Me and My Brothers Chapter XII by EmeraldGreen

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Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male

XII. On the Road Again

We were on the road before I woke. I don’t think there is a much better way to wake up than the gentle rocking and vibration that you get laying on a bed in a motor home as it goes down a turnpike at 70 miles an hour. There are usually regular rhythmic motions in conjunction with the occasional unexpected motion. I thought of Bruce. He had looked so disappointed last night when I told him I had to sleep alone. More than two days of sucking and fucking had totally worn me out. The memories of all that flashed in a flood in my mind and my pussy awoke with the thought. Damn, I thought, I’m horny as hell. I moved my hand to my pussy. It was so sore and inflamed that no matter how gently I tried to relieve myself the pain outweighed the pleasure.

I rose up and looked toward the front of the motor home. Bobby was driving and Donny was in the navigator’s seat. I could see it was a bright sunny summer day and I assumed we were somewhere in Ohio. The traffic was light and it looked like we would make good time today. I scooted out of bed and into the tiny bathroom. The gentle rocking in bed suddenly was now a bother as I perched on the toilet, steadying myself with both hands, as I peed. Last evening I had been so tired that I tried to go to bed as soon as I could but Bobby had insisted I shower first. Now I was glad he had because I don’t think I will try to shower as we hurtling down the highway.

I found some lotion and applied it to my so very tender pussy. As I did so I checked for damage. There was no broken skin or abrasions but it was simply tender from over use. It was puffy and inflamed. There was some swelling, especially inside and it did not close in a tight slit as usual but instead gaped open nearly a half inch. If it did not pain me, it would be okay if it always looked as it did at that moment. I was sure any boy viewing it in its present state would think of it as attractive and inviting.

Inviting? I wish I could invite Donny back and take him up on the promise he had made me yesterday to “fuck my brains out.” I wondered how long I would have to wait for my pussy to recover. I remembered Louise saying, “not now, probably not tomorrow but definitely next week.” God I hadn’t gone a week since I was thirteen. In fact I had hardly ever gone a day without some form of sexual play since then. I went back to bed intending to pretend I was still asleep but in a moment there was Donny asking if I was okay.

“Yeah but look how sore I am,” I said as I flung back the covering sheet to show him.

“Wow Carly, those guys wore you out.”

“No Donny, I’m not worn out. A day, maybe two and I think I’ll be good as new.”

“I hope so ‘cause I intend to fuck your brains out as soon as you’re ready,” he said.

I could see the disappointment on his face so I said, “Let me give you a blow job.”

“That’s okay. You’re too tired,” he said.

“Only my pussy is tired. I’m fine, a little thirsty though. Get me a Mountain Dew and then I’ll blow you.” While he went to the refrigerator I moved from my single bed to the double bed, sitting up with my back to the padded headboard and covering my naked body to the waist by a sheet. When he sat beside me and handed me the Dew I asked, “What happened after I went to bed.”

“Not much, Marty was eager to spend some time with Skip. She insisted they shower, separately, then she took him to her room and that is the last we saw of them. She did say she’d see us at State College. Bruce and Bobby and I played some pool as we talked. Then suddenly Bruce called Louise and talked to her for a while. He then said he was going to her house and left. He did say for us to say good bye to you and that he was looking forward to seeing you at State College. Bobby and I decided to go to bed so we could get an early start this morning.”

“Guess I didn’t miss much,” I said. I put the pop can in the cup holder and invited Donny to give me his peter. As he lowered his athletic shorts, that familiar peter that I had craved even while getting plenty of Bruce’s, came into view. I leaned forward and devoured it, welcoming it deep within my mouth. There is something about a familiar peter that is so much more satisfying than an unfamiliar peter. I knew exactly what Donny liked and I gave it to him. I took him deep and swallowed, swallowed, and swallowed. Donny moaned his pleasure. I pulled back and sucked gently on the helmet head alone while stroking the length of the shaft with my hand. He moaned his pleasure again. I took him deep again. Repetition is the key element in sex. Repetition of what is pleasurable and enjoyable. So I repeated the two things that Bobby enjoyed…swallowing the head and sucking on the head.

