An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 10 by auguy86

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male, Massage, Romance

Welcome back, readers! I know I left you with quite the cliffhanger in the last chapter, so I tried to get this one out pretty quickly. Just so you know, this chapter is very light on sex, being more focused on story development from the aforementioned cliffhanger. Please enjoy!

Ch. 10 song titles

For Unto Us a Child is Born (Handel)

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 10

“NO!!!” Melody screamed, scaring herself awake. Gasping and panting, she immediately felt Mike’s arms around her.

“Melody! What happened? What’s wrong?” Mike asked, flipping on the lamp.

“Noth… Nothing. Just a bad dream… that’s all,” she said.

Looking at her skeptically, he replied, “That was most definitely not nothing. You’re sweating. And running a fever,” he said, placing his hand on her forehead.

“I… I don’t know…” she managed to say breathlessly.

“Umm… I wish to give you a relaxing backrub that will make you calm, healthy, and put your mind at ease,” Mike said after thinking a moment.

Tingle. Flash.

Melody breathed deeply, calming herself. Still keeping her wrapped in his arms, he could feel her body temperature return to normal and her heartbeat slow. Mike motioned for her to lie on her stomach, and he began to run his hands and fingers across her naked back. Sitting up on his knees, he slowly began applying more weight and pressure to her milky white skin, eliciting a contented, relaxed purr from Melody. For ten minutes, he worked his hands up and down her back, seeking only to relax her, rather than initiate any sexual activity. Finally, she rolled over onto her back with a pleasant look on her face.

“Thank you, Mike. You always know just how to spoil me.”

Kissing her lips softly, he pulled her to sit up on the bed so that they could be face-to-face. “Now, please tell me about this dream.” His voice was firm, yet calm and determined to help her in any way he could.

She took his hands in hers and began to recount the voices she had heard. The angry man’s voice, the reassuring sounds of the elderly man, and the cries of despair from the woman were all still fresh in her mind. Explaining that the dream had ended with a final scream from the woman, just as Melody tried and failed to find her and help her, Mike rubbed his chin with his fingers as he pondered the situation.

“So, you couldn’t see the source of the voices at all?” he asked.

Shaking her head, she said, “No, it was nothing but darkness all around me. I could hear where they were coming from, but as I ran toward them, they seemed to fade into the distance.”

“Hmm… and nothing else at all? No clues as to the context of the dream?”

Hesitating, she said, “There was… one other thing. After the woman’s final scream, I attempted to get back up to go to her. As I did so, I heard another voice, a different woman. She said, ‘This wish is your destiny.’ I have no idea what that means though.”

Mike sat in silence for several minutes, pondering everything Melody had just told him. Finally, he said, “At first, I was thinking that you were initially right, that all this could just be a random dream. But with that voice you heard at the end, clearly that has to be something related to magic or your jinn origins, don’t you think?”

Nodding slowly, Melody replied, “The more I think about it, the more I realize that you’re probably right. Still, there are too many unanswered questions. Is this dream a vision of things to come? Who are the people in the dream?”

“Did any of the voices sound familiar at all?” Mike inquired.

“No, though I suppose that may not mean anything. The mere fact that there was such pain and suffering occurring is alarming in and of itself, no matter who the voices may belong to.”

“So, since this clearly has to be magically related in some way, what could have triggered it?” Mike wondered. Retracing the events of the previous evening, he hesitantly asked, “I mean… it wouldn’t have anything to do with us becoming engaged yesterday… would it?”

“I suppose anything is possible, but I doubt it,” Melody replied. “I wonder… do you think the locket might have something to do with it?”

“I thought you said that it no longer possessed any magical qualities?”

“I did, and it doesn’t,” she said, examining the locket in her hand. “Maybe… it has something to do with the engraving?”

“Hmm… well, you did read the verse it mentions right before bed, although that wasn’t the first time you’ve read that verse, and this never happened before. Had you ever read that other verse before? The one from Isaiah?”

“No, now that you mention it. In fact, I haven’t even touched the Book of Isaiah yet in my research.”

