Seize the Day-3 Old friends. by Harry_n_Wild

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Drug, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Submission, Toys, Voyeurism

Seize the Day part 3

Here I am driving a couple cities over to meet up with you my friend for the weekend. You texted Thursday afternoon to tell me to drive down Friday night, we have a long weekend planned. I have mixed feelings about all of this. My life has been wild at times but I've always seen myself as straight. I love women, I love my wife. Now I'm driving to see you and suck your cock and be fucked in the ass.

How did this all start? How did I get so caught up in this adventure. It must have started about a year ago when I tried to convince my wife to try anal sex. She was reluctant, so we got a book and a video. But that never panned out. She was quietly against it. I persisted in tempting her desires and used techniques from the book to peak her interest.

After a while I decided to try it myself just to see if I got the same results she kept insisting on. It was exciting at first and my ass was tender. It stung but that soon faded and I noticed, like the book explained, it didn't feel half bad. I kept experimenting until I could easily put two fingers in my hole without much effort. By then I had added it to my masturbation from time to time and found I really got off. Later I fantasized situations in which I was actually sucking cocks while being fucked.

That's when I got caught. You found me masturbating my ass one morning and took advantage of the situation. “Seize the Day” you said. Now I'm being blackmailed into letting you perform sex acts on me. I'm torn between two realities; my life with my wife and our comfortable relationship, and the strange desires I'm feeling. That erotic drive that put me in this situation.

I arrive at your house at sunset. You greet me and appear to be my old friend again. No sneer or lewd comments. No forceful grabbing. You suggest we get some dinner at our usual place and maybe a drink at the topless place. You take my bags and put them in the hallway for now and we head out.

Dinner is great. You are back to your normal self and we have a great time reminiscing and joking around. The topless place is packed as usual. We find a couple seats and get drinks coming. The dancer on the stage is a red head. You always like the redheads. This one is dressed in a school girl uniform with a short dress and stockings.

You point her out and wink at me. You go up and put some money in her G-string. She blows you a kiss. We have a another drink and watch the show until 10pm. We get in the car and head back to your place. You are quiet on the way. I break the silence, “Look, we need to talk about this thing...”

You smile, “Don't worry. It's just you and me. Old friends hanging out, looking for good times. Sharing each others dreams. Just like when we were young.” “I know, it feels that way now. But, where is this going? What are we doing? Really?”

You reach into your pocket and pull out your cell phone. Pushing a button my voice comes out clearly, “I like being fucked in the ass by your dick.” My heart drops and my face goes pale. How did he record that? He must have had his phone recording our whole adventure. You look at me, “Just enjoy this while it lasts.”

We are quiet the rest of the ride to the house. Inside you pick up my bag and say we will be sleep in your room. You disappear down the hall and reappear a minute later. I'm unsure what to do now and you find me standing in the living room awkwardly milling around.

“This isn't going to work if you keep fighting it. I know you like it. You know you like it. Let's just have some fun with it.” you say heading to the kitchen to mix drinks. You return with a glass for me and tell me to stop pacing and sit down. I take a gulp from my drink. “Maybe I should just tell you what to do. That's worked so far.” you say looking up at me from the couch. I take another gulp.

“Looks get to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.” I look at you and wonder what you have in mind but I'm too afraid to ask. We head down the hall and get ready for bed. “Take off your clothes and get in bed.” you instruct. I comply and cover myself with the sheets. You climb in next to me reach down to stroke my dick.

“I've always wondered what it feels like to suck another man's cock.” you say squeezing and fondling my soft dick. I can feel my ass pucker and I squeeze my cheeks together. I salivate the instant I think about your words. Now I can feel your hand on my dick and I start getting hard. I wiggle my hips unconsciously feeling my ass pucker again.

“Let's try 69. That way I can give it a try while you show me how you do it.” you say springing up in bed and throwing the sheets back. You flip around without hesitation and I see you are already pretty hard. You lay next to me with our faces and dicks lined up. You stroke me again and tentatively lick the shaft of my stiffening cock. I roll to my side and position your dick towards my mouth with my hand.

You watch me while I lick the tip and down each side. You do the same. I start warming up to the idea, as you are getting me horny playing with my dick. I pop the head in my mouth and roll my tongue around it. You start to do the same thing. As you do you thrust your hips pushing you cock in a little further.

I take my hand off your cock and simply use my mouth to stroke it into my mouth. You reach around and poke a wet finger into my asshole. The sensation makes me jerk and sends your cock to the back of my mouth. I stop to clear me throat but return to sucking right away. So, you push your finger further into my ass and wiggle it around. I arch back pushing against your hand.

My ass loosens up right away and while you are licking my dick you wet two fingers and squeeze them into my eager hole. By now my throat is hungry for your cock and my concerns and fears have drifted away. I shift my head angle to let your dick slip past my throat opening so I can get it all the way in. You have two fingers in my ass pushing in and pushing me further down your cock.

“Put these two pillows under your shoulders. I want to try something.” you say handing me two thick pillows. I'm dazed and eager to continue. The pillows lift my shoulder up allowing my head to rest at the same angle while I'm laying on my back. You roll up to your knees and guide your stiff member into my mouth again.

As you lean forward to return to finger fucking my hole your cock pushes all the way in to my throat. You start fucking it in and out as you lick my dick shaft and slide your fingers deep into my ass. I'm lost now. No worries about life, my wife or the outcome. I just want to get fucked and sucked. You can tell I'm loving it and you start pulling out and shoving you cock most of the way in.

I'm grabbing your ass, pulling you down. Forcing you to fuck my throat as deep as you can. But, you are holding back, teasing me and making me squirm as you start pounding your fingers up my ass. I'm breathing heavy and caught up in the rhythm. Feeling pushed at both ends. The world is spinning and it tastes salty.

You roll off me but keep your fingers deep in my asshole, “That felt good. Did you like that?” I'm not listening. Instead I'm searching for the cock that was a moment ago rubbing the inside of my throat. “Do you want me to fuck your throat some more?” you ask as if there was a choice. “Yes.” is all I can say.

You roll back on top of me, your cock finding my mouth with ease. You shove it all the way in resting your pubic bone on my chin. Then you pull out all the way and drive it back in again. I groan and jerk, my body shaking with pleasure and desire. You use both hands to squeeze my butt cheeks pushing me against your hard dick and wedging it deep in my throat.

You aren't pay any attention to my dick but you have at least one finger from each hand in my hole and I can feel you stretching and wiggling my ass as you pound your meat into my mouth. Over and over it slides down my throat and my tongue working feverishly to help as your salty pre-cum hits it. You start to grunt and groan as you continue thrusting.

I feel your cock getting thicker. Especially the head as it moves between my mouth and throat. “I'm going to cum in your mouth this time. Are you ready?” you say with a growl as you continue fucking. I can't talk with your dick down my throat and barely groan an answer. Instead I grab your ass to pull you in. This is the first time. I'm ready to drink your cum. I'm so hungry for a real dick to cum in my mouth.

You are sweaty and slick all over. I easily drive one of my fingers into your ass hole just as you start slowing down. This pushes you over the top and you push in hard and firm to start squirting your cum down my throat. I can feel the head of your dick swell with each squirt. The taste of the salty cum fills my mouth as you dump your load into my stomach.

“Oh yeah!” you shout as the last twitches of orgasm shake your body. You fall off me and lay there breathing as heavy as I am. The smile on my face matching the smile on yours.

Rating: 85%, Read 8469 times, Posted Feb 16, 2017

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Drug, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Submission, Toys, Voyeurism


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