of Femininity and Sucking Cock by sadadako

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Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Transsexual, Written by women

His short breath echoing in the mostly empty bathroom was loud at first, but when it came filled with the sound of his mouth working over a particularly thick cock, the noises were deafening. Kora shifted the position of his heels on the floor, the scraping barely ringing out above the choking sounds that his throat made when the length he had buried in his throat thrust a little too deep. He was focused tonight. He needed the money this week, and he was determined to earn it before it was time to pack up and leave.

This was his stall. The familiar rough brush of duct tape against the little tip of his nose told him that. Through teary eyes, he could just barely make out the familiar slurs that graffitied the wall above the crudely cut hole. More or less accurate insults of 'slut' and 'bitch' loomed over his head as he gave the shaft in his mouth a very generous suck, letting himself pull back to catch his breath. There was a reason men came to him. Not only because he had a perfect mouth, but because he was one of the very few that allowed guys who didn't have a condom to spare to fuck his face every once in a while. It was even rumored that sometimes, he'd let a select few come into his stall. And that, too, was true. For this--and for just about everything else--he didn't charge, but he did require protection, which was a fault in the eyes of some. But they always came back. He had regulars that knew he'd let them in if they pushed at the stall door.

"C'mon..." Came the terse grunt of the man he had been ignoring, effectively breaking his concentration when the spongy knob of a dick jabbed against his cheek, then his lower lip, slathering his face with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva. Sometimes he forgot the fact that there was someone behind the wall, someone attached to the appendages he spent most of his nights sucking on. It wasn't something that he honestly cared about, and he really didn't have the urge to fix it either. Kora's eyes dropped as he grabbed the base, staring down the throbbing member, dripping and looking as if it would be ready to pop at any second. The veins stood out a faint, lovely blue against the red flesh, the skin stained a shimmering pink with his lip-gloss. It was drooling all over the crest of his chest, or at least what little skin that was peaking out from the tiny scrap of dress he had on. A dress that was already very messy from other loads from boys that day. The sight prompted a sensation of arousal, and elicited a small hiss from between his lips and through his teeth, the pillows swollen from the rough fucking this guy had been giving his mouth. He let his tongue out to roll along the head, and Kora could hear the heavy sigh the man gave in response. These few seconds of licking spanned longer and longer, until he was caught up in the motions of swirling his tongue over the slit, stroking firm and slow over the slick member.

A soft thud sounded. The male's hips pressed to the wall, but it only pushed the knob into Kora's hot mouth for a second before the suction was gone, his head having pulled back, and his tongue was lapping in slow, teasing strokes once more. It was throbbing steadily in the palm of his hand and the animalistic grunts that sounded as his silky hands and fake nails lightly touched to the bulging cock were delightful to his ears. As weak as a mewling kitten but with a desperate sense to uphold his masculinity. It struck him as nothing short of cute.

His client groaned impatiently at this outright display of teasing. "Do you want your money, or not?" And with this threat, the tip jabbed inside of his mouth, then pulled from the warm cavern, as if the male were expecting an answer. "Fuckin' tease," There was real frustration in the dislocated voice from behind the wall. Maybe he had fucked with the guy too much. But the silence edged on, and it was clear that he was expected to speak, something he was reluctant enough to do, since it ruined the illusion of his girly demenour.

"Um, I do..." A bit of fear crept into him at the sound of his own voice. Not feminine, not even very girl-ish. It was a boy's, and the fact of the matter was that not all of the men that came through the bathroom were gay, given that this bathroom was originally for girls. Out of order, but still a women's bathroom. The few seconds of quiet that followed his response only amplified the terrible churning in his stomach as he waited for his own response. He tried to get a look through the duct taped hole, but the slippery cock in his hand filled it pretty well. The only relief he garnered from his examination was the fact that his client's erection hadn't softened. Not yet, at least.

During his furious thoughts, the shaft he had been cupping gently pulled from his palms. It left only wet spots of drool where it had been, and it took a moment for the sight to register in his mind. Kora held his breath, listening for footsteps. One, then two, and soon enough, a pair of eyes peaked over the stall at him. They were dark eyes, ones of a young man, though not one as young as he was. Clearly, he was being inspected. It wasn't the sort of look of violence that he had been expecting, but beneath all that lust, he could detect a hint of curiosity.