Picking up her Bible from the nightstand, Melody again studied the passage that she had read before bed. She closed her eyes as she read the words in her mind a second time, listening for any potential triggers, yet nothing seemed to be happening. Continuing to read a few passages ahead, Melody desperately listened for any sign of her dream returning, but to no avail. Sighing in frustration, she closed her Bible and slipped on her black robe, unable to go back to sleep in her current state of mind. The couple headed downstairs for a change of scenery, relaxing on the sofa as they continued to ponder Melody’s dream.

“Mike, didn’t you say that the verse I read last night was part of the Messiah, just as the song that released me was?”

“It is,” he replied. “Hang on a sec.” Pulling his phone out of his gym shorts pocket, he started scrolling through the music he had loaded onto it. “Ok, here we go,” he said as he found the selection.

Walking over to the plugin for the speaker system, the joyous sounds of For Unto Us a Child is Born were soon reverberating through the house. Mike kept a close eye on Melody the entire time, intent on lending any help he could should something supernatural happen. At first, there appeared to be no reaction, but Melody’s eyes soon glazed over, as if she had entered a trance.

Immediately worried, Mike nudged her shoulder. “Melody? You ok?”

“Shh,” she said quietly, stroking his hand with her fingers. He breathed a sigh of relief that she was still conscious, and sat next to her on the sofa, remaining in constant contact with her. Melody’s eyes fluttered closed, as she seemed to concentrate intently on something, only opening them again upon the conclusion of the piece.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I’m ok. But… I heard them again, the same voices. They were much softer this time, more distant and difficult to hear. Still, there was no mistaking those screams.”

“Wow, ok… clearly this verse and this music has some connection to whatever it is that you’re experiencing. Did you still hear the second woman’s voice at the end?”

“Very faintly, but yes, I did.” After a few moments of silence, Melody could hold herself back no more, falling against Mike and sobbing into his chest. “I… I’m scared, Mike. What if this is something that will happen in the future? What if… the woman screaming in pain… turns out to be me?”

Tilting her head up, Mike looked Melody directly in the eyes, and said, “It won’t be. Not as long as I’m around. Nothing bad can happen to you if I don’t want it to. Nothing can harm you if I don’t wish it. You yourself said that, remember?” He kissed her lips lovingly and reassuringly. “Yesterday, I made a commitment. I am committing myself to you. It’s now you and me against the world. Anything that wants to hurt you has to go through me, no matter what. Nothing will ever change that. Understand?”

Nodding in reply, Melody was amazed by his fiery response, knowing full well that he meant every word of it. “Thank you. I love you,” was all she could say.

“I love you too, Melody. And I always will.”

As morning slowly approached, Mike put on a playlist of soothing classical music, helping to quiet Melody’s mind. For the next hour, they spooned together on the sofa, leisurely making love and never needing to utter a word. Eventually, as the sun began to peek out from the horizon, the couple climaxed together, experiencing a wave of relief washing over them. Slipping out of her pussy, Mike suggested they get some food to help reenergize them. After dressing themselves, the pair walked to the Waffle House across the street from the townhouse complex for breakfast. Their food helped brighten their moods immensely, as they laughed and joked on the short walk back home. After spending the rest of the day watching movies, swimming in the pool, and lounging on the beach, they slept soundly through the night, waking up the next day feeling rested and ready for anything life threw at them.

Relaxing on the sofa, Melody picked up her Bible for the first time since her dream. “Mike, I just want you to know that I’m not afraid anymore. I know nothing bad will happen to me as long as you’re around. I… I’m ready. I want to delve into whatever this is. I want to tackle this dream head-on and find out what it really means.”

Smiling, Mike replied, “I’m right there with you. Where do you think we should start?”

“Honestly, I think a fresh set of eyes and ears might shed some light on this mystery,” she said. “Would you be willing to experience what I experienced two nights ago? My powers would allow me to show you.”

“You mean as a fantasy?”

“No, not truly a fantasy. This would be… more akin to instant replay. You would not fall asleep, and would be fully aware of your surroundings. Essentially, you will experience the real world while your eyes are open, but the dream while they are closed.”

