. Fattorusso was gorgeous. As one may be able to piece together from her name, she was Italian and married to an Italian. I loved her long, silky, brown hair and big Italian brown eyes. Mrs. Fattorusso was extremely thin despite her name containing the word, “fat” in it. Her waist was the smallest I’ve ever seen on a grown woman. Her legs and arms were like sticks. She had a nice ass, though it was a little small. Her tits were also tiny, either an A or B cup. Normally I didn’t find stick-figure skinny girls or women attractive but I fell in love with Mrs. Fattorusso because of her personality then later started to admire her short and small slinky sexy body. I remember seeing her pregnant a year or two ago and around then her body was magnificent. She had big tits, nice thighs, a round ass and a full belly. That was a long time ago and her current small frame showed no signs that she was ever plump and pregnant. Part of me wished her husband would knock her up again so I could watch her grow and swell, becoming sexier with each passing day. On the other hand, I already thought she was stunning and if she were any more attractive my grades would plummet, there would be no way I could focus then.

I was writing an essay after school with Mrs. Fattorusso when she suddenly interrupted me. “Can you do me a favor please, Jack?” Mrs. Fattorusso asked politely.

“Sure, no problem,” I agreed happily.

“Could you return this book to the school library for me? I have too many tests to grade here and I really wanna get them done. Plus I was just there and I don’t wanna go back and look stupid,” she smiled. I nodded and took the book from her. As I was about to head out the door Mrs. Fattorusso added, “Oh and please tell them not to rent it to anyone else, it’s very important that they don’t. Don’t worry they’ll understand. Thanks honey!”

I left the classroom surprised. I wondered why Mrs. Fattorusso didn’t want anyone to read this book. Before returning it I decided to flip through it to investigate. It was a small book with a red leather cover and old yellow pages. It was titled, “Family Curses” and was written by an anonymous author. I found it strange that Mrs. Fattorusso would read a book about curses as she loved nonfiction not fantasy. After looking through the pages I found nothing out of the ordinary that would force Mrs. Fattorusso to demand that the book be banned. That was, however, until I went back to the beginning and found the table of contents. The entire book was about families in the United States that were rumored to have curses placed upon them. These curses were passed down by blood as well as by marriage or name. The table of contents consisted of a long list of different last names. One of the names was Fattorusso. I laughed and thought how silly it was that Mrs. Fattorusso would ban a dumb fantasy book about made up curses just because it contained one about her last name.

It took me a while to decide whether I should read the Fattorusso chapter or not. I was afraid it would be a waste of time. I’m so glad that I decided to read it as it was incredible. According to the book, the Fattorusso’s have a curse placed upon their family where anyone they love can make them fat. This was because a Fattorusso apparently stole from a wealthy family in order to immigrate to the U.S. around the days of Ellis Island. The family was then cursed by the victims as punishment for their greed and all future offspring and family members would receive this curse as they all must pay for the sins of the past which allowed them to live comfortably in the U.S. The curse was also based upon the obvious presence of the word fat in Fattorusso. It made me laugh, yet, it was so intriguing. The book claimed that the curse made any Fattorusso gain weight whenever touched by a loved one who says the word fat. The example stated if one were to simply poke the midsection of a Fattorusso and utter the word “fat” that Fattorusso would instantly gain weight in their midriff or any area touched while the word was spoken.

I smiled. Although I found the book ridiculous I did think it was hot that someone could control the size of another person like that. It got me thinking of how thin Mrs. Fattorusso was... and how she could benefit from a weight gain. My cock grew at the thought of making Mrs. Fattorusso’s tiny tits into giant melons. I blushed, realizing I was in school with a huge hard-on. I quickly ran to the school library, returned the book, and bolted back to Mrs. Fattorusso.

“Thank you sweetheart! You’re too kind,” Mrs. Fattorusso complimented. She held up her hands in a heart formation. I had never seen her do that to any student before. It was then that yet another naughty thought entered my mind. I wondered if our special bond was close enough to count as her loving me. If she did love me then, according to that book, I had the power to alter her body. I was too nervous, skeptical, and scared to try it. I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day. My essay remained unfinished as I stared at Mrs. Fattorusso’s beautiful face and petite tits. Her skin was a classic Italian whiteish-olive tan. Eventually she caught me staring. To my surprise she beamed. “You’re so cute, have a good day!” She waved while motioning toward the clock. It was time to go home.

