One in A Million Ch.5 by Redthorn

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Fantasm | Cum Swallowing, Incest, Mind Control, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male

The next day I slept ‘till around 11 o’clock. Using all of these mental powers can really take a lot of energy. Once I woke up, I went downstairs to make me a sandwich and watch some T.V. Jo had to go to practice and mom went to work, So I had the house to myself. I laid out on the couch and switch from channel to channel until I found a decent program featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I copied some of the movements before just relaxing and enjoy some me time. I don’t know how long I was sleep but when I woke up, It was dark outside and there was another storm pouring down. I yawned and stretched, getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen.

“Morning Sleeping Beauty.” I swear I felt my hair brush the ceiling as I jumped in fear. Jo sat in the chair at the kitchen table in a no sleeve shirt and her basketball shorts with a mug of tea in her hands while she stared at the school newspaper that had a picture of me on the cover with everyone lifting me up on their shoulders. “Don’t scare me like that!” I yelled once I got my heartbeat under control. Jo shrugged as she flipped another page. “Mom called, A tree collapsed in the middle of the roadway, it’s going to take at least the whole night to get it out of the way, so she’s staying with a friend tonight until the roads are cleared.” I frowned as I felt a sense of foreboding and went and walked over to the sink to make me a cup of coffee. Jo folded the paper and slowly stood up from the table keeping her eyes down to the ground. “Hey Jo are you okay?” I asked not noticing her walking towards me from behind until I turned around and found myself face to face to her. As soon as my eyes made contact with hers, My heart started pounding away so hard, I was sure she could hear it.

“You said you we’re going to talk and goddammit we are going to talk!” Jo said her game face on now and there was no way she was going to back down now. I tried finding some way to back away from her intense gaze, but I was pushed between her and the counter.

I was trapped.

“Fine.” I said finally giving in. “What do you want to know?” I asked crossing my arms across my chest. “Where did you learn all of those moves you used on Derrick?” Jo asked. “The internet, next question?” Jo was obviously confused, but let that one slide. “Why did you keep me from making that deal with Derrick? You would have been able to go the rest of the year without him messing with you and you still stood up for me.” I shifted my eyes away from hers.

“Because…..we’re familiy and we stand up for each other no matter what…” I muttered. Jo looked at me for what seemed like hours before grabbing the collar of my T-shirt and pulled me downward till we were nose to nose. “Don’t lie to me Joseph,” Jo growled. “You used to tell me everything, we used to be best friends, closer than brother and sister, now your acting all weird and just don’t make any sense!” I barely heard anything she said, I was to busy staring at her lips….so beautiful and her eyes were still that light hazel color that seemed to mesmerize me. we were close…….too close. I abruptly slapped her hand away, pulling away.

“I-I’m going to my room.” I shakily walked up to my room, until Jo grabbed the back of shirt and pulled me back, slamming me against the wall. “Where the hell do you think you are going? I’m not through with you yet!” I struggled against her, trying to get free, only to be slammed harder against the wall. “I said I’m not done yet! Don’t start yourself thinking that just because you beat the footbll captain you can be this big strong warrior now! I will still beat your fucking ass!” She yelled. Big. Fucking. Mistake. I threw her hand off of me and pushed her hard. “I try and have your fucking back and all you want to do and stab me where it hurts the most! What is your promblem? So what if i’m a little different now? That dosen’t mean i’m not the same idiot who tried to do a wheelie on my trike when I was five! The same idiot who let you sleep in my bed when you had a nightmare! And you know what? You want to know why I did what I did to Derrick? Why I fucking protected you that damned day? Because this idiot ended up falling in love with the only person in the whole goddamn world that I couldn’t have and it’s tearing apart from the inside! I needed some space to clear my head so I could think, But instead of letting the damn thing go, you had to go fucking probing deeper into this shit! So there’a your answer! Happy now?” I ran up the stairs blinking tears out of my eyes.

Damn it...why was everything so fucking complicated? I slammed the door behind me and I threw myself on the bed, tears already streaming from my eyes. A few after I cooled from my meltdown, I heard a knock on my door. “J.P? Look, can I just come in for a momment, please?” I really just wanted to lay down and go to sleep for about a Trillion years, but I got up, wiped my face and opened the door.

As soon as it was opened, Jo basically threw herself in my arms and hugged he life out of me. “Oh god, J.P I’ve been such a bitch! I’m so so so sorry! I didn’t mean to digging into like that, I was concenered, I thought I was losing my big brother.” Jo said into my shoulder while I stood there in shock. “I didn’t know that you had so much on your plate, please don’t hate me again, I don’t I could bear it.” Jo asked quitely and I snapped to attention, wrapping my arms around her and squeezing her tightly. “Shhh, it’s okay, I could never be mad at you.” I said stroke her hair slightly, indulging slightly in how she smelled like shampoo and sweet potatoes. We stood there for a momment, just enjoying each others company, until Jo asked “Um, J.P, when you said you fell in love with a person you couldn’t have, what did you mean?”

