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Ana had been married for 20 years. She had a basically good husband and marriage, but, when she was married, she had had very little sexual experiences. Her husband, James, had a 6 inch cock. She thought that was good, but after a few years, she discovered the internet and saw what she was missing and started wishing for a larger cock.

She had gotten pregnant as soon as she was married. Her first born was a son and she was very happy. A year latter, she had a daughter, and again was very happy. As the years went by, and her not being sexually happy, she started drinking. It was getting to be an everyday habit. The more she drank, the hornier she became. The more her sexual drive was not meet, the more she drank. It was causing problems within her marriage.

She had become very close to her son and daughter, spending more and more time with them. She was growing apart from her husband with the sexual problems they shared. She felt like life was passing her by. Her children was becoming her life. She fed them, washed their clothes, bathed them. Helped with their home work, did everything a good mother should do. A big problem doing all this was bathing her son. She noticed he was growing a large cock. By the time he was 12, his cock was much larger than his father’s. She found herself bathing him more and more often and seemed to enjoy washing his cock. When she discovered that it would get larger and harder as she washed it, she knew her son was becoming sexually excited.

With his excitement and her drinking, she started putting a little more effort into washing him. He started coming to her and wanting to take a bath more often, she knew it was because he was wanting to have his cock washed. She loved the bathing, but was beginning to be concerned. This was not right. I found myself drinking more and more. It was getting to where I had to be a little high to be able to bath him as much as he wanted. And it seemed he wanted his cock wash more and more every time he bathed.

One day he came home from school, after I had been drinking all day, and told me he had played baseball in school and was all stinky and sweaty and wanted to know if he could have a bath before dinner.

Yes I was drunk and was excited to get him in the tub. I started running the water and he seemed to not be able to get out of his cloths fast enough. I noticed as he was getting in the tub, his cock was already standing tall. My mouth was drooling a little, but I kept my yearnings in check. I got the soap and went straight to his cock. He raised his hips to get his manhood above the water. As I soaped it his breathing became faster and faster. His cock was about as hard as I had ever seen. He started making startling noises that I had never heard from him before. I knew he as about to have his first orgasm. As a mother, I wanted this, but as a horny drunk, I also wanted it. He started shaking and yelled, “mother. I think I am going to pee or something”. I was so excited I wanted to slide my mouth over his cock and catch all his man seed, but I knew at that moment it was wrong. I just washed his cock a little faster and squeezed it a little more. Then the scream. His cock jerked in my hand and blasted all over the end of the tub. It just keep shooting and shooting. I was astonished. His father never shot that much cum.

As it started to subside, his cock started to soften and grow smaller. His eased back down into the water and closed his eyes. I saw cum all over my hand and with his eyes closed, they went to my mouth and I licked and sucked all I could off my hand. Oh it was great. I loved it and wanted more. I decided to let him relax and enjoy the afterglow of his first orgasmic cum. I went back down to the kitchen and started drinking more and more as I thought of what I had just done. For one thing, I loved it, and for the second, I wondered how much he knew of what we were doing. Did he discuss what we were doing with his friends at school? Did he know what he was suppose to do with that wonderful cock? Did he know what “fucking” was?

Another big glass of bourbon and she was going to find out. She had a hard time going back up the stairs. She was so tipsy. As she went into her son’s bedroom, he stood there with his cock in his hand pumping it like he had another load to blow. “Son. Come here and fuck me”. “Mom, what?”

Ana had drank enough to get the courage to go to her son’s room, she opening his door, there he was jacking his magnificent cock. All Ana’s married life had been moving toward this moment in time. She had washed (played with) her son’s cock since he was born. The last time she washed (jacked him off) he had sprayed cum all over the bathtub wall. It was more than she could stand. She needed his cock. She was going to get some fucking.

As she stumbled up the stairs. She saw he was naked and she thought the cum he had had in the bathtub didn’t take care of him. Well, she would take care of him. She lunged for him knocking him backward onto the bed. “Son, I am going to fuck you”. “But mom”. That was all he could say until she had her lips around his hard cock.

Yes he knew what fucking and blow jobs were. All his friends talked about it, but he had never experienced any. Just as he was feeling so great, he heard a car’s horn blow in the drive way. “No mom. Dad is coming”.. She didn’t care. She was getting the cock she had waited all her life for. She had sucked it and it was as hard as a rock and she was ready to mount him.

The father/husband was home. He yelled when he came in the living room, but he heard no answer. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the empty liquor bottles and knew his wife would be crocked. He wondered if she was passed out before cooking dinner. As he looked around for the food, he heard noises from upstairs. He decided to go check them out.

