13 - College Years 5 - Visiting Alexa by robstenson

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True Story | Female, Group Sex, Male

Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off-chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this - while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time. Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.


I hadn’t seen Alexa in about a month when Bill and I decided to make a trip up to visit her. Bill and I had another friend who went to the same college Alexa did, so we knew we would have no problem finding rooms to sleep in – at least we thought we wouldn’t when we were initially making the plans. Erin and Ashley decided they wanted to come to, and Bill was too nice to say no to Erin. I asked Alexa if it was ok to have Ashley come as well, and she actually seemed happy to have her stay as well. We got a ride from Judy to the train station early Friday morning and we were off on our train minutes later. We managed to find a group of seats facing each other that weren’t occupied and then settled in for the long trip. Even though we were only a five-hour drive from Alexa’s college, the train had to stop in five pretty major hubs on the way. Between the train and the ninety-minute bus ride from the station to campus, we were looking at half our day being gone and arriving around dinnertime. We talked excitedly for a bit before Bill decided that he was too exhausted from a long night and was going to sleep across the aisle so he could try to lay down for a bit.

“So who are we all staying with?” Erin asked, politely continuing the conversation.

“Ashley and I are going to stay with my girlfriend. Her roommate is out of town visiting her boyfriend for the weekend,” I answered. “I think you’re welcome to stay there as well, but Bill was talking to Ethan earlier this week and he seemed to be figuring something else out.” Ethan was a good friend of Bill’s and mine from home.

“How would five of us share one room?” Erin asked, confused at the notion.

“Well…” I stalled.

“Me and Rob would share a bed with Alexa,” Ashley said, finishing my thought.

“I still don’t really understand that,” Erin sighed. She wasn’t judgmental about our arrangement, but Bill had tried to explain it to her multiple times. The idea of an open relationship was vehemently in opposition to her own ideals; she wouldn’t even let Bill talk to other girls most of the time.

“Different strokes,” I laughed, putting my arm around Ashley.

“So you’re all ok with this arrangement?” Erin still seemed skeptical.

“I’ve been dating Alexa for a year now,” I explained. “She knows what I’m like and knows that I’m not going to be faithful when we can’t fuck for months at a time.”

“You’re ok with it too?” Erin looked to Ashley.

“Ya… I know it’s weird, but we both really care for Rob. I know that Rob will never leave Alexa unless something crazy happens, but I want to be with him too.”

“But… don’t you get jealous?”

“Sometimes, ya,” Alexa replied. “I don’t know how to explain it better than that. Rob is gonna fuck other girls. Alexa seems to be ok with it, and I know I’m getting better about it.”

“You fuck other girls besides Ashley and your girlfriend?” Erin seemed incredulous.

“I mean… no offense or anything, but that’s not really any of your business.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like an attack. I’m just trying to understand your relationships.”

“Like I said,” I laughed again. “Different strokes for different folks. I had a kind of fucked up couple of years before college in terms of my sexual relationships with women. That’s about as detailed as I’m going to get.”

“Sorry,” Erin said again.

I took off my coat and told the girls I was going to try to get an hour or two of sleep as well, reclining my seat the few inches it would allow and putting my feet up on Bill’s vacant seat. Draping my coat across myself as a blanket, I was asleep in just a few seconds, the rocking of the train lulling me to sleep.


I woke up to a hand on my cock and looked over to see Ashley’s eyes closed beside me. I noticed Erin had joined Bill across the aisle and had a pile of papers open with a textbook and was studying away. Ashley had her coat draped across her lap as well, doing her best to mask the subtle movements that would be visible to anyone who actually paid attention. I gently nudged her with my elbow, and she opened her eyes, winking at me, and then continuing to pretend to be asleep while she slowly jerked me. I saw Erin look over at us and closed my eyes again, just barely peering through my eyelashes at her. She returned to her studies, shaking her head. I enjoyed the feeling of Ashley’s motions for a few minutes, before realizing that I would never achieve orgasm at the snail’s pace she was attempting. I grabbed wrist, stopping what she was doing. She abruptly stood up and said she was going to the bathroom. After Erin had looked back at her papers, Ashley turned to beckon me to follow her with a nod of her head. I held up my hand from underneath my coat, indicating five minutes.


