Serena_(1) by Blakeseven

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True Story | At work, Consensual Sex, First Time, Oral Sex, Romance


I had fancied Serena for quite a long time. Long before my marriage broke up in fact but it was only in the latter stages of that I started flirting with her. I used to time my visits to the shop where she worked to see her. She was a great laugh and we would always end up laughing about something or other every time. I remember being annoyed if the shop was full and even tried to hang back from the counter until she was free. Serena was quite tall. About 5ft 8 I thought but the standing area behind the counter was about 8 to 10 inches higher than the customer area so even at 6ft 1in tall I had to look up to her! She had classical features with black hair cut in a fringe just above her dark eyes. A long angular nose really made her look stunning to me and a smile from her white teeth was to die for! It was worth buying something I did not want just to bathe in her smile! When it was clear my marriage was over I waited in the shop one day until she was alone then had our usual flirting conversation. I waited for the chance to ask her for a date. I had to hang around as customers came in and out but finally got a chance. “Serena we get on so well I'd like to get you to myself for a while. Do you fancy coming out to lunch on Wednesday?”

She looked a little shocked and said, ”I don't know. I don't know.”

“What don't you know?”

“I don't know if I should”. After a pause, I think I'd better say no”

Crestfallen at my lack of charm or attractiveness or whatever it was I said, “ I can't pretend I'm not disappointed. Maybe another time”.

“Sorry” was all she said before another customer arrived at the counter and I just left the shop. A few weeks passed and I kept going into see her. We both carried on the flirting banter as if nothing had happened. Then one day I asked her again. She could not make my specified day so she turned me down again. I kind of knew this was true as she'd already told me that her son was home from Uni' and demanding most of her time. This time though she finished with, ”Another time” as a statement rather than a question. I thought it was time I made it known that me and the wife were splitting up so I told one of the other girls in the shop. Sure enough the next time I saw Serena she asked me about it. I asked her out to lunch and she said Yes! I arranged to pick her up at 12 the next day at her house. I arrived at about ten minutes to twelve but she was clearly not there! I waited about half an hour and still no show so I gave up. Very disappointed.

The next month or so brought no contact as I was told in the shop that she was off work and quite ill and she was off for a further two months. During which time I had moved out of the matrimonial home and moved to a flat in a nearby town. Nice, fairly recently built clean but smallish flat with separate bedroom, lounge and kitchen. It was here that Rhiana first came round and we started an affair.( See other Rhiana stories). I rarely visited the shop but never stopped thinking about Serena. I had even found a model on “We Are Hairy” site that looked like her. I downloaded her pictures and would compare these to Serena's Facebook photos. I could now openly befriend her on the afore mentioned and managed to get in touch with her. She apologised for the missed date and it was again due to some emergency with her son. “Can I make it up to you?” she asked on messenger. “Don't worry about it” Serena I wrote, “Just come on the next one!”

“ Do you still want to see me then?”

“ Of course I do. It wasn't just a joke I asked you before!”

“OK (shocked emoji). Still lunch?”

“ No whenever you're free”

“OK I'll let you Know”

I didn't hold my breath waiting and I was now having an amazing sex life with Rhiana so I wasn't in a hurry. The only contact I had with Serena was on Facebook which I didn't look at often. But I did get to have a messenger conversation with her about a month after our last. I had missed a suggested date but we made another for a Saturday might a week later. And then guess what? I had to cancel because Rhiana wanted to come round on the Tuesday after. I made an excuse about my family and Serena was very good about it and agreed a new date the following Saturday.

I was right to cancel the first Saturday as Rhiana and I had a whole day in bed on the Tuesday after and I just would not have been fit for that. It also gave me the chance to tell Rhiana about my date before it happened.

The new date duly arrived and I drove round to Serena's house wondering if she would honour it this time. She was waiting on the door step and rushed to jump in the car.” Quick get going!” she said, “I've just seen Jo (Rhiana's Mum and my step daughter) and she'll tell your wife”.