Kora did play the part of a girl well. He had hit the genetic lottery on that part at least, with the scale of

androgyny tipped gently over to the side of feminine rather than masculine. He had angelic, plump lips that curved timidly at the corners, almost into a polite smile that could seem mischievous with the right spark in his eyes. Even while drool and cum were dribbling down his chin, even while his almond eyes were wide with shock, he looked lovely. Not someone who needed to be crouched down in bathrooms, sucking guys off for money. Of course, there wasn't a single one of his customers that would complain about his predicament. "Let me in. I'll give you double if you let me fuck you," He watched as the male's gaze narrowed hungrily, and this was enough to prompt him to gather his wits about him.

He definitely needed the cash. And double the money meant that he could probably go home right after instead of staying another few hours. Instead of responding, the boy straightened himself from where he had been sitting comfortably on the backs of his heels, pulling down the high hem of his dress so that it went as low as it could go, just barely covering his ass. The click of the door unlocking followed his little show, and he glanced upwards to see if the man with the mousy brown hair was still watching. He was greeted with nothing, just emptiness where there had once been a person staring him down. Someone was eager.

Again, his attention was captured. This time, it was from a rough hand grabbing his cheeks, pulling his head upwards so that it was tilted into a painful angle and staring helplessly into the tired, yet sharp eyes of a brunette. Beside them, the door clattered against the wall of the bathroom's stall, making his breath leap and get stuck in his throat. The male towered a full foot and more above him, a task that wasn't difficult in the slightest in comparison to someone as small as Kora, a boy that happened to be blessed with a petite frame--it really made his boyish scrawniness an advantage when he was dressed up like a girl. This guy, on the other hand, was handsome and most definitely masculine at that. Stubble, very noticeable cheekbones. But the most prominent thing about this man had to be what he was wearing. A smart blue uniform, adorned with a shiny badge that caught Kora's gaze with no amount of difficulty. Second to that was the fact that his client had very nice forearms, and that his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows to clearly display the muscle there.

The sight took ages to dawn upon him, but slowly, his reaction took place. All he could manage to do was stare up at the cop in front of him with rounded eyes messed with running mascara, raised eyebrows that were thicker than he would have liked, and his breath coming out frantically through his nose. "M-mm..." When his head even twitched so much to the side, the cop pulled it back. If he tried to pull away, he was just yanked back into place with loudly clicking heels stuttering on the concrete floor. Kora's hands darted up, closing around the male's thick wrist and yanking as hard as he could manage, though ultimately only succeeding in sinking his nails into his flesh. The thick fingers clamped tighter into his face, biting down and forcing a high whimper from the boy.

There was a fierceness on the beautifully defined face of the male towering over him. "You're a messy little slut, aren't you?" There was no lift to his voice, and in a movement that happened faster than a blink, his wrists were enclosed in the brunette's free hand. Again, his client didn't wait for a response. "A little young to be whoring yourself out like this, huh? Can't be more than eighteen..." For what felt like the fifteenth time in those short seconds, the other male stared at his mouth again, observing how the lips plumped out when they were pinched. Kora's head was turned from one side to the other, before released altogether. There wasn't even a moment left for the boy to react before his skirt was being worked over his hips, and even then, he said nothing. Shame burned across his face when the other's gaze drifted between his thighs, as if he had done something wrong. He could feel cold air brushing the length of his own exposed prick, the flesh covered in his own slather of pre-cum. He yanked back yet again, but he was held fast and pulled forward by the wrists as a large hand cupped his crotch, feeling up the naked skin with a calloused palm and pinching fingers.

"Shy, too," he noted as the whore struggled against the heavy-handed touches to his more sensitive areas. Kora was terrified. His breath came in went in short gasps and his gaze flickered restlessly, not unlike a trapped animal. Sometimes he'd focus his dewy doe eyes at the man's face, then down to their pairs of feet. The pace of his breath though was nothing compared to his anxiously fluttering heart, only getting faster when the brunette started to really grind against his throbbing cock in full with more room to spare in his large hand. He utilized this extra space by reaching his fingers up and closing them fiercely just below the head of the boy's prick, squeezing so roughly that his knuckles went white. Pre-cum oozed out, making the pads of his fingers slip and slide, only to bite down yet again.

