Sara & the Suit by Hypnotist+DG

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Chapter 1

Sara saw her Dad leave the house from her bedroom window. She waited until he was in his car and driving away from the house before she went to his room. His birthday was coming up and she wasn't sure of his clothing size, so wanted to sneak into his room to find out. She didn't have much money from the little bit of babysitting she did on non-school nights, but it was enough to buy something nice for him. She wasn't sure if she had enough for a shirt and some shorts, so she wanted to check on both sizes. He was off to work, so she had plenty of time to investigate and then buy something at the local Mall because school was closed for President's Day.

When she entered the room, Sara saw the mess all along the floor. It was mostly clothes that missed the laundry basket he had stuffed in the corner of the room on top of some shoe boxes. She knew that since Mom died a few years back, he was pretty tired from having to work so hard to keep their lifestyle the way it was. Sara loved her father very much for all the things he did for them, but especially to never let it show on his face how beat down he was at times. Sara overheard some of the phone conversations he had with her Grandmother and Grandfather about making ends meet. Even at 14, Sara knew things were hard and appreciated everything she had and never asked for more than she needed.

As much as Sara wanted to clean up the mess, she also didn't want him to know he was in his room. She usually respected his privacy and never came in there without his permission, but for his birthday present, there had to be an exception. She went to his closet which was off its tracks, so she had to muscle it open to see inside. She had to laugh at all the business shirts and pants wrapped in dry cleaner plastic. Sara would iron his clothes if he would just asked, but her Dad was too proud to do so. Being a little naive in buying clothes for men, she wasn't sure if the shirt size for business clothes would be the same as t-shirts or polo shirts. She read 15 1/2 and was expecting to see x-large or large or something of that nature.

She couldn't move the sliding door anymore than it was moved all ready, so she walked into the closet to see what else he might have in there, Sara pulled on the old metal links that extended from the lightbulb in the closet and the light snapped on rather brightly. She immediately saw an old trunk in the back corner of the closet. Out of curiosity, she decided to look what was in the trunk before checking on more shirt sizes. When she opened it, her heart skipped a beat. It was mom's old clothes.

Sara really missed her a lot, and loved the caring way her mother took care of her. Every night before Sara went to bed she was always asked what was for breakfast tomorrow as if she knew the menu. If she said, "bacon and eggs", 2 days later there were bacon and eggs. If she said, "blueberry pancakes", 2 days later there were blueberry pancakes. It was always 2 days later, which Sara always got a kick out of. Sara tried to challenge her every now and then, but even if it was mango juice and turkey sausage links, it was on the table waiting for her 2 days later.

Her Dad often said to Sara that she had her mother's green eyes, blond hair and bronzed complexion. She wasn't sure if she looked exactly like her mom, but that much was true. She died when she was 11, a little more than 3 years ago, and it still made her cry when she thought about it. Sara pulled out a summery flower print dress that she remembered her mother wearing to Sunday mass. Her mother always made clothes look glamorous. As she backed out of the closet Sara looked at it with her arms extended as if she could recapture the memory even more. Catching herself in the full length mirror on the wall she held the dress up to herself. She seemed close to her mother's height and size, although she might lack a little of the body maturity her mother had, it still might come close to fitting her. Wondering just that, she decided it wouldn't hurt to honor her memory with trying it on.

She removed her blue, yellow and white flannel pajamas and tried on the similarly colored floral dress. She gleely noticed they had the same taste in colors as she buttoned the dress up. Once she had it completely on, Sara was surprised how wonderful she looked in it. Her chest was only a blossoming 32b as compared to her Mother who might have been somewhere between a c and d cup, and there lied the only difference in how it fit the young teenager. She spun elegantly around admiring her new look. Sara wondered what else she possibly could try on, so before she got her mother's dress all dusty, she removed it and went back into the closet with only panties and socks to find the next outfit.

Trying to move the chest to better lighting was too much for Sara, so she just had to pull one piece out at a time and examine it in the fully lit bedroom. Finding a few sweaters and jeans and a couple of t-shirts, she tried on just about everything. The pants slid down her hips, so they didn't really work too well, but the tops were a good fit. One of the light blue sweaters was so nice, she felt like keeping it, but she knew better, so she folded it up with the other clothes she had piled on her dad's bed. Everything was in pretty good shape surprisingly after all the time that went by. There was a bit of a musty smell on most of the items, but it really wasn't too bad. Towards the bottom of the trunk, there was this wrinkly silver object Sara wasn't too sure if it was clothes or something else. As she pulled it from the trunk, an extended wire came out of the box with it. Getting it back into the bedroom, Sara still wasn't sure what she was looking at.

It looked like a full-body space suit with various black patches or attachments around the suit in different places. The wire that extended from the suit was nothing more than a plug for a wall socket. Sara thought at first it was something out of the 70s, but she really wasn't sure what to make of it. It was quite wrinkly with lines, so Sara thought it must have aged a bit from the storage. She wanted to try it on, but decided to plug it in first just in case something went wrong. There was a slight humming sound coming from the suit, but it was barely noticeable. Maybe it was for working out or a losing weight, Sara thought to herself.