I stiffened at held Jo at arms legnth, stuttering and stumbling over my words. “U-uh, well, Um, what had happened was, Uh, Oh god….” I was placed my hands over my eyes and wished more than anything that I could fall into a sinkhole right now as I felt my cheeks redden. There was a moment of awkward silence before Jo spoke up. “It’s me isn’t it? You fell in love with me?” She asked. I said nothing, I just stood there, my hand over my eyes, my cheeks a fiery red. “J.P, please, Tell me the truth.” Jo asked quietly, her innocent voice bringing a shudder through my body. Slowly I nodded my head, thinking she at least needed to know the truth, even if I lose her as a friend.

I was surprised to feel the sensation of being kissed and I opened my eyes to see Jo, with her eyes close and a rosy bloom across her cheeks as well, right in front of me giving me a kiss no older brother should get from his little sister. Needless to say, I was frozen for a moment, but soon, I closed my eyes and cupped my hands around her face as we kissed deeply. We broke apart, breathing heavily. Once she caught her breath, Jo held her hands behind her back as she spoke the five words I remember for the rest of my life. “I love you too J.P.” I swear my heart stopped beating for a minute as I stood there, Jo staring Expectantly at me. Finally, I grinned so hard my face felt like it would split in two. I leaned back down, my heart now beating with excitement, and kissed my sister, in a way no brother should ever kiss his sister, but now that I thought about it, she was no longer just that, she was my girlfriend now.

My head swam with dizziness as I thought that. I pulled Jo into a tight embrace loving the way her body felt against my own, and apparently, jo did too, leaning her body against me more. Then I felt her hands slip from my back and slide down to grip my ass. I hardly noticed until I had the idea to copy her. I let my hand slowly slide down her back, tracing small circles on the thin fabric making her shiver slightly. When my hands finally reached down to grab her suprisingly toned but still full ass, Jo moaned deeply into our kiss. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I swung her off her feet, bridal style also causing a small child-like giggle to escape from her lips, and carried her into the bedroom, closing the door behind me with my foot.

As I layed her down on the bed, I broke the kiss and looked deeply into those hazel eyes I had come to fall in love with. “Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop this anytime you-” Jo silenced me by putting her finger on my lips. “It’s okay, I want this as much as you do. would be best to take it slowly.” She answered trailing her fingers over my cheek. I nodded, understanding completly, though somewhat dissappointed. “Hey,” Jo said catching my attention. “There are plenty of other ways we can fool around.” with a strange glint in her eyes that excited me more than anything. She pushed on my chest until I was flat on my back. She licked the palm of her hand before reaching down my pajama pants and tugging on my raging hard on. As I went cross-eyed from the pleasure, Jo made a small gasp. “Woah...It’s huge! And all mine as well…” She whispered, licking her lips.

She started stroking slowly, going up and down my shaft, but then changed her mind and started jerking me off even faster. I knew I wasen’t going to last long, but tried holding out for as long as possible. A few more tugs, I came all over the inside of my pants. It was more powerful than any other orgasm I had ever had before. As I caught my breath, Jo did somthing I would never forget in my life: She pulled out her cum-covered hand and licked it clean swishing it around in her mouth for a bit, savoring the taste, before swallowing everything in her mouth and opening wide to show that nothing was inside. I growled lightly at the display before I sprung up and flipped Jo over on her back causing her to squeal slightly, I bascially ripped off her basketball shorts and pulled down her panties, pausing slightly to admire the beautiful flower which was moist and puffy from out earlie actions, before attacking it with my tounge, enjoying the way she screamed and thrashed when I passed over her bud, as well as how good she tasted. After a few momments of this, she quickly came all over my face, soaking my bedsheet in the process, and we lay there, cuddling with each other while we gained our strength back.

“I don’t why I didn’t do this earlier.” Jo spoke silently underneath my neck. “Probably, because we were both scared of what the other would say or do.” I answered automatically. “Yeah, I guess we’re just a pair of star-struck idiots when it come to love.” we both laugh at that for while, until I spoke up “Jo, I’m sorry.” I said putting my chin on her head. “What for?” she asked, sitting up on her elbows to look me in the eye. “For pushing you away from me and hurting you as well.” I answered shamefully “Maybe if Ihad more balls to tell you what was going on-” I was intertrrupted by a finger placed on my lips before Jo leaned forward, giving a small, but senual kiss. “Hey, you think to much.” She teased. I laughed as I wrapped her up in a gentle hug, squeezing her against my own body. We relaxed in each others arms until we finally fell alseep, our Nightmares and problems chased away by our love.

Rating: 94%, Read 48630 times, Posted Sep 02, 2015

Fantasm | Cum Swallowing, Incest, Mind Control, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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