Shower time. by Bear66

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His name was Harry and he was almost sixty years old. He had a lot lo health problems and his doctor had arranged for a home health care aide. That was three months ago and in that time Harry had not showered instead he had done sponge baths. You ould not get everything cleaned with just. Sponge baths so it was finally time for a shower. Harry knew he would need lots of help in the shower so he asked Alyssa his aide if she would help him.

Of course she told him that is why i'm here. Alyssa was an attractive petite tanned eighteen year old Latina. She stood five foot two inches with long trim legs , a flat abdomen , that beautiful Latina skin color , and nice firm c-cup breasts. What Harry loved most was her hair she had long , silky , reddish-brown hair that fell down to her knees. She usually kept it in a tight braid wrapped around the top of her head in a bun. Today for the shower it was loose and was on full display. It was time Harry could not put it off any longer.

He rose from his bed stripped until he was nude and used his walker to get to his bathroom. He went in and sat on his shower chair and waited for Alyssa. Now Harry to be honest was not attractive , he was big standing six foot four but also fat at over three hundred and fifty pounds. He did not get much sun so was white and his chest had grown breasts from fat. What was worst as big as he was his penis was only eight inches when hard.

Harry sat in the shower stall waiting patiently but could not help the gasp when the shower curtain was pulled aside revealing Alyssa totally nude. She stepped in and turned on the water getting it to a nice bearable but hot temperature. She turned to him with a wash cloth already soaped up in her hand. Harry could not help himself his penis hardened as he took in her glistening wet body. She knelt down starting with his feet washing them tthen moving up his legs. He moaned the closer her hands got to his groin but she just smiled and moved up past his groin to his torso.

Washing his stomach then up to his chest then onto his neck. She moved behind him washing his back then had him stand to get the backs of his legs and ass. Seated once again she washed his hands and arms. Putting the wash cloth aside she soaped her hands and washed his face using the wash cloth to wipe off the soap. She moved on to his hair picking up the shampoo she put some on her hands and rubbing it into his hair she washed his hair clean. Smiling she knelt between his legs and pushing them she spread them wide.

Soaping her hands she gently took his penis into her hands working the soap into a lather he moaned as her small soft hands cupped his balls soaping them then moved to the shaft of his penis. She made sure it was well lathered then rinsed it off. He moaned in both pain and pleasure he had never been so hard in his life. He thought he was going to pass out when she leaned ind took his penis into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around his shaft and over the head of his penis. He grabbed the shower grab bars as her head began bobbing sliding his penis in and out of her hot little mouth.

Oh God he groaned as he felt an orgasm approaching. He spilt his seed down her throat and she swallowed every drop. He was not young but being a fifty eight year old virgin his hard on barely registered the release and still stood erect. Shaking her head but still smiling she stood and turned off the shower and pulling aside the curtain stepped out and began drying off. Once dry she started drying Harry off she had him stand and finished drying him off. Then dhe led him back to his queen size bed had him lay down and mounted him straddling his groin she moved his penis to the entrance to her vagina.

Sliding down on him he entered her pussy until he felt his balls touch her upper thighs. She moved up and down his penis basically masturbating him with her vagina. Faster and faster she moved on his penis again moving him to explode spraying her womb with his sperm. She started to rise but he grabbed her pulling her down on top of him. He would not let her up until his shrinking cock pulled free of the soft grip of her pussy.

Harry lay beside her admiring her young firm body he could not believe what they had just done had happened. She was a glorious Goddess beautiful beyond anyone he had expected to be his first lover. All those years he had waited for her. He knew what he looked like and it had not helped that he had always had trouble talking to any woman eto whom he was attracted. Alyssa was his perfect match she had no problem taking the lead in their relationship. He was happy to let her lead she had more experience thaan he did but he was also very perverted and could not wait to see what she was willing to do or try. He wondered as he visualized it if she would have intercourse with a dog or let him tie her spread eagled to the bed or if she was an exhibitionist and go with him to the mall exposing herself to other shoppers. He would have to go slow seeing what she was willing to do.

Then he gently moved her to his side where they lay for awhile. Finally he embraced her engulfing her small body in his hug and they fell asleep holding each other. Smiling Harry was already planning the next round of their sexual activities.

Rating: 75%, Read 8754 times, Posted Nov 11, 2019

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Latina, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity


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