She decided to try it on to see what it felt like. Realizing that the wire extended from a small hole in the suit, Sara moved back to the bed and sat down at the edge. The wire still came out of the suit with no problem and she pulled it some more so it wouldn't interfere with her putting the suit on. Placing her feet in first, then pulling the suit up to her legs and then to her hips and butt, the suit swam loosely about her. She continued to place her upper body into the suit and zipped it in up as far as her neck. She looked at the mirror and laughed uncontrollably at the sight of herself. She looked like the tin man from the movie, Wizard of Oz, except with a wrinkly tin covering. The thing didn't fit at all, it was so big on her. It would surprise her if she could walk too far in it. Her mother must have worn this for Halloween, she thought and giggled some more at her foolishness. What was the plug for though? She wanted to see if the wire into the suit went anywhere specifically, but before she could trace the connection, she felt an object in a side pocket by her waist. Pulling it out she saw a small black remote control the size and shape of a saltine cracker. There were indicator lights in several locations around some of the buttons. There was a red button alone in the top corner that read "power/off", and 2 rows of silver buttons that read:

"speed +", "speed -", "heat +", "heat -", "Upper", "Lower", "Full Body", "S & M", "Oil" and "Timed"

After hitting the power button, Sara slapped her forehead and realized the batteries must be dead. Unsnapping the back of the remote, she smiled and knew the problem wasn't the batteries being dead because there weren't any. Wanting so much to see what the suit did, she climbed out of the suit and ran downstairs to the kitchen to find what appeared to be a triple A battery. Going through the draw that had all the batteries, she found one that fit just fine. Hitting the power button she saw the light flicker, so she knew she was in business. She hastily cleaned up the mess she made and ran back upstairs.

Upon getting back to her dad's bedroom she noticed a grease mark of some sort on her panties. She took some tissues to clean the inside of the suit and wiped it clean but found small traces of oily grease throughout the inside of the suit which took more effort than expected. Not wanting to further stain her panties or socks, she removed them both before zipping the suit back up to her neck. This time she noticed a loose strap by the neck that snapped over the zipper and slid like a belt into the side of the neck and locked into place hiding the zipper from view. Sara figured it was to prevent the chin or neck from being cut for the metal edge of the zipper. It didn't make her look anymore fashionable so she didn't care either way.

Not knowing what to expect, she braced herself as she depressed the power button, and instantly a hissing sound came from somewhere in the suit. She felt the suit shift somewhat against her. As seconds elapsed, the suit started to squeeze tightly, yet quite comfortably against her naked body. She noticed this first around her feet and legs where the suit started to take her shape as the silvery wrinkles slowly smoothed themselves out to a skin-tight layer of shiny material. Her hips completed the lower body transformation and she was absolutely astonished how painted on the suit was now appearing. As the wrinkles cleared their way up her stomach, she felt it somewhat encase her breasts rather than simply cover them. The skin tightness of the suit finished finally all the way up to her neck and shoulders. There were small black patches all along the suit, mostly concentrated on different places on her legs, stomach, back, shoulders, neck and chest. There was also a rather large black covering in the shape of a cheese wedge surrounding her most private of areas. It extended about 6" from the body and was odd in the relative look of the suit.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sara was surprised how her body looked. If it wasn't for the odd black triangle and patches, her body's shapely figure looked as if she was painted silver. Every shapely curve was accentuated and because she kept in good physical shape, even the grooves of her tight stomach and muscled legs stood out. She admired her appearance and felt somewhat comfortable with this second skin. The appearance was reminescent to a funhouse mirror, so very shiney although it was hard to see your face without looking distorted. The texture had such a silky smooth feeling much like satin or silk, but better. The only thing she could compare it to in her mind was like a sheet of ice, but minus the cold.

Interested in testing one of the other buttons, Sara hit the "Timed" button, a green light in the remote went on, but nothing else happened. She waited a little while before she hit it again, a second green light went on next to the other one, but still nothing happened. She went to the "heat+" button and a red light went on next to the first green light. Immediately Sara felt a wave of warmth enter the suit. It was not hot, just a nice warm feel. She hit the "heat -", the red light disappeared and the suit took about a minute, but the temperature returned to where it was. Next, Sara hit the "heat +" twice, two red lights appeared and was followed by a stronger feeling of warmth. It was very comfortable to Sara.

Hitting the "Upper" button next she felt a massage on her shoulders and neck, and with the heat it gave a pleasant relaxing feeling. She laid back on the bed and enjoyed the feeling. Sara was definitely liking this suit, and once she realized it was some kind of high tech massaging device, she knew that speed would make it a deeper massage. Hitting the "speed +" button a couple of times confirmed that fact. The massage got stronger and more intense and she started to feel a slight pulsing massage on her breasts. It gave Sara a bit of a strange feeling, but nice and she enjoyed it more and more as the heat added to the pleasure.

Realizing what the "Lower" button was, she felt if she was going to enjoy the massage, the "Full Body" would be the next choice to make. When she hit the button, the upper massage, started anew with the shoulders and neck, but she also felt her feet rubbed intensely. She put her whole body on her dad's bed and laid back trying to just enjoy all the sensations of the suit. The suit was working her shoulders and feet so good, she just had to lay there and close her eyes. Sara had plenty of time to get to the business at hand in regards to her Father's clothing, but for now she would relish in her Mother's massage suit.

With one eye open she depressed the "speed +" button of the remote once more, and the intensity increased yet again. The massage worked-up her calves and ankles and it felt so relaxing and good. All the tension was leaving her body. Her lower back felt a bit rubbing now and this relaxed her even further. Suddenly, the relaxation took a new turn and again Sara felt the strange feeling in her breasts as she felt the rubbing center around her nipple area. The new sensations the blond teen was now experiencing made her feel dreamy all over. Sometimes in the shower she had this fleeting feeling in her breasts, but it was brief and she didn't think much about it. Now her mind was focused on her chest and what the suit was doing to her. It was a combination of the heat and the massage, and it was making her feel very very nice.

