The Devil's Pact, Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter 1 by mypenname3000

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Fantasy | At work, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Prostitution

The Devil's Pact

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2013

The Devil's Pact, Tales from the Best Buy Incident

The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter One: Keep the Customer Satisfied

Note: This takes place on the Monday following the Best Buy Incident from Chapter 3, following Jessie Smith and all she learned that day.

“Jessie Smith,” I whispered to myself as I entered the South Hill Best Buy, “today is going to be a great day!”

It was my first day back to work since what the Media dubbed the Best Buy Incident happened. Mark Glassner released the gas in the store last Thursday, causing everyone to participate in an orgy. The Store had been closed all weekend long as the FBI investigated the attack, and I was happy to be back at work, dressed to please.

On the first day of my training, Oscar, the General Manager told me and the rest of my class, “The number one rule of retail: keep the customer satisfied. A satisfied customer will return. A satisfied customer will tell their friends and family all about it. Do not argue with the customer. If they want to return something, let them. If something is broken, fix it. If they want you to carry their one bag out to the car holding a single DVD in it, do it. Just do whatever it takes to keep the customer satisfied.”

Those words stuck in my mind, and the day Mark Glassner walked into the store and gassed us, I learned just how far a girl needed to go to keep the customer satisfied. Bent over the counter of the Geek Squad desk, I satisfied more customers with my slutty little cunt then I could count. Small dicks, big dicks, and every sized dick in between. My little cunt satisfied them all and I had so many orgasms doing it. When the fireman found me, cum was running thickly down my legs, soaking my khaki work pants and hello kitty panties bunched up around my ankles.

So, over the weekend, I made some purchases. I found the tightest, low-riding khaki pants I could fit in. They molded to my tight little ass like a second skin. At Victoria's Secret I bought a nice selection of skimpy thongs. Today was a red one that hug my hips, disappearing down the front and back of my jeans. I took all my shirts and dried them on the highest heat, shrinking the fabric until all my Best Buy polos fit snugly about my torso, molding to my bra-less breasts. I put on the sluttiest make-up, curled my blonde hair so it framed my cute face, and practiced my sexy walk. I had looked so hot in the mirror as I got ready this morning, my nipples perked right up, poking at the fabric of shirt and my cunt began to moisten my brand-new thong.

I looked ready to be fucked!

I was a little nervous as I rode the 402 bus down Meridian to get to work. I had never worn such revealing clothes before. But, the number one rule of retail is to keep the customers satisfied, and my hot little body was going to do just that. Every guy on the bus stared at my hot body and felt so self-conscious. However, when I walked through the door, my shy, nervousness vanished. Back in the store, my decision felt right. I was a Customer Service Representative. It was my duty to satisfy every customer anyway I can.

I drew eyes as I walked through the store, to the employee section in the back, delighting in the stares I received. Some of the women gave me such dirty looks while some of the men possibly drooled over my body. I added an extra sway to my walk, letting the men get a good look at my tight ass and the thong peaking out of the back. Their cocks would be hard and needing relief. But not yet, I wasn't on the clock.

I pushed into the back of the store, through the shelves to the Employee break room. A poster from Corporate hung on the door way. “The number one rule of retail: Keep the customer satisfied,” the sign read and showed a smiling Asian girl in a Best Buy polo helping out an equal smiling couple.

Instead of helping that couple find a TV, she should be kneeling down and sucking that woman's cunt while her husband fucked her wet, Best Buy pussy. Then she'd have some real satisfied customers. I licked my lips, wondering what another woman's pussy tasted like. Well, we have female customers as well, and they might need my pretty little mouth to give them some satisfaction, too.

With that happy thought, I opened the door and slipped into the break room. It was a rather barren place. A few tables and uncomfortable chairs, lit by flickering florescent lights. On the counter was a microwave that had to be older than any Best Buy store in existence, and a fridge that smelled of old food.

“Hey, Jessie,” pimply faced Kevin squeaked as I walked boy. His face was flushed. He was probably remembering how good my cunt felt when he slipped his cock in me during the orgy. He was so happy to fuck me the poor guy came after just a few strokes. I was glad to satisfy him, even if he wasn't a customer. “,” he finished lamely.

