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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Drug, Female, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male

Perfect! I thought as I walked home. It was my last school team baseball practice and from the last day of school. As I walked home to an empty house I happily thought, what more could a 17 year-old guy want? After all that test taking and what not, I was ready to relax and shake off all this stress I gathered in these past few weeks and a nice cool shower was jus the thing I needed.

I stepped out of the shower and began to plan my first night of freedom. What should I choose out of the many options like the all night keg parties, little get together parties, or should I just relax in my big empty house alone with my girlfriend Crystal. Yeah, I think I’ll pick door number three, so I grabbed my cell phone and gave her a call.

Just hearing hear voice, even on the phone, just makes me want to do back flips.

Finally I was finished getting ready as I heard the knocking on the front door. I was off but not until after I gave myself one final once over just to make sure I was perfect for her. Practically sprinting down the hall to the door in record time, and was greeted by the most beautiful sight I could imagine, my girlfriend Crystal.

There in the door way was a goddess, my goddess. Crystal stood there leaning against the doorway as I looked over her gorgeous body from the tips of her lovely toes to her beautiful face surrounded by her semi curly long brunette hair. She just stood still as I continued looking over her body that just illuminated in the light making her look even better than before.

“I should call god and tell him I found his missing angel.” She giggled in response. Though as cheesy as it sounds, she loves it when I use tacky pick up lines on her.

I couldn’t but smile as I pulled her into my muscular frame, and just wrapped my arms around her and looked into her blue eyes as she looked into mine as well. Its just times like this I wish I could freeze time. After what seemed like an eternity we leaned in and kissed. With the quick peck on the lips Crystal with her jack-o-lantern grin pulled away from me and slowly walked away. The sight of her walking from behind was like a magnet to my eyes as she seductively swayed her hips and turned into the living room releasing my eyes from her spell. Finally free I shut the front door and went to follow her with a permanent smile stuck on my face. Nothing could make this any better. My parents are out of town for a month (thank you relatives in Canada); I have my beautiful girlfriend, and the house to myself. I sat down on the love seat next to her, and pulled her into a hug.

“What are you thinking?” Crystal said in her soft soothing voice.

“How great my life is right now, and how I have the perfect girlfriend.”

“Aww you know exactly what to say baby.” As she talked she turned over so she was straddling my thighs and started to kisses lightly at first but soon they became more intense.

“I do don’t I?” I started to return her kisses.

The kissing lasted for a couple minutes until we just started making out. I held her in my tight embrace, with our mouths still connected, as she wiggled in my grasp to get to closer to me.

“I love you.” She whispered with her last bit of breath as she broke away from our kiss and started to take off her shirt

“I love you too.” I forced out as I was trying to catch my breath also while I was trying to tear my own shirt off.

As I just freed my head from my shirt Crystal was back forcing her body into mine. The only thing between us was her bra, and I was about to let that stand in the way. I slowly moved my hands toward the clasps of her bra and fumbled around for a couple seconds trying to get it open. At last success, her bra came undone. Crystal pushed herself off so she could take off her bra. She released her gorgeous tits from her bra, I could help but drool at this beautiful sight that lay before me. There was no way I was going to keep my pain full hardon be trapped in my pants any longer, so I unzipped my pants just to give me some relief. Crystal took notice of this, and grabbed a hold of it through my boxers. Her nice firm hold felt so good on my cock that I couldn’t help but moan into her mouth, and she took note of this and started to squeeze a little tighter causing me to moan even more.

“Fucking cock tease,” I said as I was able to rip my mouth away from hers for a quick second before she pulled back into our kiss. Her only response was a muffled laugh trying to escape our lips and her giving me a quick squeeze making me moan again. God do I love her.

With all the pleasure she was giving me I thought I would return the favor. Slowly I moved my hands from her back and I made my way to the front of her jeans to have a little bit of fun of my own. It was so much easier to undo the zipper of her jeans than it was for her bra. Finally the button and zipper were out of the way and I slipped my hand inside and was greeted by her wet, warm, and welcoming pussy.

“Mmmff,” she moaned into my mouth as I slid my fingers up and down her wet lips. I pulled my fingers up one last time and set my middle finger on top of her clit and let it dance little circles making her cry out for more. It felt like she was struggle out of my grip as I kept pace moving my fingers.

I almost lost my balance for a second as she started to stroke me. “Mmmmf,” I couldn’t help but moan.

