Storms Rock: Prologue and Chapter One. by Dizzyworks673

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Storms Rock


She was running down the street, fleeing for her life, the whistling man was behind her somewhere following her in the dark. She was running down an alley in the dark, she was completely lost and all she could see were a number of English style buildings on both sides of her. She came out of the alley and turned onto a sidewalk near a park, there was fog rolling in on the street ahead of her and a fence made of metal and rope lined the park to her side. The trees on the other side of the fence scared her more than the man following her, their branches hung low made the street seem sinister almost. With the emptiness of the street and the enveloping fog she almost turned around, but the man was somewhere back there.

She had stopped running when she had turned onto the side walk, her heart was racing and she had to slow down, but she kept her pace as quick and steady as she could. She began to hope that maybe she had lost the whistling man she hadn’t heard him for several blocks now. She looked behind her and couldn’t see anyone down the whole length of the sidewalk, she breathed out in relief but ash her focus turned forward again. She began to run again when she stepped down wrong twisting her ankle, she cried out in pain but didn’t let it stop her. She continued to walking wincing in pain with every step only then did she hear the footsteps behind her and the man whistling.

Michelle Hathaway woke suddenly; she didn’t know how long she had been out. Her head was buzzing and she had lingering images of the dream she had been having. As she came back to her senses she shook the image of the sidewalk, the park and the whistling man out of her head. It was dark outside and she was face down lying on the back seat of a car, she couldn’t remember how she had ended up on the floor but she lay there now.

She tried to push herself up which resulted in both her head and her arm sending a shooting pain through her. Looking at her arm and trying to move slightly she concluded that her arm was broken. Trying again with her other arm she pulled herself up from the floor to the back seat. She had to rest there a moment her head was throbbing and she reached up to touch it. It was only then she realized she was bleeding. Cradling her bad arm she crawled into the front seat to check on her best friend and her mother.

“Oh god......” she cried out loud. Her best friend and her Mom had been the only family she had since her father had killed her own Mother. They were both dead. The impact of the car accident had hit them so hard that they were both torn up from broken glass. Both of the faces Michelle loved were broken and bleeding.

Tears were flowing now from her eyes; she slowly crawled out of the car and sat down on the curb nearby. She had a clear look at the car from outside even in the dark she realized it was a wonder she survived the crash herself. They had crashed straight into a brick wall of an office building. If Michelle hadn’t been sleeping in the backseat when it happened, she shuttered to think of what would have been.

Her arm was excruciating but she tried to not to think about that now, at least she was still here; she started to sob for her friends. Then the worst thought hit her, she was stuck here in Storms Rock with no car, no money, and she couldn’t turn to anyone she knew in town. She knew it had been a bad idea for her to ride with them to see her best friend off to college. She knew if her father ever got out and knew where to find her he would finish the job he started the night he tried to kill her and had killed her mom.

Michelle sat for a long time before looking at her watch 2:00 a.m. It was really the sound of a passing motorist stopping that made her look up. The motorist got out of her car and went to Michelle first, she was saying something to her but Michelle didn’t hear. The woman walked to the car turned looked inside and threw up; she pulled out her cell phone and called the paramedics. Then the woman sat down with Michelle and asked what had happened and what her name was. Michelle didn’t answer the woman but didn’t know why the shock of the whole situation was too much, but it wasn’t that holding her back from asking question. Without her best friend she had nowhere to live and nothing to go back too, a plan was beginning to form in her head, but could she really go through with it?

The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance minutes later. Michelle was still lost inside her own thoughts she had no one she had burnt so many bridges in both Storms Rock and West End she was running out of options. Michelle had quite literally screwed her way through high school she never thought about the future and had, had a different guy every few weeks. She wished right now she would have spent less time sleeping around and more studying with her best friend.

While she was out at night looking to be loved her best friend had earned scholarships that would pay for years of college. It was funny how she had never really thought about it before now. She had been looking for love and only finding sex. She realized right then that she would never find another boy like her first love and she needed to stop looking and think about herself from now on.

With cops and paramedics on the way Michelle’s plan fully formed in her head and she made a snap decision. Since her reconstructive surgery she looked so much like her best friend that people often got them mixed up. She had hated that people confused them, as much as she loved her best friend she liked being her own person but now in this moment she realized that she had a second chance to start completely over again. It was a chance most people never got handed to them and it was staring her in the face.

All the events of her life seemingly horrible and random had created this one moment in time for her to start all over again. Without warning and startling the woman trying to talk to her, Michelle shot up ignoring the pain and ran back to the car. She pulled her best friend’s purse from the car. She slipped hers next to her best friend it was that moment the ambulance arrived. Slowly, cradling her arm, she pulled herself out of the car again.

Paramedics immediately started work. One of the men came to her and despite the pain she told them to look into the car first, Michelle was sure they were dead but she wanted the paramedics to look after them first. It was only minutes later another ambulance arrived and began to treat her arm and head.

“What’s you name ma’am?” One of the paramedic’s asked.

