Life Changes, Chapter 2 by Deadeye_76

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Fiction | BDSM, Female, Group Sex, Male

I just kept staring at the panties that were just like the ones my wife had worn for me last Valentine’s Day. They were in the hands of our neighbor Emily from across the street. She had found them when she caught her husband fucking a woman in their bedroom. She had only seen the woman from behind, but had just finished telling me what had happened in her home when she caught her husband fucking the woman. I had to think clearly about this. I had been married to my wife for seven years and there was no indication of this kind of activity. Was this the only pair of panties like that? Or was it a common item that was available in some local store? If so, what were the odds that a woman with the same pair would end up fucking the guy directly across the street from me? Was that why my wife was so fucking horny and without panties when she came home and asked me to fuck her hard and nastily? Was she really cheating on me?

I had a zillion questions and no answers, but I was determined to get some… just not from Emily.

“What’s the matter?” Emily asked me. Her eyes narrowed as if she knew what I was thinking. Or at least she had an idea that maybe it was my wife who was over here. “Do these look familiar to you?” she finally asked accusingly.


“I don’t know what your wife looks like naked from behind, but if these were her panties and she was fucking my husband, you’d tell me right?”

Her tone was getting nasty. I figured I’d better at least try to get the upper hand until I found out what was going on, so I responded quickly and harshly. “Yes, I would tell you. My wife came home from shopping a long time ago, so it’s not her. Don’t even think such a thing!” That seemed to placate her a little and I knew I had to get out of there. “Well, I’m really sorry about what you found out about your husband, but I should get home.”

She had softened a little and was starting to look depressed. “Okay. Thanks for coming over. I just can’t get over the whole thing. Sorry to bring you into it.”

“That’s okay. Call me if you need anything.” I said as I moved quickly, but not too quickly towards the door. I wanted to ask her if she had family in the area or a close friend she could call, but I was afraid that it would start a new conversation and I needed to get home.

She let me go and stood there in the doorway watching me as I went home. I know because I turned to look back after I crossed the street. She was still standing there, looking very forlorn, her eyes staring at nothing. I was stricken by the fact that I may have just lied to her while she was in such a terrible state, but I had other more pressing things to deal with right now.

I threw open the door and rushed into the house. “Cindy! Where are you?!” I yelled as soon as I had closed the door.

“Right here!” she said as she came down the stairs from the second story. She was wearing her robe and her hair was wet. She had just finished a shower.

“I want you to do me a favor.” I said, firmly, but no longer yelling.

“What?” She eyed me suspiciously.

I didn’t want to give her too much time or room for evasion so I just said it straight out. “I want you to go up and get those red lace panties that you wore for Valentine’s Day and that say ‘It’s all yours’ on the front.”

She tried not to show it, but the recognition was there in her eyes. She had been caught. My pretty little wife was a cheating, home-wrecking, slut.

She finally answered me, but I already knew the truth by her hesitation and the way she looked at me. “I don’t know where they are, but I can go see if I can find them.”

“Don’t bother. I know where they are.” I said in a defeated manner.

“You do?” she asked me quietly, her eyes widening.

“Yes. I just saw Emily and Robert having a big fight and him driving away. I went over to make sure she was alright. She told me she had caught her husband in the act of fucking some woman. A woman who, in her hurry, left a pair of red lace panties with ‘It’s all yours’ stitched on the front.” I was continuing to get louder and madder and I could see her shoulders start to slump and sag. I had her now. “The pair that you wore for me on Valentine’s Day is now in the hands of Emily across the street. Now tell me why I shouldn’t kick your ass out right now!”

Cindy looked up at me. She was completely defeated. She said “It’s a long story about how it happened, and you have every right to kick me out.” She turned toward the stairs. “I’ll go get dressed and leave.”

What?! I was so angry I could strangle her. She was just going to leave? No fight? The way she said “long story” made me want to know more. What exactly happened and how did this come about? I had to know.


She turned. Tears were rolling down her face and she wouldn’t look up at me. She just stood there, sobbing gently and waited. I was very angry, but I’ve loved this woman for most of my adult life and now I couldn’t just let it go at that. “Come down here. I want to know this long story.”

She trudged down the stairs like a lost waif. I was still angry, but I felt sorry for her. I was hoping that she was not just playing to my love for her; that she was really sickened by all this.

