Dominating and Owning a Punk Ep.2 Natalie Dominates Sam by Vain+Villager

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian, Slavery, Spanking, Submission

Samantha - 22years, blue haired punk, nice round ass, small tits, short.

Adam - (myself) 23years. 7” long dick, 7” girth.

It had been a few days since I broke Sam in.

After that night I moved back in with her. The other housemates were surprised, but we played it off. There wasn’t anything Sam could do anyway. She knew her place and regardless I blackmailed her to silence with the video and pictures.

I had been letting her ass and cunt heal up since that night but was getting very restless.

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in her room so I could install a hook on the ceiling. Now I could hang Sam by her wrists or ankles. Tonight was the night to test it out.

**Episode 2 Natalie Dominates Sam**

I had just finished washing Sam and let her put on a pair of black cheeky panties and a bra. She said nothing as I tied her ankles together then her wrists. I decided to up the ante tonight and put both a ball gag and blindfold on her. Her breathing increased as soon as the blindfold was on.

“You’re going to love tonight.” I said as I kissed her gently on the forehead. She shuddered.

Hoisting her up I placed her tied wrists on the hook. It was the perfect height. Sam’s toes barely touched the floor and where wiggling around looking for a footing. Since her housemates were home today this occasion needed music. Sam’s radio had a Sex Pistols cd in it. Not perfect but I was too pent-up to care.

As the music played I slowly began to caress and slide my hands all over Sam’s body. Kissing her belly and moving up to her face. She moaned slightly through her gag. My left hand slowly moved south and finally landed on her pussy. I began caressing gently but quickly picked up the roughness. Sam squeaked as I shoved my fingers hard against her panties and into her wet cunt.

“You’re starting to like this aren’t you?”

Before I could force a response from Sam I heard a new female voice.

“Holy shit! I uh...sorry.”

I bolted up and dashed around Sam to see the coattails of somebody leaving the room.


I ran out to see who it was. Out in the main living area stood a completely flustered Natalie.

Natalie is Sam’s best friend and a year younger at 21. She is equally if not more beautiful than Sam. They are about the same height at 5’ 7”, only Natalie’s green mohawk extended that by at least another six inches. Her breasts where a rounded C and she loved to flaunt them in corsets and cut up tees. I had actually already seen them at some rather wild parties. Her ass was slightly flatter than Sam’s but wider at the hips. Her legs more than made up for it though. Nat’s legs where those of models. I badly wanted to feel them and travel to her, no doubt, amazing pussy.

Today she was wearing a normal pair of jeans and a torn tee of a band I have never heard of. A bright pink bra was exposed, taunting me.

“I was just dropping off this book Sam loaned me.” Natalie thrust a book at me and turned away grinning.

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll give it to her later.” I said awkwardly.

“I knew she would turn out to be a slut. Sorry.” Natalie laughed, shook her head in embarrassment and went for the front door.

I made a quick decision.

“Wait. Do you uhh... want to watch?” Natalie froze then turned to me with a slightly disgusted face. “Excuse me? You want me to WATCH?

“You’re right, thats weird, never mind. Sorry I-”

“I will.”

My dick jumped. “You will?”

“Yeah, why not. Got nothing to do right now anyway.”

We turned and went back to the bedroom. Sam was patiently hanging on the hook. The music was loud enough that she couldn’t tell two people where now in the room. Natalie examined her before moving to a chair in the corner. She said nothing the entire time.

I went back to Sam and pulled her gag out. She licked her lips and coughed a few times. I was nervous having an audience. Tonights show had to be good then.

“Sam, you have a choice for the first event. I’m dying to tear up that ass of yours again, (Sam whimpered), or I could throat fuck you, or we could try the whip.”

Sam thought a moment before quietly answering. “...the whip...”

I frowned and grabbed her face. “I’m sorry, but how do you ask properly?”

“Sir, I want to try the whip.” Smiling I replaced the ball gag and turned to my bag of tricks. I pulled out a nice leather riding whip.

Natalie eyed it cautiously. Show time. I dramatically unfastened Sam’s bra and lowered her panties. Her snatch was nice and smooth today. Without a moments hesitation I pulled the whip back and let loose on her tits.

Sam screamed bloody murder in shock. The gag and music barely drowning her out. I pulled back and repeated this several times until red criss-cross lines appeared on her cute little breasts. Every time she got hit she jerked and swore under her gag all the while crying and whimpering.