“Hi Kevin,” I said in my bubbly voice. He was sweet, and maybe one day he could fuck me again, but he worked at Best Buy. It was the customer's I needed to keep satisfied not the Employees. Maybe after work I'd find him and see if he needed some satisfaction.

“ a,” he mumbled, flustered, and walked off. He had a cute butt, I noticed. And I remembered his dick having a nice girth. I bet it would feel real good if lasted a bit longer. Hmm, I needed to clock on so I could find some customer to satisfy my little pussy, but I still had a few agonizingly long minutes to wait.

Finally it was noon and I clocked on and ventured out onto the sales floor. My job was to roam around the entertainment section, the DVDs and Video Games, and satisfy customers. It was the number one rule. Just like the sign on the break room read. And I knew just where to satisfy my customers, I smiled naughtily at the thought.

There was a man in his late twenties, brown hair framed a serious face. “Hello, sir, is there anything I can help you with?” I asked, cheerfully, putting as much emphasis as I could into “anything” that I could.

He glanced at me then did a double take as he drank me in. I was standing there, bouncing as cutely as I could on my toes, letting my breasts jiggle beneath my tight shirt, while I had the biggest, most friendliest smile on my cute face. He swallowed, his eyes roaming across my body. My nipples were hard, poking at my shirt, letting the guy know just how happy I was to see him.

“I'm here to make sure you leave satisfied,” I purred, stepping closer and letting my left breast graze his arm. The feel of his arm brushing across my hard nipple sent a naughty thrill through my body and my pussy began to moisten in anticipation of his cock. “And I do mean anything, sir.” Then I gave the most girlish giggle I could, thrusting my breasts forward. His eyes were glued to them and I could see a bulge growing in his pants. He definitely needed some satisfaction.

“Are you...” he looked around then whispered, “Are you implying that you'll...” He trailed off, licking his lips.

I bent closer, whispered in his ear. “Back of the store are several restroom. I'll be in the farthest one. Knock three times and I'll let you in.”

“Fuck,” he muttered and I could feel his eyes on me as I swayed my way to the back of the store and slipped into the restroom.

It was a single use, gender neutral bathroom. A toilet, a sink, and a changing station dominated the room, leaving little room for anything else. It would be tight, intimate. And that would just be more satisfying. I pulled off my top, kicked off my shoes, and shimmed my tight khakis off, followed by my thong. It was cool in the air conditioned bathroom, and my nipples stood out hard. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, running a hand through the smooth lips of my shaved pussy. That had been a fun adventure, yesterday, shaving my cunt for the first time.

Knock, knock, knock.

I took a deep breath, and unlocked the door. The serious man walked in and he froze, seeing me in all my naked glory. “This is really fucking happening,” he muttered in awe. “I'm not dreaming?”

I stepped up to him, took his hand and placed it at my breast. “Does this feel like your dreaming?” I giggled.

“No,” he breathed, his hand squeezing my tit, rubbing his palm against my hard little nipple. “I don't have a condom.”

“Who wants to wear a nasty condom?” I asked with a giggle. “Isn't it more satisfying to go bareback?”

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“Exactly,” I smiled, my hand massaging the bulge in his pants. “Let's fuck.”

I found this belt, unbuckled it and then unfastened his pants. I slipped my hand into his pants, beneath his tight, white undies and found his cock. It was warm and throbbed in my hand. I pulled it out, pink and long, with a cute head and a bead of pre-cum leaking out. I ran my tomb across the head, smearing the pre-cum around the head of his cock.

“Mmhh, I can tell you need some satisfaction,” I purred, stroking his cock slowly in my hand. “Where would you like to stick your cock.”

“Where?” he asked. “You mean...” His eyes glanced down to my wet slit and I rubbed his cock.

“You want to stick your cock in my little pussy?” I cooed with my bubbly voice. I turned, facing the wall above the sink and bent over, sticking my tight ass at him and wiggled it. “C'mon big boy, stick that dick inside me. Let me satisfy you, sir!”