The next day was a Friday and I had Mrs. Fattorusso’s class. The class was dedicated to finishing up our essays. Everyone was busy typing away at their laptops or secretly wasting time watching a movie on them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fattorusso was walking around the room from student to student helping them with their essays and any questions they had. My eyes were locked on her small, round, ass. My dick had never been more stiff. I was so tempted to reach out and touch her while whispering “fat” just to test the curse that the book claimed she had. There were too many other students in the class, too many potential witnesses. There was no way I could get away with it. I was getting too worked up. I couldn’t focus. I asked Mrs. Fattorusso if I could go to the bathroom. She smiled and nodded.

As I walked past Mrs. Fattorusso I brushed my right hand across her butt. I kept my hand halfway in my pocket so it would look like an accident. In fact it didn’t look like an accident, it looked like nothing happened. Once my hand made contact with the backside of her maroon colored jeans, I whispered “fat.” I took another step before turning to see if anything had happened. To my amazement Mrs. Fattorusso released a small gasp as her ass slightly expanded outward. It didn’t grow much, only enough for her to notice that her jeans were suddenly tighter. The rest of the class didn’t notice. They were distracted by their electronics and the impending doom of their essay grades.

I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face. The mirror was drenched from my forceful splashes. Being half Irish gave me very white skin although my reflection revealed I was even whiter than usual. I was as pale as a ghost. After a minute or two I calmed down. My erection never faded. The curse was real and Mrs. Fattorusso loved me! I was in shock. I’d never be able to focus in her class again.

I swiftly walked to my seat when returning to the classroom. Luckily, nobody saw the fierce erection trying to break through my shorts. The rest of class was torture. I had to sit and pretend as though I didn’t have the ability to make Mrs. Fattorusso into a thick, curvy woman.

Mrs. Fattorusso rushed back and forth from student to student. I watched her ass as she moved. It was only slightly larger than before though I could see her jeans looked a lot tighter. I wanted to touch her butt and make those small cheeks grow so badly. Then she stopped to help the kid right in front of me. She bent over to read what she had written so far. Mrs. Fattorusso‘s ass was right in my face as she leaned. It was on full display right there within reach. It was as if she were teasing me, tempting me to make her ass grow. I gave in to temptation. I didn’t care if anyone saw me touch Mrs. Fattorusso’s behind, I didn’t care how she would react. I just knew I couldn’t live any longer without doing it. My hands shot out and took one asscheek in each hand while whispering “fat, fat, fat, fat, fat!” Her ass immediately began to grow.

Mrs. Fattorusso stood up straight and jumped a little. She was not expecting anyone, especially her favorite student, to grab her ass. “Everyone please leave now!” Mrs. Fattorusso ordered urgently. “Go! Go to study hall, now! Except you, Jack,” Mrs. Fattorusso demanded. Suddenly, her jeans made groaning, creaking noises as the material was being stretched to its limit. The class was confused and lingered a bit as they left. Some noticed Mrs. Fattorusso’s ass was quite larger than usual but nobody commented on it. “Leave now, please!” Mrs. Fattorusso begged. There was a clear sense of pain in her voice. Her jeans were painfully constricting her new and increasingly plump bubble butt. She bent over and gasped as her jeans ripped vertically down her ass.

I was petrified. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I didn’t realize her pants would get that tight or that her ass would grow so large. I thought I was in huge trouble. Mrs. Fattorusso knew I touched her and made her gain weight in her backside. She was going to kill me. I was going to be expelled from school. At least that’s what I thought.

When everyone left. Mrs. Fattorusso struggled to stand, then walked over to lock the door. Next, she tossed her long brown hair behind her shoulders as she scooted with stiff pants back toward me. Once in front of my desk she stopped. “So you know my little secret huh? You like making your teacher fat? You want to embarrass her like this?” She pointed to the tears in her jeans which overflowed with her pent up ass-flesh. Before I could reply Mrs. Fattorusso continued, “why did you wanna hurt me like this?” She lifted up her shirt just enough to unveil how tight her jeans were constricting her body. It looked awfully painful.

“No, I’m so sorry!” I apologized. “I didn’t mean to hurt you or embarrass you!”