“ Doesn't matter about that Serena. I'm a free agent. Its nothing to do with them”

“ Yes but they all come in the shop” she said, “and I can't do with any problems there”

“ OK. I won't drive past their house. Dinner?”

She smiled. “That'll be nice”. We roared off up the road and I made for a country restaurant about half hour's drive away. We talked about her children and some of her past. Some about mine! And I asked her some of the questions that had me wondering over the last two years! Why was she single? (Divorced and not friends). Had she had men friends since? (Practically none. Her dog was all she needed!) Why did she work in a village shop when she had a degree?( lack of opportunity and Benefit limitations). Why had she finally said yes to me? “I really like you but when you first asked I knew you were married to Jo's Mum and they're all friends. I just worried about the effects if it got out. When you asked again one of the girl's had told me that your marriage was on the rocks and I thought Why not and then my son had that problem with housing I just had to sort out and I thought that was an end to it. What you never have, you never miss!” she laughed.

“ Well that doesn't work for me” I said, “ In fact I wanted you more after you turned me down. But I didn't want to seem like a stalker or something so I didn't push it! There was a lot of publicity at the time about female abuse”.

“So what are you after?” she asked bluntly

“Eight!” I shot back and it brought a laugh from her.

“I've only got seven!” she joked back.

“So have I!” I gave her a sideways piercing look. “I'd just really like to get to know you. You flirt outrageously and you're a great laugh. My kind of person. And”, I paused, “ you are very good looking. I loved coming in that shop to see your lovely face”.

Serena blushed as I knew she would. Every time I had complimented her she had blushed.

I pulled into the restaurant's car park and was pleased to see it half full. Because of a problem with my car's central locking I had to reach across her to open her door. I turned my face up to hers and she quickly kissed me on the cheek! “Second kiss!” she said.

“And I haven't forgotten the first” I said. That was on Christmas day at the shop when I called in to see her. “The first was on my lips” I reminded her and in response she kissed me quickly on the lips and then she was out of the car! I got out and offered her my arm and escorted her into the restaurant. We ordered a drink and got a table. We sat down opposite each other and she gave me one of her leering smiles while tilting her head so that she could look slightly down at me. One of my photos is of that look. “What's that look about?” I asked, grinning at her.

“Just wondering what you really want”.

“ I don't want you to worry or be suspicious” I said “I just take things as they come. I have no plans. For the time being I'm just happy to be with you”

“ And you don't want anything else?”

“ Oh my God. You're really putting me on the spot. I don't want to put you off so I'm not going to tell you much.” I paused. Serena just smiled. She was making me say too much! “ But I really fancied you the very first time we talked in the shop and I saw your smile and your eyes. By the time I asked you out, I wanted you in every way”.

“ Did that have anything to do with your marriage splitting up? She asked, sounding concerned.

“ No not really. There were loads of issues. Not least being my role in her family but in my mind there was always the hope of you”

“Oh my God. If I'd have known I would have said yes earlier because” pause, “I really fancied you too. I used to warn the girls in the shop off you. Especially Marie. She always made a point of telling me you'd been in.”

“ OK. Lets take it as it comes Hey? I'm very happy that we're here together”.

She held up her glass. Here's to As it comes” she said as we chinked our glasses together.

We had a wonderful meal with a lot of laughing and once when she gave me a compliment I stood over the table to kiss her. She responded by holding the back of my neck for a few moments to make the kiss a bit more than a peck. Oh god I wanted her badly.

When we left I had her on my arm across the car park. I unlocked her door first and as I opened it she stood in the entrance and pulled me to her. We kissed and it developed into an open mouthed tonguing. When we parted she said “Thank you”

I walked round the car and had to use the key to get in again. When I finally sat down. I immediately leaned over and kissed her again. “You're welcome”.

