scars by the+id+of+sid

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Fiction | Anal, Boy, Coercion, Group Sex, Teen Female

Scars by The Id of Sid

My name is Jen. I just graduated high school last month. My Junior year following the August incident in the clearing (Origins) was spent in fear and self-loathing. I went back to school that year in fear of hearing the rumors. Wondering when the shoe was gonna fall. I had nightmares of coming to school and finding those still frames from Corey’s camera phone plastered along the hallways. My cum-drenched face, body bent over on my hands and knees, taking it up the ass. I was so racked with fear I cut my hair, dyed it black, and started wearing colored contacts. Anything to hide my identity. My friends shunned me, my parents sent me to a shrink, and I just started pulling in my antenna. Disconnect. I could not tell anyone what had happened. If I did the shit-storm would start, and I would not be able to handle it. I took every step preparing for that day when “boom” everyone would find out. I staggered through that entire junior year waiting. The summer came and I feared the memories would all come back. That THEY would all come back. I asked my parents if I could stay with my grandma in Tenn. I think they were happy to get rid of me, my black hair, and my utter silence.

That summer I let my hair grow back. I started playing tennis again, got back into shape. I let the black dye grow out and away. I kept to myself, but I had the comfort of knowing no one in Tenn could know, or could ever know. It was a blanket of security, and under that blanket I started healing in a way.

When I came back home in late August I was more prepared to deal with whatever would come to light. I was still terrified that first month of my senior year. I got to Homecoming still waiting for some prank, some picture to go viral. I was waiting for people to start pointing at me, laughing. I waited…….but nothing came. THEY were gone, and more importantly THEY kept their word.

After Christmas I started being social again. My hair was fully blond again, I missed tennis season, but stayed in shape regardless. I started seeing a guy from the tennis club, but I still could not let anyone get close. I was uncomfortable even kissing him. He lost interest after 5-6 dates. In March I started dating a lacross player, Kevin. He was cool and mature for a high school boy. He didn’t seem as preoccupied with getting laid as his lacross buddies were. We spent time together, I got comfortable kissing and petting again. Whenever he tried rubbing my leg or caressing my breast I would shut down. He seemed to respect my space, apologize, and take me home. He was rather cavalier about it, saying it was “…ok, we’re both going different directions after graduation anyway. No sense in starting something we can’t finish.” He would let me out, walk me to the door, kiss me on the cheek, and leave. What drove me completely mad was I would go to my room play with my clit for hours on end. I would not fantasize about Kevin. I certainly did not dream about THEM. I was blank. There were no knights in shining armour, no heroes in my mind’s eye. Those nights with Kevin, it was like HE flicked a switch and my body reacted, but I just couldn’t SHARE it with him. It was like a compulsion: straight to my room, lock the door, kill the lights, lie on my back, close my eyes, and let the darkness swallow me as the first wave of heat spread out from my clit, up through my stomach, swelling my tits while flowing down my legs, contracting my calves, and curling my toes. I started placing a towel under my pussy because some nights the flow just wouldn’t stop. I felt so bad for Kevin, he didn’t know what he had started.

Kevin asked me to Prom and I accepted. In the 2 months we had dated, I had grown accustomed to the ROUTINE. I was becoming whole again, I was looking forward to going to State in the Fall and starting over --- just like I did in Tenn. The security of anonymity was on the horizon. I still had one fear: I could not go to college with this same sexual hang-up. No one in college would put up with the ROUTINE I had with Kevin. I had to overcome that hurdle. Kevin was deserving and I thought the post graduation party at Smitty’s Lake house would be it. Kevin would leave for Fort Bragg 4 days later with a smile on his face and I would know what “normal” sex should be like. No issues, no ties, no pressure, no summer relationship. State college in the Fall and a new lease on life and sex-life.

Smitty was a spoiled rich kid. He made the lacross team, but never played. Several girls dated him and got fucked over. He was a liar, a coward, but a good talker. Future car salesman of the year. Everyone at our school knew he was a fake, knew his charm was dime-store at best. His date went to Morristown High, 40 miles south. We all knew it was our last real party before Kevin left so there were elaborate plans for dinner before heading to the 10-kegger at Smitty’s.

Russ and Leia, Joe and Kelly, Kevin and I had reservations at Killian’s steakhouse. Leia, Kelly and I decided to dress to the nines for Kevin’s last night. I had the white nylons, garters, 4” heels, silver cocktail dress cut mid thigh, ruby-red lipstick, and intensions to match. Two days before, I went to the spa and got a brazillian wax. I had two days before the party so the irritation was past. Ten minutes before he picked me up I decided to not even wear any panties.

