Midnight Swim Surprise by graylover

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It was nearing midnight. One last swim in the pool wouldn’t hurt and John would not mind. She really needed it, the evening was hot and humid. Stifling inside the house, even with the air conditioner running full blast. She wished John would come soon, she was so horny wanting me. Shelba is about 25 years old and 5' 8” tall. She has a body to die for. A nice pair of tits, C-cup and a nice rounded ass. Her legs have a nice shape to them too, all in all, a very smart package.

With one last glance at the door, she went into the bathroom and pulled her nearly dry bikini down from the shower rod. Pinning her hair up on her head, with a silent promise that she wouldn’t get it wet this time. The chlorine in the pool was really strong. A few tendrils brushed against her neck as she tied the halter style top. She donned the bottoms of her bikini.

Shelba stood back in the mirror for a few minutes, looking at herself. The high cut of her bottoms made her legs look longer, the halter pulled her breasts up showing just a shadow of cleavage. The air conditioner was blowing cold air on her, goosebumps rose on her skin, making her nipples press against the clammy inside of her top.

Biting her lip softly to fight the chatter of her teeth, she grabbed a small towel from the shelf over the toilet in the bathroom. Slipping out the door, to the patio and pool area. A blast of humidity hit her in the face She rubbed her eye with the heel of her hand and walked the short pathway to the pool. Dropping her things pool side, she slid into the pool. The water was cold despite the heat outside. She sighed, beginning to feel relaxed.

The only sound was the smooth strokes of her arms cutting through the water. As I entered pool area I saw her glide across the water her head kept carefully above. She stopped in the middle of the pool. In the deepest part, treading the water to stay afloat. Her senses were alert to someone watching her, was John home her new boss and possible lover? Hope swelled in her breast, her heart beat a little faster.

I stood looking at Shelba, admiring her beautiful curvy body. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “The housekeeper let me in to swim.” she said. “Are you going to join me?” she asked. I chuckled from deep in my chest. “Do you have your suit on?” I asked.“I think that you already know the answer to that,” she started to swim again, staying still in the water was making her shiver.“Stop swimming,” I said.

“Oh but its to cold for me not to move, I’ll surely freeze since you aren’t coming in,” she was pouting. He could hear it in her voice and in his mind he could see her mouth contorting into the pout I loved so much. She was swimming again, this time away from me.“Alright, I’ll join you.” I gave in. I tore my clothes off jumping into the pool. I pressed her against the side of the pool, she was running her fingers down my chest, darting her tongue over my nipples. Moving her mouth back to my neck and over my lips, never quite letting me catch her.

She was slowly moving her fingers over my hard cock and balls. I slid my hand down parting her legs rubbing her wet pussy, causing her to moan softly, " oooooohhhhhh! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Teasing her swollen clit with soft touch caresses. I came up in front of her. My hands floating behind her. One move and she would be pressed against me, her legs tangled with mine as they struggled to keep them both afloat.

My tongue moved over her neck swiftly. She tasted of chlorine and something else. Something that was uniquely her. She propelled her arms to take her back, out of my grasp. She laughed in surprise and secret delight when I grabbed her ankle pulling her to me. Pressing against me, she wraps her arms around me.Her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist, my arms around hers. I moved a little. my hard cock grazing against her slit. Her laugh turned to a moan, " OOOOOOHHHHH! She rested her lips against my shoulder. I moved again. Her mouth opened, and her moan, " OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" was warm against my skin. I felt her tongue slide over the droplets of water within its reach.

Gently I pushed her away, then pulled her arm. A silent signal to follow me. She followed me until she saw I was standing easily. Her feet touched the slightly rough bottom. The water just barely covering her breasts. I reached out, touching one of her nipples. It responed growing harder under my caressing thumb. I sought out the other with my mouth. She gasped, " OOOOHHHH!" at the contrast of my mouth and the water. Hot and cold. Her hands held tightly to my elbows as I pushed her further onto her back.

I stopped. Pulling her so she was nearer to me. I directed her arms around my neck. My mouth met hers with demands. My tongue demanded, as it pushed through the seal of her lips. I stroked her tongue with mine. Her fingers twined themselves in my hair. Pulling me closer to her. I turned, pressing her against the wall. Pushing her legs apart and myself into her. She moaned, " OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOHHHHH!" squeezing the walls of her tight entrance around my hard cock. I move against her. Tiny pockets of air popping between them, breaking against her clit.

