The Beach_(3) by sloppytermite

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There is just something about the beach... The melodic waves, the shimmer of the water, the scent of the air, the tingle of the wind teasing the little hairs on your arms and the back of your neck. It feels erotic to just lie in the sun, basking in the warmth and sensuality of sunlight and sand no matter how many people are around you can always feel separated from yourself - alone, and at such a peace you almost notice the beat of your own heart.

Sitting there now on your towel you examine your skin. A slight tinge of pink developing over an otherwise healthy bronze reveals your blushing body is enjoying the moment as much as your stressless brain. As you vacantly scan the fellow beach goers around you - still well hidden behind the darkness of your glasses - you feel as a fly on the wall. Observing all and intruding none, your body drifts into a comfort for which you long day in and day out.

This moment is perfect. This is your space, your place, and no one may intrude. You lie back again on your towel spread carefully over the sand and you notice how the earth wraps the contours of your body affectionately. You feel as though you are being caressed by a thousand hands though you know in your head no person around is paying any attention to you. And you want it that way.

Abruptly disturbed from your sense of self seduction your ears begin to ring to the sound of a loud whistle blaring through your space. Starting quickly and sitting up your eyes dart momentarily seeking the offending noise pollution. It's the life guard. You notice him now as he leaps from his perch on a tower above the sand to sprint into the water, recklessly pursuing a hapless bather. In moments he has removed the ailing swimmer and your calm begins to sweep back over the beach. But your mind lingers on the guard. His bronze skin, you notice, so appropriately matches yours. His bleached sandy hair is strewn meaninglessly and wildly over cute ears and drops slightly over a boyishly chiseled jaw. You can't make out his eyes behind the dark glasses but you imagine a happy blue - to match the sea. His lips are full and a little too pink from exposure to the sun, but you'll forgive him that.

He's not built like a swimmer. His legs are long and muscular and his torso is a little narrow with strong looking abs but not too deep, and evidence of a muscular chest. The back side is your favorite, however - wide shoulders taper solidly into a structured waist and what you think must be the strongest little butt you've seen in a long time. You squint - willing your shades to peer through his red board shorts for a better look - but to no avail.

Slightly frustrated by your unreasonable limitations for viewing pleasure, you lean back on your elbows and examine your own body for a moment. The sun is hot and your skin is soaking it in. You notice how your breasts lie firmly under your bikini top almost reaching toward the sun and asking to be seen by all who pass. Your bottoms are thin and tied at the side easily revealing your flat belly and shimmering, tight stems. You suddenly feel exposed and have the urge to cover yourself. As you roll and reach back for your bag you are startled upright when your hand grasps a man's foot rather than the towel for which you were reaching.

Looking up quickly you see the rest of your intruder. Broad shouldered and a 5 o'clock shadow rests atop a barreled torso with a very manly but not excessive patch of hair. Not knowing a thing about you, he speaks...

"His name's Tom"

"eh.. what?" you blurt still not entirely sure your comfortable with him being there.

"The lifeguard, his name's Tom - and I'm Mike" he smiles reaching his hand toward you for a shake. You reach your hand and place it in his absently and he helps you to your feet before you even realize you are standing.

"Oh, you were looking for this - " Mike reaches down quickly and hands you your shirt. You look at it as though you've never seen it in your life and before you have a chance to formulate a thought, he continues.

"We're roommates. Me and Tom. I saw ya checkin him out - which of course means I was checkin you out - hope you don't mind." Before you have a chance to be offended he exclaims excitedly, "Would you like to see it?"

Now you are offended but without recognizing his error of innuendo, he corrects the notion of the statement, "The life-guard tower. Have you ever been up in one?"

"No - um - no I've never been in one but...", your mind suddenly aware of the hunky italian in front of you and the even hunkier life guard up in his tower near by, you pursue," ... but, sure! I'd love to see the beach from up there!"

Mike darts off over the sand, barely waiting for you to keep up. You notice - because he is not trying to hide - him eyeing your body plainly as it does it's best "Baywatch" impression while you scamper along behind him. In short order you are up the short ladder and viewing your salty, sandy, sensual domain with the eyes of a bird. It's almost more beautiful and more satisfying from above. You can see everything, and you are able to escape everyone. You wonder what the guards must keep their mind on while not doing their life-saving duties but all together, you're pretty sure you know.

The life guard tower is like a tree-house on stilts. Slightly raised above the surface of the sand with a porch and a small enclosure with windows on two sides. There is a little desk and a couch inside the cabana and a variety of floatation devices.

"Mikes got no tact but you're burning, Miss." Tom blurts at you from the side. "I've got some aloe back there. You should put some on to soothe the redness."

Tom's words startle you, but not as much as his eyes when he removes his glasses for you to see. You were right. A perfect ocean blue - you're surprised at your deductive skills.

"Um... yeah, that's a good idea" you offer absently and Tom points you back toward a bag behind the couch.

He hands you a bottle of green goo and offers with a little sheepish charm, "uh - would you like a little help", motioning the bottle towards you as an offering.