“You are such a slut babe. Hanging like a piece of meat and getting whipped! And you’re loving it!” I reached under and fingered her pussy. She was wet.

I spun her around so that her fantastic ass was now facing Natalie and I. Again, I pulled back and unleashed havoc on her back and ass. WIthout her face to worry about I got to use all my strength. Sam’s continuous sobbing was only interrupted by squeals of pain every time the whip tore at her flesh. This time blood started to come from a few deeper cuts along her back so I stopped about there.

I again spun her around so I could examine my work. Red welts and lines crisscrossed her entire body. Tears dripped down from blindfold and Sam heaved catching her breath.

Slowly I shred my clothes letting my throbbing cock shoot straight up. Glancing over at Natalie I saw her eyes were now following my thick dick. If I play my cards right, this night could end fantastically.

I took Sam off the hook and threw her onto the bed. She bounced roughly. Her pussy was calling to me as I looked down at her.

I grabbed her bound legs and folded her in half. Sam squealed and cried as I pushed down hard so that her feet where resting on her head. I made a mental note to have her stretch before next time.

My dick had oozed some pre-cum and I rubbed it against her cunt before plunging into her. Sam gasped at the sudden invasion.

I stuffed her full, her pussy squeezing my dick like her life depended on it. Pumping with all my force like a piston I could feel her cervix today. I was just tapping it though. This alone was sending Sam into a fury. She writhed and her body jumped in shock every time I punched her cervix with my bulbous head. A steady stream of tears where coming from behind the soaked blindfold now.

I needed to go deeper.

I pulled out my glistening dick and grabbed a knife to cut Sam’s legs apart. She lowered them thinking the assault was over. Instead I grabbed her legs and folded them forward and open. I remember first meeting Sam. She was so confident and strong willed. Now she laid naked, blind, and folded in half like a whore.

I climbed up on top and aligned my prick with her quivering hole. Looking over at Natalie, I saw she was up on her chair sitting like a child. Only I could see she was rubbing her pussy over her jeans.

This sent me over the edge, my dick was so hard it was actually hurting. I impaled Sam as hard and deep as I could go. I felt my dick break through and enter Sam’s womb. I expected screaming but instead Sam was making deep hysterical grunting and snorting noises. Her head was arched so far back it almost looked broken.

I pulled back and rammed into her baby maker again. I was putting all my strength into this as she was still incredibly tight and I wanted to punish her womb. It was slow going, but entirely worth it. The noises coming from Sam where bizarre and animalistic. I could only manage to pound her for another 10 minutes before I finally rammed as hard I could and unloaded deep inside of her womb.

Her pussy was gaping wide and I could almost see down into her womb. She was practically lifeless as I lifted her up and replaced her on the hook. Just like a piece of meat, she hung there still. I sat down on the bed and looked over at Natalie. She had stopped touching herself and was looking at the Sam with crazy eyes. She slowly stood and walked up to Sam. Natalie was directly in front of her, staring into her eyes through the blindfold. Nat turned to me. “Can I?”

Sam revitalized at Natalie’s voice. She hadn’t known Natalie was here until now.

“Go ahead.” I replied unsure of what was to happen.

Natalie immediately slapped Sam square in the face. Not as hard as me, but a good slap none the less.

“Hey Sam. It’s Nat. Watching you get fucked like a whore got me really turned on. I’ve always wanted to try being a dominatrix. I’m going to try it out on you okay? Since your a slut for it anyway.” Natalie spun Sam around on the hook. Without any compassion she aimed and spanked Sam directly on the little pink elephant tattoo. The force made Sam swing forward. She was crying again. Natalie continued to make giant painful slaps on her ass, occasionally switching between cheeks.

“Damn Sam, your ass is so fucking nice. Makes me a bit jealous. Bitch.”

She spanked Sam harder. My cum began to drip out of her pussy and splatter around as she was spanked. Sam sobbed heavily and flinched at every strike.

After a while Natalie had to stop and rub her own hand. Sam’s ass was so red it looked cartoonish. Natalie turned and riffled through my bag. What she pulled out was something I was saving for a special occasion. It was a massive purple hard-rubber dildo. 12” long and a 9”girth. I guess today was that special occasion.

“Put her on the bed will you.”

I obliged dreamily picking up the sore Sam and tossing her on the bed for a second time. She whelped after landing on her sore back and ass. My dick had also sprung back to life with the anticipation of Natalie’s next move.

