Raping Roz Doyle by primo10

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Fiction | Male, Old Female, Rape, Reluctance

I’m Chris, I’m 19 years old, but I’ll be 20 in a few months. I had just graduated college with my associate’s degree, and in need of a long break. Instead starting for my bachelor’s in the summer, I decided I would start in the fall. About two weeks into the summer I became very bored, sure the no class schedule was great, but there was hardly anyone in the dorms I stayed in, so needless to say it was like solitude. And the worse part of it all was all of the slutty girls had gone on a break too, so no meaningless sex to pass the time. I did however notice one of my former professors still hanging around on campus. Dr. Roz Doyle was my former genetics professor. She was stunning at 5’5, 120lbs, light brown hair, about 32 C breast, slim waist, sort of wide hips, and a nice plump round butt. She was absolutely gorgeous with her emerald green eyes. I didn’t know at the time what her age was, but I assumed she was in her mid to late 30s. So anyway I had kind of begun to stalk her. Trust me boredom plus loneliness will make you do some crazy things. I ended up watching her for weeks, and it actually became quite sexually stimulating. I learned that she was single and had no apparent interest in any particular man, she had two friends that she saw every week over lunch and at her house she kept one cat. After a few more days of watching her I decided to take this to a more stimulating level for both of us. I left the campus an hour before she did and went to her house. I knew she had an alarm so I waited behind her house; it was the perfect vantage point because no one could see me from any angle. The neighborhood was very quiet all the time so it was perfect for someone listening, but it was bad for an intruder. I heard her car pull into the driveway, and then I heard open the garage. I waited until the door was all the way up, then I slowly crept up along the side of the house and then watched as she pulled in. I got down on my hands and knees and quickly crawled in the garage. As she closed the door, I listened to her get out of the car and unlock her door to her house. I heard the door close and simply waited. I heard her open the back door to let her cat outside. I knew that by this time she was walking into her bedroom and taking off her jewelry. After this she would began to undress and go into her bathroom to run a bath. I knew it would take approximately 8 minutes for her to get ready. I then quietly picked the lock to her garage door and slowly entered. I walked quietly but briskly through the living room until I approached her bedroom. I saw her silhouette undressing as she was just about to enter the bathroom. Then I very quickly ran to her surprising her from behind. She yelped and began to scream, but within seconds I covered her mouth. I pressed my body against hers from behind on the bed.

“Please let me go”, she said shaking with fear. “I have money, and you can have it all, just don’t hurt me please”.

“Shhs” , I cooed her trying to calm her down. “I’m not going to hurt you Roz, and thanks, but I don’t want your money, I only want to please you…and myself of course”. I said in a calm and non-threatening voice. “If you only cooperate and not try to alarm anyone I’ll be done within an hour or two, and you may even experience pleasure in this”.

“So you just want to use me like a common whore” she said angrily.

“Now Roz, I know it seems like I’m degrading this isn’t my intention, you are most certainly not a whore, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world and I want to make you feel like you are”. I grabbed my blind fold that I brought with me and began to put it over her face as I said “Now don’t be afraid, but for obvious reasons I can’t let you see my face”. She still shook with fear but she cooperated. I led her to her bed and surprisingly she wasn’t putting up a fight. I gently pushed her down on the bed so she was lying on her stomach. I gently started to kiss her neck while rubbing her shoulders. I then started planting soft kisses down her back and surprisingly I felt her relax, she even let out a soft moan. Once I got to her butt, I started to kiss, suck, and lick the creamy plump cheeks. She had a truly amazing body and I was ecstatic to please her. I continued to clean her creamy ass cheeks with my tongue, and then I moved down even further kissing in between her thighs. I then gently spread her plump cheeks and buried my face in her already wet pussy. Her juices were flowing heavily within a minute as I continued to suck on the fat cunt lips. She moaned very loudly as I began to suck on her clit.

“Oh my gosh, yes” she said as she reached back to pull my head in further. I was pretty surprised she was getting into it so much, but I was glad that I was turning her on.