I started to rub her faster and harder. Crystal couldn’t take it anymore she thrashed all around on my hold, squealing in delight (luckily nobody was home cause there was no way to hide how loud she was screaming) as I continued to rub her pussy harder. She had let go of my cock and grabbed my shoulders with both hands. Breathing seemed to become a challenge for her as her breath became ragged and labor till the point were she couldn’t even hold her held head up so it fell on my shoulder. I know I must be right on her spot because of her jerking motions and how that she is biting my collar bone. Her grip fluctuates from holding on to dear life to just having her hands rest on my shoulder. In one final motion I sent her over the edge, sliding my middle finger into her oh so wet pussy making her just gush her juices over my hand. I rested my palm on top of her clit and kept at it, rubbing my palm up and down her slit as I pumped my finger in and out of her. Riding through the apex of her orgasm Crystal started thrusting her hips at my finger meeting each thrust I made. Her orgasm must have been mind-blow lasting for the better part of 2 minutes.

Crystal went limp and fell onto me completely exhausted. Her arms once gripping my shoulder are now wrapped around my neck with her warm breath on my neck.

“I love you baby,” she said barely making it out between her short labored breaths.

“I love you too.” I could never be any happier than I was right now with my beautiful girlfriend on top of me and all my problems in my life just seemed to have faded away like they never have existed.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!” Oh shit! I know that voice.

It was my 19 year old cousin Bridgett, who I guess just walked in on Crystal and I. Bridgett from what I can remember has been an Amazon (manly the tall and beautiful part) with a nice perfectly round ass, which is pretty much the opposite of Crystal’s small tight ass. We were close but manly because we had mutual friends but other than that we hung out quite a bit. Not that I would brag but if some one would ask me I would say I would love to fuck my cousin. Sometimes on those few nights were I would jack off she might from time to time be one of my fantasies.

I jumped out of my fucking skin, and instantly I grabbed Crystal in a bear hug and somehow managed to twist around so that she was under me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Your parents told me I could stay here while my dad’s family is in town, and also to keep a watch on your dumbass.”

“When the hell was I supposed to find out about this?”

“How about the note on the fucking table,” with that I turned to the kitchen and saw on the table a note that I completely ignored when I set my backpack down. I went over and picked up the note and read it.

“God damn it,” I slammed note back on the table, “great just great.”

“Ok, now what the hell are you doing here?”

“What the fuck does it look like?”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you, and with this slut.” By this point we’re just yelling back and forth.

Crystal just about had enough of it, “I’m a slut? At least I am not some dumb bitch how doesn’t know how to knock when some comes into someone’s house.”

“What difference does it make?”

“What ever, I’m fucking out of here!” Crystal couldn’t take it anymore, and I just about had enough with my cousin too. Crystal got up and went to grab her clothes with a look in her eyes that seemed like she was about to kill somebody. She stormed pulling the shirt over her head while leaving, not bothering to put on her bra. I was close behind her mainly because I didn’t want to deal with Bridgett, but also I was Crystal’s ride home.

I was right on her heels trying to get out of the house as fast as I possibly could. We came up to the entry way of the hall were Bridgett pretty much stood right in the way, well until she was literally pushed aside by Crystal, and strode right past her. Even though I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t help but look at her. She was shooting daggers at me that sent chills down my spine instantly making me wish I still had my long hair so I could at least in some way hide. I turned away from as fast as I could and pretty much ran to catch up to Crystal. The few seconds I looked at her seemed to have last an eternity.

I didn’t know how Crystal felt but to me it was all just terrifying. My nervous shacking was a welcome addition to the awkwardly quiet ride to Crystal’s house.

I parked in front of her house on the street and set it in park. There was nothing really to say, so I just told her I would call her in the morning and she left.

The drive home was the worst. I drove the longest possible path I could just to delay coming home to Bridgett. I didn’t want to experience the wrath she is probably planning for me. Only one time before did I ever feel what she was capable of. Back when I was five years old I had accidentally stepped on her Barbie dolls and she almost gave me a concussion (yeah she is a crazy bitch). At the end of the longest ride home I have ever had, finally parked in front of my house I made the slow agonizing walk to the front door that seemed to last for miles. Even with my slow pace the door just seemed to float closer. (Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here) With my last step I was in front of the gates of hell, and there was nothing I could possibly do to change anything.

I just slowly turned the door knob to stay as quiet as possible and maybe I could sneak to my room before Bridgette would know I am home. But, like every night trying to sneak back in before my parents wake up or staying so quiet so my mom’s mini poodle a.k.a. over sized rat (honestly what’s the point of a small dog, its like you want a little over priced noise machine that has no point at all besides being a fashion accessory that shits and pisses all over the place. Now I’m just rambling) doesn’t wake up and bark all night, it seems like the volume of every sound is turned up to 11. The click the door made sounded like a fucking hammer hitting the metal. By now I was sweating bullets just opening the door. My hand almost slipped off because off my sweat, but I was able keep my hold and slip through the door and shut it with little sound. I think the gods hate me or something because the floor boards somehow decided now is the time to start squeaking as I tip toed my way to the stairs.

