Girl From Down the Street: Part 4 by Quietfront

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Female, First Time, Old Male, Submission, Virginity

Mark pounded into his wife from behind. Her eyes were fixed on the laptop laid on the bed in front of her. The screen shone bright, displaying the picture of Sarah he had taken earlier that day. Rachel groaned, her pussy clenched tight around him and he slapped her ass.

“Tell me it again,” she mumbled, voice dripping with lust.

He stopped thrusting for a second, to breath, and come back from his own edge.

“It started in the garage, I had her bend over as I fingered her. Then right before you came in I made her clean my fingers.”

He resumed his thrusts and continued the story of how the girl had blown him while he was on the phone and, later, the passionate romp that led to the picture his wife’s eyes were glued to.

“I then tossed her shirt at her and told her to clean up.”

“Did she?” Rachel gasped.

“Yes,” he said, grabbing both her hips and speeding up.

She was on all fours and he saw her shoulder dip as she reached back. Her touching caused her fingers to bump onto his shaft on occasion.

“I’m going to cum in you,” he stated.”

Her only response was to moan.

His grip tightened, and her fingers sped up. He grunted, letting his hips break their pattern, and left his instincts guide his motions. He thrust rapidly, short ragged stabs.

She gasped as he came, still masturbating frantically.

He collapsed forward onto her back, and she bucked up against him as she came as well, only a few seconds behind him. Her head came up as she writhed and he barely managed to avoid it in his dazed state. Her shuddering slowed and he pulled her over, so they were lying side by side on the bed, spooning.

He pulled her close, sinking his face into the crook of her neck.

They lay together for some time before she spoke, “When will you fuck her?”

“We spoke about birth control, I offered help but it will still be on her to do it.”

“I want to see it when you take her innocence.”

“She seems turned on by the secrecy of it all, let’s build up to you finding out. Do it from the closet or video?”

They had never done this before, gone outside their marriage, but had discussed it at length for years. Now, all that planning was becoming useful.

“Would she consent to a camera?”

Mark scrunched up his face and shook his head, “I don’t think so,” he said. “I think the picture pushed it a bit, I think you hiding would be best.”

“Oh,” she moaned, “I can’t wait for it.”

Mark felt himself start to harden again, thinking about how that sweet, tight, virgin girl would feel around him...He reached up and squeezed Rachel’s large breast.

She wiggled her ass against him slightly, feeling him as he hardened. “Oh, that was fast...thinking about something?” she teased.

He replied with a grunt, pulling her ass cheeks apart he guided himself back into her.

“You thinking about her? That tight pussy parting to let you in for the first time?”

He began to thrust, slowly, savoring the feel of her pussy gliding over his still sensitive shaft.

Rachel moaned, “You will just have to wait, unless you decide to not wait and to take it. Is that what you are imagining? Holding her down as you force your way in, pounding away as she whimpers and cumming deep inside, filling her full of your jizz.”

Her words had the desired effect on him and he sped up, holding onto her hip as he roughly fucked her. That stopped her talking and she gasped as he quickly reached his second finish.

He fell away from her, and lay sprawled out on the disheveled bed. She rolled over and snuggled against him.


Sarah’s heart pounded and her mouth was dry. There were so many interconnecting lies, each one pulling at her stomach. She was walking away from her house, on the lie that her date was having trouble finding the right street, toward a car that was parked around the corner. Another lie she had told her parents was that she was going out with a fictitious boy from her school, instead, Mark sat behind the wheel, her Master waiting for her. His lies were to his wife, telling her that he was going out to a business dinner. There was another lie afoot that night, one that Sarah did not know about, a lie that was Mrs. Wheeler’s.

He smiled at her as she climbed up into the car.

She smiled back, feeling under-dressed. He was in black slacks with a matching jacket and white dress shirt. She, in comparison, had nothing in her wardrobe for a classy evening out and had to resort to a floral patterned Easter dress. Her hair was loose and combed straight, tucked behind her ears. She had wanted to not wear her glasses, but she did not have contacts and would be blind without them so she wore the heavy frames.

He leaned over and kissed her. She relaxed into the kiss, letting him tongue her and with it take away her anxiety. When she was with him she could relax and let him take control.

As they drove, he explained his plan for their evening. “I have a reservation for dinner, it’s downtown and after that there is a sculpture exhibit in the park which is within walking distance of the restaurant.”

“It sounds lovely,” she said softly, heart fluttering at the romance of it all.

“After that,” he continued, ”Rachel took Sammy to her parents for the weekend, so we will have the house to ourselves.”

Her heart raced for a different reason now, coupled with a pulse between her legs at the suggestion of how they would spend their evening. She still had a bruise under her arm from the procedure, it had been an awkward conversation with her mother but after that and the consultation and appointment she was able to text Mark and let him know, and he had begun planning their special night.

They drove for a while, to where people would not know them and then parked.

Sarah followed a half step behind him as he led them to the restaurant. He held the door for her and the hostess took his name and led them through the dimly lit and hushed space to their booth.