The bathroom door opened just as I was walking towards it, and Ashley popped her head out before grabbing my sweater and dragging me inside. Sitting on the closed toilet lid, she quickly lowered my fly and pulled on my cock until it appeared for her. Sucking me in quickly, she wasted no time, jerking me quickly with her hand while she paid oral attention to the end of my cock. Her tongue swirled around my knob, licking gently, but aggressively to hit the mass of nerve endings. Looking up at me, she pulled her head back, jerking me hard and fast with her hand, and whispering for me to cum for her. I reached forward, grabbing her ponytail and pushing the back of her head to urge her mouth back onto my cock. Grabbing her hand from off my cock, I began to fuck her mouth roughly. Pushing into her throat, I paused for a brief moment, relishing the feeling of her throat squeezing my cockhead and the end of my shaft. I began to fuck in and out of her throat, her thick oozing out around the sides of my cock and dripping onto her chin and down onto her sweater.

“Take my cock you filthy slut,” I commanded her, reminding her of the name Alexa affectionately called her in private.

She was gagging slightly as I neared my orgasm. I pushed deep one last time before pulling out and placing the head of my cock on her waiting lips. Right as my first stream of cum shot out, the train jerked slightly. I couldn’t regain my balance enough to send my sperm where I intended, and after a dozen seconds of my cock shooting and then dripping, Ashley’s cheeks and chin were covered in spit and cum. I apologized, but she understood it wasn’t really my fault. She didn’t mind, except for the fact that there was no mirror in the bathroom. I helped her wipe her face clean with toilet paper, but there was still the noticeable glisten on her skin from where our fluids had mixed and covered her. Putting my cock away, I zipped my fly up, and helped her to her feet. Holding her hand, I opened the door and we walked back to our seats. Erin looked up at us, her eyes widening when she noticed Ashley continually licking her fingers and wiping at her cheeks. I nudged her, and nodded over to Erin – when Ashley realized she was watching, she blushed, and stopped what she was doing.


Finally, many hours - and awkward glances from Erin - later, we arrived at Alexa’s dorm. It was tiny compared to our dorm, but it seemed to have been recently built. Alexa greeted me outside, kissing me passionately on the lips, before taking my hand and leading us inside.

“I’m so happy you’re here. There’s a huge party on our floor tonight,” Alexa beamed at me.

“What the fuck, you guys are allowed to use your elevators?” Bill asked, annoyed that we always had to use the stairs instead of the two elevators in our dorm.

“You’re so lazy,” Erin rolled her eyes.

We made our way to Alexa’s room, but not before she pointed out that her new dorm building used the older-style coed showers, while still having separate bathrooms for men and women. I was intrigued by this and wondered why our dorm had been renovated to include full separate bathrooms for each gender. We walked into Alexa’s room, and I couldn’t help but laugh at her and her roommate’s girly decorations. Alexa’s bedding was pink, they both had stuffed animals on their beds, and they had put up posters of hunky actors and singers. We had barely put our bags down when Alexa urged us to go for dinner.

“The food in the cafeteria kind of sucks,” she frowned. “Do you guys want to go out somewhere? There’s a bunch of restaurants like fifteen minutes from here.”

We went and had some pizza that I imagined wasn’t much better than what Alexa’s cafeteria offered, and headed back to her dorm so the girls could get ready for this party. Bill called Ethan, asking about the situation with his room, but was told that things hadn’t worked out like intended, and he had no space for anything. This left everyone in a bit of an awkward pickle. Obviously Bill and Erin wanted some sort of privacy, but so did Alexa, Ashley and I. We ended up asking around on the floor if there would happen to be an empty room or a spare bed for the night, but we couldn’t find anything. We called a nearby motel and managed to get one of the last rooms for Bill and Erin to stay in, agreeing to split the cost for both nights four ways in the name of fairness. While Bill and Erin left briefly to take their bags to the motel and have a shower, we decided to have a shower ourselves. Apparently it was a common idea, because there was only one stall available when we walked in wearing only our towels. A few of the people looked our way as we came in, but no only a couple people seemed to pay much attention.

“Is that your boyfriend, Alexa?” A really cute redhead was looking me up and down.

Alexa hurried me into the open shower stall, glaring at the girl, before joining me and closing the curtain.

“What about Ashley?” I asked. We had just left her standing in her towel behind us.

Poking her head out, Alexa asked if Ashley would like to join us or wait for her own shower. Ashley joined us, and we hooked our towels just outside to allow the water to spread over us.

“Who’s the ginger?” Ashley asked, as we had a relatively normal shower, considering there were three people in one smallish stall.

“A slut,” Alexa answered.

“She’s pretty cute,” I laughed, bracing myself for the smack on the arm that was coming.

“Did you come here to visit me or to fuck other girls, Rob?”

