The Land Baron Parts 1&2 by SweetDestinyLynn

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The Land Baron

Written by Blondie

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Chapter 1

Her skirts dragged across the cold basement floor.

She could hear her heartbeat in her ears..

Fear was what she felt as she was led blindfolded.

"Don't move my pet" he whispered in her ear.

She stood very still, her body shaking.

It seemed like the sounds were amplified, but yet she couldn't

make out what the sounds were. It sounded like an old rusty steal

door opened and closed, and she turned her head toward the sound.

::Clang:: another sound this time to the left of her.

She was turning in circles trying to listen, trying to figure out

what it was she was hearing. She reached up to lift the veil that

covered her sight and heard him echo through the room,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The voice was so familiar,

yet she couldn't place it. "Tell me where I am." She pleaded

"Please untie me and let me go. I won't tell anyone I swear."

She heard footsteps, but they seemed to come from everywhere.

Suddenly the blindfold was off and she now saw her captor.

She looked at him puzzled, "Lucian?" she whispered.

His hand came down fast across her face.

"You are to call me Sir, understand?"

Her bound hands went to her cheek, tears stinging her face.

Never had she been slapped before. She couldn't believe what

was happening. This couldn't be the same Lucian that her father

had entrusted her with. The Lucian she knew was a wealthy land

baron. A man of great power in New Orleans. He owned half of the

Garden District. But now, here he was.

Standing in this dark damp dungeon in front of her.

His ruffled shirt lay open against his chest and a leather whip rested

in his hand. This sight of him scared her.

"But why..." she tried to say, and his hand went up above his face,

ready to strike at any moment. "Please no." she softly said and her

bound hands blocked her face from another blow.

He walked around her and started unlacing the back of her dress.

"What are you doing!" She said pulling away from him.

He held tight onto the back of her dress, almost pulling her over,

and said "You've got a lot to learn little girl." while ripping

her dress open.

He roughly turned her to face him. An evil grin crossed his face.

"You don't have a choice, Pet. You'll do what I say, when I say.

If you defy me, you'll be punished. Understood?"

All she could do was shake her head yes. Her whole body shook with fear.

Lucian roughly unbound her, and pulled what was left of her dress

off. She stood before him in her underclothes.

There was yet another noise and when he turned to look, she ran.

He laughed "You won't get far Destiny. Run baby run!"

Her bare feet carried her as fast as she could. Her heart raced

with the thought of escaping. She reached the door and pulled

but it wouldn't open. She cried "I want out! I want out! God please let me out." and pounded her fists

against the door.

Her hands slid against the cold brick walls, trying to find another way out when

she heard his laughter echoing all around her. It was so dark she could only catch glimpses of light.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her? It was if the shadows were

forming arms and legs... She pressed further into the wall

afraid to move. Her breath became so loud, it was all she could hear.

Suddenly, something had her by the arms! And she was being dragged

back to him. When she caught sight of what did have her she screamed.

Two men, with huge bodies! Both of their faces concealed by

leather masks, they looked like monsters...

She saw him, and tried foolishly to pull away from her captors, screaming “No, no.. Please let me go!”

Lucian held her by the face and forced her to look into his eyes.

"You belong to me. I own you. You will never escape me." His cold eyes pierced hers.

"Take it off, all of it now!"

She knew he was very angry.

With trembling hands she slowly removed her top and bottom.

He let her hair down and it flowed down her back.

Hot tears stung her face.

He licked her cheek and smiled. He knew the breaking had begun.

His guards stood on either side of her, ready to catch her if she tried to flee.

Lucian walked around her tapping the whip against his hand and said

"Rules my pet.. Rules. You will obey me. Do as your told when you are told. If you do not, there are punishments to follow. Your first one starts now. You tried to escape me.”

With tears falling down her face she sobbed “Please..”

“You were not given permission to speak pet!” The tone of his voice caused her to jump.

“Guards! Take her to the restraints” he said.

They drug her over to the chains that hung from the ceiling and attached leather cuffs to each of her wrists. She had to stand on her toes, her feet didn't quite reach.

