Acanine, Solomon by deaths_child

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Fantasy | Bestiality, Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, Rape, Virginity

Daliah was a tall girl with long black hair, and green eyes. But here's the thing about Daliah she was raised by Pokémon. The Pokémon she considered her father was named Mewtwo. Being raised by only Pokémon Daliah learned how to speak to them.

But Mewtwo Taught Daliah how to also speak to humans if one was ever to happen upon the island they lived on. Mewtwo and the other Pokemon wanted nothing but to keep her safe and so they built her a house there on the island. Daliah only a small child at that time wanted to help but Mewtwo sent her off to play with Gardevior.

It took at least two years for the "house" to be built, it ended up being enormous. Daliah was about ten then and ended up living with a Growlith in the big house. She named the Growlith Solomon and were best friends.

Now grown up Daliah and Solomon (now Arcanine) lived among many Pokemon and shared her home with them as well. Daliah had a close relationship with her father, Mewtwo who did anything and everything for her.

Mewtwo was rarely home due to the fact her patrolled the ocean around the island and raided boats for supplies So Solomon protected Daliah and kept a close eye on her. But there was a secret about Solomon and why he watched her so closely.

After a long day of gathering foods and herbs Daliah and Solomon had retired to their home. Daliah set the fruit in a bowl and the fish had caught in the fridge that was made of nevermeltice. Solomon watched her quietly as she finished putting things up.

"When we got a lot of things we needed today didn't we Solomon?" Daliah said looking back at him.

Solomon nodded "Yes, even the Magickarp were biting today".

"I know! haha well I'll start preparing dinner"

Daliah got out spices and meats to cook as Solomon laid on the floor next to her. As Daliah was mixing the spices to put on the meat a Tangla ran in followed by a Vennat and ended up hitting Daliah. Her bowl fell and broke into pieces on the floor. Solomon Jumped up and barked angrily at the to Pokémon.

"Were sorry!" they said in unison

"It’s ok" Daliah said as she patted Solomon on his head to settle him down. "Now just help me cleanup"

Both the Pokemon helped her clean up and she started to mix another batch of spices. Once dinner was made Daliah and Solomon sat down to eat at a large table. She always made extra food because Pokemon would always join them. She never had to worry about clean up because the ghost Pokemon would eat the leftovers and cleanup for her.

After dinner Daliah went upstairs to her room and her faithful Arcanine followed her. Once in her room Daliah began to strip off her day cloths. Solomon climbed up on the bed and watched her exposed herself to him. Her breast were a soft pale white and they nice large mounds. Taking off her pants and underwear showing her cute ass and Solomon with his canine senses smelled her female musk.

The sent always Drove him mad and made him want to lick her there. Unknowingly Solomon licked his chops Daliah slipped on a night gown and climbed into her bed with Solomon. She cuddled close and wrapped her arms around his neck, the smell was making Solomon horny and he wanted to make Daliah his mate.

He couldn't take another night of torture so Solomon got up and sniffed down her body. Daliah giggled not even knowing what was going to happen to her. Solomon got his snout under the hem of her gown and it lifted as his head moved closer to his mark.

"Solomon what are you doing?" She said pushing at his head but it didn't fase him.

He flicked his tong out and it brushed against her pussy lips and she gasped trying to close her legs but Solomon big head pushed them open. He licked more and more as Daliah tried to struggle but Solomon's tong parted her wet lips and licked inside her. She gasped and arched as he licked again.

Daliah felt his rough tong against her most private area and it made her feel hot licks of pleasure run through her. She kept pushing at Solomon's head as he licked at her, she didn't know what he was doing to her but the more he licked the more she wanted him to. Soon Daliah was writhing against him snout and moaning with pleasure.

Solomon's tong entered her tight hole and seemed to drill into her. This made her arch up in an erotic pleasure she's never felt before. Drinking in her Juices Solomon felt himself become hard and wanted to plant that hardness inside Daliah.

Solomon drew back and looked at Daliah, she was blushing a bright red. She looked at him with a mix of fear and pleasure in her gaze. Solomon nudged her side with his wet nose. Daliah looked at him puzzled as he nudged her again.

"Get o you're hands and knees" He growled

Daliah nodded and did what he said. Solomon stated to nudge up her night gown over her ass and then licked her pussy a few times, this made Daliah shudder and start to tremble. Solomon mounted her and hunch his hips. She gasped as she felt something hot and wet press against the back of her thigh.

He tried again and got somewhat higher “Lower your hips Daliah" She did as she was told. Solomon felt his hard cock press against her pussy and started to hump lightly, then started too pounded into her as he felt his hard cock slide into her.

Daliah cried out in pain as he broke her hymen. Sobbing Daliah took what Solomon was doing to her. Then slowly she started to moan as his cock started to grow and stretch her. What Solomon was doing to her didn't feel bad after the first shock of pain, It felt great and she moaned and writhed against his cock to get it deeper into her.

"Solomon why are you doing this to me?" She asked

He didn't reply just grunted as he pounded her pussy. She cried out again as he hit the deepest part of her. It hurt terribly so for Daliah but the pain mixed with the pleasure and so she took it as his cock started to open and enter her cervix. This is when Daliah knew that Solomon had been taken over by his animal mind telling him to "mate".

Soon she felt something large at the opening of her pussy. it felt like he was putting a ball inside her. With Solomon's pounding the large round thing that had to be attached to his cock entered her and started to grow larger and larger with each thrust.

Soon it felt like it would ripped Daliah's insides. But that's when with one last hard thrust Solomon stopped moving and released a hot liquid that poured into Daliah's womb. The liquid seem to fill up all the space inside her. When Solomon finally finished they were both panting.

Once Solomon and seen what he had done and the lust wore off he tried to pull out of Daliah and move away from her. Daliah cried out and he would come out. His cock was stuck inside her. He tried again and yet he still wouldn't come out.

"ow Solomon! Stop ok? Just wait ok, maybe the swelling will go down"

So they waited and waited until Solomon was small enough to slide out of her. his seed spilled from her and onto her bed. Solomon looked down and got off the bed ashamed of what he had done to Daliah.

"Solomon are you ok?" Daliah asked

"I hurt you..."

"You did a little but that's ok" she smiled at him reassuringly "I'll be ok, and anyways you couldn't control yourself"

"I'm sorry Daliah I won’t ever touch you again"

She hugged him to her and his head ended up cuddled into her breasts. Solomon nuzzled her soft breast with his nose. She giggled and Solomon realized she wasn't mad at her


"Solomon I actually really liked what you did to me" she said blushing. "I just have to get used to all of that"

She smiled at him and he licked her face. They both got up and Daliah tugged him to the bathroom where she said they needed to wash up. After their shower Daliah and her Arcanine Solomon slept happily together.

Rating: 77%, Read 27581 times, Posted May 25, 2015

Fantasy | Bestiality, Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, Rape, Virginity


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