As the massage worked higher up her legs she felt this growing desire deep inside her awaken. The way the massage worked her nipples, she couldn't help but feel a bit tingly in her pussy region. She really didn't fully understand it, but she knew the sensations were building the more rubbing she felt. The massaging suit tenderly worked the muscles in her thighs, and without realizing she was doing it, she parted her legs slightly to let the massage move higher. The massage also moved up her back and between how relaxed she felt, the heat of the suit and how her body was responding, she was starting to lose herself in the moment. Then without warning the suit stopped, the heat turned off and all of the massaging ceased.

Sara looked blurry-eyed at the remote and noticed all the lights had turned off. Needing the massage to continue she once again hit the "Timed" button, but this time she hit it until 5 green lights came on. She did the same wih the "heat +", but stopped at 3 red lights. She was going to hit the "Full Body" right away, but she was curious about the other 2 buttons she didn't try. She decided to try the "Oil" button first, and as soon as she hit it, she felt a warm liquid spread across her lower region. It must have been the grease she had found inside the suit, Sara thought. It felt really nice and warm against the tight suit, but because of the lack of available space in the suit, the oil only spread over her ass and pussy. Sara wasn't really sure why they had such a feature, but then she felt a pulsating massage right on her butt cheeks. She felt the oil work its way into the crack of her ass which gave her the weirdest sensation. It was good, but not as good as the "Full Body". While the warm oil massage continued, she clicked down the "S & M" button to see what kind of massage would happen next. It was a lot more than she would ever expect.

Chapter 2

Constantly the silver suit had taken Sara by surprise, but when her left and right arm suddenly pulled away from her body in opposite directions, Sara became scared. Not only was she unable to move her arms, but the remote control which was in her right hand flew out and landed on the floor at the side of her dad's bed. She then felt her legs spread as well until she lay like a big "X" on the bed. She was totally unable to pull her arms or legs back no matter how hard she tried. She could move the rest of her body, but it did little good. She started to feel the heat grow around her still stiffened nipples. There was a small vibration as well, growing steadily as time progressed. She felt so helpless without the remote and thought that hitting the "Timed" button 5 times was a bad idea in retrospect.

She used a lot of energy trying in vain to escape her predicament. She squirmed on the bed, but the more she worked to get free, the more the suit tightened its grip on her appendages. She felt so helpless as tears welled-up in the young girls eyes. The suit was getting a little hot now and mixed with the oil and her attempts to escape, it was making her sweat a little. Her thoughts shifted from her trapped body to how the odd massaging vibrations were centering around her nipples. It felt surprisingly good as if fingers were moving her stiff breasts in circular motions.

Sara looked down at her chest and she could see the suit shift with the movements she felt within. It looked like 2 hands were in the suit with her. There was a sense that the massage knew exactly how to touch her nipples, and it sent a pleasurable shiver through her body. She couldn't believe how nice it was, and the spreading warmth of the suit seemed to add to her good feelings. There were butterflies and a bit of nervous tension that she was experiencing in the pit of her tummy as the vibrating massage found a steady rhythm of pressure on her hardened orbs. Her breathing became a bit labored as she closed her eyes and focused around the delightfulness she was undergoing.

With her legs spread out across the bed, she didn't notice immediately how the massage was moving swiftly up her feet, then calves. She was too focused on the way the suit was playing with her budding mounds. Once she felt the vibrating pressure rise to her thighs, she absently unlocked her knees just a bit and moved her hips to give access to the wonderful stimulating leg rub. It was similar to what she felt before when the massage reached her thighs before shutting off. She hoped this wasn't the case just yet.

Sara felt a need deep within that was completely new to her. She wasn't thinking much only reacting to what her body wanted. The wetness in her pussy that was the result to her stimulation was barely noticeable with the oil that had spread across her lower region. It was this slick lubrication that was somehow enhancing and heightening the arousal that the teen was experiencing. She could feel the heat and slippery ointment spread across her thighs as if hands glided inside her suit. All of the tension from her situation was released as her thighs were rubbed erotically to her delight. Each of her thighs were pushed, pressed and squeezed upwards getting closer and closer to her flower. She felt teased as the massaging encircled around her pussy, but never moved to touch her there.

Opening her eyes and propping herself up the best she could, she looked down along her body and saw the black triangle wedge over her private area. The massaging suit rolled like waves around her chest, her stomach and thighs. It seemed alive the way it moved along her warm and excited body from under the thinnest of fabric. Yet it was the black wedge that remained still where she felt the need the most. The vibrating tendrils were fully rubbing her thighs gently, yet firmly doing it in a very teasing like manner. Coming so close to her vagina, all she could do was to move her hips in wanton hope for more.

A frustrated sigh escaped the young girl as she ached to have her pussy touched for the first time. As her glazed over green eyes closed once more, she returned her attention on what felt like fingers moving around her nipples. There was a slight suction on the tips as they were pulled slightly from their mounds. It felt so incredible, Sara couldn't believe something could feel so good. She could feel a slickness on her extended nubs as the same lubrication she felt below was spread to her breasts as well. The suction felt like a small mouth and a tongue was sucking and licking her. The oily substance was definitively there to add to the pleasure she felt, and it added to the experience of the suction.