Mrs. Fattorusso nodded and held my hand. “Ok, it’s ok. I remember what it’s like to be a horny 18 year old. I’ll forgive you as long as you help me out of these jeans. I think I’m gonna explode if they stay on any longer.”

I was surprised by how calm she was. Mrs. Fattorusso wasn’t angry at all. It was almost as if she expected this to happen. “Sure, of course I’ll help you!” I answered out of guilt. Mrs. Fattorusso tugged at her jeans and started to rip them apart.

“Just tear them off, they’re useless now anyway,” Mrs. Fattorusso directed. I grabbed a handful of her jeans and tore away. Slowly but surely we demolished her pants until they were just shreds of material. Mrs. Fattorusso stripped off the last remaining pieces and sighed in relief. There she stood, naked from the waist down. It hadn’t occurred to me that the expansion would rip her panties off too yet it had. Her thin, grey short sleeved shirt was too small to cover her exposed ass or pussy. My dick twitched from excitement.

“Oh thank God!” Mrs. Fattorusso breathed. She rubbed her now wide, heavy, thick ass. My mouth watered watching her slender hands mash those soft pillowy cheeks in relief. “That feels so much better.” I was shocked again when Mrs. Fattorusso gave her round behind a slap. This was soon followed by a wink in my direction. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but no, that happened.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Fattorusso I don’t know what came over me,” I apologized weakly. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do.

Mrs. Fattorusso practically ignored my apology. She continued to admire her new bubble butt. “Damn, you see how big you made my ass? How am I supposed to go home? It’s not like there’s any spare pants here and certainly none that would fit me,” Mrs. Fattorusso explained.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking!” I apologized again.

Mrs. Fattorusso smiled at me. “Stop apologizing and start helping.”

I was confused. “Help you with what?”

“I figured someone would find out about the curse sooner or later,” Mrs. Fattorusso began. “To be honest I kinda developed a crush on you and I found myself wondering what would happen if you were the one who figured out my secret. The more I thought about it the more I wanted it to happen. I had planned on teasing you in class everyday to see how you’d react but it looks like you couldn’t control yourself on day one!” Mrs. Fattorusso giggled sweetly. Meanwhile I was in shock. The teacher I had a crush on was lusting after me? It was so surreal.

“You... like me?” I asked in a daze.

Mrs. Fattorusso laughed and never answered me. “Come here, I need your help,” she ordered. She held out one finger to beckon me toward her. I walked closer though I had trouble maintaining eye contact with the half naked teacher. “Although I’m loving this thick ass you gave me, it looks somewhat strange. It’s out of place is what I mean. Everywhere else on my body is tiny, microscopic, and then boom! A big fat ass! It just doesn’t look right.”

After hearing Mrs. Fattorusso’s explanation I started to figure out what she wanted help with, although, I couldn’t believe it.

“I need you to fill me out,” Mrs. Fattorusso continued. “I need you to add some thickness to my thighs, not too much but enough to support this heavy ass you gave me. It would help make it look more natural.”

My cock was fully erect. She wanted me to touch her and make her bigger. Eventually I realized I had froze in shock. I quickly nodded in agreement and approached Mrs. Fattorusso. I stood in front of her, my swollen cock inches away from her exposed pussy. I placed one hand on each of her thin thighs. My fingers were on her inner thighs close to her pussy lips. I began to rub them up and down as I repeated, “fat, fat, fat, fat, fat!” Mrs. Fattorusso’s thighs expanded until my hands were clamped between them. My dick throbbed in my shorts. Her thighs had pushed my hands up to touch her pussy. It was an accident yet I found it to be wet and radiating heat.

“Oh yeahhhh,” Mrs. Fattorusso moaned. I removed my hands from her thighs causing me to rub her shaved pussy. This action resulted in another moan from Mrs. Fattorusso. “Damn you made my thighs thicker than I wanted... but I think they actually look sexier!” Mrs. Fattorusso commented as she rubbed her thighs and ass. “Oh fuck!” she gasped. Her hands reached down to spread her thighs apart to reveal her pussy. “I think you said ‘fat’ while accidentally touching my pussy because it looks somewhat puffier, more prominent. That explains why I suddenly got hornier, my clit is bigger and more sensitive. We’ll have to be careful. I don’t want you messing up my body, only make improvements. Damn I’m starting to look like a milf!”