Finally, once she was sitting she started talking. The damn burst and the words spilled out, washing over me. I couldn’t even think to ask questions or anything until she was done.

She overheard a woman at work talk about doing it for her husband where she was his slave for the weekend. Over the next year she started surfing the net for people who did dom/sub for a short time so that she could understand how they did it. She claimed she was just curious at first. But soon she became enamored with trying it. There was something drawing her in; leading her to take whatever chances she had to take to try it. The hard part was how. She learned from the internet that there were more serious people who actually lived the lifestyle full time, but she didn’t want that. She just wanted a taste; a chance to test how she liked it; to push her limits and see what it was all about. Her main problem was how to introduce the idea into our relationship. Since we had an established relationship with how we treated each other, she wasn’t sure that would work and she claimed to have hinted at it with me, but that I didn’t seem interested. (I was completely unaware of these hints.) So next she searched and found a place on the net where people advertised for doms or subs for some temporary play. She had studied them for quite some time and had joined a site to find someone to “test” it with. She was very nervous about it, but after finding there was someone in our town, she was tempted. She exchanged emails with him over about three months, until finally submitting (so to speak) to his request to get together and do it. The most coincidental thing was that the guy turned out to be Robert, right across the street. They met the first time for lunch in order to set the ground rules and the first time they had decided to “play” had been today. It turned out that all he wanted to do was fuck her and as soon as they started and he had told her to undress he put her on all fours and started in. It had only been about 2 minutes before Emily came through the door. She was completely humiliated, scared, and horny as hell; hence her desire to get fucked as soon as she walked in the door here at home.

By the time she was done, she had stopped crying a little and I was still stunned. I was stunned at both the story and at her description. The logic did not make sense to me, but it must have to her because she appeared to be pouring her heart out and there was no hesitation or appearance of trying to moderate the story.

She had been looking down the entire time until she stopped. She looked up at me to see my reaction. I was unable to say anything immediately. I just stared. She erupted into tears again, placing her head in her hands and sobbing heavily. The only words that came out now were “Oh, my God!” in amongst the sobs. I was hurting for her. I was furious with her and wanted to toss her out, but at the same time I wanted to take her in my arms and comfort her. I was confused by my conflicting feelings, but then I figured that if we were going to get on with our lives, separately or together, we had better stop the crying and come to a resolution. Wait! Did I just think about a life together still? Could I actually forgive her this kind of transgression?

She finally stood up; shoulders slumped, head down and started for the stairs. I couldn’t face seeing her like that, so I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her to try to provide some comfort and at least get her calmed enough to face the rest of the day. She flinched. Maybe she thought I was going to take out my anger on her right there. When she realized I was trying to hug her, she plastered herself to me and kept sobbing, throwing in “I’m so sorry!” every minute or so.

I just stood there and held her; 110 pounds of sobbing, quivering flesh. I was going over in my mind all the things that had happened and where I really wanted this to go. End it? Continue it? I was so conflicted, but I could not see myself without her. The fabric of our lives were so interwoven that I wasn’t sure I could identify myself without her.

Finally, I pushed her back away from me and lifted her chin up so that our eyes met. I tried to calm and steady my voice. I took out as much of the anger and recrimination as possible. “Look. Just go upstairs and take a hot bath and we’ll talk about this after we are more rational.”

The small ray of hope in her eyes, or maybe it was just thankfulness that I was not yelling and screaming any more, was all I needed to know. She was still in love with me. She was just obsessed with this idea. I had heard that many people today were obsessed with internet porn to the detriment of their entire lives. Some ideas, they just couldn’t get out of their heads. So if I was going to have any type of relationship with her that meant dealing with her obsession.

She headed upstairs to do what I had suggested and I was left alone with my thoughts. I never remembered any hints about developing a little dominate/submissive relationship with her. I knew this because I kind of liked the idea, but would never have done it without her and I had not planned on bringing it up. It was one of those things that I had determined would be one of those lifelong unfulfilled fantasies. But maybe things could change. Could we change our relationship like that? Did people who did this kind of thing start it at the beginning of their relationship, or did it develop and grow slowly? I didn’t know for sure, but I was thinking of a way to arrange for her to have her submissive fantasy come true, and maybe push her a little outside of her comfort zone. That would either cement the idea in her that she loved the submission, or get her over it.

I went upstairs after a while and she was just getting out of the tub. I looked at her beautiful slim body, and decided what I was going to do.