She kept on moaning as I fucked my tongue in and out of her pussy and that’s when she began to cum and her juices flowed like a river in and on my mouth. “Oh fuck” she shuttered in pleasure as her orgasm subsided. I then got off the bed and began to undress when Roz lifted her headed up “Is that it, you’re done with me”, I heard a bit of disappointment in her voice and felt pleased.

“No, far from it actually, I’m just getting started” as I said this I noticed her smile and put her head back down. I removed my pants and shirt. I climbed back on the bed and straddled her thighs. My cock was already rock hard. I began rubbing and slapping my cock all over Roz’s butt letting her feel the size and hardness. The soft skin of her fat ass felt so good on the head of my dick.

I put the head of my cock in the crevice of her plump ass just at her entrance “And don’t worry about an STD, I’m clean, I can assure you”. I said as I slowly pushed on the lips of her pussy. It felt so hot as her pussy lips opened around my cock head and she moaned as she felt me enter her. She was very tight for a woman her age.

“Oh my, that’s so big!”, she said and moaned loudly. As I went further into her I could feel her kegel muscles flexing and pulling more of my cock into her.

I let my cock slide all the way in and pressed my pelvis to her butt. Ooooh you’re in me so deep” she said as I bent down and began to kiss and suck on her neck. I pulled all the way out and slammed hard back into her while trying not to come. “Ah shit, yes!” she said screamed as I pounded into her pussy again. Then I continued to fuck her tight cunt as I sped up. Roz got into it even more as she began to thrusts her ass back on my cock, about ten minutes later this became too much for her and I felt her pussy clamp down as came on my cock. I was almost to the point of no return so I slowed down and started to fuck her deep, as if to make love to her. “Oh fuck yes” Roz whispered softly to herself as I began to gently nibble on her ear. I knew she had been aroused the entire time but it really surprised me when she turned her head to me and kissed me full on my lips. I pleasantly surprised and for some I felt terrified and almost pulled away. Quickly gaining my composure back I kissed her back, it so passionate. At that moment I felt so in love with Roz I had actually forgot that I was raping her and soon it all became too much for me and I pumped the biggest load of sperm I had ever had deep into Roz’s womb. I shuttered and shook on top of her as I continued to cum. “Ooooh yea give it all to me” I heard Roz whisper as more semen spurted into her.

I laid there on top of her as I breathed heavily. She sighed contently as I continued to lay there with my cock still embedded in her as I tried to catch my breath. I pulled out of her pussy, her cunt made a squelching sound and a little bit of sperm trickled out. I took in the sight of her perfect ass once more and then dismounted her butt. As I got dressed I apologized to Roz. “Roz, thank you I’m very sorry that raped you, but I must admit that you gave me immense pleasure and I just couldn’t control myself around you, you’re just so sexy”. I finished putting on my clothes and was quietly exiting her bedroom when she spoke. “Wait, can’t you at least tell me your first name”. I hesitated for a moment knowing that I probably shouldn’t say anything else. “You already know my name Dr. Doyle”, I said and then walked out of her bedroom and closed her door. I quickly wiped off everything that I had touched and slipped out the back door. I then waited outside three houses down for a good hour and to my surprise the police didn’t show up. I thought for sure that Roz would report what I had done, but she didn’t. I smiled as I thought “I can’t believe it, I just raped my professor and got away with it. Not only that I think it was the best sex I’ve ever had”.

The next day, I watched her the entire day, and believe it or not she seemed ok, if not a little happier. I had been watching her for weeks and she had never walked with such confidence as she did that day. I had become even more attracted to her if that was possible. Her outfit that day even seemed to exude her sexiness. She was wearing this really tight orange dress that clung to every curve of her voluptuous body. I was tempted to rape her again right there in the middle of the campus. I had recently acquired some spy gear equipment and I followed her to her lunch with her girlfriends to listen from a far. As they talked she seemed completely normal even a little more enthusiastic. Then I heard what I wanted to hear.

“I have to tell you guys something” she said.

“What” her friend tiffany asked.

“I was raped last night” she said while smiling.

Both of her friends gasped in shock “Oh my god, are you serious you were raped”.

“Well technically. After I got home last night I was about to get in my tub when a guy attacked me in my bedroom”.

“Well did you call the police?” her friend Ashley said close to tears.