Michelle, trying hard not to visibly shake, slowly said, “My name is.........................................

Chapter One

Dan Alinder woke with a headache. His temples were throbbing and his back was stiff from driving the day before. He realized it was his alarm that brought him out of sleep this morning. It couldn’t really be morning yet could it? He turned his head and looked at the time. It had to have been going off for about 10 minutes before he finally snapped out of sleep. That explained he headache.

He reached over and turned off his alarm, hitting the shelf it was sitting on a little too hard. He was rewarded with a stack of pop cans landing on him from the shelf above. He rolled over slowly pushing cans out of his way and put his feet on the floor, holding his head in his hands. God help him he didn’t want this day to begin, his problems he left behind were waiting for him today, and he would have no choice but to deal with them. Slowly he stood up and walked to his bathroom stubbing his toe on his dresser as he past, he cursed out loud and held his foot for a moment.

He looked himself over in the mirror once making inside the bathroom. He was six feet tall with an average build. He wasn’t over weight but he really didn’t have the amount of muscle definition like some of his friends had. He ran his hand across his face he hadn’t shaved all summer and had a beard going. It was the first time in his life he had ever grown one out, he decided it had to go. He made up his mind to keep the front and shave down to a goatee, with that decided he looked away from himself and headed to the shower.


Amber Cordell woke up alone in an empty apartment. Her alarm clock was going off on the other side of the room but she couldn’t gather the will to get up and turn it off. This was the point of course of why she put it on the other sided the room. The beep beep beep was drilling into her head yet she still refused to move.

She wanted to pull the covers up over her head and hide today. She so desperately wanted to see him but was scared at the same time. Today they would pick up where they left off? Or he would finally just end things with her? Either way she was tired of waiting. Even if it meant it was over she would confront him and find out what happened and force him to decide.

Finally letting out a dull moan she couldn’t stand the alarm sound anymore; she stood up and walked across the room to turn it off. She fell back on her bed sitting on the edge still thinking of him. She was so mad at him for leaving right now but her body had such a need to see him, to be with him she could feel herself getting wet. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the bed, her fingers finding your moist slit and sliding inside. She remembered back to the first time they had made love and her body shuddered with pleasure at the memory. Amber began to use her other hand to rub her clit at the same time her fingers did their magic.

Her orgasm hit her strong only moments later. The memory of her lost virginity always made her cum faster. She lay back on the bed panting for a few minutes before finally deciding it was time for a shower. She didn’t bother to dress heading to the bathroom she knew her roommates hadn’t returned home yet so dressing seemed unimportant.

She was really proud of her body. She was 5foot 8inchs and very slender. In fact most people assumed she had an eating disorder to stay this thin. It wasn’t the case she was just lucky. She looked down at her body as she walked feeling content. Her looks had never been a problem even if she only had B-cup boobs. She was happy with herself now. He had helped her with that last year, she shuttered at the thought that he might not love her after everything they had gone through. She wanted him to talk to her and to finally make a decision but loved him too much to let go.

She had really hoped that her roommates would’ve returned home last night. It had been a lonely couple months without her friends or boyfriend around. Not that it mattered much she guessed anyway. Her roommate Crystal never sat still long enough to talk anyway. Crystal always had about 3 boyfriends at a time and was always out. Lindsey on the other hand was out with her girlfriend most nights and when she was home she would spend most her time hitting on Amber. She realized that college was a time to experiment but she still didn’t swing that way. But with her boyfriend gone company was company.


Rick Farris wasn’t lucky enough to wake by his alarm clock this morning. He was awoke by a pounding on his door.

“Wake up Jack Ass, you’re driving me to school!” came an excited yell from the other side of his door.

“Bite me,” He yelled back.

“Be nice to her,” said a soft voice spoken from his side, “She likes you.” He turned to look into the beautiful eyes he adored.

“She doesn’t like me,” he explained, “She likes Dan. She thinks I’m her chauffeur. She wouldn’t even need me for that if her license hadn’t been suspended.”

“I can see more there. She has a crush on you too.”

“Well it doesn’t matter,” he said smiling at her, “I have a crush on someone else.” He rolled over on to her and kissed her, “Besides she’s my step-sister.”

“I know,” she said pulling him in for a deeper kiss.

“I’m going to be late if we keep this up.”

“So late,” she smiled slipping her hand down his pants feeling his hardening cock.


Dan showered shaved and dressed stepped out of his room. He was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of new high tops. He fumbled pointlessly around the kitchen, knowing that he hadn’t had time to go grocery shopping yet. He decided he would have to stop on the way to school.

“Big Brother,” exclaimed an excited call from behind him. He turned only just in time to have his sister throw her arms around him pulling him into a big hug. She was always affectionate with him.

“I’m so excited!!!” She squealed letting him go.

“Calm down Laney,” he replied, “It’s just college.”

“I know........ But it’s COLLEGE!!!” She practically yelled and bounced out of the room, “I’ll be ready to go really quick don’t leave without me.”