Dinner went seamlessly for Kevin and I. Leia must have been ragging, because she would not let Russ breathe without snapping at him. Kelly didn’t seem to be feeling well and we dropped her home before heading to the Lake house. Joe felt like a 5th wheel, that is until we heard the party kicking.

It wasn’t a 10-kegger, but there were at least 70 people throughout the 3500 sq ft mansion on the lake. The deck was massive and had a stairway that wound down to the boathouse and private dock. Kevin and I made the rounds and I had a couple glasses of wine. I felt good and had another glass, or was it two. I started counting down the number of people at the party. When it got down to 12 I would take Kevin back to our room.

Smitty’s date had already thrown her drink in his face by 11pm. Joe was eyeing any unattached female in sight. Russ had had enough and told Leia to go home with her friend Lisa because she was being a bitch. Teddy and Kim were already back in their room for the night while Rick and Lynn were on their way = 12 plus a handful of straglers down by the boathouse. I wasted no time and pulled Kevin back in our corner room. There was a queen size bed, a massive window overlooking the lake, a couple dressers, and the door to the bathroom. Kevin sensed my urgency and swept me off my feet once in the room. I smiled, kicked off the heels, as he laid me down on the bed. He kissed my lips, down my neck, gently slid the dress off my shoulders, and kissed my left breast through the silver fabric and lace bra underneath. My nipples shot right through both. His right hand traced from my knee, up my white nylons, then under my dress. He cupped my left buttock lifting me off the bed. His other hand slipped under and pulled the dress up to my waist. The nylon tops and garters were in full view. His eyes widened as he realized I had no panties. He raised his head to meet my eyes --- I was frozen. The minute he pulled my dress up I shut down again.

“You’re kidding…hello, earth to Jen.” he mocked. My arms were locked in place at my sides. “Really, c’mon Jen. Really?” Disgusted he dropped me back on the bed. As I bounced off the sheets, I regained my senses.

“Wait,” I pleaded, “Just give me a minute. I’m sorry.” I pushed my dress back down, covering up. He squinted his eyes at me as I got off the bed to my feet. “Just give me a minute.” And I raced to the bathroom door.

I closed the door resting my head against it as I turned the lock. My left hand had already pulled up my dress, middle finger tweaking my clit. I closed my eyes as I backed away from the bathroom door feeling the dampness increase between my legs. I backed into the wall, eyes still closed I reached my right hand feeling out the shower door railing. I turned 90 degrees to the right and opened my eyes and was greeted with my reflection in the bathroom mirror: dress up to my waist now, left hand furiously massaging my clit and labia, my juices running down my leg wetting the top of my white nylons. I propped my left leg up on the vanity counter spreading my legs wider, viewing my pink bald pussy in the mirror. I closed my eyes for a moment and mouthed the words before slipping one finger inside. I opened my eyes to my reflection and spoke the words in a whisper to myself, “I want you to fuck me.” Eyes closed, another finger slowly in, then out. Eyes open, seeing myself say the words a little louder, “I want you to fuck me.” Eyes closed as my fingers increased the tempo, “I want you to fuck me.”

There was a mechanical whirring and click. Panicked, I quickly turned my head 90 degrees to the right.

“This piece of shit only records 120 seconds per video file, but that was a HOT 120 seconds!” Smitty chuckled.

I had no idea this was an adjoining bathroom with the next bedroom.

I barely had time to get my leg down from the counter as he rushed toward me, tossing the cell phone on the vanity counter, then grabbing both of my upper arms pinning me against the locked bathroom door. “You want me to fuck you. I’ll fuck you.” He reached down between my legs and felt my wetness, “Look at you! You already creamed down your leg.”

The thud my body made on the door must have been loud because Kevin called from the other side, “You alright in there?”

I smiled knowing Smitty would not have me as long as Kevin was on the other side of the door. “Fuck you Smitty.” I half hissed in his face.

His right hand left my pussy and reached for the lock. It was already locked, I was amused Smitty didn’t already know that seeing this was his place. When he unlocked it and grabbed the door handle I got confused. “We’re coming out Kev.” he yelled.

Smitty turned me around and pulled me back to his chest, opened the door, and with both hands firmly around my upper arms pushed me into the corner room in front of Kevin.

