Sister helps after hard hit by Victor+Payton

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Fiction | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Wife

Authors note this is FICTIONAL not real *#####*#***####

I got married at 24 to my college sweetheart marry we where happy and loved each other so much. A year after we got married she told me it was time and that she wanted her first child . I tried feverishly to do her right but to no avail. After the 2 year we went and had her eggs checked . Her eggs were fine so we set it up for me to get tested for potentcy . That's where everything went down hill. As it turns out I had a medical condition that was pretty common and my soldiers had no March to them. Needless to say my wife took it pretty hard and I found out a month later that she took a lover. I loved her more then anything so I put up with her cheating for another 2 months till I found something that made my heart sink. I walked in the quest bathroom since she was locked in the master and I found a pregnancy test in the garbage bin ,which I should have know just by seeing it that it was bad. On the front there stood a + sign and I broke down.

I waited till dinner and told her we needed to talk after and she agreed. She was going to say something but before she could I held up the test and her eyes widened. I loved her but I had to be honest with her ." I know I can't be the father and I knew you had a lover . I don't think I can stay though knowing that your having another man's baby" I told her and I went on to say we needed a divorce and to my surprise she told me ever since she found out she was already looking into that which only hurt more. Seeing as the house and the car were in her name ,and as she was the one that was making all the money I had to leave . I crashed at my brother's for a couple days helping out as much as I could but I knew I couldn't stay forever as his family was growing with him getting another son soon.i went to the one place I knew to clear my head .

I walked through the gate to the cemetery that housed my parents and knelt by my dad's grave and let everything spill. I know they can't answer me but it was a comfort. I then remembered what my sister had said " victor if you need me I'll be here anytime anywhere for any reason." I drew out my phone and called her to explain. "Sis" I said " my wife's pregnant with another mans baby and soon to be divorcing me I have no where to go." Just as I finished saying this she let out a sad sigh and thought it was bad and that I'd be left homeless. She said that she was sorry that happened but then she chirped saying " get your ass over here and live in my quest bedroom." Before we hung up I told her I'd be there tomorrow and that I loved her as she said the same we hung up.

Having no car my brother had to take me and my things over and as I got out with all my stuff in one box he just smiled and pulled away. His smile was one of deviantness and I wondered what it was for . Before I could put to much thought into it the door flung open and my sister came bouncing out and jumped on me wrapping me in a full body hug. I mearly laughed and hugged back but quickly had to pull her off for some sturring happened below and I knew I couldn't begin to explain it to her.

"Welcome home little brother" she said with a wide smile . I always thought that was a little contradictory seeing as I was 6'3" and about 250 pounds mostly muscle with a little fat to hide it so you see me and I look like a big cuddly bear unless you get me really angry . While as my sister wasn't even 5'7" weighing only 135 but most of that was her breast which were very disproportionate to her small frame at 34dds. Her legs albiet short were smooth as butter leading to a tight soft bottom. Her brown hair that matched mine only lighter so that it didn't look black was cut short as mine was always long and in a ponytail.

"Home ?" I asked a little bit of confusion on my face . " Yes . Home that's what this place is now get used to it." She said in a rather Stern tone . She was always firm and liked to boss people around.She used to use me at home when we were kids . She would have me give her foot massages and do her homework. I didn't mind doing the massages though everyone in my family used me there, but she's the only one who never paid me said I should pay her just to ba able to touch her. I put my box in the closet and waited to put my things up ,not that I had much, all I had was a laptop headphones and clothes.i told her I would help with dinner but she insisted on doing it herself as a treat for me. During dinner we talked about my ex wife and what happened. " It's personal." I said and tried to dismiss it but she presisted until I told her it was about my parts. She got quite and she nevermind and we continue to eat I ask her bout boyfriend's and asked if I would interfere with that she smiled and said no she didn't do that that often. She quickly changed the topic to why I got kicked out of the house and why I didn't get the car . So I told her about she was the money maker and I was they stay at home husband . I took care of the house cleaning, laundry the whole deal as I was saying this I told her if she wanted me to I could try to get a job and help out she just said no she had it handled and that I would be a stay at home husband again. I looked at her puzzled but didn't ask what she meant. After dinner we shared dish duty and didn't talk till after .