“Of course I came to visit you,” I pulled her against me, kissing her lovingly. “I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

We finished cleaning ourselves and left the stall, towels wrapped around our fun parts. The redhead was still there, and I noticed she was peeking at me occasionally, trying to be secretive about her glances.

“What’s the deal with the redhead?” I asked as we went back into Alexa’s room.


“I’m just wondering. You got pretty defensive when she asked about me.”

“She’s a bitch. She’s always trying to sleep with guys that are taken.”

“Ok,” I answered. I let it go at that point.

We got dressed and Alexa opened her door, allowing people to come in and out as they pleased. She introduced Ashley and me to a lot of her friends, and it wasn’t long before Bill and Erin had returned from the motel ready to have some fun. The party scene at our school was definitely better than here, but I wasn’t going to rub that in anyone’s face. Our dorm usually had parties that were like raves without the drugs, but the best we could find here was people just sitting around and drinking. Bill and I managed to teach some people a few card games in Alexa’s room to get some semblance of drunken shenanigans going. This didn’t last long, though, as people started to get a little too drunk, a little too fast. Taking a break from the cards, someone suggested we play spin the bottle.

“What in the actual fuck,” Bill whispered to me, leaning over. “I feel like we’re in junior high.”

I laughed and agree, but we acquiesced with the juvenile suggestion, sitting ourselves in a circle. There was our group of five, as well as four other guys and three other girls, including the redhead that Alexa was not very fond of.

“You guys know how to play, right?” One of the other guys, Eric, was checking with the out-of-towners.

“It’s spin the bottle, right?” I laughed again. “Pretty straight forward.”

“We play a little different,” Eric answered quickly. “We mixed up seven minutes in heaven with spin the bottle. Spin the bottle, spend seven minutes in the closet with the person it lands on. Everyone outside has to drink a shot while they wait.”

I had to admit it was a little better than the standard game, but it still seemed like it wasn’t going to be.

“So we drink one shot and then wait for seven minutes?” Bill rolled his eyes. I could tell he was sort of regretting coming here for the weekend, especially since Ethan had bailed on plans.

“I’ll go first,” Eric grabbed an empty vodka bottle. Making sure everyone was split up, alternating guy and girl, he spun the bottle, landing on some blonde girl I didn’t remember the name of.

Halfway through the seven minutes, everyone had taken their shots and were sitting, bored and impatient.

“Alexa, man… what the fuck do you guys do here for fun?” Bill asked.

“I don’t know… it’s not usually this boring around here,” Alexa sighed.

Finally the seven minutes were up, and it was the next person in the circle’s turn to go. Erin spun the bottle, landing on me. We walked into the closet, and I immediately sat on the floor.

“So… how are you enjoying your weekend so far?” I offered some small talk.

“Did you guys fuck on the train?”

“No,” I laughed. “We didn’t fuck on the train.”

“Well you were both in that bathroom for a little while… and Ashley definitely had some… you know… on her face.”

“Well, she gave me head. We didn’t fuck, though.”

“Don’t you feel bad cheating on your girlfriend?”

“Not really. She knows – I tell her about everything that happens. She does the same. She actually gets hot when I tell her about it.”

“Well… Bill and I watch porn occasionally. It does get me pretty wet sometimes,” she blushed.

“Ya… I know you don’t like Bill talking to other girls, but can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t fuck a really hot guy you wanted to fuck if Bill was ok with it?”

“I guess,” she answered. “Part of the reason I’m uptight about Bill is because of you, though,” she added.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… you fool around with a lot of girls. I just thought for a while that since you guys were best friends from home, he would probably act similar to you.”

“Can I tell you something that Bill might not have?”

“Do I have to keep it a secret?” Erin asked me.

“I think it would be for the best if he hasn’t offered it up himself.” She nodded, so I continued. “Before we got to college, Bill had never dated a girl for more than a couple months. I don’t think he ever cheated on a girl he was dating, though. You’re the first relationship he’s had that I think he actually cares about.”

“Halfway time,” we heard a muffled voice say, following a knock on the door.

“Don’t you want something like that yourself, though?”

“I have something like that… it’s just not exactly what you want.”

Erin looked at me thoughtfully for half a minute.

“I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to project my ideals on you.”

“It’s fine, Erin,” I smiled at her. “It works for Alexa and me, and now Ashley to some extent. If it stops working, we’ll probably reassess at some point. For now, though, I’m just having fun and doing what makes me happy.”

“So do you ever think about me like that?” she asked suddenly.

“I mean… I’d be lying if I said the thought of fucking you hasn’t popped into my head. But… Bill is also my best friend and has been since we were kids. I would never do anything to fuck that up. He’s the only person who has always been there for me, no matter what is going on.”