The movements on her breasts, her lower stomach and on her thighs was definitely making her pussy tingle with excitement. She had never felt this kind of growing tension before and she didn't know what to do about it. She felt trapped and helpless to her needs. She craved the touch of this weird silver space suit directly on her virgin territory. She had never masturbated, and never felt the need for it. She was innocent to the ways of sexual feelings up until now. She didn't even know much about sex or her own body. She had no sex education in school yet, and her Dad never brought it up. She was more than happy to just be herself. There were feelings at times when a cute boy at school looked at her like she was special. She wasn't conceited, but she knew she was a pretty girl and her athletic abilities kept her in great physical shape. She was a very muscular girl for her age and her long lanky legs were shaped like a girl much older and mature than at 14.

Even with her legs spread the way they were, she made herself scoot down a little bit so she could spread her legs even further apart. This was in reaction to the thigh massage moving yet even closer to her wet eager slit. She couldn't help feel the desire grow on each movement upwards along her thighs. Between the sucking sensation on her hard nips and the upper leg sensual massage it was hard to think about anything else. Suddenly and without any warning there was a shift in the movement of the suit. She felt her nipples gripped, pulled, then twisted in a painful way, but at the same time the massage from her thighs reached to the top of her pussy lips and she felt a surge of pleasure as it touched her briefly there.

"Uhhh," Sara squealed from the mixture of pleasure and pain. Both her pussy and nipples throbbed from the two different onslaughts. Just as fast as the mixed stimulation had arrived, it left. While the delightful stroke of her pussy was abandoned leaving the young girl highly aroused, the pain in her jutting nipples was being tenderly massaged by the delicious suction device again. It soothed her from the sudden jolt of pain that just ran through her body. She was beginning to pant from the soft slick touch of the suit. She really wanted the erotic touch back to her pussy now, but it was moving slowly downwards from the tops of her thighs near her knees.

The cupboard was bare when it came to Sara's knowledge about sexual things. She just didn't know because her Dad never gave her the birds and bees talk most young teens would get at her blossoming age. She picked up some ideas from the other girls at school, but health class had not reached that topic yet. She didn't have reason to really care either way up to this point because she just wasn't the inquisitive type and her arousal level was almost non-existent. Now as the curves of the suit accentuated her growing womanhood, as well as the pleasurable moans that were breathlessly exhaled from Sara's lips, her Dad wondered why he had not had that special chat with his daughter. He stood unnoticed at the doorway unable to break his eyes from the scene unfolding before him.

Chapter 3

Jack had not planned on coming back home, but in his hasty departure he forgot to grab his watch. The last thing he thought he would see upon his return was his 14 year old daughter Sara wriggling around on his bed in an apparent sexual fervor. Her young, taut, muscular body was encased in silver as if she was dipped in a fluid made of liquid glass. Jack recognized the pleasure suit, it was a gift he had bought his wife in a sex shop in Japan a little prior to her death.

They had used the pleasure suit just once, and it was something Jack had never forgotten. The shear ecstasy his wife Diana had from the odd sex-wear was worth the $2500 he paid for it. He loved her very much and missed her dearly. At that time, being thrust to be a single parent was the hardest thing he ever had to go through in his life. He didn't have much time to grieve because he had to be strong for his daughter. His life became Sara's life and he did the necessary things to make her feel loved and appreciated. She wasn't a needy child, so it made things easier.

There was no other women in Jack's life, and even if his sex drive was in neutral it certainly did not reduce his craving for the opposite sex. His daily grind left him no opportunities to date anyone, so he just masturbated in the shower to relieve himself of his need. It was the way things were, so he accepted his plight. He sometimes watched porn movies, which was the closest thing to sex he had since his wife was alive. Now here he was a few feet away from his moaning daughter who was oblivious to his presence. His range of emotions were from mad that his daughter would break his trust in him, to sad that his baby girl wasn't a baby no more, to shocked that this whole ordeal was taking place on the bed he slept in. Yet it was the bulge in his pants that kept him staring, intrigued at his aroused daughter.

Despite himself Jack was getting turned on by what his daughter was doing or what his sexual suit was doing to her. He could have simply barged in and ended the sex play if he wanted to, but he was mesmerized by the events unfolding in front of him. He wasn't sure whether to walk away or continue watching when Sara's arms were forced apart by the suit. The remote control went flying out of her hands to the opposite side of the room. The thing that surprised him about the sudden move was that it seemed that Sara didn't seem prepared for it. She was quite stupified that the suit did such an aggressive act. She started to fight to free herself, but soon her legs were being slowly pulled wide apart as well.

Jack vaguely remembered the S & M function of the suit since Diana was reluctant to try it in their first experimentation with the suit. He was forced to recall the manual that came with the suit, but he was lost in his daughter's struggle to free herself now from her predicament. Should he come in and act surprised and help her free herself? All he had to do was grab the remote and turn it off to end it. Yet, a deeper part of his psyche didn't want this to end. Watching his daughter try to pull her arms free was overwhelmingly erotic to him. He couldn't remember ever being turned on so much as he was now watching his daughter's sexual torment.

Even as Sara fought to free herself, the suit was working its magic on her all ready stimulated hot spots. She let out a deep sigh as something within the suit touched her just the right way and made her attempts to escape her binds a thing of the past. It was like all the muscles in her body suddenly went limp and the worried wrinkles in her forehead suddenly disappeared. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hips thrust upwards slightly as she totally gave into the suit. All her fight was gone, replaced by pleasure.