I walked slowly over to her while she wrapped the towel around her and stared at her. She started to cower a little and I stopped. I reached out, took her hand and pulled her into an embrace. I hugged her and she hugged me back… hard. I leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Okay, my little slut, you will not get dressed for the rest of the day. You will remain naked at all times. Now finish drying off, go lay face down on the bed, and prepare for your punishment.”

She stiffened a little, but said “Yes, sir.” I realized how much I loved the sound of that and how much it meant to me this morning during our passionate fuck in the kitchen. I was going to push her and see if she really wanted it and if I did, too.

I walked up to the bed and sat down. My wife was lying there face down, naked, scared, and completely at my mercy. I was already enjoying it. I could see that she was trembling slightly. I didn’t know if that was because she was cold from being naked with wet hair, or in anticipation of what was to come. I reached out and placed my hand on her ass. She flinched a little. It was so smooth and gorgeous. I loved her ass. It was probably her best physical asset.

“Are you ready for the first stage of your punishment?”

“First stage?” She tried to turn and look at me.

I smacked her ass hard enough to make a loud slapping sound. “That was a yes or no question, my little slave girl. Now answer it!”

“Yes, sir.”

I turned and straddled her, sitting on her calves. I stared at her ass some more, doing nothing, letting the anticipation rise. “I want you to count out each stroke of your spanking, saying the number and ‘Sir’ after each one. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.” She responded meekly and started to visibly tremble.

Smack! I struck her and she responded “One, sir.”

I then started laying them on her ass; striking hard enough that her ass turned to a blazing red and I gave her enough time to count them out until we got to 25. She was not crying, but whimpering with each count now. I was enjoying spanking her and I was hard as a rock. I could not tell if she was enjoying it, but at this point, I was taking out some of that anger that I still had from finding out that she was being fucked by the neighbor. After 25 swats, I decided that the next level of punishment was going to be a little different. I got up and stood by the bed. She didn’t move. I loved the feeling of control that she was giving me and that I was enjoying.

“Now get up, go downstairs and get me a beer and meet me in the den.”

She immediately obeyed. My dick stayed very hard watching my beautiful wife get up, her tits bouncing nicely, and then walk downstairs with her fire-engine red ass. I followed her to make sure I could see it all the way down until she disappeared into the kitchen. I went to the den and sat down on the couch.

She joined me in the den and handed me the beer. She remained standing after handing it to me to see what was next. I was impressed. I was thinking that she would sit down and I would have to correct her. I smiled up at her and noticed that she was staring at the floor, her eyes downcast and not even trying to look at me.

“You may sit on the floor next to me.” I thought I might as well enjoy this sexually so I said. “Take my pants off and suck my dick until I cum in your mouth. But don’t just suck it… worship it.”

There was no hesitation on her part. She immediately starting undoing my pants, removed them, and then kneeled down in front of me. She slowly licked up my shaft and took a good suck on the head. She pressed it against my stomach and started licking and sucking on my balls. She was doing very well and I was already leaking pre-cum. She was never a bad cocksucker, but this already felt a little different as she put more effort into it. She licked back up to the head and started fondling my balls while she started sucking my cock. She took me down as far as she could, then came back up, using her tongue to tickle the tender spot just under the mushroom head. She rolled her tongue all the way around the head and then slowly took the whole thing into her mouth again. After three round trips like this, I knew that I was going to come soon. I had been hard for a while and the spanking had been quite thrilling. She knew it, too, so she started bobbing on my dick and I grabbed her head and started helping.

“Don’t spill a drop!” I managed to say right before I came, holding her head still as I thrust and spasmed, shooting several big loads into her hot mouth. And she didn’t. She kept milking my dick until she had gotten all my cum and sucked me dry.

When she came off my dick, she looked up at me and smiled. She looked perfectly content. “How was that blowjob, sir?”

“That was fucking wonderful!” I replied. “Now lay down here on the couch with your head on my lap while I drink this beer and watch TV.” She complied.

I watched a little TV and just ran my hand over her back and ass, occasionally running my finger down along her ass-crack and across her tightly puckered anus. It had never been penetrated as far as I knew. I was going to do that in a while, but after about an hour of her getting comfortable and her ass color slowly fading, it was time to push her limits another way.