She did not let me go when I tried to turn my attention to starting the car and pulled me for another, longer kiss. She broke it and said “I fancied you too. Still do!”

I drove out of the car park and off towards her village. She held onto my inner thigh Quite low at first but as we got further it went higher. I started to get an erection. It was down my leg. The leg she had hold of! Pretty soon she felt it creeping toward her hand. She pulled her hand away. “I'm sorry!” she said.

“It's OK. I'll live”

“You really do fancy me don't you? She said. “That's a bit obvious!”

“Well that's out in the open now” I said, “Well, not quite!” I laughed and she joined in.

“ I don't like leaving you like that. I'm so sorry”

“ No don't worry. It'll go away “.We were pulling up outside her home. “Lets swap numbers so I don't risk missing you on Facebook”. We did that and then had a long snogging session with open mouths and tongue wrestling. Her hand crept up my thigh again and stroked my hard cock through my jeans. She pulled away and tried to open her door.

“You have to let me out. I'm all hot and bothered now. I'm going in for a cigarette”. I didn't lean over her this time but got out and walked round and unlocked her door from the outside. I pecked her on the cheek.

“Goodnight Serena”

“Goodnight Neil” she said and walked away up her garden path. I got back in the car, waved at her and drove home. The end or the start of something big? I wondered.

A couple of days slowly passed and I thought about going into the shop but very late on Tuesday night the phone rang and it was Serena.

“Hi how are you?”

“All the better for hearing you” I enthused, “I hoped you would call”

“ Why didn't you call me then?”

“ The decisions are all yours now Serena. I don't want to come over as a stalker or even sound too keen but I'm delighted you called me”

“You're the lucky one then” She sounded a bit slurred!

“Have you been on the booze?”

“Just me, my dog and a bottle of wine.” she said, and I'm running out.”

“Oh that's bad. You always need a second bottle in reserve!” I quipped, “Why are you drinking on your own?”

“Because you're not here”.

“ I'm sorry. All you had to do was ask and I'd have come with another bottle”

“ I'm not in the habit of asking blokes round my house to get drunk with me!” she said.

“ There's a first time for everything! Do you want me to come round now?”

“Nah. It's too late and I'm going to bed soon” she slurred.

“Right! I'll get my car keys” I said jokingly.

“ To sleep! I've got work at five in the morning!”

“ So are you going to see me again?” I asked.

“Neil, I have to say that I really enjoyed the other night and I could be happy with just that. But I've thought about you ever since. Not about the evening but about you. I can't stop thinking about kissing you. I haven't felt like that since I was sixteen and...and I want more”

“ What more kissing or more than kissing?”

“Definitely more kissing and I'm not telling you if there's more”.

“Take it as it comes Serena?”

“ Yea, I don't want any plans”,

“Well we have to plan some things. Like another date”.

“Oh yea! That's why I phoned wasn't it? How about next Monday night?”

“Why wait till then? What about the weekend?” I asked.

“It's work. I have to start at five in the morning and I don't have a day off till Tuesday,” This was magic news! She clearly wanted to at least stay with me till late and maybe into the night!

“ Oh you poor old thing.” I cooed, “ It's OK. I can wait and absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say”.

“ Oh don't lets talk about matters of the heart!” she said sarcastically.

“ Just a figure of speech” I said. “Take it as it comes my lovely!”

“Sorry.” she said, “I'm just a bit mixed up”.

“Serena. I'll see you on Monday night. What would you like? Dinner or a pub for drinks, or what?”

“ Marie tells me you're a bit of a cook. How about dinner round yours? My chance!

“Sure. OK. Anything you don't like to eat?”

“ No. Whatever” she replied

“OK see you on Monday”

“ Don't go yet”

“OK” Why?”.

“ I don't know. I just want to talk to you”.

“ I'm tired too honey and I don't have to get up for five. We can talk a lot on Monday and you can always ring me in the meantime. Go to bed and dream of me”.

“ If I do I won't remember it! I know I've dreamed but I never remember them”.