“You were always a milf,” I replied bravely. “I mean you were always so gorgeous.”

Mrs. Fattorusso laughed. “Thank you, sweetheart. It’s cute that you’re nervous but you should calm down. I still need your help to improve my body. With a few adjustments I could be really sexy.”

“Are you joking you’re beyond sexy already!” I replied without hesitation. My eager response made me appear more confident. Mrs. Fattorusso blushed. She reached down to rub her pussy. Her fingers appeared wet afterward.

“Hey you have to stop complimenting me or else I’m gonna get distracted,” Mrs. Fattorusso warned. “Now while I can still think straight, I need you to make my breasts bigger. With this fat ass and thighs you gave me, I’m feeling a little back heavy or off balance. Can you enlarge my breasts, balance me out?” Mrs. Fattorusso spoke in a sultry tone. I was surprised at how horny she seemed. She was always a very affectionate teacher yet now she was lusting after either me or my ability to alter her body.

I carefully placed one hand on each of her breasts. Mrs. Fattorusso was still wearing a bra and a T-shirt so I didn’t get to touch her tit-flesh directly though they felt amazing even through the fabric. I couldn’t believe I was standing in a classroom holding the tits of my half naked teacher.

“Um, honey? I’m glad you like my tits but you’re supposed to be making them bigger not just feeling me up,” Mrs. Fattorusso smiled. I nodded.

“Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat!” I repeated. Mrs. Fattorusso’s breasts heaved forward. She moaned loudly as her tits rose through the cup sizes. Her nipples grew more erect the larger her breasts became. I loved the feeling of her tits pressing forward against my hands as they swelled. Mrs. Fattorusso’s grey shirt rode up on her body. It wasn’t long before I heard a snapping sound. Her bra had come undone. The pressure between Mrs. Fattorusso’s tits and shirt kept her bra in place.

“Wait, stop! You’re making them too big!” Mrs. Fattorusso groaned. Her breasts swelled passed D cups. Her shirt was only covering her tits.

“Fat, fat, fat!” I stated. My own lust prevented me from listening. Mrs. Fattorusso stepped away from me, not wanting me to make her breasts any bigger. They continued to grow until they were well beyond DD. Her monumental melons stretched her shirt thin. The sharp points of Mrs. Fattorusso’s erect nipples poked through her strained shirt.

“Ohhhh,” Mrs. Fattorusso moaned. Without her bra she had to hold her breasts up with her arms. Eventually the fabric gave out and her shirt ripped in the middle between her breasts. Soon after the destruction of Mrs. Fattorusso’s shirt, her expansion came to an end. Each individual breast was the size of a watermelon. Her nipples were so thick they were as tall as a marshmallow. I was slightly embarrassed at what I had done to Mrs. Fattorusso’s body yet too aroused to truly care.

“Uh, fuck!” Mrs. Fattorusso gasped. She rubbed her massive mammaries. “I told you not to screw up my body, damnit!” Her bra fell to the floor as she removed her shredded shirt. “If you screw up my body I’ll screw with your grades!” Mrs. Fattorusso warned.

At first I thought she was serious. Then I realized I had all the power in the situation. She couldn’t lower my grades for no good reason. Even if she did I didn’t care about my grades nearly as much as she cared about how her body looked. Additionally, she was standing in the middle of the classroom naked with no spare clothing... what could she do? I was the only one who could help her and I had the power to alter her body. I had all the cards. She couldn’t threaten me. This thought made me fantasize of what I could do with my power.

“I’m sorry I overdid it. You’re not gonna screw with my grades because you still need me. I mean, how are you gonna leave here without any clothes?” I interrogated.

Mrs. Fattorusso giggled and blushed. “You sure you want me to put on clothes?” she asked while giving me a seductive look. Mrs. Fattorusso stroked her curves, especially her full breasts as she stood in a pose that showed off her new voluptuous body. She stared at my crotch. Mrs. Fattorusso held up a finger to beckon me toward her and then placed it in her mouth, biting her fingernail as if she were anxious.