Dan watched her walk away; she was wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He had to admit she had really grown up in the last year he had been away. Her legs had finally filled out and were now quiet shapely. What the hell am I thinking? Dan wandered as she disappeared out of sight, that’s my sister! He decided to put it out of his head. She had grown into a beautiful young woman there was no harm in simply acknowledging that.

He still wasn’t happy about her staying with him, here but he wasn’t left with much choice. She had gotten in to Stormbrook College and his parents thought it was the best thing for her to stay with him so he could look out for her.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love his sister, but he had lived there for 4 years, it was his home now. But his parents did pay for his college and for his apartment so he wasn’t in much of a place to argue. They had got him the apartment when they had left Storms Rock his senior year of high school. They all decided that he was old enough to stay there and finish school since he had already been accepted to Stormbrook College. It didn’t make sense to make him move away across state just to come back in a couple months.

Dan might have put up more of a fight over Laney, but she had come to stay with him last summer and Laney had never told his parents about what really was going on. So he did kind of owe her one.

That had been the last time he had seen any of his family. Other than Laney, Dan really wasn’t close at all to any of his family. He hadn’t once gone to his parent’s new home since they left him, until this summer. Only Laney had made her way back to see him since they had moved and that was a year ago.

Ten minutes later Dan’s thoughts on the situation still buzzing in his head, he was getting impatient. As much as he was worried to see her today, it was time to really talk to her, but should he tell her the whole truth?

“Hurry up,” he called after his sister a few minutes later.

“You can’t rush adorable,” She called back.

“Whatever,” he mumbled to himself sitting down in his recliner.

Dan didn’t know how long he had dozed off when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked over at his sister and took in a sharp breath, at her appearance. She was wearing a short pleated skirt and a button up shirt.

“Really? Your first day of college and you’re going with the little catholic school girl look?” he teased her.

“Make all the jokes you want big brother, I heard your response when you saw me.” She smiled, “Besides you have no room to talk, you always dress like you’re in a Michael J. Fox 80s movie.”

She giggled at him and walked to the door. He found himself gazing at her legs for a moment before getting up, what surprised him even more was the fact that he could feel himself getting hard looking at her. Well she is a pretty girl; he thought to himself and decided it was ok to think as long as he never acted on it. With that he walked out the door and following her outside.

Dan parked on the street outside the student parking lot. He had seen to many scratches and bumps inside student parking and with the size of his truck he didn’t want to take any chances. He had spent too much time fixing it up this summer. He had it repainted and lifted now with swamper tires. His sister’s comment wasn’t too far off. He had always been a fan of 80s movies. In fact he had fixed up his dodge ram to resemble the Toyota truck from “Back to the Future” One of Dan’s favorite movies.

After parking he watched his sister take off almost running, excited for her first class. As she ran away he couldn’t help thinking of her at 18 as the same excited little girl she had been at 14 starting high school. It was cute and in that outfit it just made her seem so young and innocent still. A small shutter went through him as the thought about how innocent she still really was crossed his mind.

Dan went to his first class and sat down in the back row of desks. He had dozed off in his seat when someone thumped him on his shoulder.

“I hate you dick.” Someone said behind him and Dan looked at his watch.

“What’s up Rick, you’re actually in class before noon?”

“It’s the first day,” he shrugged, “I see that you already fell asleep in class.”

“Yeah, late night.”

“It doesn’t matter man, you always sleep through class. I hate the fact that you can sleep though class and you get better grades.”

“Whatever. We got back late last night and then I had to move my sister into my spare room.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about your sister,” Rick said with a grin, “She’s legal now.”

“Calm your drooling. I have no problem breaking you.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Besides I have a girlfriend.” Rick said with a bigger smile.

“Really? Ashley finally wear you down?”

“I have to say, Hell No, to that,” Rick replied his smile wavering slightly.

“Ok I give. Who was cool enough to make you break your vow of No official girlfriend’s just girls?” Dan asked. In 3 years Rick had dated half the single girls in town but never had a real girlfriend.

“Well without you around to talk me out of it this summer I started seeing Julie.” Rick smiled with pride.

“Julie Elliot?” Dan asked rolling his eyes.

“Yes, Julie Elliot, Don’t tell me you don’t like her ether?” Rick said with an obvious tone of disappointment, “Ashley hates her so much I have to sneak her in and out of my house at night.”

“I don’t like her. But if she makes you happy I can live with it.”

“Thanks Bro.” Rick didn’t say anything more for about 20 minutes. Dan was really happy about that. He really didn’t want to have to explain the reasons for he didn’t like Julie.

Rick began talking again near the end of class. From the look on his face Dan could tell his friend was slightly agitated about something.

“Julie tried to get in here but she wasn’t accepted,” Rick Explained,

“She did however get accepted to Western.”

“Wow, Bellingham is a long way from Storms Rock. What are you going to do if she moves over there?”

“We haven’t talked much about it. She wouldn’t start until next semester anyway. Were just going to see how it goes.” Dan was really surprised to hear the sad note in Rick’s voice. He wondered what had happened in town while he was away? Before he left Rick hadn’t ever spent enough time with one girl to care about moving or not. I made him begin to wonder what else had changed in his absence.