As the noises led him to his son’s room, he was shocked when he looked in and saw what was going on. His wife had mounted his son and was bouncing up and down on his gigantic cock. She had her back to him and all he could focus on was her hairy cunt and hairy asshole staring right at him. Juices was leaking down his son’s cock and both of them were moaning and grunting. As she was doing most of the work, up and down, up and down, she wasn’t going all the way down. It appeared she couldn’t hold all his cock. He was hitting bottom, but she loved it.

He didn’t know what to do. He and his wife had not had a good sex life for some time now but he could see she was getting what she wanted now. She was happy and her son seemed to be happy. Well, hell. How about him. He knew what to do.

He went down the hall to his daughter’s room. She was in there doing her homework, listening to her music through her ear phones. He said “Janey, your mother has told me you were asking questions about sex. Is that right?” “Yes dad. I hear about it at school and I don’t know any thing about it”. “Mom said she would tell me about it later”

“Well your mom and I have decided to show you about sex. She is down in your brother’s room now showing him all about it, and she wants me to show you. Are you ready to learn?” “Sure dad. What do we do?”

“First sweetie, we have to get naked.” The dad started taking off his clothes and watched his daughter pause and act like she wasn’t sure. He asked her if she wanted to learn or not. She decided to go along and started taking off her clothes. As she took off her top, her dad laid eyes on her budding breast. They were so small, but very perky nipples. He couldn’t wait to get his lips wrapped around those. By then he was down to his boxers. As he lowered them, he noticed his daughter had her eyes looking to see his cock. As his boxers came down, her eyes got larger. She had never seen a cock before and was wondering how girls got that thing inside them. As her dad stood there naked, she went on and stripped her panties off and she too was naked.

Her dad smiled when he got his first glimpse of his daughter’s cunt. She just had a sparse tuff of hair, but big pussy pussy lips. He wanted a bite of that.

He told her to lay on the bed. As she did, he got between her legs and raised her knees. He just couldn’t wait any longer. He knew he should warm her up and suck on those fresh breast, but those juicy pussy lips was driving him insane. He drove right in and stuck his tongue in as far as he could. HIs lips formed a seal around her whole cunt. From the top at her clit, down to her asshole. He sucked, licked, and shoved his tongue in her little tight hole. He was going wild. He ran his tongue down to her asshole and licked it. His daughter raised her bottom in the air when he did this. He did it again and again she lurched in the air. He knew it was new to her, but she would begin to like it.

She was starting to moan and jerk around a little. She really gave a jerk when he keep hitting her clit. Two jabs in the ass, two jabs in the cunt hole and two licks on the clit. Over and over. Her moans were longer and louder. She was really into learning about sex.

She finally grabbed his head, pulled it tight against her cunt and had her first climax. Her dad started sucking trying to get some of her cum from her cunt hole. It started to slowly ooz out and he devoured all he could. He loved her pussy juice. He keep sucking, and licking until his daughter laid back and stated to relax. He was not through.

He pulled himself up her body and started sucking on her nubile breast. She liked that as she put her arms around his head and held him there. All the time sucking on her breast he was lining up his little cock with her wet, juicy cunt hole. As his cock head met with her little clit, she gave a little moan and shoved herself into her dad. As he felt her pussy open, he started in . He went in slow to see how she would respond. She liked it and shoved her pelvis up into him. As he went in deep enough to encountered her cherry. he paused and then rammed all he had into her. She jumped back, screamed and started to tell him NO. He stopped moving and held her tight to prevent her from moving. As they laid there with his cock balls deep in her, she began to calm down. After a few moments, he started slowly sliding in and out. He could tell she was ok with it.

As he began a long slow stroke, she was starting to move with him. It had been a while since he had gotten any lovin, so he was getting ready to blow. He increased his speed and came all the way out and then rammed in as far as he could. He could feel her cunt grabbing his cock and trying to pull him in deeper. She was moving her ass to meet him and breathing deep and heavy. She screamed and froze. Her cunt grabbed his cock and squeezed as tighter the he had ever felt. It was all he could stand. His balls contracted and sunk up into his body as they let loose with their load. He flooded his sweet daughter with a huge load of man cum. She loved it as she felt the hot load shoot up deep inside her.

As they both lay there getting their breath back, he told her they should go down to her brother’s room and see how her mother and son is gettin along.

Rating: 85%, Read 49731 times, Posted Jul 13, 2018

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Written by women, Young


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