Pain blinded the smaller male, bursting into a white hot plume behind his eyelids. Every cell in him screamed, and he could feel a cry settling itself in his throat as his head fell back against the wall behind him with a noisy thud. This was how he would die. He was sure of it. His slender thighs rubbed together, a weak attempt to alleviate the agony between them, but to no avail. Then, the noise made its way out, strangled and with lips that trembled around it. He cried out wordlessly, the sound bouncing off the echoing room. His mouth moved over noiseless words, until one came out. "P-please," he choked with knocking knees, feeling the agonized throbbing of his cock in his bones. It made his stomach twist in anguish, but this was only more motivation for his attacker. The boy's cock was released from his rough grasp for a few golden seconds, enough to let relief settle down on his chest. Instead of squirming and trying to free his hands, he simply gasped as if he had been holding his breath during the entirety of his torture. This lasted even as the slut's body was spun and his chest pinned to the filthy wall he had been avoiding to touch even with his back. When he tried to brace himself with his hands, but the upward movement signaled the man behind him to seize just under his elbows with one arm, pinning the limbs behind his back.

Kora yanked forward, just to test how strong his entrapment was, and a sharp ring of pain gave him his answer. He relaxed soon after, seeming almost docile with his heavy breath and slightly sweaty body. He knew what was coming next. The images were already beginning to flood his mind. Hands running up his body, and pain. But a good kind of pain. He had his hips jutted out already, and his dress was already pulled up above them while his feet were spread and planted firmly on the floor. He was ready before he even heard the sound of the brunette spitting on his own fingers, though it was a little begrudging. It was a beautiful picture, the bunching of fabric above the bones of his hips, pale skin standing out in stark contrast from the dark dress. Between the plumper meat of his ass was a lovely pucker of pink flesh, his asshole, and it twitched faintly in anticipation.

The boy was pulled back from the wall, lifted by his arms so that his shoulders were screaming in protest, before the digits plunged in. It definitely wasn't anything tender. They moved rough and hard inside him, not looking to give pleasure, but simply to stretch him out to just barely fit a cock inside. The hole was lubed enough to slide, but just uncomfortable enough to cause his jaw to tighten firmly in a very unfeminine gesture, a sharp hiss seeping out.

"Get your fingers out," The words came out in a small, but frim growl.

"Aww... You don't like it?"

His lips were pulled back from his teeth just slightly, the bridge of his nose wrinkled. Fake sympathy. He hated it. This expression was a startling difference from how lazily he had acted before. And now, the boy's frown only grew more stubbornly evident. He turned his head in disgust when he felt the other's face pressing tenderly into his neck, kissing there as if they were lovers. Which, as far as Kora was concerned, they certainly weren't. There were plenty of randoms that he fucked that he might happily give the title of 'lover' to, but this guy wasn't one of them. He was rude and rough in the worst way, and this was only solidified when he felt his naked cock shoved against the wall in front of him by the male's bare hips. "Why're you still hard then, huh?"

"Fuck!" Kora gasped, his breath fluttering lightly when the fingers were buried in deep, all the way down to the knuckle. His flat chest arched forward and his brows knitted together into a wince, all in one fell swoop. It was the sensation of being stuffed full--even with something as small as fingers. It made his toes curl in his shoes. Thickly lashed dark eyes narrowed menacingly stared at the cop from over his shoulder. His expression was almost a pout, more cute than nerve wracking, and he gave a tiny growl just in time for the digits to start teasing.

They rubbed against his insides rather than scrape painfully against them, and the reaction it brought was nothing short of humiliating. His knees trembled, teeth biting lustily into the plush pillow that was his lower lip. Not just that, but Kora could feel the flush to his cheeks, the brush of his hair falling in his face and the fact that he could do nothing to push it out of the way. It was the helplessness that kept his dick hard. Not the fingers inside him or the man grinding against his ass. At least, that was what he told himself. In reality, his excuse was more depraved than the act. All it was chalked up to be was receiving sexual pleasure, whether it was unwanted or not. His only consolation was the fact that the cop had no real way of knowing the excitement he felt when he was held down. The mere idea that he was turned on against his will was humiliating enough, he didn't want it solidified by his weird fetishes.

His secret probably hadn't even crossed the brunette's mind. With the way he was biting his fingers down into his arms and breathing roughly down the back of his neck, it was obvious. This guy wasn't thinking about much of anything but fucking of the most animalistic nature, and Kora was getting there himself. His thoughts were caught on the digits probing and sawing at the walls of his fuckhole, and he couldn't let out a breath without it escaping in a breathy moan. His hips rocked just barely, so subtle that he hardly noticed he was doing it other than the realization that it felt good when he squeezed. He was only vaguely aware of a spongy wetness sliding across the pert flesh of his ass, but the thought was quickly pushing its way to the front of his mind. The slit was leaving slimey trails of precum across his skin, the fluid hot against what had felt so cold just a moment ago. To his disdain, he was quickly finding that he liked it. He enjoyed the sensation of the engorged, throbbing cock pressing against him, the tip sinking just between where his ass and his thigh met. He loved how it twitched, and how the man behind him grunted and held him possessively when it did. But, most of all, he hated the fact that he loved it. His own bliss made his skin crawl in disgust. Just the idea of reacting positively from nothing more than a hard dick grinding into his skin sent him into another fury, quite similar to his overall enjoyment of his attacker's extended bout of teasing.