She squeezes my cock again, inside of her. I groaned from deep within his throat, " UHH...UHH..UHH...UHHH." She feels it against her mouth. She wiggles a little, situating herself more comfortably against me. I graoned again, " UHH..UHH..UHH..UHH," and she couldn’t stifle a small moan. “Yes, Yes, Yes.” she whispered as I thrust harder into her, making her bump against the wall. I was beginning to spiral, she knew it. She was controlling it. I thrusted into her again.

“Yes, more yes…. yes..” her sighs and moans were coming out fast. Her breathing was turning more shallow. “Oh yes.” Faster faster faster. She always did this to me. Never allowing me to take my time to make it last for her. I was under her control. I knew it. She was beginning to come. Strong spasms rocked her body against mine. She felt as though she were flying. Her eyes opened, finding me staring at her. Absorbing her climax.

I felt a burst of cum shooting into her. Her muscles squeezing me tightly in climax. Still coming. I was like molten lava inside of her. Making her shiver as she indulged in it. Liking it inside of her. She sighed softly, " aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...aaaaaaaaahhhhhh," as the last of her spasms ended. One more thrust, one more burst and it would be over for me. She was beginning to relax around me. She tensed feeling one last burst from me. I was breathing slowly. Catching my breath. She felt my breath on her neck as she closed her eyes and laid her cheek against my shoulder.

I slid my arms under her, walking her to the steps in the shallow end. She snuggled tightly against me as the night air brushed her bare skin. I walked to the deck to get her towel. Rubbing it lightly over her skin as she sleepily held onto me for balance. I slipped her arms into my shirt, it hung open to her thighs. I buttoned it enough for her to be covered. Not bothering with the towel I pulled on my khakis. Zipping them, forgoing the button.

Her arms slid around my neck as my arms caught her up against my chest. She yawned and lay against me. Her bag hanging from the crook of my elbow. Her eyes stayed closed. I liked her when she was sleeping. Especially in my arms. She could never be close enough. I carried her to the bed. It had been turned down. She slid willing under the covers, turning for a minute from her back to her side then to her other side. Curled into a tight ball. I folded my pants over the back of the chair, near her bag. Staring at her in my bed. She felt the bed dip slightly as I slipped in beside her. She uncurled and pressed herself against me, sighing softly as my arms slid automatically around her and my head onto the pillow she lay upon.“I love you,” I whispered in her hair. She shifted closer, murmuring back. “I love you too.”

Staring at me was the most perfect breast I have seen in a long time. The nipple was fully erect because of the cold water, surrounded by a very nice pink areola, the size of a 50c piece. My cock immediately started stirring in my shorts. She must have sensed me staring, because before covering herself up, she looked at me and smiled. This just made my cock grow harder. I turned away and pretended not to have noticed, but my pants were telling a different story.

The next evening, I was trying to concentrate on my work, but the sight of her exposed tit haunted my mind. I kept glancing at the pool and every now and again, I found her looking in my direction too. After about 30 minutes of playing in the pool, she got out to get something to drink. I happily obliged and went inside to fetch something cold for her and a beer for me. I had worked up quite a sweat working in the sun. As I gave Shelba her cold drink, I couldn't help but stare at her delicious body in the wet blue bikini. It had become semi-transparent and I could clearly see the outlines of her nipples and surrounding darker areas. Glancing down, I saw what looked like a nice heart-shaped pubic bush and further below, the hint of lips, pushing against the thin material. Of course my cock wanted to show its appreciation by rearing its head. This caused me some quick movement away from her prying eyes. When she came back, she stretched herself out on the deck chair and closed her eyes. This gave me the opportunity to feast my eyes on lovely body. I finished my beer and was just about to return to my work, when she opened her eyes and asked me if I could rub her back. What man would say no!

I sat down beside her on the recliner. She turned on her stomach and I started rubbing her back. All of a sudden, she reached behind her and undid the bikini straps. I kept rubbing , enjoying the feel of her soft skin under my hands. I rubbed down, stopping just short of her bikini bottoms. She promptly lifted her hips and pulled them halfway down. My eyes nearly popped out of head, looking at this nice round ass right in front of my eyes. I started applying lotion to these two heavenly shaped bumps and my cock was by now straining against the material of my pants. Then she asked me to also put some lotion on her sides. As I was doing this, I could feel the soft sides of her tits under my fingertips.