“You're the same?”

“Oh yes! Go to bed honey”. We finally said goodbye after some more meaningless banter but I'd got several hints on what she felt in that conversation and I was optimistic about the Monday date. I had to sort out what to cook for her so that kept my mind off what could happen for a couple of days. I decided on a pasta bake with chicken and courgettes. Not much prep and easily timed after she arrived. I'd have to go and pick her up anyway. So I couldn't leave anything cooking. I phoned her on the Friday to check on her arrangements for her dog which went down well with her and she told me that her eldest son was going to dog sit. The call was very matter-of-fact as she was sober and in a hurry to do something or other. Not so another call from her on Sunday afternoon.

“Hi Neil”

“ Hello Serena” Everything OK?”

“ Yes I suppose so”

“ What's wrong?”

“Nothing really. I'm just worried about Monday!”

“ What's happened?”

“Nothing. I just can't help thinking it'll all go wrong”.

“Why should it all go wrong? Don't worry. We clearly like each other and we're taking it one step at a time. I can't see anything to make it go wrong.”

“But you don't know me!”

“Serena, If you remember my aim was to get to know you better. There's no expectations. Wishes, sure, but take it as it comes. Yea?”

“But there's things you don't know!”

“Of course there is. There's things you don't know about me. Take it step by step. If it doesn't work out, then we can talk about it and agree. Nothing's guaranteed in this world so don't worry. We're not going to hurt each other”.

“ Oh thank you. But there's still other stuff”.

“What other stuff?”

“Well. Personal stuff.”

“ Look honey. No-one can know what someone has in their mind. It might be really personal or it might be general. Like politics or family or Human Rights or anything in someone's opinion. You never know until you find out.”

“ Its nothing like that”. She said.

“Well what?” I said, “Whatever it is, “you can tell me”.

“ I'm not a modern girl”.

“So what? I'm not a modern man. I'm well aware that I'm older than you so I'm not a modern man." I think I then got the message! “Is it about your body?”


“So what is it? I've never met anyone with the same body as another. Do you know the song, Love the one you're with? That's what I, more or less live by. Whatever your body's like I will love it. It won't put me off in any way.”

“Oh Neil. If only I could believe that”.

“Serena. If you had a wooden leg or no boobs or a bloody great scar down your face. It wouldn't matter to me”.

“Thank you. I find it hard to believe that. But I'll try and trust it” she said, sheepishly.

“OK. Are you OK for Monday then?”

“ If you don't try you won't know. OK. I'll be there. Can you pick me up about six?”

“Yes. I'll be there.”

“ Thank you. I'll be ready”

NOTE: I'm sorry that this is long winded in the conversations but it's really important that this is the way it happened. And the interactions are the key to the outcome. Bear with me!

I think I got the message. She was worried about my reaction to something about herself, Either her body or her character. I didn't really know. But I fancied her like mad and I didn't care what it might be. The rest of the day passed without further contact. On the Monday at five fifty I pulled up outside her house. Serena was not outside this time. So I waited.. She did not appear and I feared the worst. As I was looking up at her house she appeared at the door and waived me to her. I got up and ran up the path. ”What's up?” I asked, concerned.

“It's OK”, she said,” I just want you to say hello to my dog!”

“Thank God for that. I thought there was some major drama”. She laughed.

“No. It's nothing like that. Just say hello to him.”

“ Hello Milo” I said, Are you alright mate?” I scratched the dog's ears and then squatted before him to take his head in my hands and really give him a good fussing

“ Oh. He likes you!” she said sounding surprised. Then she pulled him away and into the house. “Come on Milo. In you go”. The dog obeyed and trotted into the house. Serena shut the door behind him and said “Lets go! I hate leaving him but he's OK So let me in to this peculiar car and let's go”.

I had already opened her door so I just waived at it and we both got in and I drove off.

“Thank you for that”, she said., “I didn't think you'd remember his name”.

