Stress Release by Sheela+B.

Rating: 93%, Read 90105 times, Posted Jun 20, 2017

Fiction | Bestiality, Erotica, Female, Girl, Hardcore, Lesbian, Written by women

Kim went into her room, it’s been a long day, and she’s ready to use her favorite vibrator to work off the stress. She hurries to her desk and opens her secret pleasure drawer, pushing past the different dildos and eggs she had collected over the years, she finally found her favorite. It’s a clit-tickler variety, and Kim loves to use it after long days, the pleasure helping to let her forget the stress.

Sitting on the edge and laying back, she grabs a pillow and positions it behind her back, giving her some support. Spreading her legs as she twists the base of the vibrator, she moans in anticipation as she runs the gently buzzing tip along her outer lips. Kim tilts her head back, closes her eyes and begins letting out small moans from her movements.

Rex hears the noise, yet ignores it, his mistress always uses the strange, noisy thing after long days, so he laid his head back indifferently. Kim is too horny after the gentle play she had given herself earlier in the bathroom to keep up the gentle teasing. She turns the vibrator up to full and plunges it into her now slightly wet hole.

“Yes!” she moans, “Oh god, yes!”

Rex sniffs the air, a strange smell has reached his nose and he stood wanting to find the source of the tantalizing smell. He turns around and is surprised to find it came from the hole the strange buzzing object is currently being thrust into. Rex is intrigued so he goes to the bed and takes another sniff. Yes, it’s coming from the hole, yet the strange object is in the way. He tries to nudge it out of the way with his head, but he heard a pleading moan come from his mistress’s lips and the object is pushed back into his way. He snorts, he wants to taste this smell, wants to get to the source of it, so he pushes harder and is pleased as when the object moves. He extends his tongue and begins to explore this sweet tasting hole, lapping up the tasty liquid.

Kim is thrusting the vibrator into her now dripping snatch as fast as she could, the desire inside of her so great she can only moan in torment as something tries to push it out of the way. She pushes back and moans as her vibrator is pushed away again, only to be replaced with a tongue eager to explore her depths. Gasping, she drops the vibrator onto the floor, her hands now grasping the head of whoever is giving her all this pleasure. She moans again and pulls the head even tighter in trying to get the pleasure tool even deeper.

Rex feels his head being pulled closer toward the hole and he took this as a sign he’s doing a good job. He licks even more and is rewards with more of the sweet tasting liquid. He begins licking the small nub that appeared and notices his mistress bucks her hips at every lick. He tries harder wanting to please her even more. He’s overjoyed as she grabs the back of his head and he tastes the liquid, lapping her and wanting more.

Kim moans loudly as the tongue begins striking her clit on every lick, it’s driving her wild with lust. She bucks her hips every time, to get more, feeling it stroke her insides in a way no one else has ever done. She feels her orgasm building and grabs the head and pulls her invisible lover closer, holding him there as she tenses and groans, cumming in his mouth. However once her orgasm subsides, he keeps licking her, and she moans louder as she's pushed over the edge again. Her juices spill out to fill the wanting mouth between her legs, and eventually, she collapses, gently pushing the head away. A low pleading whine comes from whoever is down there.

Kim lay still for several minutes, trying to calm herself when she feels someone crawl onto the bed. She opens her eyes and sees Rex sitting and wagging his tail, her juices all over his face. She gasps, immediately knowing what had happened, yet to her surprise she didn’t feel ashamed, it turns her on.

It doesn’t take her long to notice his cock, it’s only half-erect, still, it’s certainly of a size that made her pussy tingle. She gulps, thinking about what she wants to do, something she had fantasized about only in her darkest dreams. Her trembling hand gently strokes his cock, he lets out a small whine and she watches with bulging eyes as it grows, swelling to an impressive size and thickness.

Kim made up her mind, the pleasure of the dog’s tongue changed everything, she has to have more. She got off the bed and Rex follows her, his cock now fully erect and dangling between his legs, his tail wagging, and his head tilted wondering what his mistress is doing. Slowly, she gets on all fours and looks over her shoulder, he got the idea and moves toward her.

She feels his fur rub her bare back as he jumps on top of her, his head coming to rest on the base of her neck. His cock hitting her ass and legs as he searches for her cunt, she laughs and reaches back to grasp his throbbing cock to guide it.

She gasps at its size as she eases the head inside her, it’s stretching her more than anything she’s felt before. Feeling him stiffen, her eyes bulge as he begins to thrust into her, his cock penetrating her depths with hard jabs. She’s leaking juices around him as the feeling of getting filled by such a wondrous cock makes her belly tighten and her clit throb.

The pleasure is blinding and she’s afraid she may pass out from the force of his thrusts. His knot begins to swell inside her, stretching her even more than she thought possible, and allowing his cock to move faster. Panting from the force of his thrusts, Kim begs him to fuck her.

“Yes, fuck me, Rex. Fill me,” she moans.

Rex hears his mistress’s words, yet all he can concentrate on is pounding her cunt.

Her shakes constantly as orgasms ripple through her every few seconds as he ravages her. Kim enjoys every moment, she has never felt so much bliss, and body jarring pleasure. She feels stretched to the point of bursting, however, Rex keeps filling her with his wondrous cock. Suddenly, he slows, his cock flexes and throbs inside her as cum blasts from him with such force she nearly faints.

He continues to slowly pump her, the amount of cum filling her past what she thought she can hold. Her belly begins to stretch, and she feels her cunt tighten again as a final orgasm erupts inside her. The strength of her orgasm makes her body blush red, and muscles spasm rapidly. She pants hard and throws her head around, her face twisted, and her eyes clenched. A guttural scream fills the room for a moment, making Rex jump from her in fright, yet he can’t go anywhere as his cock is tied inside her cunt.

Kim collapses in exhaustion while Rex sits and waits for his massive cock to deflate so he can be free.

Rating: 93%, Read 90105 times, Posted Jun 20, 2017

Fiction | Bestiality, Erotica, Female, Girl, Hardcore, Lesbian, Written by women


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