Stoking his shaft was more to keep the foreskin off the head than for any other reason. Donny and Bobby are so fortunate that the doctor that circumcised them left them with some of their foreskin. I’ve heard about guys who, when they are hard, have no loose skin at all. I am sure that can be irritating, maybe even painful.

Suddenly I noted the motor home coming to a stop. I did not let that change what I was doing. Very shortly after the engine turned off I head Bobby say, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Come look at how worn out she is,” Donny said.

I rose up off his peter and said, “I’m not worn out. My pussy is just tired.”

“Okay, look at her tired pussy.”

“Gotta pee,” Bobby said as he entered the bathroom. When he came out he said, “Okay, let’s see,” I knew Donny was close but I stopped anyway so I could show Bobby my pussy. He moved in close and delicately examined it with his fingers. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded.


“Not really bad, just bad enough to not want to touch it.”

“Do you think we should take her to see a doctor?” Donny asked.

Bobby looked into my eyes, I could see the question there. I said, “No way. I’m not telling a doctor I was fucked senseless by two guys.”

“We’ll see. If it doesn’t get better we’ll decide,” Bobby said. He turned to Donny and said, “Your turn to drive.”

I went back to his peter as he said, “Give me a minute.”

“Maybe I can fix us a snack,” Bobby said.

I held my lips tightly around the shaft as I took him deep. I swallowed, swallowed, and swallowed. Again I kept my lips tight around the shaft as I pulled back to suck on the head while stroking, stroking, and stroking. Holding my lips tightly increased his pleasure and soon I felt the movements which indicated he was about to shoot his load of hot stuff. Since my stomach had already indicated to me that it was in need of something more than Dew I swallowed every drop as it came surging into my mouth.

Bobby had fixed some chips and dip which went very good with my Dew. Soon we were again on the road and Bobby was getting a blow job. Bobby preferred a tongue swirl on the head for a long period of time with only an occasional deep swallow.

Two hours later when we entered Indiana we stopped at another rest stop. After we had lunch, I was allowed to drive the motor home for the first time. I found it took a lot more attention to keep the larger vehicle in the lane but other than that, no problem. We stayed that night in an RV Park in Indiana. The next day we crossed Illinois and half of Iowa. We were not trying each day to travel as far as we could. Instead we made frequent stops to view roadside attractions and pick up needed grocery items and of course gasoline.

The RV campground where we stopped in Iowa was a large one with many trees for shade. We spent some time in the pool but it was too warm to lie in the sun. I went back to the motor home where we had AC while my brothers went to the rec room to check out the video games. The AC had put a chill in the air of the motor home and when I slipped off my bikini top, my tittys poked out like they had been stimulated. I slipped off my bikini bottom and standing in front of a mirror I examine my pussy. It was beginning to look like my normal healthy pussy. I made a mental note that I would need a shave one of these days soon. I felt of the area. It felt good. A little lotion on my fingers and I found my little button responded like I loved. Two days without an orgasm for me was almost unheard of. I fell on my bunk and began applying frantic stimulation. I think my two day abstinence made me reach highs quickly. I was somewhere in the clouds when Bobby and Donny came in.

Bobby said, “What’s this? We leave you alone to heal and now you…”

I interrupted him by begging, “Oh Bobby, come here. Fuck me. Fuck me now!” I did not miss a stroke as I watched my big brother slip off his swim trunks and climb onto my bunk. On that narrow bed he could only be on top of me and in moments his peter was deep within my pussy. It had been what four or five days since I had felt that wonderful peter in my pussy. I felt like I had come home from a long time away. I was again among the clouds; that place where only feelings of pleasure matter. Those feelings were intense but not excessively intense. This is where I would stay if only it was possible. Time did not matter. In this place there were only two ways to go. One was a slow downward decent in which the pleasure continues but slowly tension builds because release has not been accomplished. The other way was that flood of feeling of going over the top and coming down in a sudden burst of emotions.

This time I went over the top. I experienced that sensory overload that I can only describe as electrifying shocks that distorted everything. I thrust up against my lover and relaxed down against the bed repeatedly. When I could at last make sense of my surroundings I found that Bobby had been replaced by Donny. When I could again speak I thanked them for knowing what I needed. I felt totally relaxed as I enjoyed the feelings of my pussy being filled by Donny’s peter.