Watching his daughter as he did, a thought hit him out of the blue. Watching how Sara reacted to the suit's controls, Jack thought that this was perhaps Sara's first time using the suit. Her facial reactions were that of a young woman experiencing pleasure for the first time. Everything that happened so far was a first experience for her. Could it be, that his young daughter was still a virgin? He certainly was pleased with that thought. The idea that his little girl was all ready sexually active at 14 was bothersome enough, but that she had sex with a boy made him a little upset. He felt a sense of relief that she more than likely was still a virgin. He held on to the thought that she was just in the experimental curious phase.

Sara had never mentioned she had a boyfriend at school or anything of that nature. She didn't exactly dress like an average teenage girl. She didn't use makeup and she dressed more like a young boy in jerseys, t-shirts and jeans than in some dressy fashionable way. He didn't encourage it either way, he just let her be herself. He felt it was the right thing to do. For the first time in his life, looking at the curvature of her bodice, and the movements from her heightened arousal, he was seeing his little girl as a young woman. He couldn't help not to, because a little girl doesn't moan in pleasure from sexual excitement. No, she does not.

Jack's cock throbbed almost hurtfully in his pants and he had to adjust himself to relieve some of the hardened discomfort. He wanted to free his penis from his pants and stroke it, as well as some other unspeakable acts he was allowing to enter his aroused state of mind. Sara's muscled form glistened against the silvery suit giving her every curve extra attention. Her soft young breast mounds with her pert nipples gently rose up and down as her breathing become more and more erratic. Jack had barely noticed she even had any breasts against her loose fitting jerseys. She rarely wore any form-fitting clothes. Now the sexy suit accentuated her positives.


"Oh my God," Sara cried softly. Her voice cracked as she tried to come to grips with what was happening to her aroused body. She had completely given into her restriction and found what the suit was doing to her was worth not being able to move. In fact, the inability to take control was turning her on even more. Never in her short life had she ever felt such extreme desire. The feeling kept building as if for a purpose she did not yet understand. She was eager for more, moving her hips as much as she could, looking for the touch she so badly needed. Her stomach nervous, tight with excitement as her arousal deepened.

She felt her nipples pulled to the point of pain, but it was a pain Sara slowly was becoming accustomed to. She was craving the aggressive tugging of each breast. Although, the suctioning of her mounds was giving her sexual delight, she ached for the mixed nipple pain and the gentle rubbing of her pussy. The rise of massaging tendrils along her legs was almost torment knowing that she wanted them to stop and stay on her pussy. It was taking forever for it to return, and the teasing of her body was cruel to her needs. She writhed on the bed, moaning from the way her body was being treated. Sara needed to cum so badly, she just didn't know it yet.

"Oh please touch me again," Sara shrieked. "I need it so bad. Why is this machine teasing me so much?"

Forcing her hips upward in her wanton need for her pussy to be stroked, Sara lost all patience in the movement in the suit. She knew what she wanted and the suit was not providing it now. She wanted the teasing to stop, craving so much more. Her nipple pleasure was only making her pussy wetter and so very needy. Finally, when the massaging of her thighs could go no further, her pussy was once again felt up. With this touch came a sudden push to enter her slit which startled her at once, but the clitoral stimulation, nipple play quieted her protests and she just let the slight intrusion of her pussy channel happen. Yet, it stopped and withdrew quickly. With it she felt her pussy walls beckon for more as if they had a mind of their own clutching at whatever it was that had invaded her. All of the pleasure was overwhelming her young mind at once and she didn't have time to make sense of anything that was happening to her.

Sara felt the stirring of an orgasm rise within her as the pulsing, vibrating attack on her clit, and the tugging of her slick nipples started to increase in tempo. She thrashed on the bed and moaned aloud as she did not resist in the slightest for what was happening now. She did not understand, but a part of her knew the pleasure was reaching its peak and she would have a reward soon enough. She was there at the point of no return, her body on the verge of Nirvana and the pleasures that lied within. Just as she was about to climax and fulfill that unrelenting need to succumb to her new womanly desire, the suit stopped suddenly. Sara had thought immediately to her displeasure, that time had run out again. Yet, it was the furthest thing from the truth.

Chapter 4

Jack stood over his little girl with remote in hand. As much as he wanted to watch her cum to his sex toy right then and there, he had a deeper need to control the situation. He couldn't just let his little girl have her first orgasm by mistake. No way. So as soon as she was at her peak, he depressed the pause button on the remote. He had lost himself as Father and now let his sexual desire dictate his actions. Was there any rationale left within him at this moment? It was fleeting at best, having wiped the drool from the corners of his mouth while he stared down at the heaving chest of his little girl. Her breathlessness of her excited body in that tight silver suit made his stomach churn for what was underneath it all.

Once the engines were halted on the sexual attire so to speak, Sara looked up to find out what had happened and her heart skipped a beat as her Daddy starred wild-eyed at her. It was a look she had never seen before. It was like he was looking at her like a stranger for the first time. She had so many emotions going on now. From being caught by her Dad suddenly without notice, to the embarrassment in wearing such a suit which exposed the outlines of her nakedness, to feeling the need to satisfy something animal within her. She couldn't even catch her breath to say something and if she did, what would she say to explain her predicament? She wanted her Father to break the ice, but he just stared down at her. She wanted him to say something at least while she had a chance to catch her breath, but the longer he stood there, the more uncomfortable and awkward it became.