I got up and told her to get on the floor on all fours, face on the floor and ass high in the air. She did it immediately. I told her to wait there. I walked out the front door and across the street to see if Emily was still home. She was. I had contemplated what might happen when I told her the truth, but I had to take this step.

She answered the door and I could tell she had been crying. “Oh, hello.” She seemed very depressed.

“How would you like to get back at your bastard husband?”

She looked at me for a few seconds, trying to ascertain my meaning or where I was going with this. Then she narrowed her eyes and stared at me closely. “I would love to. What did you have in mind?”

“First, I have discovered it was indeed my wife who was fucking your husband.” Her eyes went wide and she set her mouth grimly. I continued before she could say anything. “When I found out, I was going to throw her out, but it appears that the only reason she was doing it was because she thought your husband would teach her a little about domination and submission. It’s a long story, but all he really wanted to do was fuck her, which he had just started for the first time when you showed up.”

She finally spoke one word. “Bastard.”

“Yes, well, I have made my little bitch wife my slave for now and I paddled her ass for it. Now she’s in the den, on her hands and knees, naked, and awaiting my next command. I thought you might want to come over and assist me on disciplining the little slut.”

She got an evil grin on her face. “Definitely.”

We slowly walked back to my place and I told her my plan. She made a recommendation that shocked me and almost made my dick hard just thinking about it, so we decided to go with her idea.

When we got in there, Cindy was still there, ass up high. Her little rosebud was showing and her pussy wet and blood engorged. She must be turned on by all this or she was playing with herself or both. She couldn’t see Emily at first, but when we got around to the couch and we both sat down, she turned her head that direction and saw Emily. Her eyes went wide and she started to say something, but to her credit, she held it back. She looked at me and it appeared that she might start crying again.

“Okay, Cindy. I want you to come over here on your knees and ask for forgiveness from Emily for fucking her husband.”

She crawled over, already starting to sob, placed her head in Emily’s lap and starting sobbing. She kept repeating “I’m so sorry, Emily.” Emily looked a little shocked.

I reached over and slapped her ass hard. “Tell you what you are sorry for!”

“I’m so sorry I was fucking your husband.” Cindy seemed really upset now.

“Are you really sorry?” Emily lifted Cindy’s head and looked at her.

“Yes, Emily, I am very sorry.” She was calming down a little, seeing that Emily was not overly angry.

“Okay. Thank you for apologizing. My husband will not get off so easily. He’s the one that swore an oath. Now I want you to help me get even with my husband.”

Cindy looked at her questioningly. She looked over at me, too, and you could see she was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Emily stood up and said to Cindy. “Undress me and your husband and get him ready to fuck me.”

Cindy stared for a second, and then looked at me. I nodded. She pulled down Emily’s shorts and underwear in one pull. I could see her glance at Emily’s shaven pussy, the lips clearly visible. Then she stood up and lifted Emily’s tank top over her head. Finally, she removed Emily’s bra and I got to see this auburn haired woman in the altogether. She was about 5’8”, auburn hair, pale skin that didn’t seem to take to the sun much. Her tits had a little sag, but that’s because they appeared to be large and heavy. You couldn’t tell in the bra she was wearing today because it was a heavy-duty bra to be used when exercising. Her ass was larger than my wife’s but still in good shape. Her pussy, being completely shaven, looked delightfully edible.

Cindy then took my clothes off quickly. I was already hard, so getting me ready to fuck Emily was a moot point, but she sucked my dick a couple of times and jacked it to make sure. Then she looked up at the two of us expectantly.

I looked at Emily and she got down on all fours and pointed her ass at me. I stared at it hungrily, the first new ass and pussy in my life in over 8 years. Cindy also seemed to be amazed at this and stared openly.

I got down on my knees and right behind Emily. “Cindy, check to make sure that Emily is ready to be fucked. Make sure she is wet. If she isn’t, make her wet.” I thought that would be a push too far, but Cindy nonchalantly put her hand up to Emily’s pussy and ran her fingers through the pink gash. I was a little shocked, and my dick twitched at the sight of my wife touching another woman’s pussy. It appeared that this scene had been having an effect on Emily, too, because my wife’s fingers slid easily along the gash and came back wet.

“She’s ready, sir.” Cindy stated quickly, looking up at me. I thought I might still see some hesitation in her face, but she was ready to serve.

