first time with a man_(2) by fcbiguy

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True Story | First Time, Gay

First time with a man. True story.

I had just turned 21, and was extremely curious about sex with another man. A

little history first. In 5th grade, I tasted my first cock when I licked my

neighbors dick. Me, my neighbor and his brother were looking at my dad's

magazines and somehow the conversation came up for me to try his dick in my

mouth. His brother seemed cool with it, and I thought what the hell.

His shorts were unzipped, and out came a 5" cock already erect, and dripping

slightly. I opened my mouth, and dropped to my knees. I tried to fit as much

into my mouth as I could. The salty taste of piss was strong. The younger

brother watched as his brothers dick went in and out of my mouth a few times.

It was very short lived though. I thought my parents would be home soon. Had I

known they weren't due back for another 30 min, I would have kept sucking my new

favorite treat. Sadly, that was the last dick I tasted for 7 more years.

In 6th grade, I discovered how sensitive my ass was when I was in the tub. The

warm water and bubbles felt so good as my finger circled my asshole, and after a

little ass tickling, I decided to edge my finger inside. Deeper and deeper

until my cock was rock hard, I began stroking myself till I had cum all over my

chest. Soon after, I then began to turn my toys into makeshift dildos.

A few years later, I discovered my parents had some toys, which I promptly used

when they were gone at work. I still played with my ass, and one of my

girlfriends even managed to slip a finger inside me once in a while as she

jacked me off.

Sadly, we broke up, and no other girlfriends that I had weren't even wanting to

try putting a finger in my ass, so I had another dryspell.

After I turned 18, I decided to check out the Book Ranch, our local porno shop.

They had video booths and my first few visits, I began to wonder why people kept

knocking on my locked door. I didn't realize what they wanted until I

accidentally opened the door to one guy on his knees, and a thick cock in his


This was before the gloryholes were cut. My curiosity got the better of me one

day. I saw one guy watching me as I made my way to the back of the store to

watch another video. I dont remember what he looked like just that he had a

nice cock.

I stepped into the booth slowly, and did not lock the door. As I fumbled

through my pockets for some quarters, the door slowly creaked open, and I turned

my head, smiled, and turned back to the tv screen and made way for him to come


I instinctively dropped to my knees, and took him into my mouth. His cock

smelled of sex, and his pubes kept tickling my nose, but I kept taking his dick.

Licking the tip, kissing the sides, just like I've seen the porno girls do it.

I wanted to taste his cum, so I grabbed the base and stroked his cock so that I

was jacking his dick with a closed mouth for his load. Within minutes, I was

rewarded for my efforts. I gagged a little, as it splashed my tongue, but was

soon swallowing a white hot load.

He zipped up and left, and I was still feeling the effects of a stiff body as I

wasn't used to being in that position. I had a few minutes left from my

quarters, so I started browsing the channels. I saw a few hot facial scenes,

then grabbed my rock hard cock, and blew a load into my palm.

This did not go to waste as I quickly slurped it down. I licked my palm dry,

zipped up, and headed for home to use a freshly purchased dildo (my own now) on

my ass.

Over the next few years, I would sometimes receive a blowjob when I went in,

which also felt great. I still wondered how a cock would be in my ass. I know

my toy felt great, but I wanted the real thing.

After I hit 21, I could go to the bars, and we had just 1 gay bar in town. I

left home, and got to the gay bar around 9 or so. It was right before

Thanksgiving, and it had snowed the night before.

The bar wasn't too crowded, everyone must have went back home for the holidays,

so I went up to the bar, sat down and ordered a beer. A couple beers later I

think I had enough courage to start talking to the guy a few stools down.

He soon found out that I was curious about getting fucked in my ass, and he let

it slip that he had a hot tub. We finished our drinks and I followed him to his

place. The warm water against a cold night always feels good.

He gave me a brief tour of his place, and we ended up in the changing area. His

tub was outside, about 15' away from the house. I said I dont have a suit, and

he told me it wasnt a problem and started to drop his pants.

So I began to take off my shirt, watching him get undressed as well. I pulled

my pants and underwear off which revealed my rock hard cock for a second. Before

I had a chance to stand all the way up, his warm lips were wrapped around my

dick. His tongue felt amazing as his mouth engulfed me.

