The Breeders Life 2: Home Users by Rilen2016

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Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Black, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Masturbation, Submission, Teen Male

The Breeders Life 2: Home Users

It has been three weeks since I started my work at Dunkeld & Sons. Three weeks isn't that long a time, not when you think about it. That is if you aren't constantly ass plugged and if you have been fucked then pussy plugged. If you were unlucky some of the girls then you were both constantly. Unless someone wanted to use you. I had seen enough of the girls in this place to know that we all had the same thing in common. We were all plugged, regardless of our breeding status. Being pregnant didn't mean you got let of the humiliation of being plugged, in fact if anything that meant you were pussy plugged with even bigger toys than usual. They said this was to help with birthing, if you were already stretched then it would be easier on you than if you had a tight pussy. Of course not so stretched that your pussy wasn't still tight for a pleasurable fuck.

I was grateful for one thing despite the drugs that they gave me daily, I was yet to be pregnant. The boss was still firing blanks, so unlike some of the girls I still had that going for me. My first week here, I had come to realise that all we women were, were glorified meat. To be bred by whomever whenever they wanted. Most of our work evolved around keeping the men in the workplace happy.

Coming home from a long days work was about the only respite I had, I lived with my best friend Alisha who worked at one of these hostess places. She had not been to college, she had needed money straight away, sadly this meant taking a minimum wage job at the beginning and working her way up the food chain. Dominick's was one of the few places in this city which offered authenic American cuisine both on the menu and off the menu. I am of course not talking about the food, I mean the women. Oh you could go in their and enjoy the food which was awesome, I have been several times with friends and family. But if you were a man or a woman of a certain persuasion then you went there to enjoy the women. Food was served to you for the most part on the naked hostesses, they would come out on a rolling trolley big enough for a woman who would be tied down to the trolley food in all the places you would want it to be if you liked that sort of thing. Which most men did.

Of course you had hostesses who did not get used for these purposes, it was usually done on a rota system. These sort of places were usually popular with the bachelor parties. Men who wanted to use women in a number of different ways. Kelly my best friend had been working their for a couple of years, she was used to bringing men home with her. Not that she wanted to on most nights but it was a part of her job, it was a part of her life it was a part of our lives for that matter.

Dominick's required that all of its hostesses were either naked or wearing a maid's costume, depending on what role they were filling that night. I had been known to come in from work or college and see a line of men using Kelly and whoever else they had decided they wanted to use. Kelly was always paid extra for after hours extra's. It was a perk of the job that she did. It also helped pay the rent, when the needs must.

Tonight I walked into the flat we shared music was blaring and I could hear people laughing and shouting and well I think you can imagine what else. I walked to my room to slip into something more comfortable than the dress I was wearing. Something that Stephen had brought for me, it was a slitted side affair, didn't leave much to the imagination and allowed for easy access. I slipped into joggers and a t-shirt. Keenly aware of the plug up my ass, I was aware that I was supposed to keep it in whether I was in or out of work. As much as I wanted to take it out and leave it out, I knew that if they found out I would be in huge trouble. Disobeying your male bosses on any front was a really bad idea, this would be a terrible idea though.

I left my room in search of food and a drink, we kept the place well stocked for a reason besides us needing to eat. The kitchen had no one in it at the moment thankfully. As I made my way to the fridge and found an opened bottle of orange juice. I opened and poured a glass then set about making myself a sandwich. I was aware of groans and moans coming from the living room right now. Not the couch again, seriously leave the damn thing alone and use the bedroom would you. That is what a bedroom is for after all. I really detested the living room where we ate most of our meals being used for sex. I had to sit in that seat after you are done with it you know.

I heard the door to the kitchen open and looked up, three teen boys came into the kitchen laughing and jeering as they entered. A fourth teen just as black as the others carried a girl I didn't know but knew must be from Kelly's work place into the room. Well when I say carried, I mean she was impaled on his dick and he was supporting her body weight with his arms under her legs. If I had to say for sure she may well have been no older than eighteen and she looked like she was having the ride of her life. She was moaning and grinding her hips or at least she was trying to anyway.

“That my sandwich bitch.” The boy in the lead snarled at me before snatching my just made sandwich off the plate and taking a bite out of it. “Not bad bitch.” He commented. Except for the one doing the fucking, the other three black boys were wearing just boxer shorts. All three of them had their boxer shorts distended horribly from their large black cocks as hard as they possibly could be. All four looked impressive. One by one they surrounded me and grinned.

