First Time with Zach by JSK1818

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Virginity

So this story is going to involve the next guy in my life. William, since the time of the sexual encounter, had not wanted to have another sleep over with myself. So again I was back to wackin off to some porn I can find on the internet.

Lately I have been hanging out with a new friend of mine. His name is Zach Walsh and man was he hot. Shaggy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, great personality and body. I couldn't help but want him for some reason. I think at this time I really started to question my sexuality. Zach was 5'4 and 110lbs pounds maybe. When I started hanging out with him I gotten into a phase of seeing how big my friends were. So at sleepovers I would wait until they were fast asleep and feel them up a little bit.

Well Zach was a target of mine since we started becoming closer friends. Rumor was going around through friends that he was uncircumcised. So he came over and we did the normal sleep over thing, pizza, soda, video games, and watched a couple movies while getting to sleep. So now it was my time to strike so to speak. So I stayed up waiting about an hour after he had fallen asleep and thought it was a good time to start.

So I started by slowing moving the blanket back he was sleeping up. God was he so hot, he was wearing a t-shirt that was lifted up a little bit and basketball shorts. My heart skipped a beat as my hair brushed his warm hairless stomach. Do I slowly felt around for his package through the top of his basketball shorts. As I finally brushed against it my dick was harder then harder and my heart was going through the roof! After quickly retracting and laying back down I knew I had to grab it under the shorts.

So I started my approach again, then time it was going straight for it. I brushed his warm stomach again and slowing started to slowing side under his shorts. It was really soon that I was resting right on top of his flaccid cock. He was not that big but damn was I so turned on at this point. The thing was I was not the only one getting turned on, as soon as I rubbed his dick just a little bit he started to get hard. God damn I could have cummed in my pants at that second. He was about 4.5 inches fully hard and damn was it hot.

I pulled my hand out of his shorts in fear he was waking up by grabbed it and rubbed it through his shorts. He started to wake up so I quickly laid back down and pretended I was asleep and he bought it so I thought. We both went to sleep that night without any questions.

Later the next week my friend john asked if I wanted to come over and swim at his dad's place and I asked if Zach could join me. He said sure and we spent the day over at John's house swimming, shooting hoops, and just doing teenager things. So it came down to whether or not we would stay the night. We all agreed we should and quickly called our parents who also agreed that a sleepover sounds alright. Well there was only one bed so it was decided all of us could share a bed. We put on a movie that had some naked girls in it because well again we were teenage guys.

John was the first one to fall victim to sleep, but I was not tired nor was Zach so we stayed up longer watching more movies and dicking around. It was getting later and zach was messing around with a big stuffed bear. He was rubbing up against it and humping it thinking he was being funny. I was laughing and just going with it. Soon he was laying right next to me humping the shit out of the bear just joking around. Now keep in mind John was sleeping right next to all of this going on.

So as this went on for about 30 minutes he was now shoving the arm of the bear under his shorts pretending to be getting a hand job. I was laughing and was looking at me in a way that said he wanted something more from me. So I started a game of awkward boon grab. At random times I would grab his chest and he would do the same to me. It gotten to the point when he went to the bathroom and said my shirt needs to be off by the time he got back. So needless to say we were shirtless and he was still messing around with the bear and myself.

So I turned to him and said so why can the bear go down there and I can't? He looked at me with a smile and said that he never said I couldn't. So I put my hand on his tight chest and moved it to under his pants. I purposely put my hand close to it and not quite touching it. After about a minute of doing so he moved my hand to the top of his dick. Man was it hard and damn it was hot.

So he grabbed a hold of my cock and needless to say we wanted to get off more than we wanted to dick around. Remember my friend John? asleep this entire time right next to us, and through the entire night he was asleep.

So we both slid our pants off and started to jack each other off, Zach kept saying I know you want to suck me and I said the same to him but we didn't. We would lick each others chest, nipples, necks and get down to each others V-line and not go any further. Zach loved my size as I was quite bigger at 6 3/4 inches and he was about 4.5 circumcised (guess the rumors were wrong). So for the next 15 minutes we sat there rubbing each other, exploring each others bodies with our mouths and eyes. We would take turns sitting in each others laps.

All this hot simulation got me close and I knew Zach was really close. So I took a hold of his cock and start jerking him off at a medium pace. Without really warning he came. It was a hot watery load, more like shooting pre-cum. He shot a decent amount but he was not a shooter like I was. He kept jerking me off until I shoot off on my-self and I came a lot more than him. Afterwards we cleaned up, and just talked like nothing happened. That night we never fell asleep but only came once.

This was the start of a few years of sleep over fun.


Rating: 88%, Read 59476 times, Posted Nov 18, 2011

True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Virginity


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