Thinking for a moment, he asked, “Is there any potential danger?”

“No,” she replied. “You would be under my constant watch and protection. With your permission, I will monitor your thoughts and emotions so that I can immediately end the vision if it becomes too much for you to handle.”

Taking a deep breath, Mike said, “Ok. Let’s do it.”

The couple sat cross-legged on the sofa, facing each other. Melody placed her hands on Mike’s temples, instructing him to relax and close his eyes. As he did so, the effects of Melody’s dream were immediately revealed, and he heard the voices she described loud and clear. Listening intently, he worked to distinguish the different people she mentioned, hearing the words of anger, followed by the words of encouragement, the cries of anguish, and finally the mysterious woman at the end of the dream.

Opening his eyes, Mike immediately drew Melody close, embracing her tightly with all the love and support he could muster. “I’m so sorry you went through all of that,” he whispered.

She said nothing, but smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Ok, my thoughts… I could clearly distinguish the voices you described. None of them sounded familiar, though, and I think it’s clear that the woman’s screams are not yours. Call it gut instinct, but I’m positive that wasn’t you screaming,” Mike explained.

“I’m glad you think so. Listening to it again, I don’t believe the angry man’s voice was yours, which was one of my initial fears, so that’s of some relief.”

“Agreed,” he said. “One other thing… the woman’s voice at the end of the dream, it sounded… strangely familiar. I couldn’t tell from where, but I can’t shake this feeling that I’ve heard her voice somewhere before. Can you play back just that portion once more?”

“Sure,” she said. Placing her hands back on Mike’s temples again, they both heard the mysterious voice clearly in their minds.

“Hmm… this wish is your destiny… any idea what it could mean?” Mike mused.

“No clue. I suppose it could refer to a wish I may grant one day, or perhaps even a wish I’ve already granted. There’s just no way of knowing right now…”

Continuing to ponder, Mike thought aloud, “I still can’t figure out what connection all of this has to Isaiah. Clearly that was the trigger, but why?”

Seemingly hitting a brick wall, the couple left their thoughts on the matter for a while, relaxing out at the pool through the rest of the morning. After finishing off the last of the pizza for lunch, curiosity once again crept into Melody’s mind. Deciding to read the entire book of Isaiah from start to finish, she collected her Bible and stretched out on the sofa. She read methodically and thoughtfully, paying close attention to every word on the pages. By midafternoon she had finished, closing her eyes and trying to piece together any connections she could possibly make. She had occasionally heard the voices again as she read, as faintly as they had appeared from the music yesterday, but was still unable to draw any conclusions from her studies.

Sensing her growing frustration, Mike sat next to her and gently rubbed her shoulders. “Take a break. Don’t think about it the rest of the day. It’s just gonna make you more frustrated, and that won’t solve anything.”

Sighing, she replied, “I guess so. Sorry I’m so obsessed, I just feel like I have to figure this out.”

“You will, just give it time,” he said reassuringly. “I actually had an idea that might help us on this.”


“Yep,” he said smiling. “It started when I called Ashley, asking her to officiate our wedding. There’s nobody I’d rather have marry us than her, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Definitely,” she replied excitedly, her eyes lighting up.

“After I hung up with her, I remembered what you said about being able to trust her with your true nature. She might be able to shed some light on this situation, that is, after she gets over the shock of my marrying a genie,” he said, eliciting a giggle from Melody. “My thought is that, before she marries us, we would go through premarital counseling sessions with her, which is standard for any engaged couple; she also has a job to do, in knowing that the people she’s marrying are doing so for the right reasons. I’m thinking that those counseling sessions would also serve as a prime opportunity for us to delve into your dreams with her. What do you say?”

Smiling, she said lovingly, “You just think of everything.”

Mike spent the next several minutes texting with Ashley, setting up the counseling sessions and informing her that the couple wanted to talk about something important with her in confidence. They spent the rest of their last day on vacation lounging in bed, watching movies and fooling around at every opportunity. After completely wearing themselves out from their multiple orgasms, the pair turned in for an early bedtime before beginning their trip home bright and early the next day.