I watched in the mirror as he stepped up behind me. I smiled, watching the reflection. I looked so girlish and happy in the mirror, my gray eyes shining with lust, my curly, blonde hair framing my attractive face. I felt his hands on my hips, his eyes gazing down at my ass. I moaned when his hard cock grazed my pussy, the head rubbing up and down and then he was inside me, his hard cock filling me up. I gasped, gripping the sink with my hands as I came on his cock, moaning loudly. I was just so excited to finally be satisfying a customer. I spent all weekend masturbating with my favorite vibrator thinking about all the dicks that needed my cunt.

“Shit,” he muttered as his cock sank all the way in me. He drew back slowly, so deliciously slow that a moaned escaped my lips. “Shit, shit, shit!” he muttered over and over, his cock sliding all the way into me, his groin pressing against my ass. I rotated my hips, rubbing my ass against his groin, sliding his cock around inside me as his pubic hair tickles my ass.

His hips started moving, sliding is cock in and out of me, the delicious pleasure coursing through my body. I slammed my hips back into him, squeezing my cunt on his cock as we fucked. I watched us in the mirror, the look of pleasure that crossed my face as cock reamed me, my perky breasts swaying from the force of his strokes. His face was grimaced in pleasure, his pants growing louder and louder.

“Fuck, fuck!” he muttered. “Christ, I can't believe this is happening. Fuck!”

“Umm, is my slutty little cunt satisfying you!” I moaned.

“Yes!” he groaned. “Fuck, fuck! Oh, crap!” In the mirror I could see his eyes squeeze shut and he slammed his cock all the way into me and then there was that delicious feeling of a man cumming inside me and then a contented, satisfied expression crossed his face.

I smiled, feeling a sense of accomplishment. I followed the first rule of retail, I satisfied the customer. He drew back, fucking in a few more times, to get those last few squirts of cum out. I moaned and felt my cunt contract around his dick as I came a second time on his cock. “Oh, fuck that was nice,” I panted and sighed. “You have a great cock, sir.”

“What do,” the guy mumbled as he pulled out of me, my cunt suddenly empty and aching to be filled.

“Why, you finish your shopping, sir,” I said happily. “Now that your cock isn't backed up with all that cum, you can shop with a clear head. And, if you don't mind, you could fill out a customer survey and let my boss know just how well I satisfied you.”

“Yeah, sure,” he muttered and then he put his cock away. He paused, then pulled out his wallet.

“Oh, sir, that's really not necessary,” I protested. “I'm not a prostitute. Just someone dedicated to great customer service.”

“ of it as a tip,” he said and shoved a pair of twenties into my hand and slipped out of the bathroom.

A tip, I thought with a naughty grin. Just a tip. I deserved it for going so far above and beyond my duty. I folded up the twenties and stuffed them into my pants pocket then I wadded up some toilet paper, cleaned up my messy cunt and pulled on my clothes with a happy smile. I dressed and checked myself out in the mirror. I still looked hot, my cheeks flushed from the exertion, my hair a little mused. Nice, sexy, just been fucked hair, I thought. I slipped out of the bathroom and looked around the store.

I satisfied one customer, but so many more needed to be helped.

“Hello, sir,” I greeted a tall, dark man. He looked Hispanic, a thick, black mustache on his handsome face and a set of broad shoulders. “Is there anything I can help you with?” I asked with the friendliest, most inviting smile I had as I brushed my breasts across his arm and smiled as I saw a bulge form in his pants. “I'll do anything to satisfy you, sir.”

The man grinned at me. “Anything?”

I moved my hand, placing it on his bulge, feeling his stiff wood through his jeans. “Well, sir, the first rule of retail is to keep the customer satisfied,” I purred. “And I can just feel how much satisfaction you need, sir.”

“And how much will 'anything' cost me?” he asked.

“It's free, of course. Just one of the services I give to keep my customers satisfied and cumming back for more,” I laughed. “But I do accept tips.”

To be continued...

Rating: 82%, Read 27545 times, Posted Jan 23, 2014

Fantasy | At work, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Prostitution


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