Donny finished by pulling out of my pussy and allowing his hot stuff to squirt over my belly. Its warmth insulated my tummy from the cool breeze of the AC. Bobby handed Donny a cloth and told him to wipe my tummy off. He did and then Bobby moved in to closely examine my pussy. “Oh it is looking better. How does it feel?”

“Fine,” I said. It was tender but not painful. I assured him that I had recovered completely.

“Well if you are completely recovered then you have lost your perfect camel toe.”

“That’s okay,” I said and asked, “Whose turn is it to fix dinner?”

I tried to go on about the day in a normal way but my body kept telling me it wanted stimulation. When I say my body, I should say my pussy. Dinner satisfied my stomach but not my pussy. Even the dish of cherry ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled over it which always gives me satisfying feelings that Donny prepared did not make my pussy stop telling me it wanted a peter.

I restrained my feelings as we watched a couple of stupid TV program but as soon as they were over I expressed my pussy’s desire and each of my brothers, first Bobby and then Donny enthusiastically attempted to relieve pussy’s peter craving.

When Bobby noticed that Donny had finished he called, “The Phillies are playing the Cubs, second inning, no score.” So my lovers spent the evening with their second love.

I found my hand mirror and took it to bed with me. I positioned myself so that the night lamp shone on my pussy. I separated the outer lips that had nearly closed. The inner lips were still inflamed and swollen. They were tender but not painful. A small amount of my brother’s hot stuff oozed out. I scooped it up and spread in gently over the red swollen inner lips. I pushed and a large glob oozed into my inviting hand. As I massaged this natural lotion into the entire area I began to feel my pussy calling to me to give her more of what she seemed to always desire. There seemed to be no satisfying her. She would not allow me two minutes peace. Soon I was soaring into the clouds again. Sometime during this euphoric erotic journey I fell asleep.

I woke early in the morning before my brothers. From my bunk I could see them sleeping in the double bed. I had the thought that I had slept another night without sleeping with either or both of my brothers. There was room enough between them for me but the darlings had let me sleep alone probably thinking I need a night’s rest. My pussy reminded me that she had slept without them also. I mentally said to her that here I had been awake less than two minutes and she was begging for stimulation. Say what you like, she said, as long as you are not giving me anything I am going to continue to let you know that I am in need. It is not a need, I thought, it’s a want. Call it what you want, she said, as long as I am not getting it you will hear from me.

As I got out of bed I thought, fine but right now I gotta pee. Fine, she said, I can handle that. When I sat on the pot and the pee gushed out she said, see I can do this for you. When she was finished I gave her a little wipe and she said thanks. Moments later as I slipped on a fresh pair of panties she said, hey what are you doing? I expected something more.

“Forget it. You have had enough,” I said.

“What?” Bobby said groggily as he rose up to look at me.

“Nothing,” I said, “I was just wondering what you would like for breakfast?”

As we ate breakfast Bobby said he had a surprise for us. He described how a friend at college had given him an invitation to a nudists camp. It would mean a short side trip but if Donny and I agreed he thought three days at the camp would be nice. “It’s just a nudist camp and not a sex camp so we will just be parading around in the nude and looking at others in the nude,” Bobby concluded.

“What if I get a hard-on?” Donny asked.

“Don’t worry about it. They know that is natural,” Bobby explained.

“I thought they only admit married couples and their children,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s true but they are running a one month special where they are inviting single guests. They are looking for future members,” Bobby said.

“I don’t want to walk around in front of little kids,” Donny said.

“Oh, I should have said that this special is also kids free,” Bobby said.

It was decided that we would go to the camp. Before noon we were on a narrow dusty gravel road. We had passed several signs that said admittance was to members only when we came to a gate attended by a young couple dressed in uniforms that could pass for forest ranger uniforms. Bobby gave them the printed invitation he had received from his friend. Bobby filled out a registration form and paid a substantial admission fee. We were given a map that showed us all the facilities and where we were to park our motor home.

To be continued in Chapter XIII—Not Just a Nudist Camp

Rating: 89%, Read 27928 times, Posted Dec 03, 2010

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male


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