SOVEREIGNTY 4 by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Cruelty, Violence

Alan awoke hours later rubbing his face he looked around the room, "Hopix?" he said on the outside chance she was back. Dejected he hung his head, he was glad she was back with her family but all of this seemed senseless without her, huh? Had he just thought that? I should slap myself Alan thought, where in the hell were those ideas coming from? How could he have any feelings for Hopix? They were 2 different species from 2 different worlds, shaking his head yes there was no way.

Walking to the diner this time Alan kept his eyes open it wouldn't do to get caught unawares again for the third time. Sitting at his usual booth, Alan nodded to a police officer that came in and sat with his partner."Did they get a preliminary report back on that homeless guy from yesterday we found?" the first one said."Oh yeah, this was a weird one," the second one said pulling a sheet of paper from his vest. "According to the M.E.'s report the stiff had been dead for a day or two. Looks like we might be dealing with some pranksters on this one. Thing is though can't seem to find any open graves here in the city."

"Oh great," the first one replied, "body snatching grave robbers from out of town, Christ the media’s gonna have a field day with this!"

Alan ate his meal a little shocked the man yesterday had seemed a little strange, damn it the dark council was desecrating graves now, these bastards hold nothing sacred! Alan was heading out the door when he saw another strange looking man heading his way, quickly exiting Alan made his way to an abandoned alley. "Why are you following me? I thought I told all of you I wasn't interested especially after yesterday! Leave me ALONE!" The man stopped short as if he'd run into a brick wall. "You won't escape us forever! Sooner or later you'll make a mistake and we'll be there to feast upon your soul," The man laughed. "Maybe one day but not now besides, you lost one of the biggest magic user worlds yesterday. I expect to take many more before I am done!" Alan said, the force of his voice knocking the man back further.

"You can try mage Alan, oh you can try!" With that the strange man vanished.

Walking back to his room Alan sat in his chair, almost at a lost as to what to do. Suddenly there was a rush of wind then there was a shimmering of air behind him.

"You must really have the dark council worried if they are making personal appearances," the leader of the light council said. "We have another assignment for you."

"What no watchdog?" Alan threw out.

"We should have someone here when you return," The leader said. "This should be a simple one."

"Yeah right," Alan said, "You said that the first time and I had help then, what makes this so different."

"This is a simple pop in, grab the hostage, pop out," the leader said smiling.

"Uh huh, what is it you’re not telling me?" Alan asked.

"Uh well," the leader hesitated, "The hostage is also the ruler and might be worse than the last you dealt with although the one holding them is even worse."

"You know you guys are just fucking wonderful! You expect me to do this with no knowledge or help? What!? Have all of you completely lost your damn minds? I've been making this shit up as I went along, you have been sitting back the whole damn time safe and sound, remember these were your mistakes not mine. I should be treated a fair sight better than I am!" Alan was screaming now his whole body was glowing a bright red, the leader had actually moved back and erected a shield.

"Alright, Alan!" The leader shouted momentarily calming Alan. "We apologize for leaving you out, you have more than proven yourself in the past. After today all information shall be shared."

With a sigh Alan tried to calm down, "Alright I'll take a look, but after this I won't do a thing 'til I have all the information not just some of it!"

Alan lay down and was immediately asleep, within moments his dream self was standing, he guessed he was standing in a cloud. Looking around nothing even closely resembled anything that was familiar to him, screw this, make everything look like something I can handle. Just as suddenly everything took on a more solid appearance, 'bout time Alan thought. Moving forward he saw a few buildings ahead, hmmm there were also what appeared to be quite a few guards there also.

Walking up to them, Alan saw that they were suddenly on alert, <hold strange one, this is the new ruler’s residence, we will not allow anyone past.>

Waving his hand all of the guards were suddenly asleep, Alan kept walking 'til he was in the door way. Looking in side he saw a strange looking lizard shaped creature, lashing another tied up lizard type creature with its tongue. From what Alan could feel the restricted one was in a lot of pain, sighing he cleared his throat.