Before he could snarl out another insult in his sudden mental clarity, the fingers abruptly popped free from inside him, leaving him feeling very empty and aware of the painful erection he was sustaining. "Hey--ow!" Dark eyes widened as he felt his head yanked back by a hand grabbing deep into tangles of long hair. Kora's jaw clenched, surprisingly soft for a boy's. "You're a dick," he spat, pursing his lips to keep them from trembling with his frustration. There was nervousness in his eyes. He could feel the cock starting to jab against him more purposefully now, pushing clumsily against his gaping interest. The young male managed to remain quiet for a moment. It seemed as if the shock had tricked him into silence temporarily He opened his mouth, then closed it again.

"You're not gonna put a condom on?" Came a stammering voice, locks of almost-real hair falling down around his ghost white face. It only got more pale when his question was greeted with laughter.

"You wanna get paid, don't you?" It was a threat. The cop yanked at his hair again, his fingers reaching deep, all the way down to the roots. Not a moment later, Kora yelped, the shaft gradually sinking in. The pushing was relentless, still shoving deep whether he was willing to accept the length or not, and this behavior earned a well deserved wince from Kora.

It wasn't clear what excited his overly eager fuck-buddy more. The fact that he was clearly in pain, or just that the male had been waiting such a long time for his release. Whatever it was, he was pounding in hard and fast, leaving the boy no choice other than to loosen up or get his ass permanently wrecked by the girth of the cock pistoning into him. Thankfully, the stinging lessened immediately when he started to relax, but the aching anxiety in the pit of his stomach was there to stay.

"Well?" The demanding voice questioned. It seemed disconnected from the man behind him. Or maybe he was disconnected? This guy was fucking him bareback, and they hadn't even exchanged names. Or, more importantly, money. There was still the very real possibility that the cop might book it before he got paid. And there was nothing Kora could really do about it. He'd be lucky just getting off without getting arrested, and it wasn't like he could even utter a 'no' without it being ignored anyway, so he couldn't

refuse sex either.

Not that he really wanted to at this point. It was a miracle he could even focus with how hard their hips were slapping together, bouncing his little cock and flicking pre-cum across the base of his stomach. He could hardly keep his eyes from rolling back, his mouth from gaping open. He managed to shut it somehow, but immediately after, he cried "Yes, please!". It felt like he had his voice shut off for ages, waiting patiently for it to steady, but instead it quivered in the most pathetic way at the end of his last begging word. But this was expected when his mind was moving a mile a minute and he couldn't seem to control himself physically, let alone mentally. The noises he was making hurt his own ears, bouncing off the walls as more and more wanton lust built up inside him. Mostly, his thoughts were focused on the slapping sound of their hips hitting together. He somehow still had it in him to be vaguely aware of how much he hated such a lewd noise, making their acts known to anyone who happened to walk into the bathroom at the wrong time, but his body defied him. He simply squirmed and moaned aloud, making loud sex even louder. Out of his control, at least.

At the sound of Kora's fumbled, tremulous answer, the cop laughed. It was a breathy, low chuckle, but still a laugh all the same. Not just that, but one that seemed triumphant, too. It wasn't hard to taste the male's satisfaction--he had finally shut the uppity whore's mouth. Tamed him, lowered his defenses. Now, there was no protest when he yanked the boy back by his arms, pulling so that his spine was fit into a sharp curve. And when he slowed his hips to a painfully lax crawl? All Kora could seem to do was groan long and demanding.

"Oh God..." Kora's voice came out in a slight squeak. The fingers fell from his hair, releasing the long tendrils to ease around his throat, holding him in place to prop up firmer, fuller strokes. It was delightful how his glistening lips parted, how his eyebrows furrowed in confusion over an otherwise pleased face. Every inch went in, and around the wide base leaked hot pre-cum down his slender thighs, the muscles standing out firm against his creamy skin. "Hurry up!"

"Why? You think after bein' a tease that I'm just gonna let you cum?"