Suddenly she turned around and I was staring straight into those two pink nubs, staring back at me, both the size of my little finger's tip. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and started to gently rub lotion over the stiff nipples and squeezing them ever so gently. Her hand had by now found my raging hard-on and she was stroking it through the rough material of my pants. I started moving my hands down and encountered the heart-shape bush that was now partly uncovered. She removed her hand from my cock and slowly removed her bikini bottom. For the first time I got an unimpeded view of her pussy, nestling between her shapely legs. As I started moving my hands down towards heaven, she put her hand inside the leg of my shorts and grabbed my 10 inch cock in her hand. I thought I was going to blow my load there and then.

With my fingers still lubricated with lotion, I slowly started circling around her pussy with my finger tip. Every now and again I would brush over her pussy lips or touch her clit, which was by now also fully awake and standing stiff, just waiting for attention. She opened her legs wider, and I could hear her breathing had changed a bit. I then started my finger just above her small brown asshole and moved my finger slowly upwards, opening the petals of her pussy as I progressed. By the time I got to her clit, she had her hips raised, looking for contact between my fingers and her erect clit.

With my other hand I was playing with her tits, alternating between her two stiff nipples, squeezing and rubbing them. She pulled her hand from the inside of pants and started frantically looking for the button and zipper. Reluctantly I stopped my caressing and undid my pants and took them off. Shelba did not need an invitation and sat up and grabbed my hard cock with both her hands. She then put some lotion on her hands and slowly started working me. All I could do is bend down and squeeze her nipples and play with her tits, as her pussy was now out of reach of my hands. She then started kissing the tip of my cock and she licked into my little hole. As she started putting my cock into her mouth, she moved her one hand down to my balls and started lightly squeezing them. She only put the head in and slowly opened her mouth wider and started going down. I could feel the soft wetness of her mouth all around my cock and the movement of her tongue on the underside. She put my cock further into her mouth until I could feel the back of her throat on my cock head. Then she started raking my balls softly with her nails. My knees wanted to buckle from the sensation. After a few seconds she pulled her head back and saliva was running down her chin and the length of my cock onto my balls. After wiping the gob away, she swallowed me again. After a few more times I couldn't take it anymore and pulled out. The sight of her mouth dripping with spit and pre-cum was nearly enough for me to shoot my load, but I had other ideas.

I pushed her back onto the recliner and started kissing the inside of her thighs. She arched her back lifting her hips. I gently kissed her soft pussy lips and then sucked them into my mouth. I released them and pushed my tongue in between them and entered her wet pussy. I pushed my tongue as far as I could and then started to tongue fuck her. After a few strokes of this, I pushed my tongue to the top of her pussy and found her hard little nub. I flicked it with my tongue a few times before sucking it into my mouth. She lifted her hips even higher and I could hear her starting to pant. I wet my middle finger in my mouth and slowly started pushing it into her pussy. Her lips were wet and swollen and I found a touch of resistance, but my finger slid in without any problem. I started mouth fucking her clit, while finger fucking her pussy. She was screaming " OMG! OMG! YYYYYEEEESSSS....YYYYYYEEEEESSSS......FFFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK." She raised and lowered her hips to match my movements and from her breathing, I knew that she would cum at any time. I wet a second finger and now had two fingers inside her. She felt incredibly tight and I wondered if she would be able to take my cock, which by now was fully expanded. I slowed down on her clit and just continued pushing my fingers in and out, until I could feel her juices covering my hand. I pulled my fingers out and offered them to her, she greedily sucked them into her mouth. I gave each of her nipples a gentle bite and then moved down to her pussy again. I gave her clit a last few sucks and then knelt between her legs with my cock in my hand.

I rubbed my cock a few times over her pussy until I saw that her lips were opening slightly. I put the head in and just kept it there for a moment, slowly I started feeding a bit more of my cock into her sopping hole. She put her head back and held her breath. Her nipples were standing straight up and I couldn't help but take them into my mouth again. Suddenly she moved her hips and I was all the way into that delightful soft, wet hole. I did not move for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of wet, soft warmth that was enveloping my cock. She was tight, but not uncomfortably so.