“Another pussy to be rubbed.” One grinned grabbing his cock and squeezing.

“Oh please.” The girl being fucked cried out I looked over at her and almost felt sorry for her as she was lifted almost off the cock then allowed to fall back on it with gravity's assistance and not much else. That had to be torturous for her and what is more the boy fucking her had to know that it was torturous for her. “I want to come so bad.” She squealed as she reached the bottom of his big and fat cock. Her hairless pussy stretched obscenely around his cock.

“You come when I say you come bitch.” He snarled at her pinching a nipple and twisting making her scream.

The three boys around me wasted no time in making sure I couldn't get away from them. They surrounded me on three sides with the counter behind me. With no wear to go I made an effort to try and get away anyway, I knew it wasn't going to happen and they knew it wasn't going to happen. They laughed as the one in front of me pushed me back against the counter. “Where you going bitch, me and me homies want to have some fun with you.” He said laughing forcing his hand down the front of my joggers, his hand immediately finding my cunt. “Oh yeah you wet man.” He said laughing spreading my lips and feeling my pussy, finding my clit he gave it a flick making me cry out. The girl was watching me now while she was being fucked up against the counter, back on her own two feet rather than being made to ride him. The two boys on either side of me take my hands and force them inside their boxers, their meat pressed into my open hands. As the boy with his hand in my joggers pushed my joggers down around my ankles, I groan as the cool hair hits my pussy. “Sweet a shaved pussy.” He says to his friends smiling up at me.

I massage the boys cocks in their boxers, I know from their moans that they are enjoying it. The boy in front of me is on his knees now pushing my legs as far apart as they will go. His head dips between my legs and I feel his tongue now against the folds of my pussy I moan as I feel this and the boys around me laugh. They ease their boxers down so they fall to the floor. The girl to my left is now cleaning the boys tool who has just been fucking her. I estimate his cock to be 6” but thick as hell, cut with a big hair bush of pubes surrounding it.

“That's enough bitch, my cock is sensitive after cumming.” He growls at her slapping her chest and pushing her away from him. The girl goes to leave one of the boys has other ideas, beckoning her to him.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock bitch... make it ready for your pussy whore.” He snarls at her.

“Please no more.” She pleads with him he laughs at her and slaps her.

“I said suck my cock bitch, don't make me tell you again.” He commands her. We all know that she has no option but to comply, if she doesn't she will be in sorts of trouble and it will not just be for tonight if the boy so chooses. He could make her life a living hell for the rest of her life. She looks like she is about to cry before shakily getting to her knees. His cock is 8” uncut, thin but not to thin and it feels nice in your hand.

Holy shit I buck my hips as the boy licking me out pushes a finger into my pussy finding that magical spot while sucking on my clit making me cry out. Oh my god this boy knows what he is doing. Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I feel a warmth spreading through my loins, oh man if he keeps that up I am going to come soon.

“Bitch likes that.” One of them says.

I am helped out of my t-shirt so the other one can go to town on my tits and I groan as I feel his tongue trace the outline of my erect nipple, I hold his head tight to my breast as he suckles gently gradually getting harder and harder. I throw my head back and cry out in ecstasy. The boy swap's tits and goes to work on my other nipple. The boy between my legs has three fingers up my pussy and now I am grinding down on his hand and moaning from the efforts of his friend. The girl who was on her knees is now being fucked hard for the second time by the third black boy. His cock buried deep in her ass. She would be screaming were it not for the boxers stuffed in her mouth keeping her screams down to a muffled cry of pain that was constant. “Take it bitch, thats it, oh yeah bitch take my cock. Oh yeah take my black cock you whore.” He said, with every thrust of his hips, his body smacked into her's. I doubted that she would get any pleasure out of what he was doing to her but it was hot as hell. Served the whiny bitch right, if you moaned and tried to say no to a man this is what would happen to you. You could not call what he was doing rape, nothing about sex with a woman was illegal these days. A man could do what he liked to her as long as he didn't kill her, that was the theory anyway. I'm not sure if it worked in practice mind you, as what the cops didn't know would never hurt them.

The boy between my legs has found the plug in my ass and so now he is playing around with that instead of fingering my ass and oh god that feels good. Oh fuck I feel the first beed pop out from my ass then the second and finally the smallest of all pops out and I groan a sigh of relief.