When lunch hit Dan was literally starving. Walking fast he left campus and headed across the street to Ray’s drive in burger restaurant. There was already a line when he got there. Waiting in line he felt a hand on his shoulder. He knew instantly who it was. Only one person could touch him with the need and tentativeness as her.

“Hi sweetheart,” he said turning to her, trying to smile.

“Don’t sweetheart me,” she said quietly yet shaking with anger, “Why have you been avoiding me? I’m a living person and you’ve........” he could see the tears welling in her eyes.

Dan took her hand and led her away from the line. They walked slowly to his truck without a word. When they got there he opened the passenger door and she got in. He went around to his side and climbed in. Only then did she let loose the tears.

“Amber, don’t.......” he started.

“Don’t tell me not to cry. You left me Dan! You didn’t say you were leaving you didn’t say why and you didn’t call me all summer.”

“About that............”he started again but couldn’t find the words.

“I went to your apartment and I called you. I was so worried that you just disappeared until you sent that text message,” She put her face in her hands crying, “I.......... loved you...... I gave you my virginity! And you couldn’t even tell me you were leaving! You couldn’t tell me what I did wrong!”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” he told her softly. He put his arm around her. She pushed him off her.

“I don’t know if I want you to touch me.”

“Ok, then how about we go get something to eat and blow off the rest of the day. We can go someplace and be alone.” He said gently running his hand across her face.

“Ok........ I guess.” she said quietly.

Dan went and picked up some burgers while she sat next to him getting the last of her pent up tears out. By the time he pulled up at the park she had stopped crying. Brookwood Park was a secluded park and in the day time when school was in session it was practically deserted.

They climbed out of the truck with their burgers in hand. Sitting at a picnic bench eating in silence Dan finally took one hand and took her free hand.

“I didn’t know you loved me,” He told her quietly, “I didn’t realize you were a virgin when we.............. When I made love to you.” First she turned red with the virginity comment then her face grew angry.

“That’s your excuse? You didn’t know I cared,” The tears started again, “How can you say that after the year we had last year?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” he countered, “I knew you cared. I didn’t know you cared as much about me as I did about you. We were never an official couple.” He put his arms around her and she stopped him again.

“I felt like I was falling in love with you long before we made love. We hung out all the time but we never had the relationship talk.”

“You were falling in love with me?” she asked, “Why didn’t you...... you could have said so......... I was waiting. I wanted it so bad, to just hear you say that you loved me.”

“I was falling and it scared me. I’ve only loved two girls before. The last one ended in her death. I made a wrong choice not to tell you.”

“I guess I can understand. Losing your wife and baby............ I would be scared to love again too.”

“It wasn’t the loss that scared me with you. It was the betrayal of my wife that made me scared to love again.’

“What are you talking about? How did she betray you?”

Dan thought about it for a minute. As close as they had become the year before he still hadn’t told anyone the whole truth. Not even Laney. Amber knew of course that his wife had died in a car accident a year ago.

Most people hadn’t known he was married. His parents had threatened to cut him off if he got married before graduating. They had used the argument that until he graduated and could support his own family he shouldn’t be married. He loved Liz and they wanted to be together so much they had gotten married in secret. He figured they would have a fake marriage for show after college.

Amber also knew that Liz had been pregnant at the time of her death. Laney knew that too. At the time of Liz’s death the police had thought it looked suspicious and had dragged him down town. He had been at a college fund raiser at the time and cleared of all charges.

Staring into Ambers crying eyes Dan made the decision that it was time to share the last part of the story with her. He trusted her; he realized looking at her now he loved her more deeply than he had realized when he left. There was something in her eyes he hadn’t seen before, like staring into an untapped part of his sole, something deep and familiar. She meant everything to him at that moment. It was a lot of trust he was handing her. She was the only woman he had made love to since Liz, not for lack of opportunity but due to the fact he couldn’t feel for anyone else but Amber since Liz had died.

“What I never told you was that the baby wasn’t mine. When the police found that out they thought I might have killed her.” Dan didn’t know how she would take that statement but didn’t expect her to break down in more tears. Amber started crying harder and he finally seceded in putting his arms around her. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

“You see after I found out that the baby wasn’t mine I found it easier to get over her death. But at the same time she had destroyed my trust in women.”

“I guess I can see why you were scared. But I’ve loved you since the first time we met. I would never.........” she started to bite her lip as she talked. Dan felt she was beautiful in that moment, baring her sole to him.

They didn’t talk again until they had finished all the food. He wrapped his arms around her again kissing her neck.

“I....... I have a curious question,” she asked tentatively, “I was just wondering about the first girl.”

“What first girl?”

“You said before that you had only ever loved two girls. I know about Liz. I was wondering what the other was like.” She asked to his confusion. He couldn’t understand why she would want to know.

“It’s not a long story to tell. I met Michelle on a camping trip to West End. We only had two weeks together. I loved her the first day and we got together by the third day.” He smiled in his memory, “I was 15 and she was my first. Everything was so perfect for those two weeks.”