He was at least 20 years older than me. I was pretty tense at the thought of

being totally nude with a man I just met. After a couple of long deep throats,

he handed me a towel and said there would be more of that outside as we stepped

into the cold night.

We made our way to the tub and hung our towels on a chair and beers next to the

tub. After entering the hot tub, we made some idle chitchat, as he scooted

closer to me. His hands begain rubbing my legs under the water, helping me

relax more.

He was about 6.5" hard, and uncircumsized. I'd seen a couple uncut dicks in the

showers, but never had a chance to touch one, but that was about to change.

A few beers, the hot water, the brief blowjob, and the cool air gave me the

courage to reach out to his cock.

We stroked eachother under the water, and his lips began to kiss my neck. He

licked my neck, and chest, and then my nipples. I told him I wanted to taste

his dick, and he stood up, with a rock hard prick inches away from my mouth.

I used both my hands on him, pulling back the extra skin exposing the head, the

water dripped off his almost hairless body. I slowly licked the tip. My tongue

wrapped around the head and I took my first uncut cock into my mouth. My saliva

soon flowed down his shaft.

His hands set on my head, began guiding my mouth back forth, in and out of my

mouth. I braced my body by putting my hands on his waist. It felt so good for

him to fuck my mouth. Here I was, just turned 21, and was stark naked in the

dawn of winter, sitting in a hot tub with a rock hard cock in my mouth. And it

felt good. I'm sure my actions could have been caught on camera, but I didnt


I remembered my experiences in the tub, and decided to start tickling his ass

with my finger. I used a little of the saliva that was sliding down his shaft

and down to his balls on his ass. I could hear him moan. After a minute or so

of this, I was soon rewarded with a few small streams of his cum in my mouth.

I gulped it down, and needed a chaser. I turned around to grab my beer, and the

sneaky son of a bitch had my cheeks spread open. I thought he was going to use

his finger on my ass like I just did his. What I felt next was not his finger.

Instead, it was his tongue, I almost came right there. His tongue darted all

over my asshole, I had no choice but to put my beer down and reach behind myself

and spread my cheeks for him. I was in extacy with each flick of his tongue.

I leaned back and said I wanted his cock inside me. He told me to finish my

beer and head inside. The beers, the heat, and chill of the night began to

combine with a freshly swallowed load, and the sensation of a tongue on my ass

got me dizzy. I stumbled inside, and told him i had to pee.

When I returned to his living room, he already had some porno on the tv. My

eyes became glued to his set watching 2 beefy men fuck and suck eachother. He

said to lay down on my back, as a rubber went over his shaft. With a few squirts

of lotion, he lubed my asscrack up, slowly going over my virgin hole. I felt

the pressure of his finger start to penetrate me.

With a nod of my head, his finger went deeper, ensuring I was lubed on the

inside. A few more moans and I felt my ass stretch more as his second finger

slipped inside me. I started stroking my cock very slowly. Little droplets of

precum were oozing out of my slit, and I rubbed it over the top of my head.

A few more minutes of him fingering my ass, I nodded that I was ready. I rolled

over on my stomach, and got propped up on my knees. I felt another squirt of

the cold lotion against my hot asshole, and then I felt the head of his cock

pressing into me. He kept telling me to relax, and soon his cock inched inside


This felt like the biggest thing I'd had in my ass ever, but I wanted more. It

felt really good the further he went inside. I kept watching the video he put

on, and he seemed to be timing his thrusts with those on the screen. As soon as

I saw that cock release from the ass on tv, I knew he was gonna cum. Again.

In seconds I was feeling hot splashes of cum on my back. My ass was still

gaping, so in back went his dick inside me. I rolled over, and he pushed back

inside me while I stroked my cock faster and faster. In seconds, cum began to

shoot all over my stomach, and chest, and each time his dick hit my prostate, I

shot a bit further. By the time my orgasm subsided, I was drenched in my own

cum covering my entire chest and was now running down my face and neck.

I cleaned up, headed home, and jacked my cock again to what just happened.

Let me know your comments, this is my first story.

Rating: 94%, Read 216657 times, Posted Nov 26, 2011

True Story | First Time, Gay


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