Nat slowly crawled up on the bed straddling Sam. She put their faces close together before pulling off the ball-gag and blindfold. Sam’s eyes were puffy from crying and showed visible worry and confusion.

“Nat? Wh...what? Why?”

“I dunno. Its kinda fun.” Natalie pulled the giant dildo into view. Sam’s eyes bulged out frightened.

“No! Please Natalie, I can’t take that! Please!” Natalie stared at Sam’s pleading eyes as she slowly licked the tip of the massive fake cock. I stood just feet away with a raging hard-on.

I couldn’t resist any longer and reached out to firmly grab Natalie’s ass.

Her hand shot out and threw me away however. I was stunned.

“Just us for now.” She purred commandingly.

Who the fuck does she think she is? Sam was my bitch.

Natalie continued to slowly trace her small tongue over the tip of the dildo, occasionally spitting on it.

“I can’t! I can’t take that!” Sam repeated like a broken record.

Natalie twisted her body around so she could see Sam’s already abused pussy. Slowly she lined the massive dildo with her hole, rubbing it softly.

“NOOO!” Sam screamed. Natalie turned back, bent down, and firmly kissed Sam. Sam opened her eyes wide in shock. I shot out some pre cum.

Natalie forced her tongue into Sam’s mouth, exploring. Just as she was doing that her hand holding the dildo began to force its way into the already stretched cunt. Sam cried out in protest but Natalie kept their lips firmly together.

The scene was maddening. Natalie was lying on top of the naked and bound Sam forcing both her tongue and a 12” dildo into her. Sam squirmed but Natalie continued pushing inch after inch into her, her vagina and womb bulging up with the foreign object.

Just as eight inches were inside, Natalie stopped everything and stood up on the bed. Sam’s face was contorted with pain but looked on at her friend. My eyes followed Natalie’s curvaceous hips.

She undid the buttons on her jeans and quickly slid out of them. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her cunt was shaved and so dripping wet that it was trickling down her thighs. She then positioned herself over Sam’s face.

“Sam, I’m your best friend so I am expecting a good job okay? Natalie lowered her dripping pussy onto Sam’s humiliated face.

Natalie let out a moan of pleasure as her cunt rested on Sam.

“You! Get over here!” She commanded me. I didn’t object. Natalie grasped my shaft with determination.

She began grinding on Sam’s face and pulled my dick into her mouth. Natalie was a much better cocksucker than Sam although she was still only taking about six of the seven inches. Her tongue, however, was doing things I could never imagine. She looked up at me with eyes screaming sex. The slopping and sloshing coming from Sam as she ate out Natalie was pushing me dangerously close to the edge.

This heaven lasted another ten minutes before Natalie and I were beginning to moan in pleasure. I was amazed Sam was beginning to moan in pleasure. Especially with her cunt being stretched to the limit and face being smothered by pussy. Natalie’s eyes were rolling in satisfaction. She ground her cunt harder into Sam. The two of them were almost synced in sound, both their voices muffled by objects in their mouths. Natalie sucked harder and I knew she was close.

Suddenly Natalie bent over (while still blowing me), made a fist with her hand and in one swing, smashed the remaining dildo inside Sam.

Sam screamed louder than I thought possible. I could feel the vibrations travel all the way up through Natalie’s pussy and into her mouth. At the same time Natalie screamed and shuddered in orgasm. I too came, flooding her throat with streams of sticky cum. “FUUUUUUCK!”

Nat swallowed hard getting every last drop all the while her own orgasm was ravishing her body. We sat there a minute before I finally fell over onto the bed. Natalie licked her lips and rolled off Sam.

Sam had passed out, her face glistening with tears and Natalie’s pussy juices.

“That was...” She was at a lose. She smiled down at Sam then put her pants back on.

“Leaving? I can totally go another round if you-”

“Thanks, but no. You’re a bit too...brutal for me. This was great though. Don’t hurt her too much okay?”

With that she left.

I sat bewildered. Having this punk with a bright green mohawk blow me while sitting her pussy on her best-friend’s and my ex girlfriend’s face, was the most amazing moment of my life.

I looked at the whore that was Sam. Her tits crisscrossed red, her face glistening with tears and pussy, and a massive bulge in her stomach from the 12” dildo buried deep inside of her.

The Sex Pistols continued to play in the background as I fell asleep.


Next up.

I get a few friends, a van, and teach Natalie that I make the rules.

Rating: 90%, Read 27281 times, Posted Dec 06, 2012

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian, Slavery, Spanking, Submission


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