I couldn't believe that such a petite body could take all of my 10 inch throbbing cock like that. I then pulled out until only the head remained and slowly pushed back in. I could feel her pussy accepting my hard thick cock more easily after a thrust and started to increase the thrusts. Her hips were meeting mine in time with every thrust. Her breathing was getting harder, as was mine. I could feel the inside of her pussy starting to contract and then my balls were starting to do the same. As she threw her head back, I shoved my long thick throbbing cock all the way into her pussy and started unleashing a stream of hot sticky cum into her. Her pussy was throbbing like a milking machine around my cock, causing squirt after squirt of cum to fill her tight pussy. We stayed like that until we got our breath back and then I slowly pulled my cock from her drenched hole. As she sat up, a stream of cum was running from between her pussy lips. We got into the pool to rinse off, which was just in time, as from inside the house, the maid. After a quick kiss and a last feel of her luscious pussy and gorgeous tits, we got out of the pool and got dressed. .

After dinner, I dismissed the staff so Shelba and I would alone in the house for the rest of evening. I placed my mouth over hers slowly, and she gave a soft noise of shock. For a moment, I thought, she would pull away, but instead, her lips softened under mine and her mouth opened in response. We kissed like that for nearly a minute, not touching each other anywhere else. Soon, however, the lust became too great for me, and my hand wandered deliberately down to her breast. Gently, I pinched her highly visible nipple through the fabric, and She made a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan, " Ouch....ooooooohhhhhhhh." I grinned through the kiss and pulled away.

"Too hard?" I asked innocently. Without waiting for her answer, I pinched the other nipple, a little harder. This time, She all but screamed," OOOOOOHHHHH....AAAAAHHHHHH," with pleasure—nipple stimulation is one of my favorite thing. Sensing this, I gently pulled both straps of her top off of her shoulders, and eased the fabric down so both of her breasts were exposed to the warm, chlorinated air. Then, I bent forward and trapped her left nipple between my lips. She gasped and dug her fingernails into my shoulder. She could feel my tongue swirling over the sensitive nub in lazy rotations, while the suction from my lips drove her mad. Shelba is one of those women who can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, and She wasn't going to deny that She was definitely close. But She needed more.

She arched her hips forward gently, closing the mere inch or two gap between her body and mine, until She was just barely touching the massive bulge in my swim trunks. My mouth was still around her nipple, and if she had noticed the sudden sensation, she didn't let on. I rocked myself forward a little more, the water resistance making this mission even hotter, and our bodies collided again, in slow-motion. This time, she made a soft, pleased sound deep in her throat, and my hand went down between her thighs. Deftly, my thumb probed the taut, slick fabric at the crotch of her suit, finding the place where her ultra-sensitive clit begged to be touched. She didn't want to give herself away, but when she squirmed slightly under my hand and moaned, " OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" I knew had her. Her eyes gleamed like twin caramels, slightly damp after being sucked on. I smiled mischievously and said "I think we should get out for a bit—there are things I want to do to you that the water might make slightly awkward."

I helped her over the edge of the pool, and climbed out after her, hoisting myself onto the concrete floor. "Where's your towel?" she asked. I pointed in the general direction of the chair I had draped my towel over when I had entered the pool. It seemed so long ago now. I returned, knelt down in front of where she was huddled on the floor, dripping wet (in more ways than one), and gently spread my towel on the ground. "Lie down."

She obliged my request (or was it a command?), not entirely sure what to expect, and she felt my hands exploring her body, over her suit, which somehow turned me on even more than it would have if she had been naked. The fabric stretched tightly (the suit really was too small) over her breasts and stomach, seeming to magnify her nerve endings, making them even more sensitive. I traced my fingers down her sides, then ran them lightly just under the edge of her suit, where her thighs met her body.

"Please touch me," She whispered. Grinning, I tap her clit lightly, over the fabric, which I could tell was erect and straining against her suit. She all but screamed at the sensation, and I smiled even wider and did it again. Lighter. And again. Harder. Finally, when I could see she could take no more of my teasing, I slipped my fingers under the fabric again, only this time, I gently pulled the fabric to the side, so she was completely exposed to me. It was slightly uncomfortable, but what I did next made her forget all about it.

Gently, I parted her legs, and began exploring the folds and creases. I tugged lightly on her labia, dipped a finger into the wetness that was quite evident at this point, and brought it up to my face, inhaling deeply. No guy she had been with had ever done this before, and it fascinated her. I placed the finger, slippery with her own lubrication, on top of her clitoral hood, and rubbed it very slowly, increasing the pressure gradually until she gasped " OMG!"