We went to her living room and she brought both of us a beer and when I didn't drink any she asked what was wrong. I know it might sound girly but I never liked beer and told her that, she asked what I did like and told her I perfer wine or mixed drinks. She got up and mixed us some screwdrivers. We sat there watching TV for awhile before I told here I was tired and wanted to sleep . She just said ok and went back to the TV . As I got to my room I thought about doing what I always do before bed, masturbate . I quickly got out my laptop and saw her wifi had a password but luckily being trained in computer science and technology from college I bypassed it with ease. Before I could begin searching for porn my phone rang. I was a little surprised to see it was my brother so I answered wondering what he wanted . He asked how it was going. I told him fine and went through today's events and he only said "oh" like he was expecting something else. Before I could ask he said "got to go kids acting up." I hung up the phone and went back to the porn search before setting on a orgy flick. I was used to using earphones while watching cause my ex said she didn't want to hear it. I am a nympho and need release constantly and nothing is off limits. I was so in grossed with it to not notice my sister opened the door and was looking at me. I stopped dead and started to pull everything up and close it to try to explain but she ran to her room and locked the door. I knocked three times and asked her if we could talk she ignored me so I went back. I couldn't touch myself without seeing the expression on my sisters face so I went to bed with knot in my stomach.

I woke ,so to speak I was tossing and turning all night, but I got up and headed to the kitchen. Pamela wasn't awake yet so I thought make some breakfast for your sister and try to explain. She came down just as I finished. She wasn't looking at me but I saw her face and she was red, no doubt emberassed . I handed her the plate on the condition that we talk . She took her plate and started eating so I knew I'd have to start." Listen" I said " I know you saw alot of my manhood last night and I'm sorry." She suprissed me by saying something I never thought I would hear my sister say. " I think you ex is retarded cause what I saw the was nothing wrong with your" hesitating a little" parts." I turned red but managed to tell here it was more internal. She was back to normal. I just sat there wondering if I should say something but i got cut short by the phone ringing . She got up and answered it leaving me to clean up.

I finished and was sitting in the living room watching TV with the volume low so I could ease drop. What I heard made my jaw drop. My sister didn't notice and I heard her say " omg it was so big . Bigger then I've seen and when he noticed I was there I ran to my room and locked myself in . He tried to talk but I ignored him and he left . I couldn't help it and I started touching myself and I came so hard my legs wouldn't work to clean myself and passed out in my own cum." Holy shit did I just here that right . My sister not only wasn't mad but frigged herself stiff thinking of me and my cock. I heard her say her good byes and turned the volume up before she walked in. I was curious to say the least and had to know. " Who was that ?" I asked thinking she would like but I could always tell when she did . " It's was our brother." She said and I decided to test her . " So you told our brother about my cock and that you fingered yourself thinking of it." She started at me for what felt like an hour before she turned bright red and shook her head and she whispered out " how do you know that." Then I saw a flash of anger in her face before she punched my arm hard . " You were ease dropping on me you asshole." As she said this I could only nod and wait for another punch. She clenched her fist and closed my eyes . Instead of a fist I felt a open hand on my knee . I opened my eyes to see her smiling face . I admitted some confusion and she simply gave me a quick kiss on my lips and said " no harm done." I huffed out a breath and she headed off to work as I set through the day cleaning. I made sure to masturbate while I knew she was at work so it didn't happen again but the porn wasn't doing it. I turned off the laptop and closed my eyes and suddenly the thought of her fingering herself to me came to my mind and I naturally started to stroke my dick. I came harder then I had before with my sister on my mind. O felt disgusted by what I just did but then thought if she didn't mind why should I. I got hard thinking about it and then thought about what she said to our brother about it being so big so I went to the garage and found a tape measure to see just how big it was I never measured but I knew my two hands could barely get it all. I was actually shocked when it was topped out at 10 1/2 inches .

I put it back and went to jerk off again only this time I was the one fingering my sister before I fucked her brains out. It matched me earlier load and I quickly cleaned up before she got home I had dinner made and decides I was gonna ask why she would say all that to our brother. She pulled in and came to the kitchen and sat at the table and we ate in silence. Once everything was done and cleaned we sat together watching a movie when I started . "So why would you tell our brother about me parts?" She only smiled and confessed to me how they use to fool around they only actually did it once but decided to keep it oral . I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say . What I did next threw us both off guard as I leaned in and kissed her lips hard. I pulled her away and with a devilish smile said" oral only huh. " She just smiled and put her hand on my crotch. With a hard yet playful squeeze she said "yes want to try out your dirty sisters mouth. " I couldn't say no could I . I undid my pants and slid them down but she didn't do anything. "What's wrong?" I asked hoping I hadn't gone to far but then remembered she offered . The only thing was she was scared and asked " you said it was internal you don't have a std do you?" I smiled and told her no. She breathed out a small sigh and took me in her hands and slowly started stroking. It felt so good to have her hands on me and I think she knew cause it was full mast in seconds. With a sly smile she asked how big it was . I told her I found out earlier after she left and that it was 10 1/2" . She kissed my lips moving down as we placed kissed down my chest and stomach till she got to my dick.She lightly wraps her lips around the head and I let outa soft moan. She smiled around my dick and plunged down about 8" . I couldn't help but scream " oh fuck! I wasn't expecting that sis ." I think she was in heaven just blowing her brother. She pulled back up and off just to tell me to call her pam from now on. " Ok pa" that was all I could manage before she plunged down taking even more of me. I was surprised but she opened her throat and took it all I almost shot my load right there if it wouldn't have been for my control. ( Something I pride myself for). She was bobbing up and down like a woman on a mission I was moaning out of control and was barely able to shout out " I'M GOING TO CUM!" She only left the head in her mouth and started pumping both her small hands up and down twisting while she did and I let loose. She gulped the first of the load down but not before some leaked out. She wasn't prepared for as much that came out. After the first shot she was ready and took all the next 2 perfectly and popped off my cock and licked me clean . I was in heaven when she kissed me and tastes my own cum was something I was used to . She simply said " time for you to pay for that." Before I could respond she pulled me to the floor and layed me down and sat on my face . I didn't mind in fact being the sub was kind of kinky. I sat and waited just smiling. She couldn't see me cause her back was facing me so she got upset. "Well" she said " eat my fucking pussy bitch." I waited a few seconds to tease her ,my breath on her swollen lips she was about to say something but I put a stop to that by sticking my tounge straight into her her pussy. she arched her back and let out a animalistic moan.