“So Liz was your only real relationship?”

“Yeah, until you.” He kissed her forehead again.

“But you still have never asked me properly.” She said softly.

“Is that what you want?”

“I want you to tell me what you feel and then do what feels right,” she said growing quieter with each word.

He lifted her chin and kissed her lips. She kissed him back sinking into his kiss, relaxing and opening her lips to him letting his tongue probe lightly into her mouth. Kissing her deeper his hands started moving up her legs, slowly moving under her skirt. He loved the softness of her bare thighs. The passion of their kissing grew deeper until the world around them didn’t exist anymore. His hand slid up her leg finding the waistband of her panties. She pulled away from him.

“No! Stop........... Not until you tell me.......... I need to hear it first before I can let you .......... again.” tears coming back to her eyes.

“I...... I......... I............ I can’t say the words.” He stopped and looked deep into her eyes. He raised his hand and wiped her tears away. He didn’t want to make her cry. It hurt him to see her tears.

“What I mean to say is I love you so much there aren’t right words to say.”

“Really?” she said so quietly he almost couldn’t hear her, “You’re not just trying to sleep with me again?”

“I would never say I loved someone for sex.” He wiped more tears from her eyes, “So Amber Lin Cordell, I’m in love with you and I want you be my girlfriend?” He felt like he was in high school again but if Amber had one fault it was that emotionally she was 14 like his sister.

Amber didn’t answer him right away. She kissed him again, then took his hand and led him away from the bench. She led him down the path to the bridge over Brook wood creak. On the far side of the bridge there was a flat spot you could hop down and go under the bridge. Once under the bridge you were in an alcove completely hidden from anyone on the bridge or in the park. Dan wondered how Amber knew about it. Dan knew she hadn’t been with anyone else since they started hanging out and she had said he took her virginity. That only left this summer? Had she been here with someone else while he was away? He decided now might not be the best time to ask.

Amber lied down in the soft sand under the bridge and pulled him on top of her. Just before he could kiss her she whispered, “Yes, I’m your girlfriend, it’s about time you realized it.”

He kissed her deeper and more passionately then he ever had. The admission of love caused an emotional barrier not just to break but explode. They took things slow, kissed and touching, tongues dancing together in need and burning desire for each other. His hands found her breasts and he unbuttoned her shirt with one hand while caressing one breast with the other. He loved how soft and sensitive her skin was to his touch as he could feel her reactions in her kissing.

They lay together kissing and lightly touching for an hour, this was more about exploring their newly confessed love then about sex. But as the passion finally hit it’s breaking point Dan couldn’t wait any longer he moved his hand up her skirt to find her soaked panties under his touch. It was only then she whispered, “I can’t wait anymore!” she then began reaching for his belt, and he began removing her panties.

For as slow as the lead up had been their first time again together making love was fast, Dan had barely managed to remove her panties when she rolled him onto his back and finished getting his pants open.

“Amber………..” he trailed off as she took his dick in her hand and began to stroke him.

“SSSHHH, baby,” she whispered as she kissed his lips again. He closed his eyes and felt her swing her leg over him, still holding him in her hand she pressed his throbbing cock against her wet hot lips. Amber let go of his dick and he thrust up inside her. She was so warm and tight, he had forgotten how hot her pussy was. He leaned up to kiss her and she pushed his shoulders back to the ground.

“Just lay down baby,” she whispered to him sweetly grinding her hips into his body as she rode up and down his shaft. She began to speed up as she did so as well making him go crazy for more. It wasn’t long before he needed to cum. He hadn’t had sex all summer and Amber was to hot and tight to hold back. It was only moments later she moaned out and shuddered clamping down on his dick so hard, Dan could feel more hot fluid wash over his pelvis as she came.

“Um, babe……….!” He managed to moan out as he let loose like a cannon, spraying cum up inside her firm young dripping pussy.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear slipping off of him and laying down next to him. She took his hand, holding it tight in her own, she turned her head and looked at him, and her face wore a look of both happy and content. His racing heartbeat began to calm as he stared into her eyes. He loved her so much and wondered how he could have ever doubted that.

It wasn’t long after they had gotten done that Dan could feel his cock beginning to get ready again. He leaned over and began to kiss her neck slowly not wanting to miss an inch of her body he moved down to her shoulder slipping her shirt off of her arms as he did so. Amber moaned as he moved from one shoulder to the other with little sweet kisses moving his way down her chests. She arched her back and unhooked her bra before he made it to her breasts.

Dan kissed her nipples as soon as she had removed her bra. He sucked them in one at a time and gently bit on them making her body jump with pleasure from every nibble. He loved how responsive her body was to gently touch and biting. He moved on from her breasts leaving his hands were his mouth had been, and began kissing her stomach. He loved to kiss her flat tummy and would do so as often as she would let him, she had been very self-conscious when they had got together and she often didn’t like to take her shirt off when they made out.