I was confused, Kevin looked confused, but Smitty was confident, “Look at her Kev.” pushing me a step closer, “Look at her.”

My dress was still up over my waist, bald pussy red with activity, juices wetting the top of my white nylons, “Look at her.” Smitty insisted.

Slowly and angrily Kevin boar down a stare at Smitty, “Take your hands off her Smitty. Take your hands off her now!”

Smitty did not waver, “Kev, listen to me closely. This little tease has blue-balled you for 2 months now.” He said calmly as he slid one hand down to my pussy. “She wants to fuck, and she wants to fuck now!” his middle finger flicked my clit.

My mouth opened with a gasp, then a low releasing sigh as I closed my eyes. Another trickle of pussy juice was rolling down my leg.

Kevin was silent. As I opened my eyes I found myself gathering my senses. Kevin wasn’t fully sold with what Smitty was selling. I had to fight my own pussy’s will and forcefully shake my head in discomfort to bring Kevin fully to my side. The anger returned to his stare as he fixed again on Smitty, but before Kevin could say a word, “Kev, I’ll show you the recording.”

Shit. Fuck. No. No one can see that. It’s on the vanity counter. I can’t let Kevin see that. I can’t let anyone see that. “No.” was all I could get out.

Kevin stepped toward me inches from my face.

“No.” I said reaching a hand out to Kevin stopping him, then holding a finger up to his lips, “Shhhh.” Then I said it, “I want you to fuck me.”

Kevin’s mouth widened in amazement. It was a moment I had been looking for, but it didn’t last.

“See Kev, I told you.” Smitty laughed. He still had me by the arms and just walked me past Kevin to the bed. I could see my reflection in the dresser mirror as I came to the edge of the bed. Kevin was still trying to register Smitty’s intent, feet still locked in place, just turning his head to us at the edge of the bed. Smitty pulled the zipper of my dress and it hit the floor.

Kevin was putting it together, and wasn’t fully on board. I wanted him to grab Smitty by the neck and throw him out of the room. I wanted him to save me. I needed a hero, I needed that knight in shining armour to come to my rescue. I needed to get to Smitty’s cell phone and delete that recording.

Smitty was all-in, and he pushed it farther pulling my hair back, “Say it again. Say it again bitch!” he demanded.

My pussy took over, “I want you to fuck me.”

He yanked again, “Say what you REALLY want slut.”

My pussy started flowing juices, “I want you BOTH to fuck me.”

With that Smitty threw me face first down on the bed, “Get that ass in the air,” he demanded. I complied, arching my back, raising my pert lilly white ass. Smitty gave my left cheek a stern slap, then rubbed it with his palm. A second slap, rub. A third slap got the gasp out of me he was looking for.

“Step right up Bro.” Smitty said offering my bald pussy and reddened ass for the taking. I could see in the mirror, Kevin unbuckled his pants, dropped his shorts, but he wasn’t quite up to the task. He was still weirded out by the situation. Smitty waited for only a moment, then shook his head, “She ain’t no virgin. So I know I’m not the first.” He then pulled my hair back again, “And I know I won’t be the last to get a piece tonight.” He dropped his pants and mounted my sopping wet pussy. First stroke right to the hilt. My head wanted to rock forward, but he still had a fistful of my blond hair.

I let out an, “Ahh!” as he just held that stroke against my cervix. His full 8 inches thrust out and into my womb as he continued to yank my hair back, and pull my hips back onto his cock.

“Yeah! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.” he snarled. I was at the edge of the bed and he was standing for that first thrust. He kept holding it there like he wanted to see just how deep he could go into me.

I took in a breath but let out a louder, “AHHHH!” as he kept pulling me back on his cock.

He finally seemed to retract, allowing my body to fall a few inches farther onto the bed. About half of his 8 inches recoiled as he still had hold of my now strained hair. Then he fully lunged forward, jumping off the floor, full 200 pounds of his weight behind that cock. My knees went out, legs flattened, as he violently surged into my battered bald pussy. Landing on top of me, his weight knocked the air out of my lungs.

“UHHHHHHH!” was all I could get out of my mouth. He continued the assault with full length, sharp thrusts all the while hissing in my ear, “I’m gonna ride you like a bitch.”

He propped my knees up while doggying me, my arms peeled back at my sides, chin in the sheets. He tossed me from side to side one hand on my hip other full of my hair. I could see myself in the mirror, arms flailing, being rag-dolled mercilessly. Smitty had fucked me to the other edge of the bed. In the mirror I could see Kevin, completely disrobed stroking his 10 inch cock. Smitty caught it too, “Kevin, come around this side.” motioning him to my front, “and fuck that sexy little mouth of hers.”