“Now guide my hard cock into Emily’s wet pussy.” Cindy obeyed. And she didn’t just aim it and let me push it in, but she actually reached with her left hand and parted Emily’s lips while with her right she pulled my dick forward to put it in.

I pushed and it started to enter slowly, but Emily was so fucking tight! “Fuck, Emily, your pussy is small! You are so tight!”

“That’s because my husband has a long, but skinny dick. You are much larger around.”

I looked down and watched as I worked it all the way into her. It was glorious. I noticed that Cindy was watching, too. I slowly pulled all the way out and turned a little towards Cindy. I pushed on her head and she knew exactly what I wanted. She dove down and engulfed my dick. Emily turned her head and watched. Cindy licked it clean and seemed more intent on sucking my dick than I had ever seen. Hmmm! Maybe she likes the taste of pussy on my dick… or maybe just pussy in general!

I pulled away from her and placed my dick back into Emily. I started fucking her pretty good. She was rocking into my thrusts and moaning. Suddenly, Cindy reached under us and started rubbing Emily’s clit.

“Oh, fuck yes, baby. Rub my clit. Make me cum all over your husband’s fat dick.”

Cindy took that as a command and seemed to increase her ministrations. Emily began to groan and finally came in great shudders.

“Hmmm. Oh! Yes! Fuck! Don’t stop!” Emily was muttering just loud enough to be heard. When she finally stopped cumming I was close so I whipped it out of her pussy and jacked it off for a few seconds until I shot a big load of cum all over her ass and asshole, and dripping down onto her pussy. I sat back on the floor and looked at Cindy who was sitting there watching the whole thing.

“Clean up my dick.” She did so with gusto. Then I got a better idea seeing that Emily was still there on all fours, except she had leaned forward to put her head on top of her hands on the floor. Her ass and pussy were on display with cum running down her legs, so I lifted Cindy’s head from my dick and commanded . “Clean my cum off Emily.”

Cindy looked at me, then at Emily’s cum-covered ass, and finally back to me. I pointed and she obeyed. She crawled over to Emily’s fantastic behind and bent over. She started licking where the drips were running down Emily’s legs. Emily flinched, having not heard me give the command. She lifted her head up and looked over her shoulder. I’m not sure who she thought it was, but her eyes got big when she realized it was Cindy. In the meantime, Cindy licked up to Emily’s pussy and licked the cum off and continued up across her asshole, eliciting a moan from Emily. She finished by cleaning up Emily’s ass and then turned to me and said “Thank you, sir, for your cum.”

I chuckled at that and was amazed that she had sexually touched another woman. She seemed to really enjoy being ordered around. We had never even discussed her touching another woman and here she was doing it. My anger over her earlier transgression was forgotten at that moment. Then Emily got up and turned around. She looked at Cindy and said to her in graphic terms “Thank you for cleaning your husband’s hot cum off my pussy and ass. You can clean the cum off my pussy and ass any time.”

Cindy looked down, blushed slightly at what she realized she just did, but then said “You are welcome, Emily. I’m sorry I fucked your husband, but you can have mine any time.”

I gaped at that. I stared at Emily and she stared at me. Wow! This day has been one surprise after another.

Emily finished dressing and leaned over to kiss me. “Thanks for that. I’ll be sure to tell me husband about it… after the divorce!” Then she leaned over and tweaked one of my wife’s nipples. Cindy squeaked, but appeared to enjoy it and smiled. Emily just laughed, looked at me and said “Well, good luck with this one!”

After Emily left, I pulled Cindy up next to me on the couch. I held her face, looked directly into her eyes, and asked her how she felt about what had happened.

She looked down sheepishly, finally looking back up directly at me. “I loved every minute of it. I even loved it when you ordered me to lick your cum off Emily. I have never touched another woman’s pussy, or licked her pussy or ass, and today I did. It actually turned me on to know that you were making me do it. It was something that I previously considered ‘forbidden’, but you ordering me to do it meant that I had to. It wasn’t my decision.”

“I’m still a little shocked, too.” I responded. “Is this something you want to continue?”

Cindy looked at me and smile. “Yes. I was so turned on knowing that I was doing it for you. It was not only fulfilling my fantasy of being dominated a little, but it was by someone that I love and enjoyed doing it for. I want to do it whenever you want… sir.” She added the last after a wry smile and a pause.

Rating: 94%, Read 91796 times, Posted Jul 16, 2010

Fiction | BDSM, Female, Group Sex, Male


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