I approached her slowly. Once I was within reach of Mrs. Fattorusso, she placed her hands on my shoulders. Her nails were painted hot-pink and were digging into my shirt. “I don’t want clothes just yet. We’ve been enhancing my body for a while now, it’d be a shame to cover it up without testing it out first,” Mrs. Fattorusso whispered. Her warm breath lingered in my ear as she spoke. Then she pulled me in close and kissed me passionately. Her enormous breasts pressed up against me as her tongue fought its way inside my mouth. I could feel her erect nipples poking at my body. At this point my erection was so strong, the tip of my cock had escaped my shorts. She must have felt it rubbing against her bare belly because she started to grind her body against mine. When she stopped making out with me she whispered in my ear again. “It’s also not fair that you get to see your favorite teacher naked, feel her up and make her horny all while my favorite student is fully clothed and hasn’t been touched at all,” Mrs. Fattorusso observed. She began removing my shirt and added, “but we can fix that.”

Before I knew it I was stark naked. Mrs. Fattorusso had taken off all my clothes. She stared at my dick while licking her lips. It took every ounce of self-control in my body to keep myself from springing forward and having my way with the thick, curvy, goddess in front of me. There was no hiding my 7 inch erection now that I was naked. Standing in front of Mrs. Fattorusso in all her naked glory was torture. I wanted to fuck her so badly yet she was my teacher, I was slightly nervous to go further. Luckily, Mrs. Fattorusso made the next move. She wrapped one hand around my throbbing member while pulling me in close for a kiss with her other hand. Her tongue rolled around mine as her hand slid up and down on my cock. Feeling her heavy breasts against my naked chest was incredible. The more turned on I became the less worried I was. My hands started to roam Mrs. Fattorusso’s body. I stroked her back and then played with her huge ass. My fingers squeezed and slapped her sexy thick asscheeks. Her ass was now large enough to stick out six inches from her body when she stood to the side.

Mrs. Fattorusso yelped when I slapped her ass. She hugged me even tighter, squeezing our bodies together. My hard cock was pressed against her flat belly as we embraced. Suddenly, Mrs. Fattorusso stopped making out with me so she could speak. “My husband has always made fun of my stick-figure shape. He calls me two dimensional. Now that we have two kids together he doesn’t fuck me anymore. I don’t think he wants to, especially if we don’t want a baby. He’s just not attracted to me... I’m not sure if he ever was.”

“Is that why you wanted me to do this?” I asked curiously. “You wanted me to make you curvy and voluptuous to see if your husband would pay attention to you; to get him to fuck again?”

Mrs. Fattorusso peered up at me. I could see tears forming in her dark brown eyes. “Yes,” she replied slowly. “But there’s another reason,” she added.

“What is it?”

“You always stared at me in class. Whenever I talked to you I always loved our conversations and I could tell that you liked me. It didn’t take long before I started to fantasize about you. My husband would never look at me the way you do. You liked me before you made me sexy and round. You wanted me even when I was skin and bones. The idea of a young, hot student like you lusting after me always turned me on. It’s been so long since I’ve felt wanted. I thought I’d reward you by letting you be the one to alter my body. Now things have changed. I didn’t expect to be this horny and I didn’t expect to feel love for you. So now I want you to do more than just alter my body. I want you to fuck it. I want you to go wild, take control over me. You deserve to fuck me, not my husband who’s showed no interest in years. It’s your love that shaped my body and it’s you that I love. Please help me. I haven’t been fucked in so long. I think I’ll die if you don’t fuck me.” Mrs. Fattorusso had backed away from me and was now sitting on a desk. She was leaning back to play with her exposed pussy while she spoke.

All of Mrs. Fattorusso’s words destroyed any hesitation within me. I walked up to her, kissed her deeply and then started sucking her massive tits. I placed my left hand on her thick ass while my right squeezed and rubbed her left tit. Mrs. Fattorusso’s nipple hardened in my mouth as I sucked. She started to wiggle her way to the edge of the desk then spread her legs wide. “No! Please no more foreplay! It’s been so long. I need your cock inside me!” Mrs. Fattorusso pleaded.

I did as she wished. While Mrs. Fattorusso sat on the desk I stood and positioned my hard cock near her pussy. She gasped as I slowly entered her. My hands were busy fondling her thick ass, drawing her closer to me as I began to thrust. Mrs. Fattorusso cried out with pleasure. I picked up the pace and started fucking her faster. “God yes, really fuck me!” She commanded. Suddenly Mrs. Fattorusso leaned forward, smashing her body against mine. She frantically made out with me as she tried her best to grind her pussy along with my thrusts. Her massive tits smushed on my chest. She was kissing me so hungrily I could hardly breath. Then out of nowhere she stopped.