“Did they get the bastard” tiffany asked.

“Bastard” I breathed to myself.


“Don’t worry Roz they’ll get him” tiffany said.

“No” Roz shook her head “I didn’t call the police and I’m not going to”

“Why the hell not” Tiffany asked in anger.

“Well don’t judge me, but this guy he wasn’t the usual rapist, he was sweet, gentle, kind, and he smelled really good, and his voice was so sultry”.

“So what are you saying, you’re in love with the man who raped you, are you insane?” Ashley said.

“I don’t know, it’s just I could tell he was in love with me, and get this before he started he even told me that he wanted to please me”.

“It doesn’t matter what he wanted Roz, he still forced himself in your house and in your…you know”.

“You guys don’t understand, you’re both married and have kids, all I have is a cat. And when I do meet a man they are these awkward unattractive oafs that have no idea what they’re doing in the bedroom”

“We’re sorry Roz, it’s just some guy rapes you and we’re supposed to understand, this is hard for me to take” tiffany said in more anger.

“Speaking of hard to take, how was it Roz?” Ashley chimed in with a mischievous laugh.

“Well once again don’t judge me, but it was the best sex I’ve ever had. I forgot I was being raped”.


Yea, after he blind folded me he was all over me, he massaged my entire body with his hands and mouth”.

“Mmmm that’s sounds hot, did he eat you out”.

“Yea, and his lips and tongue were all over my butt, he made me feel like the sexiest woman alive”.

“Did he have a nice penis?”

“Oh my gosh yes, it was really big, and I came twice on it”.

“Wow, I kind of want to be raped by this guy” Ashley said as she laughed.

“Whatever, you guys are crazy if you think this is ok” Tiffany said still upset.

“Relax tiff, the guy didn’t hurt Roz, he just gave her a good fucking” Ash said and Roz laughed.

I continued to watch and felt proud that not only had I got away with this crime, I was the best Roz had ever had.

Roz left the restaurant and I followed her home, I watched for a bit through her front window with my binoculars. I was hiding behind a vacant house so she could not spot me. I noticed as she was watching TV she had the blind fold I left in her hand as if she were waiting for me to show up and rape her again. I waited until midnight thinking she would go to sleep, but she stayed up, I knew she was waiting for me. I crept through a window in the back of the house. I hid under her dining table and waited for her to cross the room. I saw her legs go toward the garage and she turned on the alarm. I watched her legs move past the table so I crawled quietly out and stood up. As I approached her from behind I heard her breathing speed up, she knew I was there.

“Hello beautiful” I said as I grabbed her waist gently and pulled her toward me until her butt was pressed firmly on my hardening cock. She was only wearing a thin pink silk robe. I moved my hands around to her front over her stomach as I pressed my face in the back of her neck smelling her hair.

“I wondered if you were coming or not” she said as she put her hands over mine.

“Roz, I still feel terrible for what I did to you last night, and I will do anything for your forgiveness, you need only ask and it’s yours”. I whispered in her ear and then kissed her neck.

“I want to you fuck me tonight, don’t be gentle, don’t make love to me, fuck me and take me like a bitch, then spend the night with me. That’s what I want” she said in a confident tone. Of course I was more than happy to oblige.

“Your wish is my command” I said as I watched her pull the blind fold on her face. I then roughly picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I threw her on the bed “take off your robe” I said demandingly as I took off my clothes. She told me to take her like a bitch so I folded her over the end of the bed so her feet were on the floor and her ass was presented to me. I didn’t wait another second and shoved my erect cock balls deep in her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, I’m still not use to that big cock” she screamed as I started to fuck her like whore. I even grabbed her shoulders for leverage and then I really started to plow her. The entire time she was cumming cock and moaning loudly.

“I want to ride you” she said, and I quickly laid down on the bed next to her and guided her on top of me and helped her slide down on my cock. She began to ride my cock hard and fast while I just grabbed hold of her plump ass and enjoyed the ride.

“Oh fuck, Roz I’m gonna cum”, I said trying to hold on longer.

“Let it go baby” she said continuing to bounce up and down on my cock.

“Ugghhh” I pumped another huge load of sperm into her pussy.