I stood up, offering a hand to help Erin back to her feet as well. She put her arms out, so I hugged her.

“One more thing real quickly,” she said, stepping towards the door. If I were single would you… you know?”

“No, but not because you’re not good looking,” I laughed. “It’s just one of those things.”

“Because I was with Bill first,” she said, understanding.

“Exactly,” I laughed, as we walked out of the closet.

“You guys have a good time in there?” Bill asked sarcastically.

“Dude, your girlfriend fucks so good!” I laughed.

Bill had to quickly explain that were joking after we were met by a bunch of stares from the strangers.

The next person to spin was another guy I had just met – Julian. He landed on the same blonde girl that Eric had, and off they went.

“So, this is fun,” Bill complained again, after downing his shot.

“I actually had a good conversation with Erin in there. I think we maybe get each other a little better now.”

“Ya, it was a nice talk,” Erin agreed.

“Seriously though, is there any way we can speed this game up? Like… can we have two closets, or does anyone else have an empty room with a closet we can use?” Bill was getting antsy.

“Just relax and have fun, babe,” Erin went and sat on her boyfriend’s lap while we waited.

Eventually, they came back out and it was Alexa’s turn to spin. She landed on Eric and into the closet they went. I went next and landed on Erin, but since we had already gone in together, apparently I had to spin again. After landing on guys a couple times, I finally landed on another girl – Megan, the redhead from the showers. Alexa looked like she wanted to murder this girl as we walked into the closet.

“You’re better looking than in the pictures she has,” Megan told me, pressing against me the second the closet door closed.

“Thanks,” I smiled. I was no Brad Pitt, but I kept in shape and kept myself well groomed.

She stood on her tiptoes, trying to bring her face to mine, but I just kept talking.

“You’re pretty yourself,” I told her, taking a step back.

“Don’t you want to fool around a bit while we’re in here?”

“I don’t know how much Alexa would like that,” I answered honestly.

“Then why are you guys even playing the game?”

She had a point. Why were we playing this shit? This was the second time I’d been in the closet with no intention of fooling around in the slightest.

“Don’t you think she would at least kiss a guy if she came in here?”

“She can do whatever she wants. She’s a grownup,” I laughed.

“Do you want to at least make out for a couple minutes?”

I finally allowed her to have her wish, pulling her to me and dropping my head to allow our lips to lock. Her tongue was a little over-aggressive, pushing into my mouth quickly and not giving me any room to move my own. I reached down and squeezed her ass, lifting her up as I roughly gripped one cheek in each hand until she wrapped her legs around me. I could feel the heat emanating from her crotch through her pants as she lightly rubbed against my abs. We heard the knock on the door signaling we were halfway done, and she pulled her face from mine.

“I want to get your cock in my mouth.”

“We don’t have time for that,” I told her. There was no way she was going to get me hard and leave me that way to walk back outside with a noticeable snake in my pants.

“I want to fuck you,” she said forcefully.

“What do you want me to do about that?” I laughed, putting her back on her feet.

“Come to my room tonight. 532.”

“Look… Alexa doesn’t even want me in here with you for seven minutes. If she found out I fucked you, she would be pretty pissed. I don’t even want to think what she would do to you.”

“So wait ‘til she’s asleep. 532. I’ll fuck you bareback, and I can deep throat.”

She was doing her best to sell this, but this was nothing I wasn’t already getting from Ashley whenever I wanted. Pulling my head down to hers, she kissed me again, allowing one of her hands to find my cock over my pants and squeeze it somewhat hard. There was no denying it – I absolutely wanted to fuck Megan. I just didn’t want to get in trouble with Alexa, and she was clearly agitated by this girl’s presence.

“I’ll think about it,” I told her.

“I’ll do whatever you want to do,” she kissed me again.

We walked out of the closet, and I once again rejoined the circle.

Ashley was up next, and she landed on me. Back in I went without a break – I felt like I was going to lose my buzz from the alcohol. Ashley wasted no time, dropping to her knees before the closet door was even closed. Pulling my cock out, she smacked it into her cheek a few times, encouraging me to get hard. I wasn’t completely flaccid after my encounter with Megan, and it wasn’t long before Ashley was taking me all the way in, pulling at my ass to make sure she get every last millimeter into her mouth. Her tongue was hanging out, drool dripping down onto my balls and our clothes. I was letting her do her thing for a while, until we heard a knock on the door. I told her we either needed to pick up the pace or stop. She pulled off me, apologizing.