Menus were left and Sarah sat with her hands in her lap staring at the options feeling completely overwhelmed.

“Don’t worry about ordering,” Mark told her when he noticed her expression.

When the waitress came he spoke for the two of them, ordering a dish that she had never heard of before for her.

Their drinks came, also of his choosing, and they spoke while they waited for their food. He asked about her college prospects and if she had been accepted yet. She said yes, she was going to the state school to study math. He was deeply interested in her and began to speak about his company and asked her opinion on a new project they were working on. Sarah tried to keep up with the specifics and offered a vague opinion but was too distracted to really concentrate.

She was blown away by how handsome he was right then. She had never seen him this focused, this excited about something. His joyful curiosity and total engagement with their conversation caused her cheeks to flush and her heart to race.

Sarah jumped slightly in shame when the food was served. She had been leaned forward, trying to surreptitiously grind on the seat when the waitress had arrived. Now her face burned red as she began to eat.

The food was good and the conversation slowed back to small talk as they busied themselves eating.

Sarah had only cleared half her plate when she stopped, having reached her fill.

Mark stopped eating soon after her. They both tried to return to the conversation but were at a loss for words. Sarah lost herself in his eyes and stopped trying to speak. He smiled and waved down the waitress, to ask for the bill. They left the restaurant as quickly as they could without drawing undue attention and almost ran back to the parked car.

He held her hand as they drove back, and Sarah squeezed it so tight she was afraid she would hurt him.

They arrived and tumbled out of the car. He unlocked the door and led her upstairs, she was back to holding his hand.

She excused herself to the bathroom, not wanting a full bladder to ruin the night, and after completing her business checked herself in the mirror. She ran a quick hand through her hair to correct a few errant strands and took a breath to collect herself. She was ready, excited and apprehensive, but ready.

She opened the door to his room and found him sitting on the bed, jacked unbuttoned, supporting himself with his arms. He stood without a word and approached her. She froze as he neared, letting the feel of his proximity run through her.

He reached past her and shut the door, then stepped behind her and began to slowly run his hands over her body. She shuddered as his touch ran up her back, over her breasts, down her thigh.

His fingers went to the center of her back, to where the zipper of her dress lay. The sound of it being undone sent a shiver down her spine. The dress fell around her feet and Sarah stayed still, not wanting to do anything without his permission.

He then went to the clasp of her bra. With a quick motion it was undone and falling away from her chest.

“Lay on the bed,” he whispered in her ear.

Sarah jumped to obey. Moving let her feel the wetness that was gathering between her legs, she wanted it, needed it.

She fell onto the bed, and spread her legs, a subtle invitation.

He stood above her and slowly began to undress. Sarah could hardly hold in a moan when he tugged his shirt free and exposed his muscled shoulders. The clinking of his belt as it came loose caused her to take a sharp breath and her whole body shook as his pants fell and his fully erect dick came into view.

He reached out and hooked a finger though the waistband of her panties. Sarah lifted her hips off of the bed to help him but he paused.

“Do you want this?” he asked, his voice full of concern.

Sarah needed him in her and said a line she had rehearsed, “Please Master, take me, take my virginity.”

He ripped off her panties and dove at her, taking her mouth in his and attacking her breasts with his hands.

She bucked her hips at him, trying to invite him in as his cock bumped into her thigh.

He took his dick in hand and lined it up with her soaking slit. Sarah moaned and pressed into him, causing the tip to slip in. He pressed forward slowly and she clutched at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he moved forward.

The feeling was so intense, she could not believe how big he felt. There was a throb of pain and she gasped out. He hesitated but then backed off and then pressed back in, slowly fucking into her deeper and deeper until his pelvis met hers.

She could not believe that she had taken it all. She was flooded with emotion, she felt so full, so happy that it was him, so overwhelmed with it all.

He started to move and she threw her head back.

She could not think, all she could do was lay there and feel.

He kissed her neck and moaned into her as he thrusted, sending shivers through her flesh. He grabbed at her, wrapping around her shoulders with one arm as grasping her hip with the other, his hands squeezing her close. His passionate embrace made Sarah whimper with lust, she felt completely safe, completely owned.

She hugged him close and focused on the rhythmic thrusts that sent harmonies of pleasure through her.

He pulled back, propping himself up on his arms, continuing to fuck her as he gazed down at her.

She met his gaze, slack jawed, and lay there motionless as he used her. With a moment of inspiration she raised her arms up by her head. He took the cue and grabbed them, pinning her to the bed, all the while pounding her.

“Sarah,” he grunted out, a flavor to his voice she had heard before.

“Please Master? May I please have it?”

His grip on her wrists tightened to the point where it almost hurt. His thrusts became forceful and their rhythm broke.

Sarah could not believe that it was happening and cried out with him as he came, her own pleasure rising sympathetically with his.

He fell onto her then, panting as his grip on her loosened.

Her limbs were weak but she moved them anyway, hugging him close as they rested in their moment of bliss.

Rating: 93%, Read 7941 times, Posted Sep 16, 2020

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Female, First Time, Old Male, Submission, Virginity


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