Kevin strolled to my waiting mouth. He was fully erect now and BIG. Where there was hesitation before, there was none here. He dick slapped me on one cheek then the other. It was as hard as a rock. A little pre-cum smeared my left cheek. Kevin noticed too, he was close.

Smitty was getting all riled up with the dick slapping. Kevin held his cock with one fist inches from my mouth. “Spit on it.” Smitty hissed.

Kevin rolled his tongue around in his mouth gathering liquid.

Smitty broke out in laughter, “Kev,” he chuckled, “I wasn’t talking to you!” Smitty yanked my hair back lifting my hands off the bedding, “Spit on his cock. Spit on it like a whore.” and he threw me back down.

I looked up at Kevin and spat on the head of his cock. I lifted my head and spat again along the shaft. I looked up at him again.

And with that he ordered me, “Open your mouth whore.” There are no heroes, no knights in shining armour. I opened my mouth and he started pumping feverishly.

Smitty started egging him on, “Get her Kev. Fuck that face, fuck it good. Choke that slut with that big cock.”

Kevin could not hold back and just started pumping his load down my throat. He was grunting leaning his head back, both hands on the back of my head fucking my face with reckless abandon. His cum was leaking out the sides of my mouth. Spit and drool were running down my chin to the bedding and floor. Kevin kept pumping till he was sure he was dry. He pulled out of my mouth and wiped the spit and cum off his cock and onto my cheeks.

Smitty was hollering, “Ain’t that a beautiful thing: swallows and cleans up her own mess.” he never stopped pumping my pussy.

What’s all the racket in here…whoa!” Joe stopped at the bathroom entrance.

I could hear Russ behind him, “What the fuck Joe, what’s going on?”

Smitty pulled his cock out quickly and yanked me up off the bed again turning me to face Joe and Russ. He dragged me off the bed to the floor. I tried to stand, but he ordered, “On your knees whore.”

Both their eyes widened as I crawled on all fours, Smitty leading me by my the hair. “Up for a gang-bang on Jen?”

Joe unzipped his fly and said, “Oh yeah.” nodding in anticipation.

“Russ, is there anyone left down at the boathouse?” Smitty asked.

“Some guys came over from across the bay.” Russ answered, “I don’t even know their names.”

“If anyone wants a piece, let em’ come.” he pulled my head up and stuck two fingers in my mouth, “This little whore has only one thing to say.”

He removed his fingers and put me back on all fours, “Say it. Say it again.”

“I want you to fuck me.” it wasn’t even me talking, just that darkness that used to cover over me in my bedroom.

“And what is it you want us to do to you?” Smitty hesitated, then clarified, “What is it called? What is it called you want us to do to you?”

“ I want you to gang-bang me. I want to get gang-banged! I want to get gang-banged!” I shouted.

Russ went running.

Smitty pulled me to Joe’s now rigid 7 inch cock, “That’s a good girl. Suck his cock.” He then looked to Joe as I gobbled down his pole, “Ain’t that the truth,” he said with a chuckle, “a girl can’t help but smile with a dick in her mouth. Ever notice that Joe?”

Joe had one hand on the back of my head, the other under my chin, just going to town on my face.

Smitty stood there smiling. I tried to brace myself by placing my hands on Joe’s legs, but Smitty barked, “Hands behind your back! No hands. Don’t you know anything little girl?”

I heard footsteps down the hall, the door to the room opened and more guys came in through the bathroom door. I don’t know how many. Joe started bucking wildly, furiously fucking my face, then stiffened and he shot a couple streams of cum down my throat. He made sure I finished with a few more pumps, then withdrew with a regret, “Damn, I wanted to hold off ‘cause I really wanted to tap that pussy.”

Smitty chimed in, “Everybody’s getting a turn Joe. You’ll have plenty of time, my parents aren’t getting back till Monday. We got her for the weekend.”

The first wave of four guys kept me on my knees with my arms behind my back. The fuckers just took turns face fucking me. Smitty called it blow-bang 101.

They pulled the mattress down to the floor and got me on my back. Two guy tag-teams fucked my face and pussy. Joe got to doggy style me while some little fat physics geek violated my mouth. This fat little shit kept talking the entire time he pumped my face, “I’m fucking Jen Taylor in the mouth! I’m fucking Jen Taylor in the mouth. I can’t wait to tell the physics summer class I fucked Jen Taylor in the mouth.”