“I think I’m kinda drunk,” she laughed.

“It’s alright, sweety,” I told her, pulling her up from her knees and wiping the spit from her chin. “I have no doubt you’ll figure out a way to make it up to me.”

“So did that Megan girl try anything in here?”

“Do you want to know or does Alexa?” I laughed.

“Well Alexa does, but I’m curious too. She’s good looking,” Ashley commented.

“Ya… she definitely wants to fuck, too.”

“Are you going to?”

“I don’t know… I don’t want to piss Alexa off, and I did come here to spend the weekend with her.”

“Ya… I wouldn’t do it, Rob. Not worth it,” she agreed.

We struggled to get my still hard cock back in my jeans, and left the closet when our time was up. Bill had finally gotten his way and made people agree to play something that would get more alcohol into him. We played some fingers and more card games, and it was only an hour and a bit later that a few people started to leave, clearly too drunk to continue. Alexa had passed out on her bed, and I lifted her up so Ashley could help me put her under the covers. Even despite the noise, Alexa seemed to be out like a light. We kept the games going, and eventually everyone had left back to their rooms. Bill called a cab because he didn’t want to have to half-carry Erin back to their motel room, and Ashley got into bed beside Alexa. She asked if I was going to join them, but there really wasn’t much room. I told her I was going to the bathroom and that I’d be right back. I went and did my business, returning to the room. Ashley had sprawled over the small amount of room I would have squeezed into, and neither of the girls seemed to be waking up from light shaking. I left the garbage can by the bed and decided to go see what this Megan girl could really do. I was a little drunk myself, so it took me a couple minutes to find the room. I knocked on the wrong door a couple times on the way, but finally was greeted by the redhead wearing nothing at all.

“I was wondering if you were going to come,” she said, pulling me into her room and locking the door behind me.

My hands found her breasts in the darkness of the room. I spun her around, pulling the small of her back into my groin and roughly grasping her small, pert tits.

“Show me what you can do,” I told her, allowing her to lead me to her bed. She fortunately had a small, single room, so we didn’t have to worry about any roommate waking up.

Turning her desk lamp on for some light, she pulled the covers of her bed up and pushed on my hips to get me to sit down. Straddling me, she ground her wet pussy on my shirt, allowing me to take her nipples into my mouth, lightly chewing and pulling on them as her hips bucked into me repeatedly. Lifting her up, I dropped her on her bed on the back, before taking my clothes off. Megan sat up on the bed, running her hands over my abs before taking my cock in her hand and bringing me to her mouth. She spit on my cock, rubbing it into the length, before jerking me slowly and allowing my head to enter her mouth. She was giving me a sweet, delicate blowjob, but that’s not why I had come to her room.

“You said you can deep throat?” I reminded her.

She pulled at my cock, trying to jam more into her mouth, but she was having a hard time not gagging as my cockhead tried to invade her throat.

“Want some help?” I asked, grabbing either side of her head and trying to push my cock down her throat.

Her hands immediately pushed against my thighs as I could feel her throat closing repeatedly in panic around me. I allowed her to breathe, before lifting her up and placing her with her head over the edge of the bed. Putting my cock back in her mouth, I held her head still as I forced myself once again into her throat. She coughed and spit flew out of her mouth, dripping down her nose and forehead, matting her hair. One final push, met with a lot of resistance, and my balls were resting against the soupy mess on her face. I held her arms down, relishing the feeling for a few seconds, before allowing her up, tears joining the spit on her face.

“I knew you could do it,” I smiled.

Megan returned the smile weakly, before returning to giving me her sensual blowjob.

“How rough do you normally like getting fucked?” I asked her, causing her to look up into my eyes.

“Some guys like to spank me a little and maybe pull my hair a bit,” she answered, returning to my cock like a popsicle.

“It’s gonna be worse than that,” I laughed lightly, grabbing her hair and pulling her away from my cock.

I forced her onto the bed, climbing on behind her and pushing my cock into her tight pussy. She moaned into her sheets as I started to furiously pound my aggression into her. I slapped her ass roughly and repeatedly, making sure to hit the same spots on each cheek over and over. I could hear her squeak in between the moans as I fucked deeply into her and slapped her ass until it was as red as her hair. Flipping her over, I choked her roughly with one hand, pinching and squeezing her nipples with the other. I could feel her struggling to take each breath as my cock slowly pumped in and out of her. The squelching noise of our sex was the only thing that could be heard. I felt her wrap one hand and the other around my hand on her throat, and I eased my grip so she could breathe in deep.