He continued down her body finding her clit and caressing it with his tongue. Amber bucked her hips as his lips began to suck her little nub as hard as he could. After a couple minute he slid his two middle fingers of his right hand inside her slit and began to thrust them in and out while sucking her clit.

Amber was going crazy form his stimulation. None of the times they had been together had been like this, she didn’t know if it was because he had finally told her he loved her but, whatever it was she had never experienced pleasure like she felt right now. She could feel her orgasm coming as he moved his face down and replaced his fingers with his thrusting tongue. She ground her hips against his face as her second orgasm ripped through her body, she arched her back grabbed his hair in both hands holding him there.

Dan felt and tasted her second orgasm splash against his lips, she tasted so damn good and there was so much cum juices running down his chin now. She released his head and pulled him up to her wanting mouth, thrusting her tongue inside his kissing him with a new found passion.

Amber pushed Dan down on his back again; she kissed and sucked on his earlobe while taking his cock into her hand. As slowly as he had done with her she pushed up his shirt and kissed his body all the way down to his stomach. Stroking him firmly she began to lick the head of his cock; Dan moaned and twitched with every flick of her tongue. Without stopping her stroking she kissed his head lightly before moving lower and sucking on his balls.

It was Dan’s turn to go crazy, in all the years of having sex and even being married he had never had a girl willing to suck on his balls, most girls didn’t like doing it. Amber had never before done this for him and he found it was really amazing, between her hand on and her lips he was almost ready to cum again.

Amber could hear Dan breathing heavy and moaning her name, she knew he would be close to cuming again and she released his ball and moved back up enveloping his cock head into her mouth. His pre-cum tasted so good to her as she ran her tongue over his dick while sucking him as hard as she could.

Dan didn’t last long as she began to suck him in deep strokes taking him all into her mouth. He wanted to warn her but all that escaped his lips was a loud moan as his cum shot across her tongue and down her throat. He looked down into her eyes as she licked him clean and swallowed his cum. That was always the biggest turn on for him when a girl swallowed.

Still hard from his blowjob he pushed her down onto her back this time and knelt between her legs. He leaned in and kissed her beautiful mouth as he pushed his cock back inside her tight wet slit. She moaned out as he slid all the way in.

They lay together in each other’s arms an hour later, having made love twice, and not having the energy to move after the second time. They were still naked, holding hands and lightly kissing. He found he had, had a hard time holding back with her today. He felt the first time he went at her with a raw lust and a full uncontrollable need. In many ways today reminded him a lot of his very first time he had ever made love, he had really loved her too and the sex was raw and hot.

The second time he felt was much more about love, and everything he had been trying to tell her with his words that he couldn’t express, he told her through that second lovemaking. He couldn’t ever remember being so tender and loving with any of the girls he had been with. As he lay in her arms reflecting he felt a small touch of sadness as he realized that he hadn’t even loved his wife like this.

It was starting to get late in the day when they finally pulled their clothes back on.

“Where do we go from here?” she asked.

“Where do you want it to go?”

“I can’t stand to be at my apartment alone all the time. I want to spend the night with you.” She asked questionably and again Dan was reminded of a girl five years younger. College girls shouldn’t have to make such a big fuss out of staying at their boyfriend’s house. Then it hit him. The one thing they had never talked about in all the time he knew her.

“Amber, we talked about me, but have you ever been in love with anyone before?”

“No,” she said slow and quiet, “I’ve only ever loved you. It’s all new for me. I’m.......... scared too.”

“Don’t be scared. I want you to stay with me tonight but I also want to take you on a proper date.”

“That would be nice,” she kissed his cheek; “For now would it be ok if we go to Julies party on Friday?”

“I didn’t know she was having a party.”

“Yeah she showed up at the college this morning and started inviting people.”

“It’s sad that she doesn’t even go there and she still knows more people than I do,” Dan joked, “But yeah we can go if you like.”

“Speaking of School we should probably get back. The day should be over soon,” She giggled, “It’s the first day and I already have to catch up.”

“I hate to leave this spot. I like it here right now.” He leaned in and started kissing her reaching for her panties again.

“God Damn boy slow down before you have a heart attack.”

“I’ve missed you…….., more then I realized………… until I saw you,” he told her through kisses.

“Ok, you twisted my arm, let’s be quick.” She reached out for him and drew him in close to her.

The drive back to school was quiet they both were lost in their own thoughts. Dan couldn’t believe the events of the day. He thought of his relationship so far with Amber. They had met at the college library, his sophomore year and her freshman year. They had some classes together and she had come over to ask him for some help with understanding chemistry. From that day on they were buddies, to the dismay and even anger of Dan’s wife Liz. As the school year came to a close nothing had happened between them, despite the fact that Liz made it clear she thought Dan was sleeping with Amber.

Six weeks before Liz’s death they had found out she was having a baby and was 10 weeks along. Dan had taken Laney to the airport the next day after the results came in; she agreed not to tell his parents about what was going on at his house. His happiness was only tempered by his realization that he would have to come clean with his parents about the relationship. He had made up his mind that he would wait until the baby came and the family would drive to see his parents. He doubted that they could look at a grandchild and not give their blessing.