He stood in front of her and showed her the leather whip, and it scared her. He liked that.

He ran it down the line of her neck, across her breasts. Her nipples were hard from

fear and coldness. He traced the whip around her waist, to the small of her back.

"Not a word Destiny. I don't want to hear you cry." ::Crack::

He brought the whip down, softly, but it still stung like hell.

::Crack, Crack:: He brought the whip down across her ass twice more.

She stood silent, but tears flowing down her soft white face.

"Good Girl" He wiped the tears away & rubbed the red marks hard. Her hands gripped what part of the chain she could reach and she breathed in hard.

Lucian stood back and continued whipping her. He was taking his time, the whip soft then hard. And always rubbing her ass in between.

To her it felt like forever, to him it felt like heaven.

He told the guards to let her down and take her to the room.

This was part of his playroom. There was plush maroon carpeting, a huge fireplace

and a bed. She had never seen a bed of this proportion before. It had four posts and

long flat boards between each one. Long sheer curtains were tied to each of the posts.

It was warm in here.

Lucian closed the heavy door behind him and said “Put her on her knees by the fireplace.”

She was thankful for the warmth, she was so cold. He stood looking down at her for a long time in silence then he finally spoke. “Pet, look at me. You belong to me. The sooner you accept that the better things will be for you here. You are now my property, I own you. You will no longer have a will of your own. You are to do as your told. And I will punish you as I see fit.”

“but I don't understand” she said crying “I just want to go home”

“This is your home now.” He said

She just hung her head and sobbed.

“Are you going to do as your told?”

She just sat there and cried...

“Pet answer me”

She still just cried..

“Guards, tie her to the bed.” He commanded.

“What? No please Sir, have mercy” she pleaded

The guards lifted her off the floor and tied her down to the bed spread eagle. She tried to protest, she tried to plead but to no avail.

“Now until you learn to listen I'll be back.”

The guards shut off the gas lamps and they along with Lucian left the room. She heard the heavy door slam shut behind them. Soon the fire went out and she was left alone with her thoughts in the dark.

Chapter 2

Destiny lay there in the dark, tied to the bed. Tears rolled down her face as she silently cried. She had only been here for three weeks. Her mind rolled over the events that led her here.

Her father was to be in London on business. He would be gone for a year, and he wouldn't let her stay at home with the servants.

Lucian was one of her father's business contacts. She arrived here before he set off for his journey.

When she first arrived Lucian didn't have the time to personally meet her. His servants showed her to her room and showed her around the grounds. There was a huge garden full of roses of every color. The walls of the garden were made of hedges. It was breathtaking. She was told that Lucian was a land baron. He owned half of New Orleans. He had everything he wanted. And what he didn't have, he took. A week into her stay Lucian met her for dinner, and they talked.

He was a very intelligent man. He had very beautiful works of art throughout the house. Then two weeks later, she was in the garden when she was grabbed from behind and blindfolded. Now she was here, his prisoner. His toy for him to play with. She cried harder. Her bottom felt like it was bruised and her wrists hurt. She just wanted out of here. She knew there was no way out. Escape would not be a good idea, since it failed her already. She knew she had to give in to him. There was no

other way. That night she cried herself to sleep.

"Wake up" She heard a voice say. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment thinking that last night was a bad dream.

But there he was, her captor, sitting on the bed next to her. He unbound her wrists and lowered her arms.

"Time for a bath, then you'll have breakfast." She was confused. This was not the monster from last night who had beat her.

Lucian helped her get up and walked her to the privy chamber. His henchmen poured hot water into the tub for her. Lucian helped her in.

"You have 20 minutes to get ready" with that he left her alone. She looked around the small room. No windows... The only way in or out was the door. Her bones ached from not being able to move all night and the warm water felt good on her skin. She washed herself and washed her hair. She came out in a towel when she was done. "What am I to wear? My dress is torn." She asked.

He handed her a thin white silk robe to put on. "But I can't wear this to breakfast, what would the servants think?" she said.