“Not much chance of me not knowing”, I said., It's always on Facebook! And then there's always your tattoo" We laughed.

“Yea but thanks. You know how much he means to me”.

Yes I know. I'm just so glad he accepted me. Otherwise you wouldn't have got in the car”.

“OK. So you know me! And now you've met Milo. What do you think of him?”

“ Bit early to say love but he was OK with me and I love all dogs. You should know that. He's a nice dog”. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. We were back to where we left off on our last meeting!

“ Lots of people don't like Staffies and it's important to me that your OK with him.”

“I know they get bad publicity but I've always believed that dog problems are down to the owner, not the dog”.

“ You're right” she said and gave me another kiss on the cheek.

We drove home to my flat. Joking about the traffic and other drivers and stuff, When we pulled up outside my place she said, Ooh its quite nice here. You've done well. What's for dinner?”

“It's all ready to cook. Just half an hour”. I walked her up to the flat which is on the ground floor and let her in. I led her into the Kitchen and switched on the oven with the Pasta bake already in it.” Would you like me to show you round?” I asked.

“Good idea. I only know where the door is!” she giggled. I showed her each room in turn and ended with the bedroom. “You can put that bag in here”, I said. Then I pointed at the bed,”Wanna test it?”

“You don't waste any time do you?” She giggled. “Nice to see its made up though”. She sat down and bounced a little then reached out and grabbed my arm, pulling me down onto her as she laid back. Her arms came round me and we kissed. Just closed lips at first but quickly developing into an open mouthed tongue wrestle. We kissed like that several times before I lifted my head up to look straight into her eyes. They were a little watery but she was smiling that beautiful smile.

“I've been wanting that for over a week”. I said softly to her.

“So have I!” she whispered. We went back to kissing and I could feel my cock rising. I had to get up or I would have tried to fuck her then and there. As I stood up she rubbed her hand over it.


“You can have that later Serena”, First we have to eat”. I pulled her to her feet and into my arms. We kissed again. Such a sweet taste and I loved the feel of her plump lips. She swayed her pelvis against me further stimulating my hard cock. “Come on darling, Cooking time's nearly up.” I led her out of the bedroom by the hand and then into the kitchen. I opened the fridge door and took out a bottle of Prosecco. As I opened it I pointed at a cupboard. ”Glasses”. She got two wine glasses from the cupboard and held onto my shoulder as I poured. I carried the glasses into the lounge and placed them on the coffee table in front of the sofa. “This table is usually over there but its a lap meal cos I don't have a dining table and chairs”.

“That's OK most of my meals are lap meals.” she said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“ OK. You sit down and I'll get the dinner out of the oven. Wont be a minute”. I went in the kitchen, got out plates and cutlery then took the Pasta out of the oven. I took the plates and cutlery into the lounge, had a quick sip of the wine and got another kiss. Then I brought the meal into the lounge with a heat mat and serving spoon. I put it on the table then walked around and sat next to Serena and got another kiss! She wasn't missing any opportunity! I served up about a third of the Pasta each and gave her the plate. ”Thankyou very much” she said politely. I started eating but she waited a few seconds before picking up a fork and tentatively took a small mouthful. I watched her lovely mouth sexily chewing it and then she took another sip of the wine. So did I and raised my glass to hers in a silent toast. She took another forkful.”This is really nice”.

“Phew! I said “That's a relief!”

We ate and talked and drank until the Prosecco was gone and the plates and the dish were empty.

“ If you want a sweet I've got some Ice cream and a shop bought apple pie” I told her.

“ Thank you but I don't want too much in my stomach”.

“Oh. Why is that?” I asked knowing full well why.