<Who are you? Ah! I see the council has sent their latest lap dog to correct their mistakes as they put it. Too bad you're going to die right here!> Turning the standing lizard shot flames (Geez! go figure huh) at Alan throwing up his arms the flames just stopped short of him. <NO! you're not even here! You're the son of a bitch that killed my brother and his children! Take care lap dog, I will kill you and soon. You want this little pansy ass, here,> with that the tied lizard was flying at Alan, <Be warned I will not rest 'till you are dead and my brother and brethren are avenged!> With that the other was gone in a flash, Alan sighed and tried to reach to the other still tied up when they both were drawn to ... somewhere. Alan looked around though there wasn't much to see. Alan thought he could see a few of the council members in the distance. "Alright I'm here!" Alan shouted, "I've brought the one you requested." Alan wasn't one to be kept waiting, the longer he had to wait the angrier he got, damn it they sent him out and were making him wait!? ok this shit needed to stop right here right now!

Several people began to approach the 2 men, "Alan we didn't expect you to obtain him this quickly," the leader explained, "I apologize for you having to wait." "Yeah well, at least you could have warned me that the one, who was holding him, was the brother of the first one I went against. You know a little pre-knowledge beforehand could have prepared me better before I went in there. This won't happen again or you'll be looking for another enforcer, I hope we understand better now?" Alan said almost ready to walk out, now that he knew when he was being used and wasn't about to let that happen, not again.

"What!? you actually saw him?" they asked, "he is far more dangerous than we at first thought. For now the planet is safe and returning to normal, though unlike the first 2 they aren't protected, could you return and shore it up?"

Sighing I knew that I'd been had, why was it that they always seemed to know when I desired to actually help?

"Alright but no more going in blind, if you really want me as your enforcer or fixer, I'd better start getting more information." He said as he turned and started to leave.

"Mage Alan," he heard from behind him, "we need to give you the information."

Sighing he stopped and turned right as the leader of the council sent a beam my way that hit his head, suddenly his mind was filled with cruelty, screams of pain and anguish, the death of quite a few then the spirit of the people there was finally broken. He was feeling dismal, how in the hell was he going to help these people they'd probably see him as another cruel ruler, he could still feel their mistrust of anyone not of their kind.

Alan arrived back on the planet, he could feel the despair it was coming from everywhere, damn it, this son of a bitch had really done a number on this place. Alan reached out to the nearest being, expecting resistance he was going to explain what he was going to do. The thing is there was no resistance, Alan tried to explain what he was going to do, but it wouldn't listen. How in the hell do you help someone who has given up all hope? Who is afraid the least resistance could spell the death of its family and planet?

Sitting Alan tried to think of some way to get through, he had magic sure, but didn't think he had enough knowledge yet to cure what was ailing these beings. Sighing Alan cleared his mind and tried to think of an answer, all got quiet around him then suddenly he was back on Horpix's planet. Alan flew forward and within moments was standing before Queen Glimmer, though the guards had already tried to block him.

"Hello again Glimmer," Alan started.

"Alan!' she said startled, "I didn't expect to see you again so soon, what is wrong? Your face holds such a look of confusion and desperation."

Alan went on to tell her everything he could, what he'd felt and seen when he'd gone back to try and release these people. The Queen nodded thinking for a few long moments, "I think you'll need one of my people with you, they know my people there and know of us being captured. I feel it is the only way that we can truly free them, but who to send? So many of my people are just now starting to regain their power." Alan looked at the Queen in shock, just started to regain their power? "Ok," he started, "I'm still new at this what do you mean they just started to regain their power? From what I saw when I was here they had plenty of power."

Queen Glimmer's face took on a serious look as she leaned closer to him, "What you were seeing was their power forced to the surface. This had destroyed millions in the past; there are times I am still surprised that we survived at all. You did more than just free us Alan, you gave us back life that, we can never repay you."