When she realized that not only had the massaging element of the suit ceased, but her limbs were also free, she started to relax and drew her legs and arms together. As soon as she did that, she felt the suit come to life and pull both her arms and legs back to where they originally were, helpless. She looked at her Dad and saw the light of the remote control flicker and knew he had caused her to be trapped again in this position. He just shook his head at her and waved a finger in a "no" type of gesture.

"Sorry Sara," He announced, "you need to be punished for violating my trust in you."

"But Dad," Sara replied barely audible behind her heavy breathing.

"But Dad nothing," Jack interrupted harshly. "I taught you better. You should never have put your Mother's gift that I gave her on." Jack was thinking on his feet. He wanted to justify the borders he was about to cross. His sexual depravity urged him along and he couldn't stop now even if he wanted to. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he had a craving that needed to be fulfilled. Going to work would have to wait, he needed to quench his thirst for his daughter's flesh.

"I am sorry Dad," Sara cried, "I didn't know what it was when I put it on. I am so..."

"Shush!" Jack ordered, cutting Sara's pleas off. "You put it on, and anything beyond that is meaningless. You should never have done that. Now I am forced to punish you to teach you a lesson about privacy."

"Please Dad, I am so sorry. I promise I won't do it again." Sara started to cry, scared at the way her Father was looking at her in this prone position. Her breathing was still erratic and her blossoming chest still erect from the pleasure that the suit had forced upon her, moved up and down catching her Father's leering gaze. It scared her to have him look at her this way.

A part of her was curious to why he couldn't look away from her breasts and meet her eyes square on. Did he like looking at her barely exposed like this? She didn't understand the male psyche and what made them tick. Boys at school pulled her hair and punched her, but once in a while they elbowed her in the chest and apologized telling Sara it was an accident. Accidents that seemed to happen a lot. She thought perhaps they were curious to know what it was like to have them because boys didn't have any. She didn't have a large chest, somewhere between a 32 A or B cup. She had both bras and wasn't sure which felt more comfortable, so she wore them both. Yet because she liked to run, so she wore a tight-fitting sports bra most of the time, so she didn't bounce so much as she moved. Since she wore these more than the regular bras, it seemed to hide her true figure for the most part. It seemed with the form-fitting suit she wore now, her figure was more than accentuated. Her Dad seemed to be fascinated in this.

Ignoring Sara's latest plea, he walked around with the remote and knelt at the side of the bed. He picked up her white cotton panties. He held them up for her to see. He looked at her in the eyes and shook his head in disapproval. She didn't have a clue how to respond to this, so she stayed quiet. He then stood over her and without any forewarning he reached over to her left breast closest to him and he laid a hand over it and gently felt it without squeezing.

"Dad!" Sara protested.

"Shush, you are not in a position to question me young lady."

Jack rolled his palm along the smooth encased orb of her breast. He did not wish to apply any pressure, he just wanted to remember what it was like to feel a tit again. He let his thumb flick the nipple as his hand glided along the surface of her excited mound. He noticed her grit her teeth at the contact of her stiff protrusion. Jack knew that she was too excitable not to react to his touch. When his other hand reached to encase her second breast she tried to move away which met his angry gaze. She was scared enough to know her place.

She had no clue what to say or do about her Father's molestations. Her instinct was to pull back, but once he shot her that look, it scared her to the bone. So the best thing for her to do was to just lie there and see what he was going to do. As if she had any choice being stuck all spread out like a giant "X". A part of her wanted him to trace his fingers along her nipples, but she knew it was wrong despite her wanton needs. When both of his thumbs slowly brushed against her nipples she gasped from the sensitive touch. She fought against letting him see that kind of reaction, but her body betrayed her. The suit has conditioned her to react this way. Because the massage had stopped didn't mean her body did too.

He had her right where he wanted her. She bit her lower lip right before he touched her and then a low sigh escaped her, two telling signs that she would not fight him even if she wanted too. So he decided to become more aggressive and pushed both thumbs into her nipples and flicked them as he moved along the rest of her breasts. She tried in vain to contain herself, but her breathing became labored again and Jack knew she was succumbing to his teasing.

"Please don't Daddy," Sara pleaded. She did not want her Dad to touch her this way, even though her body told her she did. Sara had a hard time controlling the way her body was reacting to the stimulation. It was almost worse than the suit because she loved her Dad so much, and she was afraid this would ruin their relationship. If she resisted these feelings, maybe her Dad would stop because.

"Why stop Sara?" Jack returned. "You obviously love my caresses."

"No, it is a bit uncomfortable in this suit," she lied.

"Oh really?" Jack responded in mockingly fashion playing with her nipples some more. He began rolling them in between the forefinger and thumb of both hands. She squirmed below him trying her best not to react, but once a moan escaped her he knew she was a lying.

"Please," Sara begged. She couldn't give up without trying.

"Please what my dear daughter? You want me to give you what you need so much?" He continued to roll her nipples around causing her to pant despite her best efforts to deny the pleasure overcoming her.

"I don't think we should do this Daddy," Sara argued. She was losing total control of herself. She really didn't want him to stop at all, but she was so confused by the events unraveling in front of her that she was just thinking of their love for each other. Her eyes rolled up inside of her head as he placed his mouth on her left nipple, and even though the suit was there, the thin material did not hide the feeling of her Daddy's tongue and what it was doing to her. Another long moan escaped her mouth.