Ashley entered her office that afternoon in quite a good mood. One week previous, Mike and Melody had called her to announce their engagement, and wanted her to perform the ceremony. Naturally, she was ecstatic at being able to marry her childhood friend, but even more so that he had finally found the perfect girl for him.

Still, a small part of her was worried, as Mike’s follow-up texts asked to start the premarital counseling quickly, and that they had something important to talk with her about. She doubted that they were having any issues between them, but as a professional minister, she had learned well never to make assumptions, particularly about members of your own congregation.

As she finished checking her emails, there was a knock at her office door. “Come in,” she said.

Opening the door, Mike and Melody entered and greeted Ashley. “Hello friends!” she said, hugging both of them warmly. Ashley motioned to the part of her office away from her desk, which contained a small, round table and some chairs. The group made their way over and sat at the table, with Mike and Melody sitting across from Ashley.

“Well, first of all, congratulations to both of you,” Ashley began.

“Thank you, we’re very excited,” Mike replied. Melody enthusiastically nodded in agreement.

“I am too. Thank you again, by the way, for asking me to officiate your wedding. Few things make me happier than marrying my close friends.”

“Ashley, there’s nobody that I’d rather have marrying us. Aside from Mike, there isn’t anyone I trust more than you,” Melody said.

“And honestly, that’s why we wanted to meet with you so soon,” Mike continued. “I firmly believe in having no secrets from the person performing our wedding ceremony, and… we have a pretty big secret that we haven’t told to anyone.”

Her interest peaked, Ashley stopped him and replied, “I totally respect that about you Mike, but I want to make sure you aren’t telling me anything that you don’t genuinely want me to know. And please, rest assured that anything you do tell me here in this office is safe and confidential from everyone, even Trey.”

The couple looked at each other, nodding in confirmation at what they were about to say. “Ashley,” Mike said hesitantly, “Melody is not human.”

Ashley gave no reaction or hint that she’d heard anything at all. “What do you mean by ‘not human’?” she finally asked.

Clearing her throat before speaking, Melody said, “I am… a genie.”

“A genie… as in, Aladdin?” Ashley asked skeptically.

“Similar, yes, though not exactly. The idea of ‘three wishes’ is merely legend. Rather, as the one who released me, Mike is now my master for the rest of his life, and is able to receive as many wishes from me as he wants, as long as they are within the realm of my powers.”

Sitting stone-faced for a few moments, Ashley replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just… this is so farfetched. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around everything you’ve just said.”

“I understand,” Mike said. “We actually can prove that we are telling the truth.”

“Ok?” Ashley said hesitantly.

Turning to Melody, Mike said, “I wish to have jet black hair.”

Tingle. Flash.

Instantly, Mike’s blonde hair turned as dark as tar. It kept its same style, length, and volume, but he now appeared to have had this hair color his entire life.

“WOAH!” Ashley exclaimed, falling backwards in her chair to the floor. “You… you’re telling the truth?!”

“Ok Melody, that’s enough. You can change me back to normal.”

Tingle. Flash.

As quickly as before, Mike again had the same appearance he always had. Extending his hand, he helped Ashley up off the floor, sitting her back in her chair. “Wow… Mike, this is unreal… so many questions, but where to begin…” she said, almost in a daze.

“That’s understandable. You wouldn’t be doing your job as our minister if you didn’t have questions,” Melody replied.

Eying Melody warily, Ashley asked her, “Was any of it true? What you’ve told me about Mike’s faith and wanting to be a part of it?”

“Every word,” Melody replied. “It’s what has made him the incredible man I’ve fallen in love with. I… I am so sorry to have concealed this from you, but it was necessary for Mike’s protection. Letting this secret be more widely known could, shall we say, bring about unwanted attention, as you can probably imagine. However, despite this, my time spent in your classes is one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

“Thank you,” Ashley said quietly. “So, you said that you grant Mike any number of wishes he wants, as long as they are in the realm of your powers. Could you tell me more about that?”

“Are you sure you want to know the answer?” Mike asked. “You may find it… a bit uncomfortable.”