“You like that cock?”

“Yes!” She squealed as I picked up my rhythm once more.

“Are you a slut?” I asked, grabbing her shoulders for leverage to increase my pace.

“Yes!” she screamed this time.

Clamping a hand over her mouth, I pushed until I felt myself bottom out in her, ignoring her squirming from the pain. Biting her nipples one at a time, I could feel her writhing underneath me, trying to get away from my sadistic pleasures.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked her, not removing my hand from her mouth.

She shook her head no, but I could hear her trying to say something. Ignoring her, I sat up and told her to suck my cock again. She quickly spun around, taking me in her mouth, as I pulled her pussy towards me. Ignoring her pussy for the time being, I licked my fingers and started to poke around her asshole, pushing forcefully with my thumb. I felt her pause with just the head of my cock in her mouth and reached down to push the back of her head, indicating for her to continue. Sticking my thumb in to the first knuckle, I felt her entire body tense.

“Just relax,” I told her, gently licking her clit to encourage her to follow my direction.

When she started to suck my cock again, I pushed further in, until my thumb was as far in as it could go. Working this in and out for a minute while I sucked her clit, I felt her body start to quiver as she came very quietly. I waited until she resumed her action on my cock before I removed my thumb from her asshole and asked her if she had ever done anal.

“No. I think it’d hurt with you,” she said, before continuing to swirl her tongue around my cockhead.

She was absolutely right – I would probably make this petite girl bawl her eyes out. I looked at the clock and noticed I had been gone about thirty minutes to this point, so I told her to get on top of me. She straddled my cock, and slowly began to lift her legs up and down. I grabbed her hips, holding her in the air, and started to quickly thrust up into her. I was getting tired, and desperately felt the need to cum, so I flipped her over and started to push into her as fast as I could. It took a few moments, but I finally felt that tingle, and buried myself in her, collapsing on top of her as I emptied my load into her hot pussy. After I caught my breath, I slowly pulled out of her, allowing my still hard cock to flop onto her pussy as I kneeled above her.

“Don’t say a fucking word,” I told her, leaning down to kiss her.

“I won’t,” Megan answered, tugging my cock again.

I removed her hand, and stood up, clothing myself again. I made my way back to Alexa’s room and shook each girl to see if either of them was responsive. Alexa was dead to the world, but Ashley stirred a little.

“What’s up, babe?” she groggily mumbled.

“I’m going to have a shower. Want to come with me?” I asked, smiling at her as she looked at me and wiped her eyes.

“Does Robby need me?” she laughed, rolling off the bed and finding her towel in the dark.

“Robby needs you,” I answered, grabbing my towel and quickly walking down the hall to the showe, leading Ashley by the hand.

We didn’t even wait to see if the water was hot, or bother closing the curtain. I bent her over, and furiously began licking and fingering her asshole.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked, turning her head to try to see me.

“Nothing… I fucked that Megan girl. I wanted you and Alexa, but you were both out cold. I need this ass,” I told her, slapping her ass roughly causing water to splash everywhere.

“Are you gonna tell Alexa?” she asked me, spreading her ass cheeks for me as I pushed my cock gently into her tight asshole.

“I don’t know,” I grunted. “You guys were both unconscious, and I needed to cum,” I explained.

“I’m not mad,” she laughed, quickly turning into a moan.

Once her asshole seemed stretched enough to accommodate me, I began to roughly push in and out, the slaps of our skin echoing throughout the entire room. I fucked faster and faster, and felt myself ready to cum again a few minutes later. Pulling out of her, she instinctively turned around, kneeling down and taking me into her mouth to accept my cum. We got out of the shower, toweled off, and went back to Alexa’s room, curling up together on her roommate’s bed.


“Rob, wake up,” Alexa shook me awake.

My eyes opened, slowly adjusting to the brightness of the daylight coming through the window. I stretched in the bed, feeling Ashley curled up behind me.

“How’re you feeling?” I asked her, grinning.

“Surprisingly good,” she answered, pulling me to my feet. “Wanna get some breakfast?”

I turned to wake Ashley, but Alexa told me to let her sleep. We went downstair, eating a big breakfast, and then getting more food and returning upstairs. Ashley was awake when we returned.

“There you guys are. I tried calling you, but you both left your phones in here.”

“We got you some breakfast,” I told her, putting a muffin and some fruit on the desk beside the bed.

“So… you two had fun last night?” Alexa smiled from her bed.

“Well someone decided to drink too much, especially considering she’s barely five feet tall,” I sat down beside her, putting my arm around her.