“Chris is that you?” her now soothing voice called from the kitchen.

Shit! I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Chris?” the once soothing tone now rattled with concern.

Fuck! I was caught,” Y-yeah its m-me,” I sheepishly called back in mid stride.

I heard her footsteps on the kitchen tiles coming toward the hallway. “Well umm…I made some dinner if you want some.”

Before she reached the corner of the hall I was luckily able to correct my stance and calm down. “Yeah, just give me a couple minutes.”

Something seemed wrong about her. Though her body language and tone of voice seemed comforting, it was the look in her eyes that sent the shivers down my spine.

“Ok” her response reeked of her efforts to keep a typical tone. It wouldn’t be hard at all to see through that cloak and hear the menacing undertone of her words as a smile crept on to her lips while she turned and headed back into the kitchen.

I muttered curses as I turned and went into my room. Thoughts were rushing through my head at what seemed to fast for me to pull out an answer from them. This is one of the few times in my life that I had no control, and at the mercy of another. Fuck! I need to lay down and think.

What should have been a couple of quiet minutes for myself ended up turning into thirty and without warning Bridgette pretty much ran through the door scaring the shit out of me.

“What the fuck!”

“Oh I’m sorry I just thought that…umm something was…wrong…..err dinner’s ready.” Her frantic voice just raised more questions that I didn’t want to deal with.

But, as of right now hunger is my main concern. I reached the table and she handed me a plate of pasta; I just dug right in. there was no way to not notice the funny taste, but out of fear I kept the comments to myself. Its one thing to make a mean comment and it’s another thing to do the same to a questionably psychotic woman washing the dishes when I am pretty sure there are some knives in the sink.

After finishing my food I had to fight a battle to keep it all down. I almost vomited twice just trying to eat the stuff. My head felt light all of a sudden as I took my plate to the sink. I almost fell before Bridgette grabbed my arm and yanked me back to my feet.

“Are you ok?” all sincerity and concern in her voice was gone.

“Yeah… errrh..my head.” I had to sit down or something before I fell again. My vision was fading in and out of blurriness.

As tired as I was I did my best to not fall, but still fumbled around the kitchen in a drunken manor. I managed to stop and lay the top half of my body on the counter. My vision slow returned from blur to see two open medicine boxes in front of my face. They were my dad’s pills! There I saw his Rozerem to get him to sleep and his Viagra for other things. I turned into a statue at this point. Shock just seemed to rocket through my veins. Her plan had just revealed itself before me as I still was in disbelief. The bitch drugged me.

She giggled at my attempt to leave the kitchen. “You look so cute when you’re all weak and defenseless,” she giggled again and sighed, “lets get you back in bed before…” she stopped talking and brought a toothy smile to her lips.

My view was ripped away from the boxes as her hands took hold of my shoulders and pulled me up to my feet. “Christ how much do you weigh?” she hissed as she started carrying/dragging me to my room.

I was too weak to do anything. There was no strength left in me to rebel, and barely enough just to keep a foot under me so I didn’t fall. My muttered pleas just fell onto deaf ears. Bridgette managed to bring me to my bed and let go. I blackout before I even hit the mattress.

There are many ways to wake up, unfortunately blue balls, water dumped over you, gagged with a sock, and the feeling of being tied up isn’t one of the better ways.

I shot up but was stopped suddenly by the restraints. Gasping for air, breathing water into my lungs making me cough like a chain smoker. After setting down after a minute or two I took notice of the surroundings. Bridgette knelt between my open legs in all her naked glory, my lamp on the night stand was the only light in the room, my legs and arms were tied to each corner of the bed, my painfully hard cock, and just a glance above it was the sight of my cousin’s pussy. The sight of it had a magnetic effect on me like it would have had on any guy, but the fact that her fingers were slowly making circles around her clit just kept me staring.

She moaned, ”Mmmmm ‘bout time you woke up.” She kept her pace giving a little push with each circle she made. Her fingers were soaked. The juices gathered and dripped onto my bed. I continued to stare until I felt a firm hand grip my cock, I moaned involuntarily.

“And if you think that feels good, just wait.”

There is noting I could do. I screamed as loud as I could, but with the sock it didn’t make it to the door. My arms flailed around to no effect. Only my elbows moved, but only a few inches. It was the same with my knees.

She giggled like a little girl,” Perfect.”

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Rating: 79%, Read 32962 times, Posted Jul 12, 2008

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Drug, Female, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male


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