"Is that so?" He said in between sucking on her nipples as he moved his mouth to her right one. She writhed beneath him from his skillful mouth play. It was such a long time since he had his wife's nipple in his mouth. The very memory of his former lover made him rethink his plan. Did he really want to deflower his daughter that he loved more than anything else in the world? Just for a little pleasure that was so fleeting. He pulled back and knelt beside the bed.

Sara had all but given up, the pleasure was just too good, and if her Dad wanted to do this, she loved him too much to deny him. Besides something more powerful inside her needed attention and she wanted it in the worst way.

"It is okay Daddy," Sara whispered, "I love you no matter what. If you need to do this, then I will let you."

"Let me?" Jack inquired laughingly. He chuckled at his daughter's audacity to give him permission with something she had no right to give. Yes, she loved her too, but she was for him whether she wanted to or not. Jack knew then he would fuck her, but not before she begged him too.

"I mean," Sara began, "I love you and I want you to be happy that is all."

"Sara, you want this more than me."

"No, I am doing this for you, really."

"Tell me how much you want me to continue," Jack demanded. He placed his mouth on her nipples again, going back and forth between them. She arched her back in response to the pleasure. SHe didn't say a word. "Tell me," he asked again.

"Please Daddy," She begged once more afraid to let him know how much she needed it. She didn't want him to think she was some kind of slut.

"Tell me Sara or I will stop," Jack ordered again. When she refused to give in. He did as he promised and stopped. She looked up at him panting as if she was running a marathon. He stood up and began to walk to the door.

"Daddy, please don't go," Sara asked. She was so confused. It was her chance to escape this whole ordeal, yet her body had long betrayed her and now her mind was following along. She needed him to reach the heights of the pleasure she was so close to know.

"Why?" Jack stopped at the door and waited for an answer.

"I want it, okay you happy," Sara agreed.

"Tell me like you mean it, convince me Sara," Jack prodded.

"I want to continue Daddy, please," Sara acknowledged.

"Why?" Jack asked.

"Cause, it feels good, please Daddy," Sara whined.

"You need it, don't you, baby?" Jack teased.

"Come on Dad, I said I did."

"Don't make me repeat myself," Dad ordered.

"Yes, I need it, I need it so bad," Sara begged. She didn't even know what she needed, but it was something she wanted in the worse way. She couldn't understand why her Dad was first teasing her body, now she was teasing her in a way that had her begging for more. She could hardly believe that an hour ago she would rather be playing Frisbee with her friends in the park. Now she was begging to be touched in a sexual way by her Father of all people.

Her Dad walked right to the foot of the bed and went to the black box which was positioned in front of her pussy on the silvery suit. He was messing with something that she couldn't see and was afraid to ask. Suddenly there was a pop, like from something being released from a suction cup. He removed the box leaving Sara's pussy exposed to his view. She could see a slickness there that was a mix of her own juices and the oily substance the suit had used in the massage. There was a mixed embarrassment and excitement to being so exposed to her Father. He placed the back of his hand around the edges of where the suit and her skin met. She realized then, that there was a thin layer of material still in front of her pussy. She could barely see it with her eyes, but she could feel it when he touched her.

Pushing against the thin transparent membrane, Jack could feel the warm, slick feel of her pussy lips. He let his knuckles brush softly against her womanhood. He saw her body quiver at his slight touch and when he came close to her clitoris she let out the slightest of sounds in anticipation of what was to come. Jack then move his thumb up and let it roll her little bud around, making his little girl moan in delight. He was giving her what she wanted. He was giving her what she needed and what her body couldn't deny. Pleasure beyond what her young mind could comprehend. As he moved her clit in a way he knew would drive her body crazy, he reached up between her spread legs and with his other hand he tweaked her left nipple. It wouldn't be long before she would get that elusive orgasm because she was so close all ready.

Her Father was pushing all the right buttons, and all the pleasure was growing on her once more. She knew she was so close to getting to where she needed to go, and she wanted it so badly now. She had zero control of the situation, and there was something in this helpless position which spurred her pleasure on. There was no denying the fact that even though it was her Dad that was supplying the pleasure for her, the love she felt for him made it something so special. Other people wouldn't ever understand, but she loved him so much. She thought that even if it was her Dad controlling everything, and giving her something she craved so much, it was Sara that was given her Dad something he needed to. The touch of a female. It seemed so right that he would be the first to do this and give her the love she needed.

Once Jack felt her reactions to his sexual caresses, he knew she was within moments of cumming. He put his mouth on his daughter's beautiful lightly haired pussy through the thin membrane of the suit and licked her love bud. The immediate contact was too much for the young girl. The ultimate reward of all the pleasure cascading throughout her mind and body over the past half an hour gave way to her first orgasm. She thrashed against his slippery appendage as he held her behind the thighs keeping her pussy from moving away too much. She screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of bliss hit her. Never in her life had she even been prepared for such pleasurable feelings. It was beyond her wildest dreams.

Chapter 5

As she came down from her peak, Jack removed his tongue from her clit, but his hand remained on one of her lovely tits, massage her nipple gently. He climbed up and let his other hand join the vacant nipple in like caresses. As he laid his body between her legs he let his cock lay over her pussy lips so she could feel his warmth rubbing against her. As there eyes locked, Jack leaned into her face and put his mouth against her soft, puffy lips.