One of the things they teach you at Dunkeld's is how to clean yourself out, so you always get a clean cock when they use your ass. If you don't get a clean cock then you can expect to clean the damn thing with your mouth. That happened to me just once and has never happened to me again. It was a learning curve. My eyes roll up in to the back of my head as the man in front of me stands his fingers dancing inside my cunt and I cry out again, I am so close to an orgasm and fuck me do I want it. Oh shit do I want it.

“You want my cock up your pussy whore?” He demands of me. I have one in front of me now and one behind me. A cock rubbing between my cheeks while one is tantalisingly close to my pussy. “You are so ready for some big black cock bitch. Tell me you want it, you want me to breed your cunt.” He demands four fingers in my pussy oh my god, this is not his first visit to the rodeo and he is good and he damn well knows it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck me.” I demand.

I am spun around so I am facing the boy behind me who is smiling and then I am picked up and the boy in front of me lines up the boy behinds cock with my pussy. I feel it at my entrance and I almost sigh as he lowers me down on to it . My eyes closing as my pussy slides down his length, oh man that's big. Bigger than any one cock I can remember, not that I keep a record off such a thing. His cock is applying pressure to that sweet spot and he keeps my legs in the air bent as they are so that my feet cannot touch the ground. The boy in front of me steps closer and kisses me deeply at first. I am unsure what he is going to do, until I feel his cock head at my pussy pressing in next to his friends. I scream as he enters me, widened impossibly beyond what I thought I could manage... oh but fuck after a moment that feels fucking amazing. The boy behind me moans loudly at the friction this causes on his own cock.

“Oh my fucking god...” I scream out as I come... all over them my hips bucking like crazy and it keeps coming and coming. Oh merlin these boys know what they are doing, they ride out my orgasm and keep on fucking me, I'd say I want them to stop but who the fuck am I kidding. Sweet Jesus, this is the best ride I've had perhaps in my life, sweet merlin.

“Oh yeah bitch you gonna take both our cocks, we going to fuck you so hard.” The boy behind me pants... I can feel myself building up again. “You going to come again bitch, I can feel your body tensing. That's it squirt while we are inside you... come for me, come for us.” He grunts out. His friend is the quiet one and is eagerly fucking me me. He is a couple of inches shorter than his friend so not so much of his cock is in me but who cares how much is in me.

“Fuck me... I want your seed.” I cry out.

“All through high school she was a slut, nothings changed.” I hear Kelly in the door way. My friend and my boss are watching the who thing. He is smiling... I worry he might be angry but I see him soon taking photos and videoing the whole thing on his camera phone. This only makes me wetter, it only brings me closer and I know the boys can't hold out much longer as I concentrate on tightening my pussy. I hear one of them groan. “She is loving it.” Kelly says with a chuckle. “Always needed to be the centre of attention.” Fuck you bitch I think but I am only half aware of what she is saying. My body and mind consumed by the fucking my body is receiving.

“So damn close.” The one behind me says.

“Junior I am going to come.” The one in front of me grinds out. They nod to each other not caring I am between them. Then they pick up the pace even more. I scream as I come a second time and this time I don't stop they are fucking me and fucking me and fucking me and oh god it keeps on coming and coming and coming and then I hear one of them call out his friends name and I feel his seed explode from his cock quickly followed by the other one as it all goes black.

When I wake up I am in bed naked covered by the duvet. I am alone but I know from the feel in my ass I am plugged again. I feel my pussy and sure enough I am plugged there as well. I am so sensitive I remove my hand quickly, I am sore but man that was amazing. There is money on the bedside table a box and a note.

“Thanks for the wonderful ride babe... we'll have to do that again sometime. We can to fuck your friends and paid for such a thing, here is what we agreed to pay them for you as well.” I count the bills and almost laugh, there is three thousand dollars here, that is more than a months wage for me sitting right here. Inside the box is a diamond ring, it is ecquisite to look at and I can't help but smile a small note this one from Stephen.

“I enjoyed the show... this is a thank you for your work.” It was signed Stephen.

All in all not a bad nights work for a girl like me. Make no mistake about it, I love my life... I love my work. I know my position and lot in life and to some it might be quite shitty but as long as I get to do so shit like I did tonight, I can live with it. Does that make me a slut or a natural breeder, I don't know but until I do and even if I do, I can have fun with it.

Rating: 88%, Read 42622 times, Posted Nov 03, 2015

Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Black, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Masturbation, Submission, Teen Male


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