About four weeks prior to Liz’s accident they started their junior year. Things picked up right where they had left off last year. Amber and he continued to be study partners. Dan had a lot of fun with Amber but would never cheat on Liz; he really loved his wife and was very happy to become a father. He actually considered not hanging around Amber anymore but she needed his help and he felt like Liz was being unreasonable.

Dan came home one night after a long study session at the library and Liz was standing at the door. She accused him of having an affair with Amber, and wouldn’t hear him when he tried to deny it. She had seen them in the library and around campus and had made up her mind that he was cheating. Dan tried to tell her that if she knew him at all she wouldn’t have accused him of that. This only turned into a bigger fight with him finally telling her to ask Amber herself, he stormed out of the house after sleeping in his car that night.

Dan went to school the next day and told Amber about the fight. He explained what had happened so she wouldn’t be caught off guard if Liz confronted her at school. Amber said she was really sorry that she had caused a problem; she hadn’t meant to have them fight over her. She suggested they not talk anymore and Dan actually felt saddened by that, he told her that the tension at home would resolve itself and not to worry. The conversation between the girls never happened, Dan was happy because he didn’t want there to be a confrontation. Liz died about a week after the fight.

It was Amber who came to him when she found out about Liz. Dan hadn’t gone to school for a week after the accident, and no one knew where he was and what had happened. Amber finally had heard about the accident and she felt she needed to go to him as his friend and check on him.

Dan had spent that whole week hiding in his house not wanting to face the rest of the world. The police had circled his house repetitively taking statements and looking for evidence. They told him they were trying to clear him as a suspect.

Amber showed up on Dan’s door step on a Saturday morning a week after the accident. He had literally just gotten off the phone with the investigator and gotten the news about not being the baby’s father. He hung up the phone to hear a knock at the door. Amber instantly through her arms around Dan and started crying on his shoulder, she felt so bad for him she couldn’t hold back her own tears.

“I’m so sorry Dan,” She cried, “I came as soon as I heard.”

“Thanks.” He said thinly. She didn’t wait to be invited in. She set to work right away doing dishes and cleaning. Dan tried to tell her not to bother but she led him to the couch and covered him with a blanket. She leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. It was the first time there had been any kind of contact like that between them. He felt warmed by it somehow and slipped into sleep.

When Dan woke up that day he was alone again. A note sat on the coffee table; Dan,

I had to get going and I didn’t want to disturb you. Your laundry’s in the dryer and there is dinner in the kitchen. I hope you feel better soon and make it back to school. I can’t make it through chemistry without you (Joke). But school isn’t the same without my study partner. See you soon.

When he returned to school his mood was bad and his grades fell. He barely squeaked by the first semester. If it wasn’t for his ability to sleep though class he would never have caught up. During that time he didn’t talk to anyone he went to school and hid at home. Amber showed up every few days to check on him and help keep his house somewhat clean.

By the end of the semester his parents finally asked him what was wrong. They could tell when they called that there was a problem. Even on the phone he was more distant than usual. He bent the truth slightly and said that he had gotten a girl pregnant and was excited to be a dad. Then she been in a car crash and passed away with the baby. It was mostly true so he didn’t feel that bad leaving parts out. His parents were upset that he hadn’t been more careful with the girl but understood why he was distant.

Once the new semester started Amber and Dan officially became best friends, from day one of the term they became inseparable. As the year progressed he couldn’t believe how comfortable he was with her like this is how it was meant to be. This excited and scared him at the same time he realized that if he let himself fall for her he would truly love her deeper than even his wife maybe Liz wasn’t so wrong to suspect something after all. Maybe this had only been a matter of time but with the realization that he was so in love meant that she had the power to betray him deeper in his sole then Liz had done.

He would have confessed all this to Amber last year but he was afraid that she didn’t feel as strongly for him as he hoped. He couldn’t take a broken heart from her this close to losing his wife. Dan kept all his feelings for her bottled up and held it all close to his heart. They hung out all the time and had begun kissing and making out from time to time but he always held back only once letting go, that happened at the end of last year when he made love to her.

“You’re heading back to the school? The day’s well over by now.” Amber said shyly breaking him out of his memories.

“I have to pick up Laney. I just hope she hasn’t left yet.”

“Yeah, I forgot for a minute that you have her now.” She bit her lip slightly as if in thought, “So you think she will be ok with me staying with you tonight.”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Laney was furious when Dan pulled up to the school. As he drove up she was on his driver’s side and he had his window down. He could see the anger radiating off of her.

“Where have you been for the last 45 minutes?” she asked sternly. She walked around and yanked the passenger door open only then noticing Amber.

“Oh hi,” She smiled slyly, “I’m Laney.” She had a knowing look on her face. Dan realized that Laney probably thought Amber was some just random girl he hooked up with.

On the ride home Amber introduced herself to Laney and apologized for the late ride home. She blamed Dan of course and they all laughed.