“Mmm” she moaned as she felt the hot jets of sperm flowing into her womb. “That’s right; give me all the baby batter, mmm, oh yea”. She then stopped bouncing and laid down on top of me panting. It was very dark and there was no way she could make out my face so I removed her blind fold. Then I began to kiss her and she kissed me back passionately. She lifted up and got off my cock and pulled me with her to the head the bed. She laid on her side and told me to spoon her. I wrapped my arm around her stomach just below her breast and nuzzled my cock up against that plump ass.

“Do I know you” she said as she grabbed my arm to pull it tighter around her.

“Not personally, but we've met before these encounters”

“aah, I thought you might be a student of mine, that makes sense”

“It does?”

“Well yes this is a small town, and I can tell your young and educated, also you don’t seem like an old perverted rapist, but sexually frustrated young man with a deep crush”.

“Why didn't you call the police last night?”

“Call it Stockholm syndrome I guess, I've barely had any human male contact in the last year. And last night you made me feel like a queen and if you were in jail you wouldn't be here holding me”.

“I wouldn't have gotten caught anyway , my prints or DNA aren't in any criminal data base”.

“I knew you were a student of mine the minute you said my name, it’s summer and most other students are away for the break, it would not have been that challenging to find you”.

“Wow, so I guess I shouldn't have been so confident”.

“Your attractive, you have a nice body, and you’re a very skilled lover, why rape an old spinster like me”.

“Because I've been in love with you since the first moment you walked in that class room and you are definitely not an old spinster.”

“Did you pass my class?”

“You’re trying to figure out who I am” I said with a laugh “it was tough to concentrate but yes I did pass”.

“I don’t want to figure out who you are to turn you in; I only want to know who my lover is. Since it’s safe to assume you’re no longer raping me, what do you want out of this because I’m not really a booty call kind of woman”.

I laughed “I want you Roz, I want all of you”

“Chris North” she said abruptly.

I froze in the realization that I had been discovered. “How did you know that?”

“When I teach I watch reactions of all of my students, and I only remember one who constantly made eye contact with me. I also remember you coming to my office quite a bit and I’d sometimes catch you staring at my butt”.

“Well how could I have resisted, your butt was calling me the entire semester”

As I said that she wiggled her ass on my dick. “You know you probably didn't have to rape me though, I thought you were cute and probably would've gone out with you”.

“I didn't think you would date a student”.

“Honestly I've been somewhat desperate lately so I’m not sure I would not have cared, plus I was pretty hot for you”.

“Damn I should’ve done this sooner” I said as I pulled her tighter to me kissing her neck.

Now that we were past first encounters we just chatted and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to Roz staring at me and stroking my chest.

Hey, she said staring at me more with those big green eyes.

I stretched my arms “Wow so this is what it feels like to wake up to Dr. Roz Doyle , I said as I reached up to stroke her hair”.

“You said last night that you want all of me, is that true?” she said seriously.

“Of course” I said obliging her.

“Well I’m not exactly in my 20s anymore and for the past few years I’ve wanted to have a family, that’s what you would be in for”.

“I’m all yours” I said smiling.

She smiled back “I glad you feel that way and I’ve never felt like this with anyone before”.

“Neither have I and I know this isn’t exactly the normal relationship but well Roz I’m deeply in love with you and I don’t care about our age difference”.

“I don’t care either and I don’t ever want to lose you”. She said as she kissed me passionately.

I then watched her as she crawled on top of me. We kissed and I knew that we were in love. Roz’s thigh hit my hard cock. “I think someone’s ready for round three”, she said as she stroked my cock while she slid down my body.

“I still can’t get over how big this is, this is the biggest penis I’ve ever seen” (Its actually not that big, just barely 8 inches long but almost 4 inches around)she said as she planted soft kisses on the mushroom head. “I thought I was going to split in half the first time you put this in me”. She practically worshiped my cock as she rubbed it on her lips. “Mmm, so thick too” she said as kept gently slapping it on her cheek. She began to lick it up and down like an ice cream cone then she sucked on the head as she stared at me. I was so turned on as stared back and put my hand on the back of her head feeling her soft hair. “And I can’t forget these big clean shaven balls” she said as she licked all over them and sucked on of my testicles into her mouth. She then crawled back up to me laying her head on my chest. She gazed up at me and I gazed back.