Obviously Alan's face held shock as the Queen looked at him and shook her head yes. "Thank you Glimmer but I still I didn't do that much, I also thank you for your help with these people, I am near my wits end on what to do about them."

The questioning look she was giving Alan made him stop a moment, "wits end?" She questioned.

Alan smiled, "I'm sorry, it's a term on my world that means I am out of ideas about how to help them."

The Queen nodded her understanding, "I will send you someone as soon as I locate them in the mean time, go back and try to repair what you can." Nodding I thank her and was suddenly back on the planet.

Looking around Alan saw that truly these beings had nothing. He approached the first being he saw cringing as he saw it shake at his approach. In the lowest and softest voice Alan could, he ask if there were any cities left. Immediately one of the three mouths on the face of the being spoke, "No great Tracka, this area used to be a great city when I was small, it has been gone almost all my life." Looking at the small being Alan saw what it had as a child, hmmm, not too bad, as he turned and started to lift a building from the ground where it had been in his mind.

Soon he had almost half of what he'd seen, damn this was almost fun for a change. The small, yellow skinned, 4 eyed, three mouthed creature could only stare in almost disbelief.

Alan turned to the creature, "I want you to tell all your people, this is where I want them to be, this is their ancient city and I want them in it." The small creature was slowly backing away from Alan shaking, terrified to disobey. Sighing Alan could see it was going to take a lot to truly free these people, if it was possible. "Please go, tell as many as you can, I want them here, many are sick, the walls will protect them now."

All 4 eyes wide, the older creature started to scramble away to start spreading the word.

Sighing again Alan looked around the place it was missing something. Looking again at the vision he'd gotten from the creature, Alan snapped his fingers ah! There had been a wall! With that he began to pull, A 10 foot tall stone wall began to grow from the ground around the city he'd erected, a smile crossing his face, he was glad when the wall crushed where the last cruel ruler had lived. It was an hour later when a few of the creatures started to top the hill, though the younger ones didn't really understand, the much older ones began to cry as they saw the last great city. Slowly and painfully they came to the entrance their eyes huge at the grandeur of the ancient city that had once been their home. Though many were wary of it they had been commanded by (as they saw it) the new ruler of their planet, so they dared not to disobey. Alan had hidden out of sight afraid that they might scatter in terror if they saw him there near the entrance. Well, he thought all I have to do is wait for Glimmer to send me someone, then maybe I can truly start to help these people.

Alan stood nearby watching as more and more people came into the old city, he'd made sure each building had food in it, more than enough for these starving beings. An hour later almost as if on cue one of the Queens people appeared next to him.

"Hello Mazey Alan," she said, "Queen Glimmer sent me to help these beings, so you could also. It may take me a long time, I believe you call it an hour? Yes a very long time indeed. Go home and return in 2 of your hours I should have opened their hearts and minds by then." Alan nodded, he was starting to feel hungry, a quick bite might help after all. Awakening on the bed, it took a moment for Alan to adjust to his surroundings, it seemed like years since he was here. Stretching Alan looked at his plain room again, god he thought how far down I've fallen sighing, he realized that he missed Hopix far more than he had thought at first.

Walking out Alan headed to the same diner he'd been to the last few days he'd eaten. He was almost there when he felt several sets of eyes on him, hmmm Alan could feel the evil and hatred oozing out of the owners all directed toward him. Stopping a moment he didn't feel any of them come any closer to him, good thing too, it was never a good time to mess with Alan when he was hungry as he tended to be more impatient and cranky. He only waited a moment then went in, at least they were wising up then again as frustrated as he was, a good fight right now might help.

Finally getting to eat in peace for once Alan could still feel them out there and it appeared that there were more than just a few of them what were they that afraid that they were going to attack in mass? A bad mistake for sure he had a little surprise for them.