The girls had a fun night together, they cooked dinner and joked. After dinner Laney decided to go to her room and start re-arranging things now that it was her room. She hadn’t had much time for that the night before.

This gave Amber and Dan time alone. They lay down on the couch and held each other until they passed out that night. Amber had never been more content in her entire life as she was finally falling asleep in his arms. She laid her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. It beat for her now as hers beat for him.

A sudden sadness fell over her. She realized their whole relationship centered around a lie. But she couldn’t be honest with him. She hadn’t lied when she told him that he was the only man she had ever loved. She didn’t think she could ever love anyone else. She also had told him the truth when she said that he had taken her virginity. She had told the truth about both those things and those were the most important things.

Was it really necessary to tell him the whole truth? Would he hate her if she told him? They weren’t officially dating until today so he had no right to be mad right? But then what had he done while he was gone all summer. Did he go away and sleep with someone else after making love to her last year? He said he loved her but he disappeared for a whole summer doing god knows what.

That settled it. She decided that she would hold on to her secrets for now. She would see if she could get info from him about his summer with directly talking to her about it.

This line of thought made her unhappy. After today she didn’t want unhappy thoughts. She’d had the most amazing lovemaking ever and didn’t want to spoil that with unhappy things. Even when they had made love before it hadn’t been like today.

She thought back to last year, it had been so wonderful she had spent the whole year working on him to get to that one night. She had known that Liz cheated on him she just hadn’t found a way to tell Dan. It hurt her that she loved him so much already at that time and his wife cared so little she was cheating on him. The day Dan had come to her explaining a fight they had over her she smiled inwardly and played innocent on the outside, it meant her plan was working. Amber would have stayed out of their relationship and left Dan alone if she hadn’t found out that Liz had cheated but she couldn’t stand back and not take the man she loved from an evil bitch who didn’t love and realize what she had.

After Liz’s accident Amber had made herself available to him as much as possible when the new term began it was the perfect opportunity to movie in on him again and speed things up. It was so hard getting him to come out of his shell, slowly and with great effort she got him to go out to movies and the occasional party.

That’s how she finally made her move. She let him think he put the moves to her, but at Julie and Tammy’s party last June she had finally won him over enough. They were sitting outside drinking a couple of beers when she told him she was feeling really dizzy. Sad that worked but sometimes the old tricks still work. He brought her inside and laid her down on the bed she patted the bed next to herself and said she would feel better if he held her.

She told him then she was feeling a little better and gave him her best cute puppy dog look. That was all it took. A little beer and doing the eyes and he was kissing her. They spent a couple hours in the room kissing, making love and holding each other, that had been wonderful, today had been almost perfect.


The next morning Dan and the girls climbed into his truck, he took Amber home to shower and change before school.

“So is she moving in too?” Laney asked as we waited.

“I don’t think that’s the best thing yet. We’ve only been a couple officially since yesterday.”

“Quit the officially stuff big brother. I can tell you’re into her.”

“Yeah but I already jumped to fast once. I don’t know if I want to go that fast again.”

“Yeah but it worked out once, Liz was great! I loved her last year. She was so perfect, and so is Amber. What could it hurt to jump again?”

Dan broke at this point. He had already told his big secret to one of the most important girls in his life so why not his loving little sister. He told her the truth and her jaw hit the floor. She through her arms around him and hugged him.

“How could she cheat on the sweetest guy ever?” She wouldn’t let go.

“I don’t know if I’m the sweetest guy ever.”

“You are. If you weren’t I wouldn’t be trying so hard to find someone just like you for me.” She said and blushed.

“And if you weren’t the most sweet and trust worthy guy I knew I would be jealous to come out of the shower and see a beautiful girl with her arms wrapped around you confessing her adoration, sister or not.” Amber said from behind them surprising them both. They all laughed.

One hour later Dan was sitting in class when Rick came in and sat down next to him.

“So apparently were having a party this Friday.”

“So I’ve heard. Amber said something last night about Storms Beach?”

“Yeah, BYOB. So I take it that means you’re talking to each other?”

“Yeah, I worked out what I needed to. Were actually official now.” He couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he said it.

“About god damn time. It’s only been a year of beating around the bush. Speaking of witch please tell me that you’ve at least seen her naked?” Dan simply grinned in response.

“Dude I want details! She’s so hot.”

“Drool on your own girlfriend.”

“Oh well, be no fun. I’m just glad your back. She called me almost every day at the end of the summer asking me if I had heard from you yet.”

“Dude, I’m sorry if I put you out with all that.”

“It’s ok. I didn’t mind talking to her. She seemed really depressed and alone,” he smiled, “I took her out to the movies and dinner a couple times, and I see that look you’re giving me. Nothing happened.”

“Look? What look? Just because I know you, doesn’t mean anything.”

“Anyway ........... So Friday night I’m heading over to Storms Beach sometime after school but I know a lot of people aren’t planning to go until dark. You know this town after dark.”

“Yeah, I know this town and I know Julies’ parties.” I told him and her nodded. All I knew for sure was that Friday night was going to be a night to remember.

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