“What do you guys want to do today?” Alexa asked. “We could go see a movie, or just hang out here.”

“I’m good with whatever,” I told her, looking at Ashley for her answer.

“We could see a movie, ya,” Ashley said.

I texted Bill to let him know our plans, and he responded that they would meet us at the theater. While Alexa went to the bathroom, Ashley asked me if I had told her about Megan.

“No. I don’t know if I’m going to,” I answered.

“Probably a good idea,” she told me, putting her arms around my waist and kissing my chest.


We got back from the movie, and I told the girls I was going to have a nap since I hadn’t slept much in the last couple nights. I went to bed alone in the room, but woke up only an hour later to nipples being rubbed on both sides of my face.

“You guys can’t let a guy sleep?” I yawned.

“I want to play,” Alexa told me, rubbing my cock through the blankets.

“Ashley’s not good enough?” I laughed.

“She’s plenty good. I need to play with a real cock, though, sweety,” she smiled at me. “Besides, she isn’t exactly able to move right now.”

I turned to look at Ashley and noticed that, while her breasts were pressed against the side of my face when I woke up, her hands and ankles were cuffed into a bar that looked like it was designed to force someone to spread their legs. It did not look in the least bit comfortable. To top it off, Alexa had put a ball gag in her mouth, a blindfold over her eyes, and plugs in her ears.

“Jesus, babe,” I started laughing. “Where the fuck do you get these ideas?”

“The Internet,” Alexa smiled. “Want to play with my toy?”

“I wanna play with you,” I got off the bed, pulling her with me, and picking her up.

Kissing her deeply, I allowed her to massage my tongue with hers, before breaking off our kiss.

“What did you have in mind for Ashley?” I laughed. There wasn’t a whole lot we hadn’t already done with this girl, or so I thought.

“Well, I have some things… I’d like to see how much she can take.”

“Things?” I asked. “Care to be more specific?”

“Wait here,” she smiled, going into her closet.

How she had anything go unnoticed in her closet with all the people going in and out of it the night before was beyond me. She returned with two small duffel bags, dumping the contents on the bed beside Ashley. There were clamps, candles, rope, more gags, her strap-on, and another half-dozen dildos of various thickness and length. The one that stood out was the double-ended dildo that was two feet long.

“Have you actually used that?” I asked her, picking it up and chuckling as it flopped over in my hand.

“Not yet. I just got it a couple weeks ago. I want to see how much she can deep throat. Babe, do me a favor and go get some ice from the lounge?”

I quickly put some clothes on, and went to get the ice. When I returned, Ashley had been removed from the bar, but she was still blind and deaf to almost everything. Alexa was in the closet again, and told me to put the ice on her desk and get hard. Coming out of the closet, she was wearing knee-high leather boots and nothing else.

“Holy shit,” I stared at my girlfriend. I looked up and noticed she had a riding crop in her teeth.

“You like?” she asked, taking the crop from her mouth.

“You look unbelievably sexy,” I told her.

We got Ashley onto her hands and knees, before Alexa told me to take the ball gag out of her mouth. I did as she asked, standing back again.

“Feed her your cock, baby,” she told me.

I kneeled on the bed in front of Ashley, putting my cock to her mouth. Her lips parted to allow me in, and she did her best to move her neck and take me further in. Alexa took this moment to roughly slap Ashley’s ass with the crop, eliciting a groan around my cock. Leaning over to kiss me, Alexa whipped Ashley again, pinching her nipple at the same time. Three more quick whips followed, and I could feel Ashley’s drool dripping down my legs. I watched as Alexa took a butt plug and roughly forced it into Ashley’s asshole. The deep moan she let out vibrated my entire cock and felt amazing. Handing me the enormous double-ended dildo, Alexa told me to see how much she could take. I removed my cock from Ashley’s mouth, quickly replacing it with the pink behemoth.

“As far as she can take it. When she gags, take it out,” Alexa directed me.

I pushed it in, the dildo effortlessly sliding down her well-worn throat. At about halfway, I saw her tense a little. One more inch caused her to retch, and I quickly pulled the dildo out, showing Alexa how much Ashley had taken.

“Damn, this girl can suck a dick,” I laughed, Alexa nodding in agreement.

I replaced my cock in her mouth, and allowed her to suck gently on the tip, while Alexa lightly whipped her legs and lower back with the crop. Alexa reached into the bucket of ice and pulled a couple cubes out. Handing one to me, she asked me to help flip Ashley onto her back. Once we did, she started gently teasing Ashley’s clit with her cube. I followed suit, delicately brushing her nipples with my own cube. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the candles in the dorm, but Alexa told me she would figure out a way to use them in the future. I noticed Ashley beginning to moan more and looked down to see Alexa between her legs, working a small dildo in to her pussy and licking her clit.