Not having too much of a chance to make sense at what just happened, Sara barely noticed her Dad remove his mouth from her pussy. Her body was still feeling the throes of orgasmic happiness. She felt him shift a little, and felt his other hand start to play with her other breast, but she didn't fully grasp what was going on until she felt his rigid organ between her legs. She knew she couldn't stop him even if she wanted to, and frankly she at this point did not want to, but there was fear as to what it all meant. When she opened her eyes, she locked onto his eyes as he looked down at her. She thought there must have been a glazed over look from her that he knew was her admission of acceptance from the orgasm she just had. He smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss. At first it surprised her, but his rugged good looks made it more inviting. Sara's friends had often remarked how handsome her Dad was, but she never thought of him in that way, until now. His blue eyes melted into hers and they kissed for the first time.

She had no experience at kissing, but as if her mind knew what to do from watching all those love stories from TV and at the movies, she gently opened her lips for him. Their tongues swirled as one, and the experienced kisser he was, turned the passion up a couple of notches. There was something so sensual and loving in the way he kissed her and played with her chest at the same time. He held onto the back of her neck now with one hand as the other hand felt up the right side of her body through the skin covered suit. His hand gliding along the curves of her youthfully tight bod, feeling her respond. He massaged the back of her neck just the way he knew his wife Diana had enjoyed it many times in the past. Sara responded the same way, kissing back with vigor and passion.

When Jack finally pulled back he looked directly into her eyes, letting her know everything would be all right. He then guided his cock against the thin membrane of the suit covering her pussy. There was a brief look of panic in her eyes, but his own gaze settled her immediately. She felt the security in the blueness in his exchange with her. Even with her uncontrolled trepidation she felt a sense of right in the moment, and Jack felt it too. Whispering that everything would be fine, she nodded in response to let Jack know she understood. He pushed the tip of his penis towards her pussy and the membrane stretched easily and encased his cock like a condom as he continued to push forward more.

Feeling angst for what was about to happen, Sara tried to relax as much as she could. Her Father pushed more and more of himself into her. She barely even had time to see his hard cock before it was in her a 1/4 of the way. She was frightened to see how big it was, so she was happy to only get a glimpse of the 8 inches that her Dad was ready to insert into her tight virgin slit. She remained fixed on her Dad's face as it reassured her that everything would be all right.

Jack pushed gently against the plastic membrane of the suit until he felt Sara's slippery pussy engulf him at the tip of his cock. He can feel the tug of the walls of her young snatch as he glided in deeper an inch at a time. He stopped once he reached the blockage of her hymen. He would have her cherry in a matter of moments. He didn't want to hurt his little girl, but she would bleed now and there would be pain, so he comforted her by exciting her clitoris some more with his finger tips and her left and right nipples with his mouth. She gasped at her Dad's teasing ways. She relished the skillful way he knew how to push all her buttons. Jack knew he wanted to get her close to orgasm again as he broke through her virgin wall. He sucked her nipple and scrapped his teeth gently over them, sending shivering pleasure throughout her body. She was ready, and so was he.

Sara felt another orgasm growing up within her. Her Dad had himself braced inside her and she waited for more, but there was the matter of her virginity and she knew it might hurt a lot. Just as she felt the orgasm hit her, her Dad pushed himself into her and it was like a fierce pain that hit suddenly. Sara couldn't stop the pain from coming, but she also couldn't stop the orgasm either and when it hit she was engulfed in it, and the pain was secondary. He pumped his cock in and out of her as she came hard against the waves that pounded her. She could barely think of all the feelings, she just wanted the moment to go on forever. Skillful in his approach, Sara's Father reached under her ass and pushed her up into him as he pushed down into her.

The pain from her torn skin stood no chance against the pleasure that Jack offered her. He fucked her until she was one long moan and cried out for more. His little girl, was a young lady now, and her tight hole felt so good wrapped, snugly against his cock. He never had such a good fucking, even thinking back to the days with his wife. No girl had ever made his cock feel so good, and there was even the membrane separating them. What would it be like if he got his dick in her with nothing to stop himself? This would be good though because the sperm would be caught in the elastic of the suit condom and prevent seepage to prevent any accidents from happening. The last thing he would need was to impregnate his daughter. He wiped out that thought and continued to pound Sara for all she was worth. Once he felt her hips start to respond naturally on their own, he knew their was no worry about any pain. She wanted to be fucked, so he gave her what they both wanted. He wasn't sure how much he could hold out for since her pussy was milking him for all he was worth. He was good, but after all this time, he knew it wouldn't be long before he squirted his juice.

He tried in vain to resist the oncoming sperm explosion, but it was too late, he was way passed the point of no return. As his orgasm hit, he fucked her as fast as he could, kissing the nape of her neck at the same time. He hoped this tactic would get her off too, just like it had his wife Diana many times before.

"Oh Dad," Sara cried as he nuzzled her neck with his strong lips. He sucked and kissed her as he fucked her so fast. She didn't think it was possible but when she felt the warmth of the fluid escaping him, she too felt a third orgasm start anew. The faster he fucked her, the closer she was to it. As her Dad slowed to a few final hard thrusts, she came again. Bucking wildly against him. He fell down in a heap of exhaustion as she felt all the energy leave her body. Her mind was on another level from it, as if she was in Heaven amongst the angels.

Her Dad kissed her and she responded in the like. Her Dad reached over to the remote, clicked it off, and Sara was finally released. She cuddled with him and they both fell asleep in each others arms.

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