“What?” I said wanting to know what was on her mind.

“Nothing, it’s just that I’m in bed willingly with my rapist slash former student, and at the same time I feel lucky that this young, good looking guy is in love with me. It seems a little bit too good to be true”.

“But it is true, Roz I’m with you for as long as you’ll have me”.

A few hours we were still in bed just cuddling, and chatting like two teens in love. We weren’t having sex at all, but it was all very nice and intimate. We were always touching each other and kissing a little. I never went soft.

“You want something to eat” she said as she got out of bed and put on her panties and a tank top.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”


“I’d love some” I said and watched her walk off to the kitchen. I gazed at her plump ass as she walked. I put my arms behind my head and laid back as I could not believe my luck, I was having great sex with a sexy, brilliant older woman, and she was in love with me. Could life get any better?

After about five minutes I realized I was still hard and horny, so I threw on a pair of boxers and went into the kitchen. I saw her by the stove cooking pancakes while she hummed to herself. I snuck up on her surprising her from behind.

She jumped slightly. “I love it when you sneak up on me”, she said as continued to cook.

“And I love the view from behind” I said as I gave a light spank to her plump ass cheeks. She let out a laugh. Without warning I then pulled her panties to the side and slowly slid my penis to the hilt in her from behind.

She dropped the spatula that was in her hand “Oh fuck baby, you’re going to make me ruin the food”.

“I’m sorry Roz, you’re just so sexy and you left me with hard on in there” I said as I slowly thrust in and out of her enjoying the warm, wet, tightness of her cunt.

She did her best to continue fixing the pancakes as she shuttered and quivered with pleasure. I reached up in her shirt to fondle her big breast while I began to kiss and suck her neck. I continued to fuck her slowly and as I deep stroked, she came softly on my cock.

“Oooh yea, I love that penis” she said as she wiggled her butt enticingly with my dick still in her.

“By the way the pancakes are done” she said as I continued to feel her up while I fucked her. I only kind of grunted at her.

“Chris, baby….oooh fuck…you need to eat….ahhh….so you can keep…mmmm yea…up your strength, I want you to fuck me hard later” She did her best to talk as I continued to impale her on my cock and she came again.

“Fine, but just know I’m going to destroy you later” I said as I pulled my dick out of her dripping wet cunt and spanked her soft fleshy ass.

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to it” she said while she adjusted her panties and gave me a plate of pancakes while she kissed me on my cheek.

We ate in her bedroom, while we watched TV and just played around in her bed like two horny teens. After we finished eating we cuddled while we watched TV. About an hour later her phone rang.

She grabbed it and answered it.

“Hello”, she said as she laid down on her stomach at the foot of the bed.

“Oh hey ash” she continued to gab on.

I focused in on her ass in those tight blue panties and crawled to her slowly like a predator. I bent my head down and began kissing, licking, and sucking her fat, creamy, white ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes”, she blurted out.

“Oh sorry ash yea I’m fine, I just saw something on TV”.

I then stopped with the teasing and pulled down her panties exposing her dripping wet pussy. I straddled her thighs, letting my hard penis rest on her in between the cleft of her butt. I placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and gently grabbed her by her shoulders. Without warning I shoved my hips forward, forcing my cock deep into her tight, hot, wet pussy. “Oh fuck me” she screamed loudly and she dropped her phone. I continued to jackhammer her from behind, listening to her screams of pleasure for motivation. The slapping of our bodies was very loud. “Oh fuck I can’t stop cumming on your dick” she screamed with her cunt flexing around my shaft. After a few more minutes of this I unloaded into her pussy and collapsed beside her.

“You could have given me some kind of warning don’t you think” she said reaching down to get her phone. As she picked it up the doorbell rang and we both froze and looked at each other.

“Expecting someone” I said moving to the window to look. I looked out to see Ashley standing there looking nervous. My eyes widened as I heard Roz walking to the door…….to be continued.

Rating: 93%, Read 215681 times, Posted Sep 10, 2013

Fiction | Male, Old Female, Rape, Reluctance


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