"You've done this before, haven't you?" she accused playfully. I only smiled. She was almost unbearably turned on by now, and she had to admit, it was only partially from me touching her; much of her arousal stemmed from watching my greenn eyes dance as I explored her, watching my dark brows knit in concentration as I acquainted myself with her body. Finally, I tilted my head even further forward, and she felt the barest flicker of electricity as my tongue touched her clit.

"Ooooh, Oooooh, Oooooh" she moaned softly, arching her back. I ran my tongue down from her clit through the syrupy wetness in her slit, and back up, stopping on that hot button to do exactly what I had been doing with my finger just moments before: I kept my tongue stationary, positioned on top of her clitoral hood, and pressed down, lightly at first, then harder, until the intensity of the sensation made her cry out, " OMG! OMG! OH FUCK! YYYYYEEEESSSS! FUCK ME" Her voice echoed through the garden, and she barely recognized it as coming from her own throat; it seemed more like she was listening to the disembodied soundtrack of a porn film. Was that really me? She was so close to coming, but her vagina needed attention as well; it needed a big cock inside of it. I sensed this, and instead I teased her, by placing my mouth over her clit, so my lips formed a light suction around it.

"Put your fingers inside me," She begged. Instead, I merely increased the pressure of my lips ever so slightly. Stars exploded in my vision, and she clawed frantically at the towel underneath her. "Fuck," She moaned. Her entire body was wrathing and shaking, it seemed, begging for release. Without warning, my lips were replaced by my tongue once again—only this time, I began swirling it quickly over her clit in a frenetic circular motion. She wasn't sure whether this was more or less torturous than the slow pressure of my lips; She only knew that if she didn't come soon, She might actually lose her mind.

Finally, I gave her what her body had been begging for. I took one finger and placed it just at the opening of her vagina, circling it lightly. Then, I pushed it in just to the first knuckle, fingertip-deep. My mouth went back to her clit, sucking lightly and swirling my tongue over it as I worked my fingertip, first quickly in and out, then slowly, leaving it inside her and twisting it from side to side. Slowly, I pushed my finger in further, until it was halfway inside her. My fingers, and hands for that matter, were surprisingly large. Usually, her body demanded two, even three fingers, in order to properly get her off. But She felt stretched and full with just my index finger inside of her. And then I turned my hand, palm-up, and pushed my finger all the way in. She could feel the delicious sensation of having her G-spot stimulated as I cocked my finger against the ridge, spongy tissue, applying firm pressure, knowing exactly what she needed.

She moaned. "Fuck, that feels sooooo good. Don't stop." It was the last coherent thing she remembers saying before my hand and mouth took her away, tongue suddenly beating out a rapid pattern on her clit, finger working that magical spot deep inside, until she came with an intensity that surely rivaled the Hindenburg explosion. Once again, my voice echoed, only this time, it was a high, breathless scream that found its way back to our ears. Her vaginal walls clamped down around my finger, pulsing rhythmically, coating my finger with even more wetness as her orgasmic fluids seeped out of her, soaking into the towel. Slowly, even more slowly than I had entered her, I draw my finger out, and her body instantly felt the void where it had been. She trembled.

"You got me all wet," I scolded playfully. She sat up then, tugging her suit back over her pussy only because the sudden change in position was causing it to strangle her leg. She took my finger in her hand, and pulled it into her mouth, sucking her juices off me. They tasted sweet and salty at the same time, and She held them on her tongue for a minute, breathing slowly through her nose to experience the full effects of their taste and scent. Then, I grinned wickedly at her, and said I " Now it is time to fuck you and to fuck your ass. " She looked at me, then said " Please not my ass. I have never had my ass fucked." I said, " First time, to experience it my sweet sext vixen."