“Please fuck me harder! Let’s get on the floor. It’ll help you penetrate me faster as well as allow for more skin contact,” Mrs. Fattorusso advised.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. We got down onto the ground in seconds. Mrs. Fattorusso positioned herself on all fours so I could fuck her doggy style. Her towering ass and thick thighs begged me to fuck her as they jiggled in front of me. I gave her heavy ass a slap before entering her. Mrs. Fattorusso’s pussy was soaking wet. I placed my hands on her juicy thighs and rubbed them. My hands slid up to grope her wide ass as I fucked her. Mrs. Fattorusso bucked wildly. She was out of breath. I felt her pussy constrict my cock. She was having an orgasm. Mrs. Fattorusso moaned as she writhed uncontrollably. I moved my hands to her smooth belly to steady her. I was surprised to find her tummy so tight and flat. That’s right, I remembered, I had only increased her thighs, tits and ass. Mrs. Fattorusso’s stomach remained the thin stick figure size as before.

“Oh my God I haven’t had sex in months! This is amazing keep fucking me! Make me cum again!” Mrs. Fattorusso gasped. She slammed her pussy back against my cock. Hearing her moan and shout while feeling her orgasm was incredible.

“Ooo fuck Mrs. Fattorusso,” I gasped. Suddenly Mrs. Fattorusso’s belly pushed against my hands. It was expanding slightly. I didn’t realize saying Fattorusso would cause her to grow as well. It appeared that as long as the word fat was uttered while touching her with my hands she would gain weight regardless of whether the word “fat” was alone or in another context like Fattorusso. This excited me beyond belief. Saying her name during sex could make her grow. I always had a thing for bellies so I longed to make Mrs. Fattorusso grow a sexy round tummy that I could play with. “Um Mrs. Fattorusso, I think your stomach just grew,” I commented as innocently as possible. Upon saying her name again Mrs. Fattorusso’s belly expanded in my hands. Her tummy was still too small to be labeled as chubby or plump, it was simply round unlike the flat, almost concave form it had used to be.

“Fuck! You keep saying my name and it’s making me grow,” Mrs. Fattorusso yelled.

“Saying Fattorusso makes you fatter too?” I replied as if I didn’t know. Meanwhile I had said Fattorusso and fatter which both resulted in her belly swelling even further. If it were possible for her to wear pants she would have had a sexy muffin top. I groped and played with the jiggling flesh as it grew. When the weight gain stopped Mrs. Fattorusso was left with a soft chubby belly. It must have been around ten or so pounds heavier than before. I was in love with it’s smooth roundness. She didn’t look fat, merely plump, voluptuous, and curvy. Her massive tits and ass were much larger than anything else on her which made her appear skinny despite the added curves of her tummy.

“Fuck! Damn it! Are you doing it on purpose? Don’t alter my body without my permission. I don’t want a big belly,” Mrs. Fattorusso warned. She tried to peer at her new pudgy midsection however her enormous tits were in the way. “My husband won’t like me with a plump belly but fuck him I’m all yours now! You deserve me not him! Keep fucking me just don’t make me grow anymore!”

Mrs. Fattorusso slammed her hips backward, forcing my cock deeper inside her. My hands fondled her massive breasts as they swung back and forth. Her skin was so soft and smooth. Mrs. Fattorusso moaned and began bucking wildly. She loved when her tits got some attention. Suddenly Mrs. Fattorusso’s pussy squeezed my cock. “Damn Mrs. Fattorusso are you cumming again?” I questioned. As expected, her F-cup tits swelled in my hands. I squeezed them before removing my hands and placing them on her shaking ass. I took giant handfuls of her fat ass within my grasp.

“Seriously, stop making me grow Jack! I already look ridiculously curvy. Although it does send a wave of pleasure throughout my body whenever you do. Ohh God, I’m close to climaxing,” Mrs. Fattorusso warned.