He was probably half way back to his room when he felt first 2 then another 4 then 5 more step out behind him. Better take this out of the way Alan thought as he turned a corner and widened an alley way. He felt now a total of 20 advancing on him, shit, wasn't that a bit of over kill? Moving to the far end he awaited their eventual appearance.

All 20 had entered the alley way when Alan closed it off to the outside world. "Well is there one to speak for all of you or are you going to get in each other's way trying to get to me?" Alan started.

"I speak for all, you have caused your last stoppage of the dark council's plans. Today you die!" The man yelled.

Laughing Alan waved his hand freezing 18 of the 20 men hmmm ok they sent true powered ones this time Alan thought good I'm through playing. The 2 men looked at each other and laughed then advanced on Alan. Yawning Alan waited 'til they were 10 feet away then grabbed both in mid stride, squeezing, both screamed until a black mist rose from each.

Looking at the others they also had a mist rising from them, then all 20 bodies crumbled to dust. Shaking his head Alan had to tell the council.

<Yes Alan, we saw, unfortunately though the council can no longer intervene, their agents still can, be careful you have eliminated some of their more powerful agents but they have many more out there.>

Great, Alan thought, so now they are prying into my thoughts? Well, that kind of put a damper on anything private now didn't it?

<No Alan we have no desire to pry into your private thoughts, we are only listening now as a precaution to you being attacked and needing help. Though from all that we've seen in the last few cases you are far more advanced than we thought at first.> Alan was about to fire off a snapping answer when he received a message from the Fairixie he'd left on the planet.

<Mazey Alan!> He heard the little woman call. <I have freed enough of the people that they will listen to you. Many have heard my story and that of my people and wish for your help.>

<Alright,> replied Alan, <I am returning in a few moments.>

Lying down Alan was back to the planet within moments, there were a great many gasps when he appeared but at least this time there was no whole sale screaming.

An older member of the defeated people stepped forward, "Tracka Alan, the Fairixie has explained who and what you are. Though you have provided for our people the first comfort any have had in almost their entire lives, many are still untrusting."

Alan nodded he had been afraid when he first saw them that, many had been denied for all their lives as the elder being said.

"I am not here to rule you, I have no interest in that, I work with the light council," this garnered a few startled reactions in the crowd. "I was hoping that this gift of one of your oldest cities might help you recover better."

"Yes," the elder started, "Many though still think that you will indeed take everything soon, though you are the first to actually give us a piece of our selves back, along with some of our history. For that alone I thank you, I can sense that there is more you wish to do for us."

"I wish to make sure that no one can control you like that again, something like I did for the Fairixies." Alan stated.

"That would be wonderful," started the elder, "though I am afraid many will be resistant to the idea, we will do what we can, please start with those of that will allow it, that way maybe many others will follow."

Sighing Alan could see that this was going to be a long few weeks, fixing their minds would take no time at all it was just going to be difficult to get them all obviously. Working on each individual was going to take a long time, though there were a few things Alan thought he could do to speed it up a bit.

Finally after 2 long weeks, when Alan finally finished with the last group of the Tribocs as he started to call them. That plus the fact he'd also raised 3 other cities on the planet was also helping with the cause.

With the planet protected Alan realized that this was the first time he hadn't had to actually be there, well that was weird in a way true he'd gone back each day to take care of his body, and still it seemed he was gone from it most of the time. The council thanked him again telling him he earned a rest, nodding he was back in his room. Opening his eyes he looked around the room, sighing he wished it wasn't so sad, damn he missed Hopix.

"And why would you miss me?" He heard near his ear turning he could barely make out her outline.

"Please don't play with me I know she went home to stay." Alan said.

"Why would I do that when you need me here so badly?" Hopix replied. Alan had to do a double take was it really her?

Rating: 94%, Read 27593 times, Posted Oct 15, 2015

Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Cruelty, Violence


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