The Pizza Girl: Chapter 1_(0) by angelous1025

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True Story | Blowjob, Cheating, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male

The next day at work Nikki showed up and we didn’t really talk much. Just a cordial hello, but every now and then I would find myself starring at her picturing her in just her bra and panties and when I would realize it I would look up at her face and see her starring at my pants which had a noticeable buldge. Needless to say I couldn’t wait for work to end to talk to her.

She got off work and told me that she had another ride home today with Patti. I was upset to say the least but I didn’t act like it I shook it off and said bye. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She grazed my cock as she walked away but that may have been an accident. Once I got off work I called my girlfriend and picked her up. We went to a parking lot near her house and I fucked her in the car right there. “Seriously, whats gotten into you?” she asked.

“What do you mean baby aren’t you enjoying cumming so hard.”

“Of Course but your fucking me so much harder and longer than you used to.”

“I don’t know, just enjoy it.” I dropped her off but I was still horny. So I went back to my apartment and jerked off thinking about Nikki’s body and all the things I would love to do with it.

The next three days were the same thing. Nikki was getting rides from Patti as if to torture me. She would say goodbye the same way, as before (I knew now that she was intentionally grazing my cock). I would call my girlfriend pound her, and cum extremely hard, go home and jerk off again. I was going crazy, no matter how hard I fucked Shauna, no matter how many times I came I was never satisfied.

Finally the next day Nikki got off work and left without saying goodbye this time. I walked outside when I got off and figured she had left. I hadn’t had a delivery in about an hour so I hadn’t been to my car. I walked over towards it turned the corner and there she was sitting on top of my car in a miniskirt and strapless tube top that bare stayed up, and obviously no bra straps either so no bra still in the middle of March it was maybe 40 degrees out. She must have changed at the gas station across the street to surprise me. My dick immediately got hard as a rock and I walked over to my car. “Would you mind driving home tonight?”

“No problem Nikki.” I said half in a daze staring at this gorgeous woman practically naked on my car, I could see that her nipples were nice and hard. “Would you want to go shoot some pool first?” she asked. “Sounds like a plan.” We got in my car and headed to the pool hall. We didn’t say anything but once in a while I would look over at her. I took a hard turn and her hand pulled up her skirt by accident, and I could see all the way up to her bare pussy lips.

She quickly pulled her skirt down and looked at me grinning. I didn’t say anything and just kept driving. We got to the pool hall and I said, “why don’t you get us a table and I’ll go pay and get a rack.” She walked away with a grin on her face and I went up to the counter. The guy at the counter and I were pretty good friends. “hey man haven’t seen you in a few days, where you been?” asked tom, the counter worker. “Been around just haven’t been able to make it down here.” I didn’t mention that it was because I was becoming an addict to cumming just to take the edge off. “well have fun on your date,” he said winking at me. “It’s not a date man she is just a friend.” “Mhm.” He said tilting his head over to where Nikki was, I looked over and saw her leaning over the table looking to see if the pool cue was straight her tits practically falling out of her top. If my cock could have it would have gotten harder at this sight.

I walked away with the rack of balls and dropped a twenty on the counter. I grabbed my favorite pool cue and racked for 8 ball. “I’m not very good would you help me?” She asked shyly seductive. “Why don’t you show me how you break and I’ll try and help you out if you need it.” She leaned over the table again and this time I definitely saw her nipple start to slip out the shirt she took her shot and broke pretty well. She stood up and adjusted her shirt and smiled at me. “I think you will do just fine.” She didn’t get any balls in so I took my shot. She stood at the opposite side of the table and had her pool cue resting imbetween her big tits. I totally wiffed my shot and was quite upset with how easily I was being distracted. We played a couple of games and she had kicked my ass each time because I was distracted by her tits or pictureing the sight of her reaching across the table in her miniskirt to take a difficult shot.

It was getting late and she had to be home in an hour so I decided to try and take things up a notch. “Let’s make this interesting.” I offered. “What do you mean?” She asked. “How about we place a bet on this game.” “What kind of bet?” She asked. “Well you can have whatever you want if you win short of my car, or having me break up with my girlfriend.” I wasn’t going to break up with her just because another girl turned me on.