You feel a sudden burning at his presumptiveness. Not your skin this time, but deep down inside. Your body starts to swell without provocation, finally accepting the current of your senses. You present him with a sheepish smile and turn around so your back faces him. You drop your head and pull your shoulders forward so as to give him better access to your back. Tom intentionally teases your skin by dropping small globs of lotion around your back. The sensation in conjunction with your slight burn sends tingles through your whole body making you jump and gasp with a little surprising pleasure.

Methodically, his hands begin kneading the lotion into your warm back. His hands are a little rough but he's being delicate - sliding over your shoulders, up onto your neck below your hair, down your slim sides and pressing into the small of your back. He continues to lightly massage and spread the cooling gel over your back until its healing effects soak in more thoroughly.

You open your eyes as he makes his move. Its ok, you wanted him to try it. His hand slides forward around your waist at your side and strokes lightly at your belly.

"God, you're fucking hot!" he whispers as his hand wraps around you further.

As he draws his arm back, his hands slip temptingly into the top of your bikini bottoms and trace the line along the hem. Immediately your body responds and you clasp your hands over his, pinning his hand to your stomach with his fingers slightly submerged under your bikini line. You let out a deep sigh and you feel tingles rush through your feet, belly, and breasts as you guide his hand lower - lower - lower...

His middle finger slips down and barely parts your now burning and electric lips between your legs. With great power he draws your hips back toward himself and you can feel his raging excitement on your rear and back as he thrusts his hips toward you. You push back, getting a full impression of the tempting hardon beneath his board shorts.

The finger begins to move stiffly back and forth between your lips, slowly rolling your now swelling clit back and forth. Your breasts suddenly fall and feel a quick lap of sea air as he unties your halter and then unclips the strap around your ribs. Tom's other hand - still a little slick with lotion begins to massage over your firm breasts. He presses his hand into you then releases and flicks his fingers over your hardened nipples as he passes from one side to the other.

You drop your head back feeling totally enveloped in your solitude with the beach and this beautiful man who, without word otherwise, has been pining for you for who knows how long. You gasp as you feel his warm mouth wrap around the base of your neck at your shoulder and he licks his way up to behind your ear. Kissing you gently on the way back down your neck, his lower hand unties the strings holding your bikini bottoms up and they fall to the floor.

You're shocked into a momentary reality when, while still being kissed from behind by Tom, a new hand pulls your head up and a tighter set of lips plunges in to kiss you. You open your eyes wide stretching your arms out to the side in a mock escape. You had completely forgotten about Mike! He had been there the whole time, but the nature of your involvement with Tom and the beach had stricken him from your memory.

Now all of a sudden your body felt limp. So overcome by the sensations you couldn't tell how many hands were upon you or how many mouths were caressing you with kisses, tasting you with little bites and teases.

Now your breasts are being pecked and sucked, your shoulders being massaged, your thighs being tickled... There is a tongue sliding up your spine and it sends shivers, amplifying all the other movements over your hot body. You gasp and catch your breath at every changing sensation as the senses give you here, at this beach, wash over you like thousands of little sparks penetrating your being. Sensations swirl within you, popping here and there and drawing warmth all around your insides. You feel yourself go completely wet and a massive emptiness overcomes you as you feel on fire deep in your belly.

WIth no warning the wash of sensation slips downward over your body like a silk sheet drifting and shimmering toward the floor. You feel strong hands - four of them you think hold tightly at your hips and you let out an involuntary yelp as a hearty tongue thrusts through the front of your moist lips and tickles and teases at your clit. You subconsciously spread your legs to allow more sensation in and your fists and shoulders tighten as the tongue slides up and down and around pressing into and teasing your naked lips.

The hands begin to work again - at your ankles and calves, your thighs, the backs of your knees, tracing the line where your leg meets your rear, your hips, your stomach, and your aching breasts. All at once you feel a face press into your ass and a wet tongue begins to massage and play with your hot little hole between.

You can't take it anymore - the tongue and hands on your front is sending shocking waves of hot melted pleasure streaming up your body from between your legs and the tongue and hands on your back side pulse and pull the sensation back down, balling it up to release stronger and stronger.

You can feel your toes begin to clench under your feet and your hands make fists again as the muscles in your legs begin to vibrate. Twitching faster and faster throughout your body upward your body explodes with orgasm and you cry out - half wailing, half gasping for air through the gripping tension of spasm writhing through you. You feel as though you can no longer stand yet your body is so rigid like a statue you are immovable at the same time.

As the explosion subsides, slowly falling back down into the depths of your body, you dare yourself to open your eyes and gaze out over the perfect world that is your beach. The sun setting behind blue and yellow waves, the smell of the air. You begin to catch your breath and your eyes fall upon the two gorgeous men before you. Standing in momentary wait like leopards about to pounce on their pray, they both smile at you slyly.

Tom takes a step toward you and you glimpse their raging hardons reaching out toward you. Tom wraps his arms around your shoulders again and...

... to be continued...

Rating: 72%, Read 22545 times, Posted Aug 26, 2009

Fantasm |


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