I rubbed Mrs. Fattorusso’s beautiful plump behind. “I’m sorry Mrs. Fatt- I mean I can’t help but say your name, you’re so sexy and your pussy is so hot!” I exclaimed. Her ass grew in my hands becoming thicker and larger while her skin remained silk-smooth and perfect.

“Fuck! Ok, from now on call me by my first name then, Melissa!” Mrs. Fattorusso or I guess Melissa gasped. Her vagina continued to heat up. Melissa increased her tempo as she grew out of breath.

“Wow Melissa is such a gorgeous name,” I commented. My cock became drenched in Melissa’s pussy fluids. The sensation of sex combined with feeling a beautiful woman expand at my touch was all getting to me. I could not hold back much longer. “I’m gonna cum soon, where should I?” I warned.

Melissa’s body quaked with every thrust. She was panting for air. “Ahh, fuck! Cum inside me! We’ll cum together!” Melissa shouted. Her answer surprised me.

“Inside you? You could get pregnant!” I warned, clearly alarmed.

“No I won’t,” Melissa replied calmly. “You’re eighteen, you’re not old enough to get a woman pregnant.”

I was perplexed. Was she joking? There was no way a high school teacher in her late twenties would believe that an eighteen year old can’t impregnate someone. Sexual education was common knowledge... wasn’t it? I wanted to be certain and asked again. “No I’m sure I can, trust me.”

Before I could explain any further, Melissa cut me off. “Jack, I haven’t had sex in months. I need to feel your cock inside me, I need you to fuck me, and I need to feel you fill me with your cum! You can’t get me pregnant so just cum with me!” Melissa begged.

I felt my balls start to boil. I knew I shouldn’t cum inside her, yet she pleaded so desperately. The thought of unloading inside her warm, dripping, pussy did turn me on though. Then before I could act, Melissa climaxed. Feeling her body jolt and writhe with pleasure was too much for me. Her curves jiggled and shook as her orgasm rolled throughout her body. I couldn’t last any longer. We moaned in unison while I came inside her. I pumped load after load of potent seed into Melissa’s fertile pussy. She gasped as her hot pussy contracted, milking my cock for cum. Blast after blast shot deep inside her. Melissa’s pussy gushed with her fluids. I couldn’t stop. I came more than I ever had before. Melissa seemed to be enjoying every second of it. Her thighs were soaked with her juices. Meanwhile, her pussy didn’t lose a single drop of my cum.

Had I just impregnated my favorite teacher? There was no way to tell at the time. I sighed and ceased thrusting. Mrs. Fattorusso spun over to rest on her back. Her chest heaved from breathing heavy. While on her back the slight chubby belly I had given her seemingly disappeared due to gravity.

“Oh fuck yes,” Mrs. Fattorusso gasped. “I haven’t been fucked like that in so long... too long. We have to go again. I need you, my pussy needs you.”

It wasn’t long before I was ready to rut again. Mrs. Fattorusso remained on her back. I loved seeing her all sprawled out beneath me. Her massive breasts fell to either side of her body. The way her thick thighs pressed together while her humongous ass pressed against the floor made me want to absolutely destroy her with my cock.

Mrs. Fattorusso raised and spread her legs. I positioned myself at her wet entrance. Suddenly Mrs. Fattorusso’s legs wrapped around me and pulled me all the way inside her at once. She screamed in ecstasy as I gasped. “Play with my tits, rub me, feel this amazing body you created!” Mrs. Fattorusso commanded. I happily complied. My fingers tweaked her pert nipples. I aggressively mashed her enormous tits in my hands. Every thrust sent ripples of flesh across her body. I squeezed Mrs. Fattorusso’s breasts. “Oh hell yes baby keep feeling me and bash me with that dick of yours,” Melissa moaned.

We had sex in the missionary position without her expanding. Eventually it came time for me to cum. Melissa’s flesh bounced beneath me. I was beginning to pull out when all of a sudden Mrs. Fattorusso wrapped her legs around me.

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

“I’m cumming!” She replied between thrusts.

Before I could explain one more time that she could get pregnant, I came inside her. My body betrayed me as I pumped several shots of cum deep inside the womb of my curvy teacher. She held me close with her legs. Melissa panted as I slowed down. Finally I stopped and rested in place with my hands on her creamy thick thighs. She sighed from exhaustion. Her legs released their hold on me.

“What do you say about one more time but with me on top?” Mrs. Fattorusso breathed.