"Your not going up to the main house. You'll eat your meals here. You'll sleep here. This is where you'll stay." Her eyes welled up with tears again and she thought “God, am I to be locked up here forever?”

The servant brought the food in and placed it on the small table. She hadn't noticed it last night.

"Sit down and eat. You must be starving."

She sat down, and picked at her food not eating much.

"Here are my rules Destiny. Listen and listen good. Because for each one that you break, you will be punished.

You will do what I say and when I say. No questions. When I come to your chamber, you are to be sitting on your knees on that rug" he pointed to the one by the fireplace. "with your head down.

You are not to look at me unless I tell you to. When I spank you, you are not to cry out. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes" she softly said and brushed away a tear. "Don't cry my dear, you'll learn to like it. I'll take my leave of you now. Don't try anything stupid. You can't get out of here. My guards are at the door at all times, and you won't get far. I'll return to you at 7 tonight. When I come back, you are to be sitting on that rug. Just as I have told you. I want no clothes on you either." He shut the door behind him. It seemed like an eternity. The servant came and went with lunch and dinner for her. He came in and fixed the fire also. At 7pm she took her robe off and sat on the rug.

it seemed like she was there forever. She looked up at the clock and it was almost 8! Suddenly she could hear him speaking to the servant outside. She put her head down as he opened the door.

"Good Girl" he said. He was pleased that so far, she was following the rules. He stood in front of her quietly, just looking down at her. "Remove my pants Pet"

She reached up with shaky hands and unbuttoned his pants, she saw for the first time that he had no shirt on. She pulled his pants down to his feet. He kicked them away. She looked up and his penis was hard and right there in her face!

"Now put it in your mouth pet."

“Excuse me?”

His hand reached up under her throat, squeezing forcing her to look up at him “Open your mouth pet.” He said

She nervously guided his hard cock into her warm wet mouth. He released his grip on her.

Her mind was racing and her fear building.. What in the world was he making her do to him! In her eyes he was nothing more than a sick twisted vile creature. He held her by her hair and she watched his hips as the got nearer and further away from her eyes. His movements quickened and he muttered strange things that she couldn't quite understand.

Suddenly she could feel him in her throat and it was hard to breathe. She clamped her eyes shut and just wished it was over.

"Lazy Bitch!" He slapped her across the face making her fall to the floor. She lay there holding her throat, gasping for air and gagging at the same time. He paced around her "Why don't you listen? I told you to open your eyes. Ignoring me isn't going to help you."

She just lay there sobbing. Lucian drug her over to the bed and quickly tied her back up.

"Let's see how you like being alone for awhile" the door slammed shut behind him.

“No!! Please don't leave me like this again! Please!” she screamed while sobbing.

Again she cried herself to sleep. She woke up, the fire was out and it was very dark. She called out to nothing.

And no one answered her. Its a funny thing what the mind does to you in the dark and silence. She had to go to the bathroom badly and she felt like she was starving.. as well as freezing. She heard noises that were not there. She yelled into the darkness, she screamed and cried. She begged. But no one came.. His henchmen didn't come and bring food or water.

Lucian didn't come to violate her. She was alone in the dark with no way out. And just when she thought she was going to go mad, he returned. He stood over her and watched her. "Had enough?" he asked.

She shook her head yes and whispered “Yes Sir” He untied her. He gave her permission to use the bathroom.

"Stand there" Lucian pointed to rug next to the fireplace. She stood silently with her head down.

"Did you like being punished?" He asked holding her face up so she would look into his eyes.

"No sir" she whispered.

"Next time you don't listen, it will be worse. Next time it will be longer than a day."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

"On the bed" he said and she quickly obeyed.

He took her large breasts in his hands and squeezed gently. Lucian rolled her nipples between his fingers.

"Slave!" he yelled and she jumped.

His henchman entered the room and Lucian said "Bring me the ice".

He returned with a large bowl. Lucian took a piece of ice and rubbed it on her already hard nipples.

"Lay back" he said to her. She laid back and automatically raised her arms above her head.

"Good Girl" he said.