“More uncomfortable than finding out my childhood friend has a genie?!” Ashley joked. “Mike, seriously, I’m ready for anything after that.”

“Ok, go ahead Melody.”

Taking a deep breath, Melody said, “My nature is that of a sexual servant. Upon my release, I was instantly bound to be Mike’s slave for eternity. This is the realm in which I can grant wishes, along with other general things, such as his appearance, as you previously saw.”

Pondering this for a few moments, she finally replied to Mike, “Sexual slave? Did you know about any of this before… releasing her?”

Replying in the negative, Mike related the story of the locket to Ashley. He explained the strange circumstances by which it was given to him, showed her the inscription on the back, and described the music that ultimately opened the locket and released Melody.

“Wow… that’s pretty amazing,” Ashley said, before hesitantly continuing, “As your minister, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this up. Are you at all concerned that you’re participating in something that could ultimately do serious damage to you spiritually? After all, if what you’re telling me is true, you are a willing participant in the enslavement of Melody, an intelligent, living being.”

“I had that same concern upon first releasing her,” he replied. “My first thought was to free her, until she explained that doing so wouldn’t accomplish the goal I had in mind. Freeing her would only release her from me, and would allow the next person who finds the locket to gain control of her and her powers.”

“What would that realistically mean?” Ashley asked.

Melody chimed in, saying, “My master is allowed to do anything he wants with me. I could be locked up, kept in chains, beaten daily, or even destroyed. All are allowed, as I am considered my master’s property.”

As Ashley got a horrified look on her face, Mike continued, “Additionally, whoever is her master is allowed free reign in regards to any sexual wish. Statutory rape, violent rape, incest, and anything else sexually related are completely allowed, with no consequences or recourse. With Melody’s powers, her master could go on a rampage of old school pillaging, all with her full support and encouragement.”

“Allowing those things to happen, all to absolve yourself from responsibility, is never something you’d be able to live with, if I know you,” Ashley said, completing his thoughts.

“Exactly,” Mike said. “This is why I ultimately decided that I needed to keep her, not as a slave, but as a partner and companion. My first wish upon making that decision was for her to gain as much free will as was possible for her to have. I wanted, and still want, an equal partner and a modern woman. Thus far, she has yet to disappoint,” he explained, smiling at Melody as he finished.

After marveling at his thoughtful decision-making, Ashley said, “Mike, the moral dilemma you are in is unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Yet, I can’t help but believe that you did the right thing. Nicely done.”

“Thanks,” he said with a smile.

“I do have to ask,” Ashley continued, “How has all of this not caused you to question your faith or the very existence of God?”

“I will admit, those thoughts did initially cross my mind,” he replied. “However, when Melody specifically showed interest in my faith, and especially seeing her positive experiences with the church, it basically confirmed my lifelong view of God: He gives free will to everyone, but what we do with it is up to us. When we use it for good, good things happen. When we use it for evil, bad things happen.”

Smiling, Melody chimed in. “I’m living proof of that. Mike has chosen to have me, not as a slave, but as a companion. Because of his choice, I know I’ve become a much more complete person than I ever would have otherwise. Besides, in a universe as vast as the one we live in, created by a being as powerful as God is, why should the existence of creatures such as myself contradict any of that?”

“Through Him, all things are possible…” Ashley mused to herself. “In that case, Mike, have you considered using this power to try and better the world? Such as curing diseases or preventing sexual crimes?”

Nodding, Mike said quietly, “I have. Ultimately, however, it’s too dangerous. God put me on this Earth to glorify Him and find His purpose for my life. If my purpose were to play God, then I wouldn’t be a person. I’m not perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination. I may try to be as good a person as I can each day, but straying down the path of interfering with free will immediately opens me up to being corrupted by power, no matter how good my intentions may be.”

“But if God has blessed you with this power, why not use it? What if it’s what He wants and intends? You may well be trustworthy after all.”

Collecting his thoughts, Mike replied, “If it is, and I haven’t used those powers in the way He intended, I’ll have to answer for my inaction one day. However, I believe that His purpose for me in all of this is not to be an arbitrator, but a guardian. My job is to guard Melody, giving her the life, love, and freedom she deserves. I must also guard her powers, to ensure none who would abuse them ever gain control of them. I firmly that this is my purpose.”