I knew I was already hard as stone again and she knew it to while I feverishly licked at her inner lips waiting to taste her clit she put me back in her mouth and started humming. Teasing my like that made me happy but annoyed so I lightly bit on her clit and she popped off my dick with a sigh and I felt her juices start flowing as she was hit with a orgasm. I never had any woman cum that fast from my mouth . I got bold after she was done with the first and went back to sucking me I was licking her inner lips and barely stuck my finger rubbing it in her juices before pushing it into her ass. She moaned around my cock and the sensation had me close but I managed to warn her just before it shot to the back of her throat. When the first shot went to her throat she moaned again and flooded my face with her pussy juice and not to be outdone myself I was swallowing her juices as the poured out . We both lay breathing heavy with huge smiles as we kissed passionately I know I tasted myself on her lips just as she could taste herself on mine. We kissed for awhile before I stood up and went to take a shower . I knew if I didn't lock the door she would jump in with me. I locked the door and stepped into the searing hot water to think. The shower was the only place I could think clearly and process what was happening. I stayed in until the water had turned cold and felt bad that I didn't leave any for pam . But I had alot on my mind oral was one thing but I didn't know if I could do the whole deed with her. I went back to the living room and she was out cold on the floor with a big smile. I picked her up and carried her to her room to place her on her bed as I went to mine.

I called my brother to talk to him about what happened . To my surprise his wife answered and asked if it was important cause he was reading a story to their son . I told her kinda and if it needed to it could wait but she went and got him anyway. He came on the phone and asked "what's wrong bro?" " Nothing but mine and your morals." He only started to laugh and told me to hold on a minute. I heard him tell his wife this was private and he walked outside. " So I take it she told you and you wound up banging her." " No" I said coldly." I didn't go that far but we did 69."He laughed and told me how they did that alot about how it was her favorite. I asked " did she want anal when you two did it." He only said " no she wanted her first anal to be with you. She told me you were big but it's awkward to ask cause it actually got me curious." He didn't ask but I knew what was on his mind so I told him how big it was . It was a small turn on that my brother wanted to know about my package. I told him I had to go and we said our goodbyes. I went to my room and laid down. I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

I was awoken by a hand stroking my cock I looked down and as soon as I saw her she put her mouth down on me . To say that I didn't want it would be a lie so I took her mouth off of me and threw her on top of me in her favorite position .69. I began lapping at her pussy lips while she bobbed up and down. I always cum fast in the morning cause I hump my bed in my sleep so it was long. Her bobbing was doing to job . I told I was close. She told me" shut up I know just make me cum while I drink yours" and she forced my hands away from holding her ass up and pushed it in my face . I knew she liked when I licked her asshole so I swirled my tounge around it. I started to cum and wanted her to do the same so I thrust my tounge into her ass. She moaned on my dick and started convulsing as she came hard.

She slid off and layed next to me in the bed with a sad face. I asked her "what's wrong?" She said " I have to go out of town for three days my company is sending me to a conference." "Aww." Was all I could say but she had no choice so we layed there awhile just cuddling till she had to get ready for work


Will continue if good reviews are common and flattering bad reviews are welcome so I know where to improve and heads up writing with phone so sorry for typos and duplicated sentences and stuff please leave a comment theses take a few hours to complete and it won't hurt to let me know if I fucked up

Rating: 92%, Read 41038 times, Posted Oct 23, 2017

Fiction | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Wife


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