My affair...The Cabin. by sugardaddy43

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True Story | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Female, Old Male, Virginity

My affair with Becca had reached a torrid pace. Neither one of us had realized the passion that our love making would provoke. She was an insatiable animal. I almost felt raped when I was with her. She was very aggressive, and demanding of my body. Constantly texting and emailing me telling me about her body what she liked me to do, emailing me pictures of her boobs, emailing me pictures of her bent over showing her tight pink slit spread wide with her hands parting her ass cheeks as well showing her pretty little brown asshole. Telling me she wanted me to masturbate to her pictures and tell her about it. I could barely keep up with her frenzied pace.

This night I was alone and away from the family. I texted her "do you want to get together tonight?" "sure" she said..."I am up at my families cabin, why don't you come up" "I want you to fuck me up the ass tonight" "you know I have never been fucked up my ass! And I want you to do it" I couldn't believe what I was reading. Here was this beautiful 23 year old blond model, who wanted me to fuck her up the ass. I could barely keep the speedometer below 90 as I made the 100 mile drive to her cabin by the lake for a night of ecstasy. I first stopped at the local Walmart and bought some anal lube, I made sure I had taken my Cialis, and hurried on my way.

Now I know that I should have been using condoms, but she stated that she was tested every year for STDs and was clean. But still she wasn't even on the pill and well, I guess the passion of the moments took over. Luckily we never had an accident that would have been a tragic end to our secrets.

I kept running over and over in my mind what I wanted to do to her. Would she really let me fuck her asshole?

Would she like it?

I got to her cabin early in the evening. She greeted me with a sweet kiss and we sat down for a few minutes of small talk and chatting. She was very attentive, stroking the back of my neck and my hair, stroking my thighs and making my cock already hard.

She turned the TV on and told me to make myself comfortable. She went off to the bathroom to change, and I slipped off my shirt and pants and was left in my hot red boxers which were barely able to contain my raging hardon. When she returned she was the complete picture of beauty. She had on a pink baby doll nighty that showed her pretty brown nipples through the see through lace. Her nipples were erect sitting on large brown areolas about the size of large silver dollars. She had on pretty pink panties that showed below her nighty.

She aggressively approached me on the bed and we started in hot and heavy. Soon she was fondling my cock with her hand and I had cupped her B sized titties in my hands as I sucked her neck and ears. My hands soon moved down to caress her hairless slit, fondling her wet clit and slowly rubbing around her moist and hot inner lips. She then pulled down my boxers and pulled my engorged very hard cock free. She straddled me and started taking it all in. Bobbing her head up and down making slurping noises. I was in heaven. But I wanted her at the same time. I picked up her wide behind and pulled in on top of my chest in a 69 position. Her panties were completely off at this point in time revealing her perfect brown asshole and her pink slit. Becca was a real blonde, but she had a brown asshole with a large area of/brown inner ass cheeks surrounding her anus unlike some blondes that have little or no color down there at all. Now Becca LOVED her pussy licked. I had brought her to multiple orgasms licking her pussy and fingering her, but tonight I wanted to focus on that little brown asshole of hers. I spread her cheeks wide and as she sucked my cock I licked, fingered and tongued her little brown poop-hole. I really got off on sticking my tongue inside of her tight little brown hole and slowly sticking my index finger inside of her as she moaned. I loved licking and rimming her making her press her crack to my face. She moaned and kept stating "yes lick my ass, Oh yes"

After about 20 minutes I was ready for some more and I could tell she was as well. I got up and put her on all fours and spread her cheeks and shoved my now red hot dick inside of her pink pussy slit. Becca had a very tight pussy. She also looked very young without any labia showing at all, just puffy pussy lips like a cute little girl and a very pink internal vaginal opening. I am not that big, only about 6-7 inches and average thickness, but she tightened around my cock like a little virgin and moaned with pleasure when I slid my cock inside of her. I grabbed ahold of her wide hips, and pounded her faster and faster. "Fuck yea, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy, pound me!!!' Becca screamed with delight as I took her tight pussy and turned it into my personal play toy. "Oh Fuck....I want your cum David, cum inside of me....please!!! She about screamed this command. Any other time in my life I would have busted my nut right there and filled her up with my cum, but this time I had other ideas.

"Now I am going to make you a bad girl and bad girls get their assholes fucked"

"No I want my pussy fucked more please!!!!" She exclaimed.

But I ignored her cries of lust for my cum inside of her cunt. I turned her over so she was on her back and put a pillow under her hips I spread her legs and situated myself between her legs. I added some lube to her ass and put my hot red pecker head against her brown anus and pushed. I could see her eyes widen and her mouth open.

Slowly her brown hole gave way to my hard cock. First one inch then two,,, then four, slowly her asshole parted and my cock disappeared inside of her hot backside. All the while she was panting and moaning...."ohhhh, ohhhhh huh huh aaaaaaaa" Then just as it was all the way In I stopped and looked at her.

"Now I am going to fuck your tight asshole and cum inside of my bad girl"

I slowly moved my dick in and out, faster and faster, I couldn't believe the sight. Her tight brown hole was enveloping my pink dick, I alternated between watching her watering eyes, open mouth and my dick entering her ass. Then Becca shouted "OH FUCK, YES, FUCK, SHIT....I LIKE IT, FUCK yea" "Fuck that feels good, fuck my asshole" "OHHHHHH FUCK, Im going to CUMMMM!!!!!

I watched her face and she opened her mouth and let out a primal moan and I could feel her pelvis spasm around my cock as she had a massive orgasm. I never would have believed it unless I experienced it first myself...Becca had a real anal orgasm. A massive one, just with my cock fucking her and her lying there taking it. I was in ecstasy.

Just a few seconds after she climaxed I could feel my dick harden and blurted out "OH fuck, Im gonna cum" "Im gonna cumm...." Just then I felt my orgasm, one of the strongest I had ever had. My dick spasmed and filled her virgin anus with spurts of my hot sperm. I looked up and she had a smile and a look of pure lustful delight.. I couldn't believe it, here she was, a co worker, somebody who just a few months ago I would have felt guilty about looking at her boobs as we talked and now I had just shot my entire load of cum inside of her little virgin asshole! just stopped there for about 2 minutes and just let my dick go limp inside of her, looking at her.

I slowly pulled out my limp dick and as it came out it made a "splurp" noise followed by a flow of my cream trickling down her ass crack. Her asshole was now fully abused and was slightly open, reddened and filled with my white cum.

We both collapsed next to each other, barely able to speak with the incredible feelings of our taboo experience.

Rating: 88%, Read 42437 times, Posted Apr 10, 2010

True Story | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Female, Old Male, Virginity


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