“Fuck her mouth, babe. Every hole stuffed,” she grinned wickedly at me.

I squatted above Ashley, allowing her mouth to find my cock once more, before kneeling and dropping more of my meat into her mouth. Alexa had put on her strap-on and was hammering Ashley’s pussy as fast as she could, giving me a lot of pleasurable sensations with each moan. All of the physical and visual stimulations had me near orgasm, and I told Alexa I was going to explode soon.

“Come here, sweety,” she smiled at me, curling one finger in the air to beckon me towards her.

Removing myself from Ashley’s mouth, I stood on the bed, walking down until I was in front of my girlfriend. Taking me in her mouth, Alexa pushed as far as she could onto my cock, before I felt her unceremoniously shove a finger into my ass and begin to rub my prostate. I almost lost my balance from the sudden incredible orgasm that overtook me, and I had to hold her head to keep from falling over. I filled Alexa’s mouth with my cum, and could see her holding it in her mouth, presenting it to me as my cock fell from its previous home. Pulling me down towards her, she kissed me, pushing my own cum into my mouth and massaging it around with her tongue. I was surprised how it didn’t taste incredibly repulsive like I had imagined. Removing her mouth from mine, some of my cum dripped down her lips.

“Swallow it,” she encouraged me, wiping what cum she could find back into her mouth with her finger and showing me how much she liked it.

I did as she said, and was shocked at how not disgusted I felt. Alexa decided to end our play here, pulling her strap-on out of Ashley’s soaked pussy. I noticed she left the butt plug in, before standing up and taking my hand to help me off her bed. Taking Ashley’s earplugs out, and then removing her blindfold, she offered her hand to Ashley next, helping her sit up.

“That was amazing,” Ashley smiled, squinting as her eyes adjusted to the light.

I held the double-ended dildo in front of her.

“You took about this much in,” I told her, showing her how much had gone into her mouth and throat.

“Holy shit… I was wondering what that was. It was thinner than you, but when I felt a lot of it in my throat I couldn’t help it… I thought I was gonna throw up.”

“You did great,” Alexa smiled, kissing her tenderly.

“Thank you, mistress,” Ashley smiled back at her, love in her eyes.

“You are to keep that plug in your ass until you get back tomorrow night. After that it’s up to Rob to tell you when you should have it in.”

“What if I need to… you know?” Ashley asked.

“Well, take it out, then put it back in after,” Alexa answered, laughing.


The rest of our night was pretty tame in comparison – we didn’t drink much, and slept reasonably early in the evening to catch up on all the sleep we had missed lately. In the morning, I went to have a shower while Alexa and Ashley were still asleep. I couldn’t help but notice that Megan was in one of the stalls, as I glimpsed her red hair through the gap between the wall and curtain. Putting my towel beside hers, I poked my head in through her curtain.

“Need a hand?” I smiled, startling her.

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.”

“I’ve got something I thought you’d like,” I told her, stepping into the shower and closing the curtain behind me. I had morning wood, and smacked it into one of my hands with the other, showing her my present.

I pressed lightly on her shoulders, encouraging her to get on her knees and take me into her mouth. She worked methodically on me, and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls boiling and ready to explode. I pulled her mouth from my cockhead, aiming my cock at her forehead and painting her with my load. I allowed her to wash it from her face, and quickly washed myself. Bending to kiss her, I thanked her, and asked for her discretion once more.

“I won’t… are you gonna visit Alexa again this year?”

“I dunno yet,” I answered.

I found out that she lived about an hour from my parents when not in school. While we toweled ourselves dry, I gave her my number. I told her to wait a couple days and text me and just say something that wouldn’t give away who it was, just in case someone else was reading my texts. I kissed her one last time, and said I would see her again for sure.


After we ate breakfast, Alexa walked us to the bus stop, saying goodbye and kissing me passionately one final time before we left. Erin and Ashley slept most of the way back, which gave Bill and I time to talk. I told him about the redhead, and that she fancied herself a bit of a freak, though she was not as experienced as she probably believed. He agreed it was a good idea to not tell Alexa about that, and we laughed about the whole situation. I told him that I’d had a conversation with Erin in the closet, and he agreed that he really cared about her and didn’t want to fuck things up with her. We played cards the rest of the train ride back to town, happy with how our weekend turned out.

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