My shock was plainly evident by my expression. “Really? You sure? You know I can’t keep cumming inside you like this?” I warned. Mrs. Fattorusso scoffed and pushed me onto my back. She truly didn’t believe she could get pregnant. I was done warning her. I had a huge fetish for big pregnant bellies and swollen milky tits. If I got Mrs. Fattorusso pregnant that would only make her more sexy and our lives more interesting. The thought of her carrying my child and her body swelling without the use of the curse but still because of me, made me want to impregnate her. Screw it, I thought, I’ll fill this lovely bitch with as much of my seed as possible! She didn’t care so why should I?

I smacked Mrs. Fattorusso’s humongous ass as she began bouncing on my cock. I grabbed two handfuls of her bubble butt and squeezed. Mrs. Fattorusso only gasped in response. She gradually pounded herself down harder and harder. Her plump ass and wide thighs made a loud clap each time her pussy engulfed the length of my cock. I loved having her enormous tits swaying in my face. Her beautiful slightly rounded belly jiggled constantly sending ripples of flesh to her thighs, backside and tits. Having this voluptuous sex goddess fucking my brains out was a dream come true. It wouldn’t last long, however, as things heated up quickly and would soon come to an end.

Mrs. Fattorusso yelled as her sweet pussy gushed over me. I exhaled while a flood of cum blasted from my cock. She collapsed on top of me and kissed me slowly, passionately and lovingly. We lied naked next to each other. I rubbed her soft belly while sucking her gargantuan tits. Cum dripped from her pussy but neither of us cared. Eventually my thick teacher sat up. Her small belly was just big enough to touch her giant thighs while sitting. I loved the way she looked.

“Jack? Can you run to the pool and get me some towels? My clothes don’t exactly fit me anymore,” Mrs. Fattorusso pleaded.

“What you don’t wanna try leaving school naked?” I joked.

“I mean it’s just towels so I practically am,” She beamed.

I reluctantly stood up and got dressed. The school was almost empty except for a few clubs that stuck around after school. I raced down to the pool. There was a swim team meeting going on. Luckily I was able to sneak in and snag a few towels without being caught. Not wanting to be away from my gorgeous teacher, I bolted back to her classroom. Mrs. Fattorusso was standing up, inspecting her new body.

“Damn you made me huge!” She giggled. “I look ridiculous! I’m like a man’s wet dream, my body isn’t realistic at all! I’ve never seen anyone with tits this big! I originally planned for you to do this to me to rekindle my love life with my husband but now I’m over him. You sculpted me into your dream girl and made love to me so passionately. I’m definitely only fucking you from now on!”

I smiled. Mrs. Fattorusso covered her curvy body with the paper white towels I had fetched for her. “Are you sure? I don’t know any man who would be able to keep his hands off of you?”

Mrs. Fattorusso grinned. “I know a way to undo the alterations you’ve made but it’s expensive so don’t go thinking you can do whatever you want to me and I’ll return to normal. Actually I only have enough money to remove the effects once or twice.”

“You can undo it? Why didn’t you tell me before?” I exclaimed. I loved how she looked and was excited to see her in class for the rest of the school year with the body I gave her.

“I didn’t want you going crazy, making me too big to leave here. Judging by that look on your face I’d say I was right to do so. You would’ve made my tits as big as this room huh?”

I blushed.

“Then how would I be able to leave? I have to send a check for five thousand dollars to charity in order for my body to return to normal. You would’ve trapped me here!” Mrs. Fattorusso walked toward me to give me a hug and kiss goodbye. Given the details of her curse it did make sense that donating a large amount of money to charity would allow her body to return to its original state.

I was upset that she wouldn’t keep her new shape. I remained hopeful and skeptical until I had Mrs. Fattorusso’s class again. My jaw dropped. She was back to being a stick figure! At first I was bummed out, then I realized how much fun I’d have expanding her body all over again the next time we made love. A devious smile spread across my face. It wasn’t long until I would get the chance too. Three weeks later Mrs. Fattorusso handed back a test with a note on it saying to see her after class.

Once all the students left, Mrs. Fattorusso locked the classroom door. She slowly turned to me before she spoke. “I’m getting a divorce,” she began hesitantly, “because, you were right, I’m pregnant with your baby.”

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