I pulled the recliner pad onto the floor and spread a layer of towels to cover it. Now, lay down spreading your legs wide. Shelba did as I asked. She watchs me crawl between her spread legs, feeling my hairy thighs rub aganist her sensitive inner thighs. She feels my hard 10in. long thick cock pressing aganist the sensitive lips of her pussy, she is writhing and moaning, " OMG! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH....OOOOOOHHHH!" Then my cock starts moving up and down her lips, Shelba whimpers and then moans " OOOOOOOHHHHHHH.....MMMMMMMMMMMMM." I position the tip of my hard cock aganist the lips, she gasps, " OOOOOHHHHH," when I press the head of my cock aganist the soft base of her cunt.Shelba is trembling from the feel of my hot hard cock head pressing and rubbing aganist her cunt. I slowly push the head barely inside her as a tease, she was tight. The walls of her vaginal tunnel was tight, as I pushed she relaxed, allowing my hard rod to slide all the way in her.

I grabbed her ass with both hands causing her to spread her legs further apart. Shelba moaned "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, " my throbbing hard rod feels like a baseball bat inside her. Her pussy was spasming wildly around my rod, desperately trying to accept the massive rod sitting deep inside her. " Your tight wet velvety box wrapping around my massive hard rod feels great. I said.

I pulled her ass towards me, as I thrusted into her, slamming the head aganist her cervix.Holding her ass tight aganist my pelvis, has gotten harder and thicker, " MMMMMMMMMM...MMMMMMMMM, that feels sssssoooooo good, sssssooo good, " she said blushing. Relax, I started ramming into her with long deep strokes. Shelba started pushing her pelvis up to match my thrusts. I increased the rythm, slamming into her like engine piston " OOOOOOHHHHHH....OOOOOOHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH." Shelba moaned as she nuzzled into my shoulder. These were moans of escatsy, her pelvic area grinding aganist mine.

Shelba feeling her orgasm boiling up inside her, sending tingling sensations through her body. " OOOOOOHHHHH...OOOOOOOHHHHHHH....OOOOOOOOHHHHHH...MMMMMMMMMMM.....AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH." Shelba was wrathing as orgasms swept through her. Her entire body shaking, pushing me over the edge as well. " OMG....MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm." She screamed. I moaned, " OH GOD! UUUUUHHHHHH....UUUUUUUUHHHHH." As my load exploded shooting jets of hot cum into her, coating her cervix. Shelba sighed, holding me close, relaxing her finger nails that were digging into my back. Her legs still wrapped around my hips, as the trembling of her body slowly eased. I collapsed on her, both of us breathing hard, our bodies ringing wet with sweat. Our breathing slowed as we sighed in contentment.

I rolled off of Shelba, she slowly rolled onto her stomach lying with her face turned to the side. I caressed her slender thighs, coming to rest on her ass." You have such a beautiful ass and I bet it is very tight." I parted her legs, tears began tostream down her face. Her legs were obscenely spread open, revealing her pussy and ass to me. " That's too far, it hurts," she moaned. I was admiring this beauty spread naked before me, her ass open to me begging to be fucked. Her pink anus peaking out, I eased between her thighs. " OMG! What are you doing." she yells. "Quiet, do as your asked to do." I began fondling her ass cheeks, grabbing her cheeks sepreating them. " Please not there, that will hurt. " she yells.I moved up pressing aganist her ass, she cringes in fear.

" Relax, your ass letting me have my way." I pushed the head aganist her anus, she screamed " STOP....STOP....PLEASE NO..NO...NO...NO." I grabbed my cock holding it aganist her anus so it didn't slip off. I pushed hard aganist her anus, the head popped into her small tight virgin ass. She screamed " omg....TAKE IT OUT....IT HURTS...YOUR HURTING ME...UUUUUUUUHHHHHH...UUUUHHHH...UUUHHHH.

Shelba, body was jerking as the pain swept through her I stroked her sides squeezing her breasts. Shelba felt me push up from her body, then I rammed my hard rod all the way into her. She screamed " STOP....YOUR TEARING ME...TAKE IT OUT." Her ass was bleeding from the assault, adding lubrication to my cock. Her asshole was stretched wide, my baseball bat cock was buried all the way in. I pulled back then drove back in beginning the painful journey. Her rectum was being stretched and scraped with every thrust.

I was ramming in and out hard and fast.Each stroke causing her to cramp, and inflicting pain. She was feeling my cock swelling with each stroke then I groan," UG..UG..UG..UG," As I explode in her, pumping streams of hot cum. I collapse on top of her, breathing in her ear. Shelba was shaking, crying and screaming " PULL IT OUT....YOU BASTARD... YOU FUCKING BASTARD." I got up off of her leaving her curled in a ball crying.

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