He took the ice and rubbed it between her legs, slipping it in and out of her. and finally, slipping it deep inside her and holding it there. His warm mouth clamped down on her cold breast and she let out a moan that scared her.

His fingers found a spot inside of her that made her shutter. He stopped for a minute and tied her wrists down again.

His mouth found her breast again, his tongue worked on her hard nipple. He gently sucked it.

His hand went between her legs and found her sweet spot wet and waiting for him eagerly.

Lucian's fingers rubbed hard then soft, fast then slow.. Her hands gripped the bed. She arched her back, and moaned.

She thought she was going to lose her mind. She never felt this before.

Her knuckles turned white from holding on so tight...

"Thats it pet... Thats it.. Does that feel good?”

“Yes Sir” she whispered almost breathlessly.

“Do you want me to make it feel better?”

“Yes Sir” she moaned

“Ask my permission to cum” he slowed his fingers to a crawl.

“Please” She whined. He stopped.

“Wrong answer pet.”

She cried, “Please Sir, Please don't stop.”

He untied her hands and said, “lay across my lap”

She did as she was told. His hand came down on her ass quick and hard.

She jumped and yelled out. Instinctively she put her hand across her bottom.

He twisted her arm up behind her back and said, “You are disobeying me again Pet!”

He held her arm tight and spanked her hard.

She buried her face in the bed and tried not to scream. He continued his blows to her ass.

Stopping momentarily to rub the red marks. It felt like an eternity that she was spanked.

Still he spanked and spanked.. She finally screamed out “Please Sir no more! I'm sorry I disobeyed you! I'll behave I swear!” Tears were streaming down her pretty little face.

Lucian picked her up by her arms and told her to kneel at his feet. She did was instructed. She kept her head down and eyes lowered.

He reached down and raised her face to meet his eyes. “Look at me Pet. Are you sorry?”

“Yes Sir. I am.” she wiped a tear away from her face.

“Good Girl. Are you still a virgin pet? Have you ever been touched by a man other than me?”

She lowered her eyes and said “No Sir, I have never been touched except for when you did it. I have never even been kissed.”

“Get back on the bed and lay on your back.”

She got on the bed and lay back for him.

He sat beside her and took his time playing with her breasts. He rolled and pinched her nipples with his fingers. He rubbed her breasts using his full hand and taking the time to run his thumb across her already hard nipples. “Bend your knees and keep your legs together” Lucian told her.

She brought her legs up like he said and he reached under her with ice in his hand and rubbed it on her wet soft spot. He slipped the ice deep inside of her and held his hand on her pussy.

She curled her toes and let out a moan. “Sir, thats really cold”

“Hush pet.”

Lucian slipped his fingers inside of her and found the ice had melted and inserted another one.

He took yet another one and slid it up and down on her clit and lips.

She curled her toes more and started to arch her back.

“Don't move pet”

Lucian got up from the bed and got into a drawer and pulled out something shiny.

He came back to the bed and placed clamps on each nipple and slowly started tightening them.

He hooked a chain to both of them. He pushed her legs up against her chest and sat between them.

With one hand he gently pulled on the chain, with the other he took turns using his fingers on her and putting more ice in her. He rubbed her clit and pulled on the chain at the same time, bringing her closer to orgasm. “feel good pet?”

“Yes Sir”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes Please Sir.. Please”


“Please Sir, Please don't stop.. please make me feel good. I'll behave.. I'm sorry I was bad.. I'm sorry.. Please” she said breathlessly.

His fingers sank inside of her and he used his thumb on her clit. “Cum for your Master.”

With that he pulled on the chain and his new pet arched her back and let out a scream of pleasure.

“Good Girl Pet.”

“Thank you Sir.” she started to cry. “Thank you, I have never felt like that before. Oh god thank you”

Lucian kissed her on the head and slowly removed the nipple clamps. “Now pet, you can get up put your robe on and eat lunch. I will be back after dinner tonight. Be where your supposed to be. Don't disappoint me tonight”

With that Lucian took his leave of his new pet.

Stay tuned for part 3

Rating: 66%, Read 8690 times, Posted Aug 12, 2011

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