“Well how about if I win you drive me home for free for the next month, no gas money or anything.” “Sure.” I said. “Any restrictions on what I can get?” “Nope,” she said smiling at me, “And you don’t even have to tell me what it is as long as it is just a one time thing.” She said this as if knowing what I was going to ask her for, and lets be honest with the way she was dressing I just wanted to finish what we had started and all I could think about was cumming.

Knowing what was riding on this game I did not let myself get distracted at all. It was my turn to break and I got two stripes in on the break. I looked over to her with a grin and she pretended to drop the chalk and bent over to pick it up and I could see the bottom of her ass stiking out of her skirt. God this wasn’t fair she kept pulling out all the stops to distract me but I still ran the table and got down to the 8 ball before I realized that she hadn’t taken a shot. She was starting to look nervous. “Are you hustling me?” “I would never, are you trying to distract me?” She giggled, blushed and looked away. I lined up and called my 8 ball shot. “That’s game, so what do you want.” “I’ll tell you in the car, why don’t you wait for me outside I’ll settle up.”

I walked up to the counter and Tom handed me my twenty back, “it’s on the house.” He said winking at me. I winked back grabbed the twenty and walked outside. We got in the car and I drove around to a secluded part of the parking lot behind a building the strip mall next to the pool hall. “I get anything I want right?” “Yep.” She said timidly. “I want you to suck my cock and make me cum this time.”

She smiled weakly, and leaned over towards me. I put my hand on the back of her head and kissed her sweet soft lips. Her lips parted and her tongue slid into my mouth, and started probing my mouth, a little at first but then it started wriggling and sliding all around my mouth. I slid my hand up under her shirt, and found that there was in fact no bra. She moaned into my mouth and pulled my closer to her. She took her right and slid it down to my pants and fumbled with the zipper. I helped her out and went back to her tits. She pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants and started jerking me off again and I was in heaven. She pulled off my mouth and whisper “do I have to,” weakly. “A deal is a deal.” She just looked at me and then looked at my cock. And then leaned over my cock and starred at it for a moment before kissing the head. She then stuck her tongue out and licked the tip and slit. She looked back up at me and I nodded. She stuck her tongue out and licked my cock from the base to the tip nice and slow. I let out a low moan. It felt so amazing feeling her warm wet tongue slide up and then back down my cock.

She then opened her mouth and put the tip in her mouth for a second before coming back up. “if I cant go far enough down, just push down on my head or left up your hips ok? I have never done this before.” Without giving me a chance to respond she opened her mouth and slid her mouth around my cock sliding her tongue up against my shaft with every stroke. First she went down an inch and stopped. Then she slid her tongue all around my cock before coming up. As she came off my cock with a pop she looked up at me, “how did that feel?” “Amazing don’t fucking stop.” She didn’t need any more encouragement from me and went right back down. This felt amazing she went down an inch again a few more times then two inches, and then three and then half way down my cock. She stopped there and started sliding her tongue around again before she took her hand and tapped her head. I figured she wanted me to push down so I put my hand on her head and she moaned and nodded at the same time so I pushed a little and she nodded again which felt amazing. I couldn’t control myself as I spasmed in pleasure and pushed her head all the way down. She sat there for a moment and then stuck her tongue out of her mouth while still down on me all the way. Her cock reached the edge of my balls and I spasmed again and lifted my hips and pushed down on her head as hard as I could and hit the back of her mouth and slid into her throat the rest of the way. That’s when she finally gagged and her mouth spasmed and her tongue started sliding all over my cock but she didn’t try and pull off. It felt so amazing I came right down her throat, I shot one load and she pulled off my cock in shock. Her face was still over my dick and I kept cumming right onto her pretty face.

Once I finished she looked up at me with her cum covered face, “do you have anything for me to wipe my face off with?” “Sure I keep an extra shirt in the back seat,” I grabbed it and handed it to her and she wiped off her face. I grabbed it from her and cleaned off my cock. “My god Nikki,that was your first time?” “Yup,” She smiled weakly, “did you like it.” “Fuck that was the best blowjob I ever had,my girlfriend isn’t even half as good as you.”

“Well it’s time to take me home,” she said giggling. I started up the car and drove in a daze to her apartment. I dropped her off, and then made the long drive home without realizing it. I went into my apartment and laid down completely satisfied and passed right out dreaming and remembering the best blowjob I had ever had.

Rating: 90%, Read 40056 times, Posted Jun 08, 2012

True Story | Blowjob, Cheating, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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