Satisfied with his answer, Ashley then asked, “So, in your time together, what have you learned about Melody and where she originally comes from?”

Nodding, he said, “I think she can explain that better than me.”

Smiling, Melody explained, “Jinn and genies have been around for thousands of years. Of course, at one time, our existence was more widely known of and believed in than today, primarily in what is today known as the Middle East. As for me specifically, I am not completely sure,” she said sadly. “While I do know that I was created before being imprisoned in my vessel, I can’t seem to access any of my memories from that time.”

His eyes suddenly brightening, Mike said to her, “Melody, do you think that what we encountered at the beach might have something to do with that? With your memories?”

Pondering, she replied, “It’s certainly possible…”

Seeing the confused look on Ashley’s face, the couple told her of Melody’s dreams, the voices they had heard, and the possible connection to Isaiah. They explained that they were now able to somewhat trigger the visions anytime Melody read the Book of Isaiah before sleeping, as well as, to a lesser extent, when reading it for extended periods of time. In addition, listening to Handel’s Messiah brought about faint portions of the voices, though only in the sections containing scripture from Isaiah.

“Interesting,” Ashley said as she listened. “That does seem very strange that there is clearly a strong connection between a Biblical prophet and yourself, Melody. I’ll research this as much as I can, to see if I can provide any insight from my end. However, my overall recommendation to the two of you is to not dwell on this too much. Obviously, this is important to you, and you do want to figure out this mystery sometime, but this is a happy time for the both of you, one of the happiest times in your lives. Enjoy it. Don’t let any obsession creep into your lives in that it diminishes your experiences of the next several months. You should enjoy every second of being engaged and preparing for your wedding. So, can I ask both of you to promise me that?”

Entwining his fingers with Melody’s, Mike replied, “We promise.” Melody nodded in agreement.

Ashley hugged each of them, wishing them good luck and happiness, and looking forward to their next session. Melody hugged her very tightly, holding her close for several seconds and whispering words of thanks to her. As the couple departed her office, Ashley sat at her desk in silent prayer and meditation, processing everything she had learned that day.

Melody… a genie? Never saw that coming. Still, it doesn’t make a difference, I suppose. She’s one of God’s children nonetheless, and her love for Mike appears to be genuine. Oh, Mike… you are a stubborn one. A part of me wishes you would be more proactive in trying to better the world with this gift you’ve been given, but I know you. You’re committed to the path you’ve chosen. As much as I hate admitting it, you may well be right about being Melody’s guardian.

Even as she came to terms with the events of the day, an unsettling feeling still crept into Ashley’s mind. After all, her world had suddenly been turned upside-down with the revelation of the existence of such supernatural beings as genies. What’s more, one of those beings was seeking her blessing to marry Ashley’s childhood friend. As a minister, as well as Mike’s friend, she could have no doubt that their marriage was one built on dedication, trust, and compassion, and that it would ultimately be seen as good and righteous in God’s mind. She would be doing a disservice to the very people she was marrying if she went through with the ceremony having such doubts in her mind. Closing her eyes, Ashley prayed aloud, as if she were talking to her best friend.

“Hi God. It’s me, Ashley. You’re something else… right when I think I’ve got it all figured out, you just have to go and throw me a curve ball. I know, I know… I wanted to devote my life to helping others, no matter how that may be. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mike and Melody love each other, and for all the right reasons. I just… I just need to know that this marriage, a union between a human and a supernatural being, is in fact your will. I ask for your strength and guidance. I need to know that this is a good and holy thing.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ashley felt a wave of serenity descend upon her. She could clearly see in her mind the life that Mike and Melody would build together: undying love, concern for others, raising their children with care, and enduring faith would be the cornerstones on which their house would stand. She opened her eyes, her smile lighting up the room, and knew in her heart of hearts what was right.

They’re perfect for each other…

Rating: 95%, Read 33606 times, Posted Apr 29, 2016

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male, Massage, Romance


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