The rest of the guys in the room were laughing hysterically as this geek lived out his wildest fantasy. “ You get her Einstein. Fuck her mouth to infinity and beyond!”

This was the only time he got included with the popular crowd and he was eating the attention up, “You want me to cum in her face!” he shouted to one side of he room, “You want me to cum in her face!” He turned down to me, “Look at me Jen, look at me Jen.” I looked up defeatedly, “I’m gonna cum in your face. I’m gonna cum in your face Jen!” He pulled out and let me have it: on my cheeks, up my nose, in my eyes, on my forehead. The little guy must have been storing this load all his life because he let me have at least 8 streams of cum all over my face. He shook his cock letting the last drops of cum fly in my hair. My eyes were gobbed shut with his jizz so I didn’t know what he was doing. The little bastard stepped to my left side and stuffed his flaccid cock in my ear. He squeezed the last spurt of cum into my ear canal. “I came in her ear guys.” The room erupted with more laughter. The little shit leaned over and whispered into my cum filled ear, “I’m the first guy to ever cum in your ear Jen. Remember my name, Leonard Faherty. Remember me, you used to call me Fagerty, Jen. You used to make fun of my name Jen. Now you’re gonna remember my name for the rest of your life Leonard F-A-H-R-T-Y.” He was so excited he spelled his own name wrong. His blood must have been boiling, I couldn’t see it, but when everybody burst out laughing that he spelled his name wrong, his anger burst.

Poor Joe, was pumping along at my pussy, trying to mind his own cock when this little fucker shoved him off the mattress. He spit on my ass and I felt his newly hardened cock at my asshole, “Think that’s funny, Jen? Take this,” and he shoved it all in. I could feel my sphincter tear again as I let out a shrilled scream. “Yeah, I thought so.” he exclaimed. Then it started all over again, “I’m fucking Jen Taylor in the ass! I’m fucking Jen Taylor in the ass.”

Joe picked himself off the floor and pumped his long awaited load in my mouth.

Someone else started in my mouth as I barely had time to swallow Joe’s load. Whomever it was, they were quick, pulled out and sprayed my face. It seemed to be MY NEW ROUTINE: doggy style, face fuck, and facial. The little physics nerd was alternating raping my ass and pussy. Then he pulled out quickly, pulled me back away from the cock in my mouth, and started face fucking me again with his shit-covered cock. He blew a second load on my face and in my other ear. He wiped off his spent shit smelling cock in my matted blond hair. Before he finished the indignity he leaned down and hissed his name once more, “That’s Leonard Faherty, the guy that fucked you in every hole you got, Leonard F-A-H-E-nR-T-Y.”

The crowd rotated two to three at a time. Everyone preferred doggy styling either in my ass or battering my bald pussy. I alternated blowing one cock to the next. Guys would blow their load in my mouth and make me swallow or pull out and face blast me, towel off and face blast me again.

My nylons were in tatters, my blond hair matted with cum, my legs weak unable to support any weight. I passed out as I heard the birds start chirping.

I woke up in the tub, shower water falling down on my sore body. I had a few bruises. I was bleeding anally from repeated spit lubed fucking. I cleaned up, got out of the shower, found some sweats, t-shirt, socks, and a pair of slippers. The cell phone was still on the vanity. I pulled the sim card out, flushed it, and broke the rest of the phone into several pieces. I peeked my head into the corner room to find it empty. I looked at the clock. It was a classic three armed clock with the days of the week on a roller. It was 1215 pm on MONDAY! I had been passed out for two days.

I passed a couple of guys passed out in the living room. In the kitchen I found a set of Honda keys, I took them and ran to the landing. There were three cars in the driveway. I clicked the door-unlock button on the set of keys. A white Accord further up the driveway beeped. I turned the key, punched up the GPS, and found my way home.

I parked the car two blocks from my house, wiped the steering wheel down, and walked home.

My parents were pissed and threatened to send me to rehab. Really? Rehab for what? For getting raped. Then I thought hard about what I could remember. Six words stuck out in my mind “I-want-you-to-fuck-me.” I shook my head. I need help. I’m leaving for college in two months, the only sex I’ve had has been in teams, and I can’t control my pussy.

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Rating: 86%, Read 16952 times, Posted Dec 12, 2012

Fiction | Anal, Boy, Coercion, Group Sex, Teen Female


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