“ Because I want to do this” she whispered and leaned over to kiss me yet again. I cleared the stuff on the table into the kitchen and came back with another bottle. Then I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me. I gave her an open mouthed long and longing kiss. Her arm came across my waist and she hooked her fingers onto the waistband of my jeans. I put my other arm across her and deliberately held her left breast. She took a deep breath and puffed her chest up in response. My cock woke up again and pretty soon it was meeting her fingers down my jeans. As it came into contact she scratched the head gently and then she pushed her hand further down so that she had it covered with her palm and fingers. Was she sizing me up?

She had on a very pretty silky white blouse. I think I'd seen it in her Facebook photos and I started to unbutton it one handed. “ Do you want to make love to me?” she whispered.

“Of course I do” I said, giving up on the blouse and holding her breast again ”But first, Is that

what you want?”

“I would have thought that was a bit obvious” she said ,trying to squeeze my cock

“ Then my answer is obvious too” I pushed up against her hand and we both laughed. I got up, nearly wrenching her hand off and pulled her by that hand to follow me, grabbing the wine bottle and glasses as I took her into the bedroom. She tried to sit on the bed when we got there but I held her up and kissed her deeply again. I broke the kiss and moved my hands to her blouse buttons again. As I undid each one I kissed the exposed skin. It was warm and soft. A whiff of perfume too.

When I had them all undone I quickly whipped of my tee shirt and then held open her blouse and pressed our skins together as I kissed her again. My hands then went down to the top of her jeans as did hers to mine. Once I had the top fastening and her zip undone I put pressure on the waist band and she wriggled her hips to help them fall. When she got my zip down she grabbed my cock through my underwear and started to rub it. Serena had on matching white panties and bra. Nothing spectacularly sexy but nice none the less. I looked her up and down and for the first time I saw her accentuated waste above her lovely flowing hips. Her panties cutting across them. Also, to my absolute delight I could see a dark triangle of pubic hair through them.

I took down my jeans and pants as one and stepped from them. Serena did the same, then removed her blouse before grabbing my cock again. I hugged her trapping her hand and my cock and gave her a long passionate kiss. We both still had our shoes on and we sat down on the bed to take them off. Then I rolled her onto her back and laid down beside her. She started to take off her panties but I stopped her. “I want to do that.” I said, holding her hand. I sat up and looked down the length of her body and legs, “ I think you are absolutely stunning. I've always loved your face but I've had to imagine the rest of you. You are absolutely gorgeous and even better than I thought you might be. I like your tattoos too. Not too many and they look sexy”.

“Oh Neil. That's really nice of you but you haven't seen all of me yet. There are bits I don't like”

“ That applies to all of us darling but you are as perfect as they come”. With that I leaned over and kissed her on the belly then kissed my way down to her panties, pulling the elastic down slightly so that I could kiss her on her mound. Her hair was dark brown. Not black like her head hair. It was also growing in a sort of “Y” shape with sparse hair around the thicker part. I could see her clit hood poking through the bottom of the Y. The whole thing just fitted my idea of the perfect pussy.

“You don't mind?” she asked.

“Mind what?”

“ My hair!”

“ Darling I love pubic hair on a woman. I don't like shaved ones. It makes me think of paedophilia. Bald pussies belong to little girls. Pussy hair is sexy”. By this time my hand was down the front of her panties and finding her vagina. She was already well wet and I slid a finger up her.

“Ooh” she sounded surprised “Please be gentle with me. I haven't had sex for years. It might be a bit closed up!”

“ Don't you play with it?”

“ Not for years. I haven't wanted anything to do with sex for probably eight years”

“Oh that's really sad”, I said, “are you sure you want it now”

“ Oh yes!” she said “ It looks like I'm going to get it and she rocked her elegant hips against my finger.

“I think you need to cum!” I told her and got up on my knees between her legs and pulled her panties off, Lifting her legs in front of me. She opened her legs wide, expecting my cock I think, But I went down on her beautiful pussy. She had a really prominent clit and I wondered how she could possibly leave it alone for eight years! Long inner lips did little to conceal her vulva which at this stage was slightly open. I gently kissed it from the bottom to the top. Not much smell but her hair had that perfume again. When I came to her clit I enveloped it with my mouth and tongued it really hard for half a minute before circling the the large bud with the tip of my tongue. Serena started to push her hips upward and start moaning “Oohs” and “Aars”. “Oh yes” she breathed, “Yes”.