"Fuck you!" The words burst out, and defiant hate flickered in his eyes briefly, before his knees began to go weak, the product of a rough thrust sent to quiet him up again. It did the job by busying him with mewling like the slut he was, panting desperately between sounds.

His head dropped down. A gesture of shame as he still tried to move himself against the frustratingly slow thrusts. His cushiony ass bumped against the hips grinding into his fairly often, eking out little sighs each time. It wasn't enough. It wasn't even close to enough. "Please!" Kora begged yet again, squeezing thick lashed eyes shut. The apples of his cheeks, the bones peaking out shyly, were dusted an embarrassed pink. The corners of his almond orbs were glistening slightly, desperate tears wetting the corners and smearing up his make-up.

"Please what?" The cop retorted, a smirk in his grunting voice that irritated the boy deep down to the pit of his stomach. This reaction only grew when he felt the throbbing shaft inside him start to stiffen up even more than it already was. Son of a bitch, he thought savagely. This bastard was about to blow his load and he wouldn't even return the favor.

"Please let me cum," Kora hissed through grit teeth, his sincerity clearly absent. He at least knew that this wouldn't be helping his predicament in the slightest, but he could hardly keep himself from tossing his head in annoyance when he felt the male's rough hand climbing up his slender throat. All that was going through his mind was a steady stream of agitated curses, the words fumbling even in his thoughts with the thrusts, quickening, then slowing again at random intervals.

There was no doubt. He was doing this on purpose. Toying with him with that big, swollen cock, and just to make him suffer, too. The gentle, sluggish movements of the length inside him were taking their tole, after all. Kora was helpless. It wasn't even the pounding as much as it was the teasing that turned him into a whimpering slut, long, pale legs spread and his full lips parted, slickened with saliva. He was very aware of his humiliating facial expression, but more pressing was the painful twitches his own prick was giving. His own warm pre-cum was dribbling messily down the insides of his thighs, mixing together with the slather of the cop's. No relief came. Just steady pumps into his ass, pushing at a lazy tempo that was starting to pick up little by little.

Lips brushed along the shell of his ear, uncomfortably hot with their lewd words. "I'm gonna cum in your tight little ass." The words came out in a growl, still echoing in his head despite his practically deafening moans. There was nothing to slow the brunette down now. He clapped a hand over Kora's mouth, slamming into him with the entire shape of his cock. The boy mewled weakly, trying to straighten himself, to squirm as much as possible to ruin the chances of having his insides sprayed with jizz. His efforts were futile, and he knew the fact well. It wasn't even the fact that he was being fucked that made him weak, but just because the older male was much more capable, much stronger than he.

There was almost no effort in holding Kora down while their hips slapped with animalistic grunts, and as expected, his thrusts came to a grinding halt not but a second or so later. There was only so much waiting that one man could do, especially during just one round. He was just about done. In reply, the dark eyed boy let out a groan of protest, one that leveled out into silence--albeit his shaky breathing. He measured one, then two little sighs of air before it began.

Hot liquid spurted inside of him in a thick torrent, coating his insides liberally in the gooey cum. It came oozing out only a second later, since his client still kept their hips grinding. "Oh fuck, fuck, please touch me!" Kora burst, his fuckbuddy tangling one hand into his fake hair, then slowly pulling out immediately after blowing his load. The action drug on for seconds, and his attacker's attention was completely focused on the strings of cum coming from his cream-pied fuckhole.

"Sorry." The police officer sighed. He was still held in place by the hair, but now his arms were kept a little more loosely. It wasn't until he heard a soft metallic 'clink' of a cuff falling into place that he realized the gravity of the situation. "Maybe someone a little more generous than me might help you out, huh?"

"Wait--!" The other end of the handcuffs was immediately locked onto the pipe of a near by toilet. Kora's lips opened and closed once or twice, before he was shoved down by the shoulder, kneeling with his aching cock exposed. His eyes were wide with horror, closely watching every movement of the male in front of him. He was reaching into his pocket...

Inside were two things. One, a little ring of keys, and the second, a wallet. "You're getting paid, right? Wasn't that the agreement? And I'm helping you, anyway. You need to lower your standards. You'll make more money that way," The man soothed, setting his only salvation--the keys--out of reach. Kora's attention stayed focused on this instead of the boring pause his lover took to search through his wallet. How could he say such a thing? He needed to 'lower his standards'? Just as he opened his mouth to spit out indigence at this, a handful of bills was shoved into the tight band that kept his dress up.