I slid my tongue back down her pussy lips and speared her hole with it several times then I flat tongue upward to her clit again. She tasted really wonderful and I nearly went back for more. But the clit was waiting for attention so I stuck to the plan! I covered it with my mouth and circled it with my tongue. “Yes! Yes! That's wonderful. Yes! Ooh! Ah! Oh yes! Aargh! Yes, yes”

Her mound was now bashing my nose repeatedly as she rocked her hips at my face. Then. she went stiff on the up-stroke and shuddered with one final long drawn out “Yessss!” She slumped back onto the bed. She reached out to me with both arms and pulled me up to kiss me. Plunging her tongue into my mouth and exploring its inner secrets. She pulled off the kiss and looked me in the eye “That was wonderful. Thank you so much. Its been longer than eight years since that happened.”

“What? The pussy licking or the orgasm?”

“Oh both!”

We kissed for a while before she put her hand around my cock again so I took this as the message that she wanted to fuck. I got between her legs again and aimed my cock at her delicious cunt. I didn't put it in though. Instead I slid it up the front of her and teased her clit with the end. Then with a little sideways wriggling I got the shaft wetly between her labia.” Oh my god” she said “That's nice!”I slid my cock up and down her entire opening and worked on her clit with my finger. “Oh yes!”

“I want you to tell me when you're cumming darling”. I told her.

“Oh yes I will”

I carried on just giving the outside of her cunt this type of fucking and she was getting more and more into it, Waggling her hips from side to side to work my cock in deeper. “Yes! Yes! Oh my God! This is making me... Ooh yes! Aargh! Cum!”

On the very next down stroke I altered my angle and sank straight up her wet pussy hole. All the way in one go. I covered her mouth with mine and tongued it as deep as I could as I fucked her with just a few long strokes and her quivering and shuddering told me she was cumming. There was a murmuring in her throat but of course she couldn't speak. This time her shaking went on much longer and I never stopped kissing and fucking her till it stopped. When I finally broke the kiss she was panting like a dog. “Oh my bloody good God” she said breathlessly, “Where have you been? I can't believe that. It was amazing. I need a drink!”

I left my cock in her and reached over and grasped the bottle. I leaned to one side to open it and the poured two glasses. The trouble was We couldn't drink in this position so I reluctantly pulled out of her and sat beside her as she sat up. It was only then that I noticed she still had her bra on! I asked her to hold my glass and then undid and removed it. I think I had found out she was coming up to forty years old but these breasts were up-tilted and firm like a teenagers!

“Oh Wow” I said, “Your boobs are amazing. I love them!” I quickly kissed each hard nipple.

“ I thought you were into big boobs. ”she said, “I've been worrying that you'd hate them!”

“Quite the reverse on both counts” I said, “Another issue with my Ex. I didn't like her bloody great tits in my face.”

I took my glass back, filled my mouth with the still cold wine and then held each of her nipples in turn in my mouth swilling the wine around before swallowing it. Both nipples dribbled the cool wine down her tits and onto her stomach. She rubbed it in there. Then she briefly pulled each of her nipples between her fingers so that they stood out about half an inch. Her aureoles were dark brown and puckered with the cold suck they had just had. Beautifully rounded curves on the underside just needed to be caressed. So I did. “Serena, It seems that I've loved your face from the moment I first saw it. I couldn't get enough of your smile and I love your wit. I've imagined your body and what it would be like to make love to you so many times it's unhealthy!” I looked into her sparkling eyes, ” Now you're here and its beyond my dreams. I can't believe how perfect you are and I can't believe that what I imagined was right. Please don't let it end tonight.”

“Why should I?” she sounded worried, “You're far better than I had hoped and I want more. Why would you think that it was a one off? Surely you could guess that I'm quite interested in you when it took so long for us to get together.”

“ I took that as a sign that you were not interested” I said.

“But we were just the same with each other all the time.” she cooed, “ I kicked my self when I said no the first time and cried when I couldn't make that first lunch date. It was just one of those things. But now I'm here and you are here and that's all I'm concerned about now. If you can take your eyes of my boobs I'd like to kiss!”

I leaned over to her and kissed her lightly on her lovely lips but it quickly turned into an open mouthed , gnawing, full bodied expectation laden snog! I loved it but tried to let her take the lead. Finally she broke the Kiss and whispered, “ I want you! Please make love to me again.”

I didn't speak. I just rolled onto my knees as she opened her legs to allow access to her beautiful cunt. She held my cock with delicate fingers and guided me into her. She was very wet and I slid into her deeply. I held still for a moment and then started to pull slowly out and then slowly in again. She pushed back at me and each time I pulled out she started the push back before me, trying to increase the speed but I kept up the same pace. Slowly sliding my lucky cock into the most glorious woman I had known in years, Watching her eyes, kissing her lips. Making love to her. I tried and tried to keep it slow and luxurious but Serena became more and more insistent until I had to increase my strokes into her, faster and faster until we were fucking like it was a first, urgent time. We kept the eye contact and she whispered, “I'm going to cum.”

“ So am I my love” I whispered back and as we kissed and shook through our mutual orgasms. We groaned to each other in each others mouths and shook and quivered against each other for long lovely seconds. Then we both relaxed and I took my weight off her and broke our kiss.

“Oh my God” she said, “That was lovely”

“It was magnificent. Only the second time and we did it together. I have to say that's pretty amazing. Thank you Serena my darling.” We kissed gently again.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“About Eleven” I told her without looking at my watch but then I did and was shocked to see it was 12.30! I told her and she started to jump up. Then she flopped back onto the bed and sighed.

“ Oh fuck. I'm sorry! I'm well past the time I said I would be home. Mat (her son) and Milo will be really worried.”

“Phone him and tell him your OK and will be home in half an hour. I'll take you of course.”

“OK,” she leapt up, grabbed her bag and ran off toward the bathroom. “ back in a minute.” I watched her slim rounded bum disappear into the bathroom. When she came out I watched her legs oscillate around her beautiful pussy as she walked toward me. ”They're OK” she said smiling,” He's taken Milo out for a walk and they were both asleep when I rang. He says he'll see me tomorrow and to stay where I am.”

“In that case I think you should do as he says” I grinned. She came into my arms on the bed and we cuddled for a few moments and with a kiss she said, “ I'm exhausted . I'm going to get ready for bed.”

“I thought you were already were.” I quipped and laughed.

“ I won't be a sec” she said turning around. I jumped up and put my arm around her waist and walked her to the bathroom where we both brushed our teeth and used a wet cloth to wipe each other down. We dried each other, more or less silently as it was a lob that had to be done so that we could get back to bed. She reached into her bag to take out some sort of night shirt and I stopped her. “Please come as you are. I want to feel you skin against me.” She dropped whatever it was back in the bag and we walked with an arm around each other back to the bed. I pulled back the quilt and offered her a place in my bed. She laid down and I climbed into he arms. We kissed and stroked each other all over until we slowed down to a stop. We fell asleep.

We woke in the morning. The first thing we did was look into each others eyes and kiss. There was no morning breath! Was there none or was it a dismissal of faults that could be ignored? We made love again with good timing results before we showered together, got dressed and went out for breakfast together before I took her home. I spent the rest of that day at Serena's house with her dog and some of it with her son. When he left she took me to bed for a couple of hours where we learned more about each other and started to plan the next few days. She only worked morning shifts at the shop so there was lots of time we could now share together.

More to follow.

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