"There," the male grinned, seeming satisfied with this decision. He ate Kora up with his eyes, clearly enjoying how ravaged the boy looked, and the anger smoldering in those dark eyes. He was so smug... "Is that better?" He cooed, cupping the soft, flushed cheeks in the palms of his hand and rubbing his thumbs along the gooey corners of the slut's lips. They were parted to let out his heaving breath, but behind them were his teeth, screwed tightly shut. The hands sank into his hair, combing it back from his face, before bringing it in to press to his crotch.

The police officer seemed just so pleased with himself as he rubbed hot cum into Kora's cheek. "Come on, you can't be mad at me. I've been so nice to you..." It was difficult to express his indignant terror when he felt jizz--hot at that--smeared over his skin. The flaccid shaft wasn't unlike a slug, warm and slippery as it ground against his face. The musky scent prompted him to jerk backwards, but his client's rough hands held him firmly in place as he steadily, but lazily rubbed himself against the male's delightfully soft skin. In result, this earned a growl, low and angry sounding, only for it to be muffled by the slick cock slathering up his pretty mouth with cum. He pinched up his face in disgust. This thing had just been inside him, after all. Now it was trying to get in his mouth.

"You gotta finish your job. Clean it up," The cop instructed, pulling him back by his hair with one hand bundled up into the tresses. Kora was very aware that he was being talked to like a puppy that had piddled on the carpet, and he wasn't happy about it. He glared up at the man, turning his head stubbornly when the tip was jabbed against his tightly pursed lips. "You're nothing but a useless whore if you can't suck dick," The words felt like a slap across the face, but now the knob was being bounced against his cheek, leaving sticky trails between his skin and the gooey head.

This assault continued, with the plump member persistently attempting to push into his mouth and laying across his face, until impatience overwhelmed the taller male. "That money'll be mine and you'll get your face fucked no matter what if you don't open your mouth. Now." It was clear what he meant. Kora didn't want to take that risk, and the brunette knew it well. He couldn't keep the anger from bubbling inside him at the threat, but his mouth spread open anyway, hate seeping out of the small boy in startling amounts as he obediently welcomed his mouth to the other. As expected, this agitated reaction onl excited the cop, prompting him to bur the shaft between Kora's lips, and almost instantly, it was closed into a loose suction. The girth of it filled his cheeks, but each time he pulled up the would hollow slightly, dragging more cum into the hot cavern so that it coated his tongue. Soon enough, the semen was all he could taste, and coupled with the scent, the poor boy was overwhelmed.

At least it was mostly clean though; that was his only relief. Kora slowly pulled his head back, but when he finally reached the lowest part of the tip, the cop yanked him back by the hair, and his mouth popped free with a soft pop that was echoed by loud breathing.

"Good job." That was it? He found his head spinning as a grin settled down on his shocked face. There was no pause between the end of his very short blowjob and the sound of a zipper, signalling that the officer was getting ready to leave. Finally, he was done. "I'll be back tomorrow."

With that, he was gone. The door was left open wide, but Kora was focused on the words. They were more a threat than anything else. He'd be back tomorrow... Returning no doubt for more blackmail and painful, degrading sex. He was already starting to feel sore, sluggish and dirty, and the night was far from over. This was unfair. He was being punished for something he didn't even do wrong... But honestly, what more was there for him to expect? He had this guy pinned pretty well, after all--a BDSM freak. Of course he got something out of being mean.

Kora tried not to pay any attention to the fact that he suffered from the very same affliction as the cop. Instead, it was easier to take the path of self pity.

Why? Because these were things he knew he deserved. From a young age, it had been ingrained into the boy's mind that promiscuous sluts were for abusing and rough fucking, and really, that was why he wanted to be one. He wanted to wear short skirts and long, fake nails. Tall heels and make up. That was why the reflection in the mirror, looking more like an animal in heat than a scrawny, nervous nineteen year old boy felt better, more at home. He took pride in that image and held it firmly in his field of vision, just a few feet in front of his disgusting bathroom stall. What stared back at him were glossy, cum-coated lips and teary eyes. Long, dark hair and a lovely dress hitched over slender hips. It was the picture of a girl. A beautiful girl that boys wanted to ravage, to fuck raw. A pretty, confident slut, and that was what he strove for. That was the reason why he welcomed abuse, and quite frankly, he was fine with that.

Rating: 80%, Read 16878 times, Posted Sep 05, 2013

Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Transsexual, Written by women


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